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Bucket 3 Rules & Guidelines

This section was created for general discussion of various topics that does not fit any other category on the forum.

Please note, the intention of this forum is to give the users a place to discuss non gun related topics within a community of friends, on a civil level. Since people have proven time and time again that they cannot treat others with respect on an online forum, here are some rules.

1. This section is not for the discussion of ANY Politics or Religion.
You may wish someone a happy holiday, but not the merits of anyone's religious or political beliefs. Please accept the fact that people have different opinions, and you do not have the right to degrade someone based on their beliefs.

2. No posting of random news articles without at least a paragraph about what made you post it or your opinion.
No one cares to see a post with a link. If anyone wants to see whats going on in the news, we will go to a news sites. NJGF is not Drudge Report. I opened the post to see why it inspired you.

3. Do not post anything that you believe is questionable, or not work friendly.
If you would not want it to be printed out and shown to your grandmother, or to the people at your child's school, dont post it. This is a public forum, and not only do you ruin your own reputation, you are associating everyone on the forum with you. Any questionable posts will be deleted at the mod's discretion. Examples... Dont be the guy posting links to a porn site, or a blank link to a video of a wannabe gangsta shooting up inside his house.

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