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  2. More likely wouldn't be charged. Much better odds than craps. Someone using someone else's gun to save their's or someone else's life is not a case a prosecutor would want to take to trial.
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  4. It's widely accepted that daggers are doubled edged and come to a symetrical point designed for stabbing.. same with the Dirk.. figured the state would treat any double edge knife with respect to either. You can call it what ever you want, prosecutor won't give a shit. At least with a single edge knife you can argue it's not on the list of banned weapons, provided its not one of the other mentioned.
  5. @fishnut be there! I’ve been practicing @Smokin .50 it’s informal. But we could put out a money jar. It’s probably my last one. Things have become complicated in my life. My friends I’ve met here know
  6. @JohnnyB Did you resolve the issue yet?
  7. Yes, Tomahawk does have non HE payloads, including cluster bomblets for destroying runways, for example. This damages doesn’t look like that. I would expect more damage to surrounding areas with that type of payload. Could be a shaped charge, maybe. I’m skeptical. It appears to me from the pics above this is a relatively clean punch hole (or two) in the tanks. I can tell you it wasn’t an HE warhead, that’s for sure.
  8. Sadly, I think people are finding out the hard way that the first amendment no longer applies equally to them if they own firearms, with regards to making statements that can be taken out of context. This appears to be more common now, based on how unreasonably scared the accuser is. I am by no means condoning offensive speech by saying this, just that equal treatment under the law is being further destroyed by so called "extreme risk protection orders."
  9. Tomahawk does have non-HE payloads. Specifically there is one composed of cluster “bomblets”. Something similar could have been done with an Iranian missile. Air-burst directional HE packed with shrapnel would produce something like these pictures.
  10. I can’t see the damage being from a cruise missile equipped with high explosives. I’ve seen what a Tomahawk and a Harpoon does to a target, this looks nothing like the damage they do. If it IS a cruise missile, it didn’t detonate, or wasn’t loaded with HE. Those pictures look like something punched a hole in the tank and didn’t explode. Not sure what to think of all this. Maybe a drone, but not a cruise missile fitted with high explosives.
  11. If the owner of the business keeps a firearm there and an employee uses it to legitimately defend themselves they might be charged with a crime. I dont think they would be charged. Exigent circumstances are a defense to breaking the law.
  12. What a horrifying story! I sure hope the unfortunate victim of this negligence is going to be OK. While I don't dwell on it, it frequently crosses my mind on the way to a training class that someone could end up getting shot. In the last few years, I have twice been in classes where there was an NG. In one instance, there was a break in the action and one of the other students was fiddling around with his trigger, causing a round to go off. Luckily, the gun was pointed in a safe direction, and we all still had our hearing protection on, so it was just startling. In the other, we were running a drill, and one of the students put a round into the floor, so again, we were saved by relatively good muzzle discipline. I've done F on F a few times, and this was my experience as well.
  13. This. What is the benefit for the US to put our blood and treasure ($$) on the front line? Let the Saudi’s drive this. We can help our ally as much as we can without putting our troops in jeopardy.
  14. I would estimate those holes are almost as big as a pickup truck. Definitely more than minor. Granted, the tanks weren’t totally destroy. But they are effed up pretty badly.
  15. @Sniper I read that too. Seems this was from Iranian soil. But we should let the Saudi’s deal with it. Trump has said over and over... other nations need to deal with their own defense. Why should we get directly involved? I don’t want our people put at risk to deal with the Saudi’s shitty oil.
  16. I believe the correct utensil for crock pot ribs is a spork.
  17. The most important question, can it be used to cut up Crock Pot ribs? Asking for a friend.
  18. A little more info on what weapons were used: ...." At a press conference Wednesday, the Saudis displayed broken and burned drones and pieces of a cruise missile that military spokesman Col. Turki Al-Malki identified as Iranian weapons collected after the attack. He also played surveillance video that he said showed a drone coming in from the north. Yemen is to the south of Saudi Arabia. Eighteen drones and seven cruise missiles were launched in the assault, Al-Malki said, with three missiles failing to make their targets. He said the cruise missiles had a range of 700 kilometers (435 miles), meaning they could not have been fired from inside Yemen. That opinion was shared by weapons experts who spoke to The Associated Press . "This is the kind of weapon the Iranian regime and the Iranian IRGC are using against the civilian object and facilities infrastructure," Al-Malki said, referring to Iran's Revolutionary Guard. He added: "This attack did not originate from Yemen, despite Iran's best effort to make it appear so." https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/uae-joins-us-led-coalition-protect-mideast-waterways-65711294?cid=clicksource_76_null_headlines_hed
  19. Buy a DJI, remove the PTZ camera and add a mount that uses those servos to pull the pin on a grenade. Launch the drone and set a waypoint that takes it to the base of the tank. Articulate the servo. Boom.
  20. I too have only done it once and that was my experience as well. Frisked thoroughly each time.
  21. No. This is an example of someone makes a credible threat and you can arrest them without red flag laws. The very fact that every state already has legal framework in place to do such things is EXACTLY why you should understand red flag laws are explicitly NOT about that. Not even a little.
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