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  2. I've never been questioned on any traffic stops if I had any weapons. I also don't give the cop a reason to. If they did though my answer would be yes Sir I do. When he asks why, I am a florist and work at a garden center so I think I'm pretty covered. Unless he asks why it's an Emerson haha Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. Sure. Just write a bigger check. A T15 or T30 rated safe will be a lot more money, unless you find a good deal on a used one. And all the RSCs (residential security containers), including the one I have, are more vulnerable than the Zanotti. Any safe can be breached, given enough time and the right tools. My safe is only to prevent smash and grab. It's my alarm system that's the real deterrent by severely limiting the time available.
  4. so can we or can't we?
  5. Good idea on how they ship. The question is... while they have the good stuff on the front, the sides are only 1/8th inch thick... Seems like can do better?
  6. of course you can carry on your property and as long as you are not being aggressive with the firearm, you will have no issues.
  7. Which section of 2c 39 dicusses long gun transport with a purchaser ID card?
  8. "Yes, I have a pocket knife (on me, on seat, in glove box, etc.)" Saying you do not and then having them find it... only makes it worse and you have to justify the douchebag thing of how a pocket knife is not a weapon. In the past, saying I have one, was not an issue. If asked why... then you can say why. Be it opening boxes, gardening, or I always have one in the car for quick fixes, or cutting fruit on the go. =)
  9. If you're going to do that with open carry, just go all out. Go big or go home!
  10. I finally assembled the safe from Zanotti Armor, and I must say this is some product. The clearances where the panels meet are the thickness of a postcard, or less. I found that amazing since they were shipped from Iowa and the pallet was dropped at some point along the way. I moved and assembled all the safe components myself on a hand truck or dolly, except for the door which weighed 175 lbs. A friend helped me lift that into place last weekend. If anyone's interested in one feel free to contact me about it. For my money it was well worth it.
  11. The government isn't always the bad guy. Often enough, but not all the time. Not like Rufus and Bluto that are willing to bash your skull in just to see if you have anythingof value. See @45Doll''s post above.
  12. Prudent philosophy
  13. Propane, coal, heating oil and wood burning stoves count too.
  14. Yes. But I might be the one learning the unpleasant lesson. I carry a firearm to protect my life; not to precipitate a 'discussion' over Constitutional rights vs. progressive gun laws. I have many other avenues for the latter that carry no risk.
  15. My opinion is that you need more than just "opening packages". If you spewed off a list of specific tasks you do regularly (cut rope, clean electrical contacts, scrape paint, dig out splinters, pick your teeth, open your lunch bags, clean your nails, cut your apples, open mail, etc.) with the knife, that might get them to back down and make it sound believable.
  16. why did you say the same thing twice?
  17. If you have an RPO permit in NJ yes you can open carry. Not a good idea IMO as you'd be spending a lot of time explaining when people make "man with a gun" calls. You're going to get stopped in order for you to show that RPO permit. Repeatedly getting stopped to show those credentials is a PITA. If someone with a RPO permit insists on open carrying all the time all they have to do is be in the wrong jurisdiction to get red flagged. One should avoid issues. Not only from the bad guys but from the government as well.
  18. Depending. It would or could be creating a nuisance... let’s face it. If we were all Nieghbor’s it would be called safetown USA. But we are not, unfortunately. And the neighborhood seems to be changing
  19. Today
  20. I’ve always been a fan of less is more...
  21. You could use it as a teachable moment. Chances are if the cops did show up, they probably won't again.
  22. If avoiding unnecessary and unrewarding contact with NJ LE and the judicial system is considered 'pussified' then... MEOW!
  23. I CC in my property. my property, my right. I dont have anything set up for OC that isnt a warbelt type setup. although ive also been known to mow the lawn with a slick plate carrier on for weight, because i dont exercise nearly enough so yea...
  24. Ah, except the part of shooting in your backyard... Does your town have discharge laws? In most of Central Jersey there were discharge laws on the books. Now, once again the broader issue of carrying on property is the difference in being right vs being effective... You are absolutely 100% within your rights to open carry on your property, heck, walk around with an AR and an AK on your back... the question is, how effective is it? Have a noisy neighbor? Watch how quickly they call the cops and swat shows up to reports of "gun walking around with assault rifles." Yes, they will sort it out later. Just remember NYC transit laws... yes, FOPA protects you, but NYC doesn't care and they arrest first, then sort out later. Hence why, carrying on own property... conceal carry it, especially if you have small property or in an urban area. If you live in the boonies or are on a few acres, then it all goes out the window and do as you want.
  25. Because all the real men ran away?
  26. Your land. Carry what you want. Open or concealed. If you question it, you've become pussified.
  27. Must be nice to be considered a higher class of citizen. As a normal civilian opening carry in your yard while legal will most likely turn into a major affair. Like others stated conceled from neighbors might be the best idea. Most towns have ordinances where if your causing public annoyance or cause major police response is a chargeable offense regardless if that panic is justified or not. Plus with the new “red flag” laws in place all the neighbor had to say is your acting irrationally etc. now all your guns get seized and you get to spend some money get all your property returned.
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