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  2. If anyone attended NJSAFECON yesterday they would have heard a "lively" discussion with Scott Bach explaining the NRA position. It is rarely what it appears to be on the surface.
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  4. IMHO, neither organization really gives two shits about our fundamental 2A rights here. They make more money collecting for their (pitiable) lobbying efforts. After all, we are the whipping boys of the 2A community here in the USA. An example of what the rest of the nation may become if you don't send them your hard earned money. <rant off>
  5. NJ2AS put out an article essentially saying that while they were out busting their asses up in Ramsey, the NRA & ANJRPC were totally uninvolved. I actually joined the NJ2AS during the Ramsey case bc they seemed to be the only ones doing much of anything in this state. Needless to say, it’s painfully disappointing to see such a lack of cooperation for gun rights here. Truly sad.
  6. Can I test it out before I buy? Just leave it out on your front lawn with a newspaper in case you aren't around.
  7. No, not Colts. I have too many ball pythons, need to trim the herd. Am just keeping my 3 favs. They are all nice morphs. In case anyone knows anything about them: 1 male Black Pastel Pinstripe 1 male Mojave het Pied 1 female Spider Vanilla Mojave 1 large female het Pied Snakes are worth anywhere from 200 to 500 each . They also come in a 4 tub rack with dual side heat tape and a Herpstat 1 thermostat. So you do not need to buy anything except rats after they have settled. If you wanted to produce a clutch or two these are decent genetics. 500 bucks takes all. You will also get lifetime husbandry advice lol They each eat 1 medium/large rat per week. They will do frozen thawed, but I feed prekilled so they may be picky about previously frozen food. Edited to add - 500 firm. I'm happy to sell them and kind of happy to keep them until I find the right taker.
  8. I got the compact and love it. Greatshooter
  9. Because stud finders are so expensive nowadays (or knocking on the wall)... crap doesnt surprise me anymore lol. Ive put a screw thru a 2" pvc line once though... screw went out the side of a stud and into pvc.. my screw up.. lol. Black pipe is the way to go if its exposed in any way. Do it the right way the first time.. i dont f*** around with gas and electric. Lol
  10. Thats too bad. Used to have one in the house i grew up in. Id have installed it in my moms bathroom just as a practical joke and then saved it for when i buy my fixer upper LOL
  11. i gave up drinking after college
  12. My wife picked me up a growler of the IPA on the way back from running errands. It was pretty good. It wasn’t Stone, but worth picking up once in a while. She said it was packed too.. always a good thing for a new local business. I gave up drinking Schitz and Coors after college.
  13. hipster beer in a stripmall pass, give me a good ole bar or tavern
  14. Live about 5 minutes from there. Maybe will check it out tomorrow.
  15. You are making a good decision. The nail plates will only protect the pipe in the stud. Halfass carpenters were trying to find the stud by shooting nails into the wall. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. I have a build based off of a BCM ELW 14.5 i'd likely be willing to part with if you're interested in something other than a recce.
  17. fwiw: I flew out of and back to Newark last week with a pistol and ammo and had zero problems. Much easier than I thought it would be. The airlines and TSA were completely professional. The one big caveat is that if the flight gets diverted to an anti-state do not take possession of your baggage even for a second (leave it on the carousel). Have the airline transfer it for you. I only had 10 round magazines so I don't think that would be an issue anywhere. Shipping is probably the safest bet. I would not drive through a state that has 10 round limits with a 15 round magazine (or an "assault weapon" in that state).
  18. As expected it was an excellent conference. Very lively discussions. The attorney presentations were great (Daniel Schmutter could have passionately talked for hours - and was fascinating). Anthony was even well behaved. The diversity panel was very interesting (I have to buy a Black Guns Matter orange sweatshirt like Maj was wearing). NJSP FIrearm Unit DSG Bloom (and NRA Life Member) was back to answer questions. And as Scott mentioned those NRA-ILA emails we send do have a large impact so everyone should be doing it. And of course Loretta got her boos and hisses at the mere mention of her name! Next year we need more people to turn out for this event! Come on guys and gals, it is just one day per year. A big thanks to John for putting on the event (and you did great speaking to the group).
  19. I have a BCM Recce 16 in burnt bronze that I may consider parting ways. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Nice guy, very accommodating and easy to deal with, thanks again Mike
  21. I completely agree that the majority of the conference was excellent. It was just sad that we spend the entire time saying how we need to stand together to defeat Phil Murphy and then we attack our own. I'm satisfied as to the explanation given by Scott as to why he felt it was the wrong play and why the NRA wasnt getting involved but I couldn't help but notice how many of the presented "facts" were presented in a way to make a party who wasn't there and unable to respond look bad. Overall, a great array of people showed up for 2A education. That's awesome and I hope that this continues to grow. Probably the highlight of the day was the "New Germany" Freudian slip made by one of the speakers. I think everyone had a good laugh.
  22. Looking for gun lights for handguns (or even rifles), i like big brands.. surefire/streamlight. Had my streamlight rechargeable stolen off a job site so id be interested in a rechargeable high end FL too (bigger in size, not a teeny one, has to be super bright) for work.. mine did a damn good job until one of the pos tenants let pseg into the buildings basement where were doing plumbing work and my light went MIA.. Anywho.. Also looking for keymod attachments for my LaRue rail. LMK what ya got. Black or Tan/FDE/Whatever. Shoot me a PM.
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  24. The legislators in Trenton go one step further - They wipe their collective asses with the Constitution I hope the SAPPA suit sets them straight
  25. Murphy is a asshole this state does not need , A Corzine wanna be , right along side the other butt hole Florio
  26. Granted, I probably haven't been around these issues as long as you... but I really didn't see it that way! If you're referring to that one criticism offered by Scott Bach (which sounded as though it may have some legitimacy BTW)... well, he was answering a very specific, pointed question by someone in the audience. If he really believes that the actions of another 2A group made a situation MORE difficult --- for a prospective range owner --- he has the right to state that opinion. (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's offered that criticism privately in the past and been ignored). Besides, that was maybe TWO negative minutes out of a multi-hour conference during which speakers where overwhelmingly cooperative and in lockstep. I agree. And SMART too! Gotta pull in new faces from all communities.
  27. THEY don't seem to think she's gonna make landfall on us......
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