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Crossbreed's New "Reckoning" Holster System



I used to say, “I can’t appendix carry because I have a gut.” 

After believing this for a few years, and from living in a state where it’s nearly impossible to get a Concealed Carry Permit, I was almost fixated on “small of back” carry. On the few occasions when I could carry (out of state), I always carried in the 4:00 or 5:00 position, primarily for comfort reasons.

I recently spoke to several other “heftier” gun owners (including a good friend who calls himself the “largest pound for pound firearms instructor in America”) and I received some recommendations on holsters and how to manage, particularly when you’ve got a beer gut rather than a 6 pack.

After watching a few videos and testing with some of the holsters I already own, I came upon the Crossbreed Holsters Reckoning holster system.

Crossbreed has always had a great reputation with their SuperTuck IWB holsters, but those always seemed on the large side for an IWB holster. The Reckoning holster seemed like a good compromise between size, comfort and conceal-ability. As I had recently picked up a new Glock 48, I figured I might as well try a new holster.



I obtained the Reckoning holster system, along with the Accomplice mag carrier. The Glock fits in it perfectly, and the retention is great. The Reckoning holster is adjustable by tightening or loosening screws. After fitting it, I checked the Accomplice mag holder. Unfortunately, the mag holder is really set to hold a double-stack magazine, and while it’s adjustable, there are rubber spacers on the screws to keep it in shape, and I did not feel comfortable with removing them. I removed the Accomplice mag carrier instead.

DjbN7Ne.png Left – Glock 48 Magazine
Right – Glock 19 Magazine

I adjusted the belt clips so that the holster rides lower on my body – this is a key factor for those of us with a bit of a belly. This way, the holster is comfortable when standing, and does not dig into you when you are sitting down. When wearing an undershirt, the holster fits nicely in the appendix position, and does not dig in. It conceals nicely without printing.

CgKzffU.png Appendix Carry

Carrying at the 4:00 position, you do need to be slightly more aware, as the magwell of my Glock tended to print ever so slightly. It may not be as prevalent with smaller guns, but the G48 is more of a compact size frame (albeit slim).

5plRvhC.png 4:00 Carry

Even if the magazines did fit properly in the Accomplice mag carrier, I do not think I would use it in either position – it adds too much to the size and footprint. If I were to carry more at the 5:00 or 6:00 position, it may be something I might look into, however, it’s still not really an optimal location to carry a magazine for how I practice carrying.

After some adjustments and testing, I believe I may start actually carrying my G48 in the appendix position with the Crossbreed Reckoning holster. It’s more comfortable than I expected and I like the dual clip system. A single clip holster may be easier to use, but they do not fit me well and dig into my beer belly. After trying several different pairs of pants/shorts, the dual clip system did not interfere with my wardrobe at all.

In conclusion, the Crossbreed Reckoning holster is an excellent choice and definitely lives up to the Crossbreed name.

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46 minutes ago, ChrisJM981 said:

Do you need to go a size up on the pants to appendix carry that rig?

For comfort, yes.  I went up a size on the pants and belt.

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