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  2. Also remember, they furloughed about 70,000 back in the Spring, it's unclear if these newly laid off are part of that group. Many that were furloughed still haven't been called back to work.
  3. our family went 1.5yrs ago and spent close to 14k and agree, would much rather have an over the top trip than do that again also, most of those employees are dem and they support people who killed their jobs. their issue now...... cold maybe but the reality is this; your vote matters
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  5. The conundrum is that with an on-property Disney vacation costing upwards of $10,000+, the people that actually enjoy and want to go to Disney can't afford it (so they wind up financing it through debt , and the people who can afford it are more likely to go to more exclusive destinations (eg. Caribbean) and skip Disney altogether. I think there will need to be a structural change in their business model or the lay off of thousands of people yesterday will be just the tip of the iceberg.
  6. I wasn't aware of that. It was my understanding that there was no broad database available. Local PD's receive a copy of the purchase permit, but I didn't know there was a database where the information was loaded/stored.
  7. For sale - USGI Bando - 80 Rounds of - 0 6 HXP and HP-71 in enblocs with belt - Boxer Primed British Bando - 100 Rounds of X51 on strippers in nylon bando Berdan Primed Asking $ 125.00 for the - 06 complete Asking $ 100.00 for the X51 complete First unconditional I will take it gets it - followed by a PM. I will be at CR this weekend at some point if anyone wants to meet up -
  8. That database became searchable around the same time “Skynet became aware,” which was decades ago.
  9. when we fix revengers', I'd like to get led lights for my 2019 1500....:)
  10. I go through NJSP Hamilton (Mercer) and I average 2-3 months.
  11. wondering how it was done. can you share pics?
  12. If you think about it, that's the same process as buying online from a place like Bud's or Gunbroker. You complete the sale first, and then the seller delivers the gun to your FFL. Seller has his money and your FFL has the gun.
  13. I had an intermittent issue with my 2010 hemi Ram a while back. It would just die but would start back up after a few seconds. Cleaning the throttle body and the MAF sensor fixed it. Cheap and easy to do. Just make sure you don't let any dirt get into the intake manifold.
  14. Glad State Police are quick for you where I live is covered by the State Police and I am now waiting since July 2 (100 days) just for a change of address on my card.
  15. I'm fortunate enough to live in a quick turn around municipality. My last set of permits in March went through quickly and under 30 days. An extension was a total of 7 minutes.
  16. I don't know how they are doing it, but there is definitely an electronic register of any handguns acquired in NJ. If they issue a TRO and you have guns it lists the handguns in detail so the cops know what they are supposed to be confiscating. When I got mine a few years ago (TRO used as a divorce tactic) it listed all my handguns, but not any long guns. Fortunately, I had already lodged them all with gunsitters.
  17. This is so heartless. Wouldn't you want to know your gun was going to a good home? Would you do this with a puppy?
  18. Is this a change that's coming with the update to FARS?
  19. all that matters is it goes bang!
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