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  2. IIRC there was something on nj.com last week..
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    Ham radio

    I'm not sure if this is being posted in the Ham Radio thread but here goes. I did my first Parks-on-the-Air (POTA) outing on Sunday morning. It's a shame I only just discovered this. Working with just 10W and an end fed antenna in Swartzwood State Park, approximately 30 stations answered my CQ in about 90 minutes. Let that sink in. My entire ham career (since 2014) I don't think more than 10 stations COMBINED have answered my cq, whether at 100w or 10w, SSB or CW (I operate mostly 5-10 w). I got 25+ calls in less than 2 hours!! If you're a ham who has lost interest you should definitely try POTA. I'd be happy to show you how I do it, or meet up in one of the designated POTA parks.
  5. That looks like it was for real! https://thehistoryace.com/the-amount-of-hours-medieval-peasants-worked-per-week/
  6. Despite what you read in the right-wing "sky is falling" websites, the 2A has done very very well over the past 30+ years. In the late 1980s only a handful of states allowed concealed carry and only a couple had constitutional carry. Today it's 40+ and 20+. (digression: I consider constitutional carry to be the gold standard for gun rights, with shall-issue a close second. To me these are more important than mag caps or what type of gun you can own). Given how our rights in every other respect have been pummeled, that's a very positive thing. A positive ruling would end NJ's ridiculous ban on CC. I wonder though how far our shithole state (btw, has anyone been to Bridgeton?) will go to cling to its current status as the absolute worst state in the union for gun owners. They could, for example, introduce ridiculously high fees or crazy training requirements which will take many additional years of legal challenges to overcome, if that may be done at all short of another SCOTUS case. A "NYET" (a tribute to Mother Russia) could have very far reaching consequences, however. I'm afraid if SCOTUS re-defines the 2nd Amendment (perhaps in the image and likeness of the 2-3 "conservatives" on the court who are not very trustworthy) we could see a YUGE reversal in the progress that's been made. Especially as the legislatures and other state-level offices are infiltrated and conquered by the woke motherfuckers who are taking over every aspect of society. That trend is unstoppable, btw. We can "win" in November, but remember the Republican Party is only a couple of years behind the democrats on nearly every issue. You could see that with how they rolled over and played dead on the M-F vaccine mandates. The Republican Party is not your friend. They are better, much better, in a "lesser of two evils" kind of way but mark my words, in a few years they'll be marching in chaps at Tranny Pride next to Chuck and Nancy. The issues then will be whether there are 37 genders or only 35, and whether abortion will be permitted up to 9 months after birth.
  7. Hello! We are offering gun smiting now. Ceracoating will be in a few months after the soft opening. [email protected] Thank you Ant
  8. I sold my revolver yesterday to a LGS so I have: 3 boxes of 50rds of 38spl FMJ and 1 box of 20 2 boxes of 50rds of 38spl lead nose round 1 box of 50rds 357 FMJ I prefer to sell them all as a lot for $200.00 but will sell all the 38spl for $150 and the 357 for $50 I am in Westfield NJ 07090 exit 135 off the Parkway. Local pickup or possible meet up along 78 from exit 41 to the PA line on most weekends. PM with any questions First to post "I'll take it" is the buyer
  9. Oh, and please be sure to take our most important poll: PORK ROLL or TAYLOR HAM!? - General Discussion - New Jersey Gun Forums (njgunforums.com)
  10. @Krdshrk - can we delete this thread? It's apparently a spammer-magnet.
  11. And the Green New Deal will be filled with soot and smoke. Cows will still fart. but we can all do our part and get an electric car!
  12. You are exactly correct! Home heating oil shortages is what I've been worried about for a few weeks now. As a result, I'm checking out firewood prices currently & will be ordering some in the early part of the summer. I have a woodburning stove that I don't use all that often, but I have a bad feeling that I might need to run it with some regularity this coming winter & I would prefer to buy the wood NOW rather than waiting until fall/early winter (when it will in all likelihood be even more scarce/costly). I imagine anyone with a woodburning stove or fireplace will also be buying more firewood this year. I agree, it's not at all "green" to burn wood... but hey, who can blame a homeowner for keeping that option on the table under the circumstances? The current "energy policy" (or lack thereof) is so ill-planned, it's mind-boggling. So, people really need to be ready for the worst. Shortages certainly, but possibly even more hacking attacks on utility companies. At this point, when it comes to the basics (like having heat in winter), I want back-ups to my back-ups... and after that... even more back-ups.
  13. How about this for an unintended consequence. Home heating oil will get caught up in diesel pricing and suffer the same shortages. If there is no heating oil, people will turn to wood burning stoves. Thousands of acres will be cut down to heat homes. So, the lefty idiots get their win by fucking up oil, but caused deforestation.
  14. So they are going to use a reserve designed to help people heat their homes in the northeast in the winter in case there is a heating oil shortage. 82% of the homes in the northeast are heated with oil. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. Tsingh

    New here...

    Beretta defensive, beretta 22lr , canik mete and cz shadow 2 last week ( havent shot yet). So far…
  16. Redeye65

    New here...

    Lol, there is a lot of that going around lately. Welcome aboard. What was your first hand gun purchase? Mine was a Beretta, from there it’s been all a blur.
  17. Okay, so let’s say someone takes the wildly optimistic stance and firmly believes this is going to change the possibility of applying for and receiving a concealed carry permit—what, if any, certification/classes should one take in anticipation of the rulings (since I imagine there will be a rush on any such offerings)?
  18. Up for sale is a Remington 760 GameMaster chambered in 30-06. Has some putting at end of bsrrel but overall in good condition. $650 obo located near wayne . NIcS and transfer on you. First I take it gets it. Willing to meet most any ffl in NNJ.
  19. Up for sale is a single stack WASR chambered in 7.62x39. Very good condition and low round count. $800 obonor trade towards a mini 30 or 5.56 ak type rifle. First intake it gets it , and transfer is on you, willing to meet most anywhere in NNJ for transfer
  20. Started at 25yards. Ended at 5 yards with the pistol. Then we moved back to 10 yards for 3 rounds of 00B. we shot 4 sets of expired armor over 4 days like this. None of the armor failed. It was not a scientific and we did not do contact shots as prescribed by the FBI testing protocol.
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