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  2. Shooting common ammo is a consideration but nothing gives you the OTC ammo variety of a 357. Wadcutters, std velocity, +P, +P+, and full 357s. Power level for whatever your needs. Seems to me there is a lot of 357 ammo out there that is downloaded from SAAMI maximum pressures. There is also 357 ammo that is loaded up to maximum pressures.
  3. Eh... she's just a cranky bitch, nothing more complicated than that. The fact that her own adult daughter and friends just kept their mouths clamped shut during the whole episode tells you something about that woman and how she probably tends to handle things. I'm sure they knew she was heading straight into unhinged Bitchville.... and they didn't want to have her wrath turned on themselves. Honestly, I love that she followed-up with that pathetic non-apology... she's just keeps digging the hole deeper... making a complete laughingstock of herself. Great entertainment value for the rest of us.
  4. Is there such a thing as asshole privilege? I hope not, because I have been missing out all these years.
  5. she wasn't using her position in society. she was using her position in employment. if she were a black woman, would you be calling it "black privilege"?
  6. What about if the person using the position of privilege is asian?
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  8. There are a few reasons why. 1. Guns made today are built differently than those of years past. Most guns today have the upgrades that you would have had to pay for years ago. 2. Most guns today are, POLYMER STRIKER FIRED 9MMs. No need for any work done. 3. It's a dying art.
  9. This one should result in a discussion with his Chief...and if not there, the Mayor & Council.
  10. I would not hesitate to buy a Taurus revolver. I had a Model 85 that I wished I kept.
  11. White Privilege- Using your position in society to avoid penalties, laws and respect for others.
  12. Sorry not sorry.
  13. There are a couple things I want to address. Bob and Alec, thanks for the info guys. I do realize what you're saying and I am deciding based on feel/comfort, how it shoots, weight, barrel length. Honestly, I may be looking at pro/performance models but it's pretty much based solely on looks versus anything else. That's actually how why I started looking at them. The SSR and other models with the undercut barrel and the "extras" is appealing to me. Bob, hope all is well man haven't seen you in a while. I was able to meet up with a bunch of forum members (thanks very much for the invite!) and they were VERY generous in letting me handle and shoot plenty of wheel guns. I won't name them for privacy but if they want to post they can. Shot a slew of different brands and models, everything from a Taurus 608 6" to a GP100 4" and a bunch of S&W's. I got a nice taste of variety and I had a huge smile on my face the whole time! I know we all hear Taurus get shit on all the time but they no doubt spend time on their revolvers. The 608 shot excellent and the 6" barrel was long but manageable. The GP100's trigger was smoooooth but it's also because Member #1 bought it before I was born! The S&W 66 was surprisingly a comfortable shot despite it's smaller size. Shooting .357 full power loads out of that was like hold on for the ride! Member #2 had all his s&W's out and the SSR was everything I thought it would be and more. What a beautiful looking revolver. I forget revolvers are also made in 9mm/45/.22 so it was fun taking those for a ride too. I really like the feel of shooting a 9mm and 45, just a light push of felt recoil. Ammo consolidation with semi-auto pistols is a nice plus also. I still haven't made up my mind yet but the Taurus and SSR we're probably my favorite. The Taurus 6" was really nice and my 8 shits of .357 showed my liking for it (see picture). The SSR wasn't stout at all as I thought it would be with the 4" barrel, it soaked up recoil well. I've heard through the years many ppl say revolvers take some finesse to shoot, and shoot well. I definitely can agree with that. The felt recoil and where the recoil is felt in your hands is completely different than a semi-auto. I feel like finding the right grip that works for you takes some time also and I'll be working on that in the future as well. My last point is the awesome community shooters have. We are all regular people that enjoy a right, hobby, competition, hunt, etc, but it's amazing how shooting brings people so close. I started this thread like a week ago and I already had numerous people saying hey I've got this or that you can try, and only a week later here I was at the range with a dozen in front of me. Im very appreciative during times like these. It's just really cool how generous and kind most fellow shooters are, plain and simple. Anyway, enough of the chit chat. Here is the better part and what we love, pictures! Taurus 608 and one big hole :-) Smith SSR Misc: 66 with some neat shroud grips
  14. Hillsborough Shooting Center I was told was closed down by the NJ State Fish & Game for deer check in violations...
  15. "and I encourage the Tenafly Police Department to review best practices with respect to tone and de-escalation, so that incidents like this do not recur." This shit... THIS is how you end an apology? By saying that it is the PO's faults that you're a shitbag and can't control yourself? REALLY?
