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The Beginning .....

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Well, I have been involved with this forum for quite a while now, and judging by my screen name, you can see I am an automotive enthusiast. I figured this would be a great way for members to get to know me better and experience my passion for cars as I grew up.

I will start at the beginning and work toward present day.... 

I remember my Dad walking with me, and saying..... " you will grow out of this" ..... boy, was he wrong....lol

I will include in this blog entry, my 1st car..... mostly because I have NO pictures of it, which makes me sad because it would have an obvious influence on the future of my hobby.....

I bought my 1st car 6 months before I had my license ...

It was a 1976 Pontiac Grand Lemans - It was Black.... It was 4 door, and it had a little 260cu in V8....  As all Pontiacs were known for, it had a beautiful dash layout and I did, of course, take it out for trips around the block before I had my license and when parents were not home.... 

I was a Senior in HS and once I got my license, my friends piled into that car and went everywhere..... but it would not last long. I beat the hell out of that car, and it was getting to the point where my parents wanted a more reliable car for me to go to college with..... so 6 months after I started actually driving the car..... it went away..... but it left a lasting impression on me, as you will see in my future rides....


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