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  2. Having been denied to my face I know they will have no problem denying everyone else. This smells kinda like "give him a fair trial, then hang him"
  3. Hopefully now with a hearing they have to go on record with a reason why your not approved.
  4. Midway is reputable, but unless there is a good sale, they usually aren't reasonably priced. I usually get my rifle bullets from midsouth shooters supply. Powder and primers usually from powder valley Inc or midsouth. I buy a lot of pistol bullets and brass from nereloading
  5. what?????? we don't know the real numbers from china, good, bad, or not so no one can say as such. The numbers the west has are bandied guesses at best due to China's refusal to allow western med persons in. The CDC presser was very interesting in that they basically don't know
  6. Looks like a good one for NJ gun owners. Its a start in the right direction. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/01/nj-supreme-court-unanimously-rules-in-favor-of-gun-rights-wait-what/?fbclid=IwAR1H2xT3HJji7C2UVTDiLWtaHnGKpK0UcsyMv-C_HtH30aDBr_xj7-77Nlo#axzz6CEiE3vdf
  7. OK, this is in General Discussion... NOT the 1A Lounge... don't turn it into a bashing, pls, of the fine boys/girls in blue! I merely want to understand this situation better, because I know what I see on TV/in the movies isn't actually reality! Here goes, first... here's the link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/car-burglary-suspects-elude-cops-in-chase-near-i-80-route-46/ar-BBZpN4x?ocid=spartandhp Quick summary, apparently, in the wee hours of the morning - police see a vehicle that was apparently being used to scope out a car to be stolen... and it was involved in a carjacking earlier that day. They go in hot pursuit, but then abandon the pursuit due to public safety. OK, now I totally get that people are on our busy roads at all hours of the day and night, and due to some big lawsuits after high-speed pursuits ended in crashes/deaths, that the police might abandon pursuits in some cases. I get that! Here's what I do NOT understand... how good (or bad) is coordination between neighboring police departments? Are all cops using the same radio "channel"? I mean, wouldn't police be following that situation on their radios? Wouldn't they know the vehicle was moving from 80 to 46 and at which exit and be able to get ahead of that? Does it all just happen too fast for that kind of smooth coordination? And/or, are departments so low-staffed in off-hours, that there may not have been a police car available in the area? It just seems like such a shame... I mean, they did a CARJACKING earlier (and unless I'm misunderstanding that phrase, doesn't that mean these guys stole the car while it was occupied?) That (to my mind) means they're more violent/dangerous than ordinary burglars... just such a shame they weren't caught!
  8. Shore Shot tried that with me a few years ago. I never bought from them again
  9. Venue holds 7k or 7,500 (can't remember which) and they had 100k request for the free tickets. I doubt 100k will be there, though the crows are VERY impressive. Is @remixer there?
  10. Today
  11. Bloomberg's Presidential run is a front, he's using it as a way to support down ticket races. Which in this election cycle will be just as important, not something to brush off. While it hardly means anything in NJ, out in America, it does.
  12. A client that I am dealing with is in Shanghai - I found this out this morning as he sent me a greeting from China message - he got there just after January 5th or so - when I saw that - I was concerned so sent him some personal type messages - this was his response: Thank you Nick for your kind words. Yes, thanks are quite crazy here, a lot of panic, stress…they are working hard on it, but every day more panic creeps in, as numbers climb negatively, and more social media rumors keep creeping out…this is a time where the internet is really a bad thing…having information, and most of the time, conflicting information coming out simultaneously in real time…from the government, medical agencies, other countries, etc…again, thank you for your kind thoughts!! I doubt he is in a position to comment much further as he is Anglo and I think it would be in very bad taste to ask for more explanations - if it presents itself I will do so. Thankfully he is on the West coast for this East coast engineering project, as I will not be forced to see him very soon. It does pain me to say that as I saw him just before the holidays and he is always a pleasure to deal with.
  13. I am far from a virologist - and there is no way this is an R0 event, i a m sure that any reasonable person can see this -
  14. Insect but old woodworking wood is actually too dry for a woodstove unless you you perfect sealing and a way to full damper the stove - being it is already mostly dry and beyond dry it can be too combustible if that makes sense
  15. Watch live here if not on TV. https://rsbnetwork.com/2020/01/president-donald-trump-rally-live-in-wildwood-nj-1-28-20/?fbclid=IwAR3DbrhbzyA9UioOLJ5v5_azdcJ8IW8DLzDoQMDvKYBy6YcYVJzW0a24E6s
  16. Good to see the answers here from the shops. I'm OK with asking for *an* ID, to verify age since that is a law. I'm not OK with FID or PP as the only forms for handling/browsing. I've taken a couple people "shopping" before they went through the hoop jumping process, if only because they were curious.
  17. ...So you delete selective posts that have important info that other members can use? Then go on to post a lengthy list of prep items that aren't a book? Strange?
  18. Mrs. Peel and AVB have a point. Before the internet, you would read such trash and/or tragedies in the National Enquirer and the Midnight Globe, to name two. Those "rags" are pretty much gone now (or not worth talking anymore) and have been replaced by YouTube videos, on-line news outlets, and similar sources. And from the time the incident happens to the time until the time it goes on line in whatever form, it is almost instantaneous. And, of course, the more "clicks", the better for the person posting.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Whew, I half thought you were going to accuse Trump of shooting down the helicopter to distract from the big impeachment.
  21. I'm in. He's in the building. Just put Prez seal on podium.
  22. The American citizens are continuously under attack by the Globalist Socialist Statists and their Democrat minions and media. It is continuous good verses evil, Liberty verses Tyranny. Bloomburg is a tyrant. Creating more Freedomless Zones.
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