  16. This is the kind of person who cannot ever see themselves as wrong or at fault. Her non-apology is complete nonsense and she uses the entire paragraph of text to blame the cops. She's such a shithead.
  17. NOTICE that she words it in such a way as to try and make people think that the tint was the reason? leaves out that it had to be impounded for the reg? and that the way she said "who" she was was in itself asking for special treat,emt? and really? she's trying to blame them?? i saw those guys being calm well beyond the point that i feel then had to. i almost feel that they could've found a reason to arrest her based on her behavior, had they really truly wanted to
  18. It’s privilege for sure, just not white privileged. She is feels privileged by her position, not her race. ETA: Oh, and fuck her apology. That’s a list of excuses, there is not a single apologetic thought in her useless rant. We are all dumber for having had to listen to her. I award her no points, and may God have mercy on her soul.
  19. Here's here "apology". She tries to paint herself as a victim and push blame to the police. Clearly she doesn't get it: " Last month, my daughter and three of her friends were in a car that was pulled over by a Tenafly police officer for non-moving violations, including having tinted windows. The officers subsequently decided to impound the vehicle, leaving the four young adults on the side of a busy highway. Concerned, I hurried to the scene to assist them. As a parent, I was upset and uncomfortable with the unfolding events. I let my emotions get the better of me and regret my tone toward the police officers and use of off-color language. For this, I apologize. However, at no point did I violate the Port Authority's Code of Ethics or ask for special treatment for anyone involved, nor did I suggest, in any way, that I would use my position at the Port Authority to affect the outcome of the violations issued to the driver. My resignation from the Port Authority is a recognition that this unfortunate incident could and should have been avoided. As a long-time Tenafly resident, I have always taken an active role in the community, including working with law enforcement officials, and I encourage the Tenafly Police Department to review best practices with respect to tone and de-escalation, so that incidents like this do not recur. "
  20. "White Privilege" is such BS. Just one example of proof. Get a white boy into college. Enough said. White males are one of the most, if not the most, groups discriminated against. The Progressives want you to feel guilty about being a white male. Maybe Ray is a "Progressive" Feel guilty about being white Ray?
  21. When you shake your finger in an officer's face and tell him 'shut the f*** up' and later (on the full video) comment that 'we need more testicles around here' I think she's lucky she didn't get cited for disorderly or hindering.
  22. I was just down at the Home Depot. I picked up a few gallons of white privilege. High gloss. Going to paint the whole house with it.
  23. wait? how the fuck is this a "white privilege" thing? it's got nothing at ALL to do with what color she's wrapped in. it's got to do with her being an asshat and thinking that her job title trumps the police.
  24. Now that you mention it, I think you're right. It was a long time ago, but I do remember Manny going nuts with his magnet around the time he taped the sign on the range door.
  25. Can someone explain to me what white privilege is? This woman is an ASSHOLE! The fact that she is white has nothing to do with it. If she was black and you called her the uppity woman or some other derogatory name you would be accused of racism, shamed, and probably suspended or at least warned by the mods.
  26. Yup. They impounded my trailer because the plate expired and i had it in the street. They wouldnt let me move it 10ft into the driveway.. they fucked it up on the way to the lot, too. A 9K aluminum snowmobile trailer... Was worth it to see the asshole PO with like 5 huge wreckers (the type that tows semis) trying to tow it... i had a hitch lock on it... a driver pulled out bolt cutters as i walked out and found them trying to tow it and the cops like "unlock it or well cut it". I laughed, pointed out that they need an angle grinder as a bolt cutter cant bite on it, nor would it cut thru the steel even if it did... ended up voluntarily letting em tow it.. Cop insisted he left a warning requesting we move it... he "placed it" on the tongue of the trailer... very convenient for them that it must have flown away with the wind... Some asshole cops here in EB...
  27. my understanding is that they're really supposed to impound with no reg......
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