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  2. I would not recommend that - if God forbid you have a fire - you just kinda made a bomb. Unless you properly vent it and or do not keep the lid locker down. As far as I recall for at leat powner storage most recommendation are wood. Ymmv
  3. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!
  4. At least bring out the 8 shot super, that thing is cool.
  6. One last thing, while I am a huge fan of Memphis BBQ and prefer it overall to any of the rest; the single best BBQ I've ever had was at Aaron Franklin's place in Austin. Luckily, he has all of his recipes and step-by-step cooking instructions on youtube:
  7. love it.. you think it would be OK.. with like AR.. optics.. and flashlight? like enough room?
  8. Just to be clear the FFL is only needed when you purchase the rifles. You are the owner and what you do with them is not the business of the FFL. After you take possession of the rifles you and your parents fill out the NJ COE for each rifle and you do not file this paperwork with anyone (not the ATF, NJSP, FFL, etc). As jackandjill said make sure you are not receiving anything in exchange for the gift or your purchase of the rifles will be viewed as a straw purchase. Pistols are very different. Your parents would need to provide you with a Permit to Purchase and you would have to file that with their local PD and the State Police.
  9. The panels screw into the back and then you mount the top part of the racks at any height you want and the butt of the gun sits in the footing. Its sturdy. Even more so if you use the bungee balls they give you but you don’t need them. You can cheat if you have carpet interior walks. Just get the hook side of velcro and attach it to the back plate. Just make sure it sticks good. I just screwed them in. Was easy. I was able to get 8 across. So just bought a 6 pack and 2 pack. Every so often they are on sale on Amazon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  11. Palmetto State Armory has some deals with free shipping. If you don't mind doing the whole mail in rebate thing, you can get it down to 24 or 25 cents a round. Without rebate, it's like 29 or 30 cents per round.
  12. LOL I am actually buying a job site box to move all my ammo to.. which will make plenty of room in the safe.. but I just want a more organized layout..
  13. Buy another Safe. It is Black Friday Tomorrow.
  14. I really like the look of that.. but is it sturdy.. and how does it attach to the back of the safe.. I looked at the velcro dowel thing.. but I don't know.. I have some pretty bulky heavy guns.. doesn't seam like it would hold them?
  15. I have an extra 20 rod kit in stock for $50.
  16. Oh and if anyone needs a Comcast/Xfinity cable modem, I have one here (Docsis 3.0 so you can get the good speeds). Will let go for cheap.
  17. I spent the $ and they have really made a difference in my long gun storage.
  18. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I use this stuff. Much easier. Removed all guts except for top shelf and the rest just fits in anyway you want it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I always have Rotties. This is my current pup. She weighs about 120+ right now. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  21. I saw this advertised, but thought it was too much $$$$ for what it was. Envision an engine exhaust valve, but with a long stem. On the mushroom end it is covered with Velcro and the "roof" of the safe with corresponding Velcro . The long stem is stuck down the barrel and then it is extended upward to mate the Velcro surfaces, thus making the rifle free standing, but supported by the stem/dowel down the barrel. Adios, Pizza Bob
  22. Frank is that a bump fire?
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  24. Too many
  25. All but the one on the extreme right are inexpensive rimfire scopes - 3/4" tube - the lone 1" tube scope is a Lyman All American which is/was a good scope. If the optics and reticle are clear it's worth hanging onto.. Adios, Pizza Bob
  26. I just inherited 7 older scopes from a family member that passed a few years ago. I don't know anything about them. I'm hoping someone on here can tell me what I have and if they are worth anything. They are all in pretty rough shape.
  27. Anyone happen to find the best price on 5.56 or .223 yet?
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