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Easton Fish and Game Association

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  1. Our address:
    2595 Redington Rd East, Hellertown, 18055, Pennsylvania, United States
  2. GPS:
    40.63906503990910, -75.28622746467592

Easton Fish and Game Association is a members only club located in Northampton County Pennsylvania.

The club was formed in the early 1900's and was incorporated in 1935.

Club facilities include a 100 yrd. rifle range, 25 yrd. centerfire pistol range, 50 ft. center-fire pistol and .22 rimfire range.

If you are a member, please join the NJGF group for EFGA members.

Additional information

  • Website
  • Pistol Range
    25 Yard and 50 Ft
  • Rifle Range
    100 Yard
  • Shotgun Fields
  • Archery Range
  • NRA Required

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Member for about 7 years as of writing this.  Price of membership is good compared to many NJ ranges, as of writing, $50/year, plus one time $50 fee for new members.  Guest pass cost is an extra $50/year.  Guest pass users are supposed to only shoot from the same lane/port as the member, but it likely isn't an issue with anyone if the range isn't full and the guest is competent if the guest uses a 2nd port.  Membership is yearly from date of signup.  You must wait til you get your member card before you can shoot on the range - their site incorrectly states to print the receipt to use as a temporary ID after checkout - this practice is no longer allowed.

There is a rimfire only range, two pistol ranges, an action range for pistols/shotguns, and a 100 yard rifle range.  There is also a special events range which is never actually open except for special events - I've never seen it.  On the average weekend, the rifle range tends to be the most crowded, the action range is fairly popular, and pistol ranges tend to always have a few people.  The rimfire range is often unoccupied or only has one or two other people using it.  During the week, you may well have the range you are using to yourself for at least some of the day.  If you can go on non-holiday weekdays, you may have your very own private club for some of your stay.  On weekends, there is no logic I can see to if it will be packed, busy, or empty.  I've seen beautiful days with almost no one there, and I've seen bad weather days where ranges were busy; and 2 hours difference may also mean the difference between people waiting and being alone on the range.

Parking for the pistol and rimfire ranges is plentiful, and you shouldn't have too big a problem unless lots of people are using every port.  Parking for the action and rifle ranges, however, is pretty bad, as there is pretty limited parking, and some people cannot park with any consideration for anyone else, seriously limiting available space to park.

The shooting ranges are all outdoors, however most shooting areas are covered, so you can shoot without getting wet if it starts to rain.  Most areas have a stool, large bench, and plywood to hang targets.  You cannot bring your own steel targets or own target stands.  There has occasionally been club-provided steel, but best bet is to not expect any to be there.

As long as you are safe and follow the club rules, you should not have too many issues from RSOs.  Rules seem to be fairly in line with most ranges, with no serious annoyances coming to mind. 

Overall, I have no serious complaints about EFGA.  I wish parking for the rifle range/action range were better, though that's a tall order (and mostly dependent on how other members park).  I wish we could use our own steel if they are not going to provide club steel.  Their email system is broken or something, because I do not ever receive any emails from them, except for renewal reminders, so I don't know of updates about EFGA unless I see a post on facebook (I follow them there), someone posts about it here, or I look at the club calendar and it is posted there.  I wish the rumored 200+ yard range would either be confirmed and/or finished, but I've heard about that since I joined, and some things at EFGA seem to move at a glacial pace, so I'm not holding my breath. 

For $100-150 for your first year, the range is a good value for someone living relatively near the range.  I expect to keep my membership as long as I live in this area, supplementing it with a farther away club with a 300yd range, and a NJ hunting license to use WMAs to shoot rimfires/shotguns.

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For $50/year, EFGA isn't anything special, but it's a place to shoot. As far as rules go, if you're not being irresponsible it's laid back.

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