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  2. The main concern is just "giving in" in general... and especially, without a counter concession (like national reciprocity, etc.). You give the antis one inch, they'll want a mile, the next day.... and 2 miles the next day thereafter, and 4 miles the following day, etc. etc. until they have everything they want. We cannot give one inch... not one.
  3. I’m a paramedic recovering from surgery so I’m cross trained in 9-1-1 dispatch until I return to the street. I have a little insight from the other side of these devices. If you don’t know: the alert company receives the alarm, tries to contact the owner and get some information. If the person is having an emergency or if the company can’t reach the owner the company will call the 9-1-1 center covering the owner. A little information is exchanged and resources are sent. Life Alert and some others will give a call back number for their monitoring facility, a reference number and sometimes a clients number along with the client name and major medical history. They will call back a little later and follow up (they want a simple disposition like accidental, pt transported to the hospital or “he won’t be needing your services any more”). I am not responsible for trying to contact family members when these alerts come in. Make sure whatever company you use will contact you. I would prefer to deal with one of the companies that give 9-1-1 a call back number and a reference number if I were getting one for my mother. There are a number of companies that will call and just give the address and nothing more. They don’t even give me a call back number so if the occupant is in bad shape I can’t get in touch with them for them to notify Family. Just some things to think about.
  4. Yeah, Roberts is kinda flaky. We have to be careful with him. I know that "Notorious RBG" says she won't retire, but I don't know if she can hang on that long. We'll have to see. But yes, the "youngin's" (Sotomayor, Kagan, etc.) won't retire any time soon...
  5. When I was in USMC Reserves we used to use Fort Dix for Rifle Range, back in 2014 our battalion was running Table 1 qualifications, my good friend who was a staff sergeant at the time was the Pit Safety Officer, the pits at Fort Dix do not have a sound booth for the safety officer to stand in while there is live fire(all USMC ranges have them). He was standing in the pits along with all the Marines that were operating the targets, a shot went right through the berm, hit him in the shoulder, round traveled down is body and lodged in his rib cage. He suffered pretty bad nerve damage in his arm and didn't have much use of his arm and hand for a year. Still doesn't really have full use of his hand 4 years later. After that we drove all the way down to Quantico (6 hours) to do rifle range training on an actual USMC Range with safety regulations. Our command tried to fuck him over when he got shot, saying that the Army's SOP is everyone must wear a Flak & Kevlar on the range, yet USMC doesn't require one for Table 1 qualifications, it's just basic marksmanship. For that reason I will never go to Fort Dix ranges ever. That place is a shit hole and isn't safe.
  6. Some things are fun (or not) to discuss but in reality just wont happen. Kim being elected gov was one of those.....and another is this one, a lefty supreme retiring on Trumps watch. Only the Grim Reaper can affect the balance of the court in the next few yrs. Even if one supreme (Ginsberg?) gets too mentally or physically compromised the process for deciding on when/how to remove a judge is sure to create a bit of cival unrest. I can see a judge ruling from a speciallized wheelchair a la Stephen Hawking before giving up or declared un-fit the way things are going these days...
  7. .....and now Hollywood is financially backing student demonstrators.....IMO, boycott all movie theatres.
  8. Well.... "ineffective" in solving the problem(s) they purport the laws will solve... crime. But they *will* be effective in solving their underlying agenda... "disarming the law abiding public." As for NICS, any efforts to fix it must include a full "due process" treatment that will remove items that prohibit a person from firearms ownership as quickly as they are added. This, in the event they are added in error, or the person has met all the obligations for their removal (if possible). Any items added to the NICS system can only be done after that due process action (i.e. a court order, after a full hearing where the defendant has the opportunity to mount a defense).
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  10. It's just amazing to me that he is pushing for laws that will be completely ineffective. These politicians should be looking inward at the electronic infrastructure that allows/disallows people to purchase firearms. The FBI should be stepping up and saying "We made another grave error and we need to fix the NICS system right now." But we, on this board and others, know that that isn't going to happen. I said it before, and I'll say it again, if any of the firearms rights groups wants to REALLY do something, they should have a political wing that brings up grass roots candidates into the statewide spotlight. That's what I think we need and I would give what little money I have to a group like that. However, so far, it's not something I see happening.
  11. "Murphy is pushing forward with the gun laws he promised as a candidate, though Sweeney, even as he supports the laws, says he worries that the problem Trenton can’t solve is how to enforce them." Be concerned about the potential new laws making felons overnight of otherwise law abiding citizens. Be VERY CONCERNED - *IF*, they figure out how to enforce them. No one in NY and CT has gone door to door yet - and I used to be of the minds that they won't - BUT he is so far left, Murphy may just push to do just that. THEN AND REALLY THEN, do you have a massive beyond comparison problem.
