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  2. I may agree with you but in NJ the criminal has the upper hand. If you decide to use your pistol for self defense, a liberal prosecutor could still indict you. Then it goes to trail and the jury will decide whether your action was reasonable or not. If you watch old Westerns the outlaw must draw first or its murder. Pretty much the way it is here in NJ.
  3. Yes, by all means, wait until an assailant pulls their gun and shoots you. I think three bullets is the safe legal threshold. Then you can draw. You have to wait for the third shot because you have to be 100% certain that the person killing you really means it. Their first two shots could have been warning shots and the attacker missed the air and unintentionally hit you. When someone attacks you, they are a threat of an unknown quantity. They could kill you with one punch, a crow bar, a knife, a gun. Who knows? Unless you have X-ray vision and are ALSO a mind reader you have no idea, ZERO, what level of threat you are facing. I can tell ya one thing. If you wait around to find out how far your attacker is willing to go, you are probably going to be dead soon anyway, so it doesn't matter much. What about rape? I mean, a rapist isn't necessarily going to kill their victim. Should deadly force be used as a defense against rape? I don't believe I've ever seen a news piece about a woman charged with murder shooting an unarmed rapist. How the fuck are those skanks getting away with that (satire mode off) Guns are used to neutralize threats. If someone is carrying with visions of OK Coral in their minds, they probably shouldn't be carrying. As far as I am concerned, if someone is behaving threateningly towards me, I back off. I tell them to back off. If that does not work, peppa spray deployed and sprayed... that is, if the threat is standing down wind. If the wind is blowing in your face, you are going to have a real shitty night getting caught up in your own defensive attack. If you are packing, I do not see a problem with drawing and holding low ready. Some may say that's brandishing, but it's not. Brandishing is more like pulling your shirt up to intimidate someone or waving the gun around in a manner meant to threaten. At low ready, you are consciously pointing in a safe direction that the attacker can see. This opens a crossroads. Your next move will be based on the attackers next move. Whether or not the gun goes back in the holster cold is entirely up to your attacker. If your attacker pulls a gun and you have a faster draw, you could possibly neutralized the threat. If you are slow to react, you could become worm food. If the attacker sees you at low ready, pisses their pants and runs, you have neutralized the threat. I prefer the not shooting the attacker option. I would totally shoot someone if I absolutely had no other option, but I don't think I could feel good about it. Anyway. To quote Red Haired Shanks. Guns are not for threats, guns are for action.
  4. Yeah....Watch me keep it it in my holster!
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  6. The simple message to NJ Gun owners is that a firearm can be used for self defense against an assailant with a deadly weapon only in the most extreme circumstances when your life or the life of a loved one is in imminent danger . If a burglar enters your home and is stealing jewelry or other valuables, you may not point a firearm at him or shoot unless he displays a lethal weapon and threatens deadly force. You also cannot shoot a burglar who is retreating. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advise but an understanding of the law as I interpret it. It may sound passive but it seems best to always keep your carry pistol holstered.
  7. Thanks, that's a great review. The watch is large but most dive watches are and this one is waterproof to 500m which likely adds to the size a bit (with the thicker crystal and helium escape valve)... although I never even got mine wet. My wrists aren't large and the angled lugs hug your wrist. Also, I found that the adjustable NATO strap kept it from moving at all. The watch is a high quality / very well made piece with features that are typically found on much more expensive watches...and it would likely sell for a significantly higher price with a more recognizable logo on it. I'm sure that I'll miss it but I need to raise funds for another hobby.
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  9. Most people can't remember what they did yesterday.
  10. I have a brand new set of Troy HK style micro folding sights. Never used, I bought the wrong height for my application. $140 shipped to you. Pm me if interested.
  11. A day that will live in infamy.
  12. Sadly, In 20 years or less, it will be forgotten altogether, bet some, not all young kids/ teenagers don't know what 9-11 is.
  13. There are anti gun bills submitted on a yearly basis, usually by the same reps from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, and they die in committee. Technically it shouldn't even make a difference now, but in January, the state house will have a 1 seat democrat majority. The senate is still a republican majority by 6 or 7 seats. That's not to say bad things can't happen in Pennsylvania like they did in Virginia a few years back.
  14. Self Defense and the Law Info Tech Tip --> Since most newer TVs have a USB port so you may be able to download the video with an FireFox extension in the mp4 format and place on thumb drive and view on your TV. I watched it last night. In any case TV or PC very good info
  15. The legislative branch is not liable for any law they propose or pass. The legal liability falls on those who enforce it. It has always been this way. A quick question about the insurance part of the bill. Does a general liability umbrella policy satisfy this part of the bill?
  16. I applaud that thinking... and couldn't agree more! Anti-2A efforts should be treated like cancer cells... you need to blitz them hard and fast at the point of origin... instead of sitting back and waiting while they spread to other sites. The people pushing the anti-2A stuff have very deep pockets, and plenty of useful idiots (MDA) all too happy to follow their direction... that's a potent combo and not to be underestimated.
  17. I used to think ‘fuck em, they got what they voted for’. Not anymore. I realized this is the wrong mindset. We are ALL under assault, no matter what state you live in. This is why I continue to call, email, write representatives in NJ, and send money to organizations like GOA, ANJRPC, and such. We need, as a whole, to keep in the fight for our god given second amendment rights, no matter what state you live in. Stand together with your brothers and sisters on ANY and all states and fight.
  18. PA has approximately 1.5 million CCW holders, behind Florida and Texas. https://crimeresearch.org/2022/11/concealed-carry-permit-holders-across-the-united-states-2021-2/ I don't see these people giving up their guns willingly. They are a formidable voting block to overcome. The Dems would have to start NOW writing down names of new voters, from cemeteries in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, to win upcoming elections to hang onto power. As someone has already mentioned, the 2nd Amendment is enshrined in their state constitution.
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