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  2. Your posts should be titled "How to ruin a perfectly good thread"
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  4. diamondd817

    Sig P365 XL

    Never going to happen. There is not enough physical space in the 43 mag well for 10rds. They would have to redesign the frame. I agree, the P365 is the way to go.
  5. The tragedy assistance program is a highly rated charity for Gold Star Families. My family usually donates on Memorial day rather than go shopping. https://www.taps.org/
  6. There is no single square foot in NJ that’s not within 10 miles of one of those structures.
  7. I would consider the gable vent fan. No hole in roof, low cost and easy to install and repair.
  8. If its not raining I will be there weds.
  9. It’s the same for all of the old special days. The original meanings have been stripped out, replaced with shopping sales.
  10. What about a fan out the side wall gable vents. You won’t have to tear up your roof. It will also keep the squirrels out. Or increase the attic floor insulation. The houses in Florida don’t have attic fans, and the houses are very energy efficient.
  11. SW9racer

    Sig P365 XL

    I want a flush fit 10 round mag for my g43. Until then the p365 is my new goto for everyday carry. With these extended grip versions, I’d rather go full size with a p226 or beretta 92 series.
  12. How to ruin a perfectly good gun.
  13. Install a light too, it's dark and scary up there.
  14. ...and put it somewhere you can get to. I just replaced the motor on the one in my attic....
  15. Get one with a humidistat as well as a thermostat.
  16. Thanks @Downtownv, I need another knife like I need another hole in my head. My Luzon XL is my pocket sword in Pennsylvania.
  17. When it can reasonably determined by a reliable source that hell has frozen over and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and the rivers flow from the seas to the mountains then it might happen.
  18. Here's a little sumthin' I whipped-up earlier today. I posted this already on the News Wire Thread, but I think in lieu of the sentiment, it's worthy of a cross-post. Mods, please remove if I violated a rule: HONOR THE FALLEN! THEY DIED FOR OUR FREEDOMS! GO TO THE RANGE & PUMP LEAD; BEERS COME LATER! by Black Wire Media Friday May 24, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us WAR! It's a hell of thing AND it can be a living hell for those caught in a never-ending battle in their minds. This Monday we celebrate freedom. Yours and ours. Freedom bought with BLOOD! For the blood of Patriots gets spilled every-so-often, even when no state of War exists. Training accidents, black ops in places with no names, terrorism, even suicide over survivor's guilt. They ALL count as paying the highest price, the greatest measure a man or woman CAN give. This weekend don't thank a Vet, their turn comes November 11th. Instead, celebrate your FREEDOM that was paid-for in BLOOD! Go to the Range & TAKE A KID WITH YOU!
  19. I was looking for a pistol optic and found this site, where you request a price quote and within seconds they sent me an email with a price quote of 239.00! Very good price if you ask me, I have been looking around. I know it's not a trijicon rmr but the holosun 507c gets pretty good reviews. the features and price seemed very good to me. If you found a better price please let me know. https://store.thegundock.com
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  21. blahblahblah... whatever.
  22. I have AWESOME taste in firearms!!
  23. Ya! And stuff. speaking of kool aid... @Displaced Texan Has ogamed 2 glocks. He used to have such good taste in firearms
  24. Below is the speech that USN Captain (Ret.) Peter Wikul gave on Memorial Day 2015 at Pachaug Cemetery, and I think it cuts to the heart of the matter. Memorial Day Speech 2015 Pachaug Cemetery “Say a prayer, shed a tear, toast our fallen heroes.” Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. It is a solemn day when we Americans commemorate those who were killed on the field of battle, on the sea, or in the air. It is also a day of remembrance for those who died in uniform protecting our great nation in peacetime between wars. Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day. This started within a few years after the American Civil War, where Americans fought Americans for over four years. American veterans from the US Army and the Confederacy began formally decorating the graves of the war dead with flowers to honor their sacrifice and memory. Sometime in 1882, people began calling Decoration Day, Memorial Day. Then in 1971, Congress enacted the National Holiday Act of 1971, formally establishing Memorial Day as a national holiday of remembrance. Memorial Day is not a day intended to be a happy day of celebration. I often hear people greeting each other and veterans on this day with “Happy Memorial Day.” Veterans are uncomfortable with this. Maybe the best thing to say is: “Good to see you this Memorial Day.” Memorial Day is not Veterans Day. Many people will tell a veteran or an active duty service person, “Thank you for your service.” We veterans and the active duty are uncomfortable with this. We know it is well-intentioned, but get kind of uneasy. Why you ask? Because we know those buried beneath us have made the ultimate sacrifice and we have not. It “is” their day, not ours. Best just to say, “Good Morning, good to see you this Memorial Day.” “Good to see you this Memorial Day”, you say. Yes, it “is” good to see you this Memorial Day because we are “together”, we Americans, we veterans, we active duty, and we citizens, yes we are all together remembering and honoring the memory those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life for us in the defense of our great nation, in the defense of our Declaration of Independence, in defense of our Constitution, of our Bill of Rights, our land, and our way of life. So, today, we say a prayer, shed a tear, and toast our fallen heroes. Memorial Day is really not the day to go shopping to buy things, we can do that another day. Memorial day is not just another three-day holiday, we have lots of them on our calendar. Memorial day is not just the beginning of summer for family picnics and barbecues. Memorial is a solemn day. It is a day to: “Say a prayer, shed a tear, and toast our fallen heroes.” It’s OK to have a family barbecue today, the fallen would want us to….just taken a moment to: “Say a prayer, shed a tear, and toast our fallen heroes.” Reflect and teach your children that freedom is not free. It has a price. That price is blood. It is national treasure. For how do we console or thank a Gold Star Mother for the life of her son or daughter. We cannot. We can only: “Say a prayer, shed a tear, and toast a fallen hero.” I’ll conclude with a short story. It’s about a fallen Navy SEAL, Michael Monsoor. On September 29, 2006 Michael and other SEALs were fighting from a rooftop in Ramadi, Iraq, when an insurgent threw a grenade at them. Now Michael had already many times proven his bravery and courage by being awarded a Bronze Star Medal with V for Valor and a Silver Star Medal. What did Michael do? He fell on the grenade and absorbed the explosion saving the life of his teammates. He lived another 30 minutes before he died. Michael made the ultimate sacrifice and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Michael’s action was above and beyond the call of duty. A few years later, after a Navy SEAL Foundation dinner, there was an after-party. Michael’s Gold Star Mother, Sally Ann, ordered a round of tequilla for all the SEALs there and there were many. We toasted our fallen comrade and we all hugged and kissed Michael’s Mom. I carry a coin commemorating his service. So today at my barbecue, for Michael, and all my fallen comrades, those I never knew, I will simply: “Say a prayer, shed a tear, and toast my fallen heroes.” Thank you all for honoring our fallen hero’s today. May God bless you, may God bless our great nation, and it is “Good to see you this Memorial Day.”
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