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  2. I am selling a kydex Foxx Trapp IWB Holster for a Sig P365. The holster has been used but is in great shape. The holster is great for concealability and retains the pistol well. The holster also has adjustable cant. I am asking $25 for this holster. The first "I'll take it" wins the holster. Thanks!
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  4. Looking for k98 rifles, stock, parts, etc. *Main goal currently is tracking down a pre, wartime, or post war German scope for a sniper build....preferably low/high turret* *Really looking for fixer upper rifles but wont turn down a nice complete rifle*
  5. Good call saying you didn’t write that. Only an idiot would write something like that!
  6. Hi, I would like to sell practically new Walther Q5 Match slide with Holosun red dot installed and zero to it. Slide is with 5" match 9mm barrel and spring, no scratches or damages will work on PPQ or on PDP 9mm pistols. .$550 cash, no ship. Pickup from Somerset. First one with i will get it in reply - is the one.
  7. I think the point your critics are tryihg to make is that the morons writing and voting in this crap don't have clue one whether or not bump stocks are effective, don't give a flying flagellation, and refuse to be educated. They have a single agenda: outlaw or cripple any item or feature that has anything at all to do with firearms. While reality dictates that priorities for donating money or time must be set, it is imo also unproductive to try to respond to their idiotic attitude in a nuanced way. YMMV
  8. So Corzine and Co. can make more money on the out of state appointments. What a bunch of bullshit.
  9. WTF does this word salad actually mean "practices that could pose a threat to the misuse or criminal use of a firearm"? I suspect what this st'unt meant is the opposite of how that phrase actually parses. Maybe "of", or "leading to" was meant, rather than "to"? Shouldn't there be a requirement that Congresscritters be at least minimally literate in the English language?
  10. Hi, I would like to sell almost new 300 shot only complete upper, 16" with muzzle brake pinned as per NJ requirements. Includes BCG and charging handle also panels and vertical grip as on photo. In addition I do have 200 rounds of .300 blk ammo in box. $500 cash total for all including ammo, pickup from Somerset, no ship. First will say - I am the one will get it. Upper made by Air Precission company.
  11. I never wrote what you attributed to me there, it was the previous poster to whom I was commenting. The previous context makes it clear that I was already well aware of the Florida restriction. It can be challenging using quoting correctly on this site; a little more care is in order. Thanks.
  12. Two factors. First, not every IdentoGO facility offers all services. Since most of us presume that the State of NJ would prefer to minimize issuing FID and carry permits, does it lean on them to offer service 2F164B (firearms) at fewer locations? Unlikely, in my opinion, but I wouldn't completely rule it out, either. Don't forget that IdentoGO gets quite a bit extra for "out of state" process that most likely does not cost them a single penny more to do. Second, the default calendar for the on-line IdentoGO scheduler only looks 7 days out. I have been told that there are ways to schedule further in advance, but I didn't look into that because it was easy enough for me to drive to Philly. If enough NJ carry permit applicants were using an alternative method to schedule, I can see appointments in the 7 day time-frame becoming scarce.
  13. Try this for a list of non-resident friendly sheriffs : https://www.pafoa.org/counties/
  14. There's no gray area for PA/FL reciprocity. If you are a FL resident, have a FL W concealed carry, it is honored in PA. If you have a non-resident FL W concealed carry, it is NOT honored by PA.
  15. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/
  16. My source says differently, but a return date of 8/22 would be great. I would not call them too much! What Steve_G said about a huge pile of applications is true based on a source.
  17. The girl Anna who I was told is processing them will also be back on Monday. I can call next week to get updates as they said she is the one to speak to.
  18. I have read in some other groups that Judge Rea is handling permits for Middlesex county. He has been on a 3 week vacation and is returning 8/22. I would imagine he will have quite a pile on his desk Monday morning. I just submitted my packet this afternoon, going for prints Monday.
  19. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/
  20. My previous research seemed to suggest that none of my current four non-resident permits would be honored in PA. I don't currently have a link, but I did find that to carry in PA, you must have a permit from your own state of residence. I plan to apply for my PA permit through Delaware County once I get NJ. FWIW, I did start a topic here yesterday on PA permits (actually License to Carry): NJ Gun Forums - Pennsylvania License to Carry
  21. I think your referring to making the fingerprinting appointment? im referring to the actual paper application for permit to carry. On the paper application, top right, is a spot for municipal code.
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