  12. I don't give a damn about bump stocks. If they're banned or regulated via a law, so be it. My issue is HOW they want to go about banning them. A regulation from an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy is not how this should be done. It sets precedent and opens too many doors for the next administration to ban whatever they want through executive Fiat. This will end badly.
  13. SCOTUS only needs 4 justices to take a case and 5 to win. It is possible they have the 4 but not the 5th so they aren't going to take a case and possibly lose. Assuming the 4 left justices are no votes the question is which of the 5 is the problem. I would like to believe it is Kennedy who is ready to retire and might at the end of this term. What scares me is that it is Roberts who will be on the court for some time. I doubt any of the 4 will retire with Trump as President so we will wait and see next term. Until then, as Thomas said, our rights get trampled on, particularly in NJ. btw: I believe Trump has only appointed one judge on our 3rd circuit court of appeals: Stephanos Bibas. I don't think he has any previous rulings on 2A.
  14. Interestingly this has been the case for a while yet they continued to sell standard, greater than 10, round magazines till this past week. I’m guessing that they have drop shipping arrangements where they are sent from warehouse to purchaser directly and those warehouses could be outside Illinois. I think the timing of making this announcement is odd. I’ll stand firm and still not purchase from them.
  15. Recent article with Thomas.... If something doesn’t change soon, the USSC will never help. Trump maybe our only hope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Here he goes:
  17. If you think the Third Circuit Court is going to spank NJ for stepping on 2A, keep dreaming. Ain't gonna happen.
  18. He was in my office today. Even creepier in person. Apparently he good friends with a big wig I work with and there’s a governors office in the building.
  19. Speeding on base I no joke, especially if it's during a time all the grunts are out walking.
  20. Being a past NJ Governor is a dead end job. Nobody goes anywhere after. Just look at the past occupants. "Moonbeam" has not realized it yet. Still on some kind of "Obummer" high I guess.
  21. Why are bump stocks so popular? What is the appeal of a bump stock. If your answer is anything other than it makes an AR fire like a full auto , the answer is wrong. While a bump stock may be legal because it technically does not make a firearm full auto by the strictest definition of full auto. A definition which is drawn on the mechanics of the fire control group. The fact of the matter is this; Bump stocks are intended to reproduce the mechanical properties of a full auto fire control group. It's not for a better grip, it's not to reduce recoil, it's not to enhance accuracy. It's one and only purpose in life is to turn a semi-auto rifle into a full auto rifle by means of a mechanism other than the fire control group.. You don't have to like it, but those are the facts. Up until Vegas, bump stocks were a novelty. They look like they'd be a lot of fun but they are not a critical component, not OEM so to speak. We have a lot of strong 2A supporters here, and I am most definitely one of them. We have bigger fish to fry, like a second AWB, magazine limits and CCW. If we have to throw the daffodils a bone to distract them while we get the steak, I'm good with that. Trump is going to regulate bump stocks, not ban them. Even if they get put on the NFA list as a tax stamp item, it's not like you can legally use one in NJ anyway. As a NJ resident, it's pointless to obsess over bump stocks when there are more important and troubling things coming down the pike that will have a far greater impact on 2A in New Jersey.
  22. No No! You see, Murphy is gonna go TOO far! And then the courts are gonna shut him down! Because he's a stupid liberal! Just you wait and see. You have to understand the 4-D chess that goes into it! [insert toothless advocacy group here] needs our donations because they're going to snare Murphy in this legal trap! (The above was sarcasm)
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  24. Yeah, remember the saying, "Only the good die young". Written for a reason. Something like "A watched pot never boils".
  25. Thank you, @Lambo2936 ...and @T Bill too - I ordered 3. I'm going to give one to my uncle as a "thank you" gesture - he's been so helpful, not just teaching me about shooting but he's about to show me how to do the reloading, too. Hopefully, when Cabela's has an unusually good shipping deal - someone will post it on here and I'll jump on it. And if worst comes to worst, and there's no good shipping deals by mid-spring... what the heck, I may just plan a little road trip to Hamburg and check it out as I've never been before.... I'll invite the uncle along, too.
  26. That's what many said the plan was. Now our supposed side is making offers with nothing in return. Plan also called for Fix NICS to be tied to National Reprococity. That's out the window because the Dems won't pass them together. So instead of blaming the Dems for preventing stronger background checks, let's just give it to them. Brilliant move. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  27. I think you guys are making excuses for Trump, and it is going to hurt even more when you finally realize that you have been had. I've always said Trump wasn't my first choice, but I got fully behind him when he was my only choice. I even started to buy into that he was different. First the budget and now this shows Trump is just another one of them. It is disappointing but there were other signs as well. Including the bombing of Syria and our continued involvement in Syria. Hopefully I am wrong, but I am afraid I am not. If Trump was any truly any different, Hillary would have been charged.
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