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  2. I’m going there tomorrow. Let me know if you want anything.
  3. Exactly! So who do you want backing you up in a fight? The super model or the burly East German ?
  4. You're arguing like a child. Spending money and supporting an organization that is ACTIVELY trying to destroy your 2nd amendment rights is absurd on its face. You pretending that GIVING THEM MONEY TO KEEP THEM GOING doesn't make a difference is just silly. Why do you think people are so afraid of "cancel culture"? They're afraid of it because it means they could lose out on sales and advertising revenue. The sales and advertising revenue are the things that keep companies in business. If people stop spending money at Dick's, Dick's will lose money. If they lose enough money they will lose the contracts with the big brand names they carry and eventually shut their doors. If gun owners stop purchasing guns and ammo from Dick's there will be a direct impact to the bottom line. This has ALREADY been seen in their NJ location as they have been forced to abandon them. How deeply will that impact the overall bottom like? Hard to say, but any impact that's a reaction of a stupid corporate decision will make them think twice next time. You're trying to argue in some kind of philosophical economic terms but you have no basis in reality. I get that you want to "be right" and don't want to think that you're doing something that doesn't help the 2nd amendment cause, but that's what you're doing.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I've read their board meeting notes.. you are not sending any kind of message.. they don't care.. I promise.. the truth is.. they want to get out of the gun business.. as you pointed out.. but in some areas that doesnt make sense.. so while being "anti gun" they are selling readily available ammo.. in stock.. on the shelf.. for cheaper than ANY other retailer in the country.. so I prove a point how.. by not buying ammo? by shooting less? that will sure teach them.. spoiler alert.. they won't care.. it will make absolutely no difference to them.. as I said to Jack.. I get it.. normally I buy ammo from PSA, Brownells, and Midway.. but if they dont have it.. or they want to charge me twice as much as Dicks.. sorry... but I am going to go to Dicks.. because I am not going to stop shooting.. or shoot less to prove a point.. and I assumed others may be in a similar situation.. and may benefit from that information.. I was simply sharing information that may be of use to someone struggling to find ammo.. nothing more..
  7. I would be printing the pages from the dmv site mentioning the extensions, also bookmarking the pages on my phone. Could always show it to the cop if needed, no guarantee, but it can't hurt. I still have the letter that announced the elimination of the reg sticker on the plates in both vehicles. Same for that no more motorcycle inspections in my tour-pack. Monmouth Co Sheriff Golden has been spending our tax dollars activating the OEM at the dmv offices providing shade, water, ice, masks and ponchos for the people waiting outside.
  8. I think many of the stores have phased out firearms... but several have not.. it just depends on the location.. I knew making this post would irritate some.. but the intention was to try to help some people out that may be looking for ammo.. because at the end of the day what good is having guns if you can't find ammo.. or afford to shoot them..
  9. no.. deep down it doesnt hurt at all.. I was pointing out the irony of how people refuse to support one of the only companies selling ammo at a semi reasonable price AND has it in stock on the principal of not supporting someone anti gun when metric tons of your hard earned money go to suppress the very rights being preached about.. and the shear impossibility of not directly or indirectly contributing to the anti gun agenda.. you pay .40 cents a round on principal.. only to have the receptionist at that "pro 2A" company make purchases and donations that go to anti 2A causes.. money is too fluid to even think about exerting control.. your money will go on to do awful things.. and there is nothing you can do about it.. you will not win the war against gun laws by worrying about something so trivial.. you won't win it by crusading against politicians or companies.. and you won't win it by complaining on social media.. the war to preserve our rights can be won only one way.. and that is to make more shooters.. to increase the numbers sympathetic to our cause.. to date this year I have gotten several new shooters out to the range and all have purchased a firearm or are in the process of buying one.. 2 didn't want anything to do with guns.. but were close enough to me from work that they were willing to give it a try.. the very person who less than a year ago told me no one needs an AR.. would now like to own one one day.. now sure its only a handful of people.. but if every gun owner in America added.. 1.. 2.. 5.. new shooters.. you would start to see some progress.. now I never attacked you.. not even a little... I just pointed out that what was being said was silly.. at best.. lastly.. why am I a moderator.. well.. I am from NJ.. an I have been on this site for a really long time.. I think highly of the owner.. its members.. and its overall function.. and I would like to think that some members here have been helped by the information I have presented over time.. the questions I have answered.. the people I have taken time out of my life to meet and help with firearms some in person.. but you are a member here just as I am.. and you are certainly entitled to your opinion...
  10. Just built this one a few weeks ago. Probably going to sell it. Spikes tactical lower with Windham Weaponry upper. Not sure what it’s worth though. Lol
  11. Yeah but his heart is still in Jersey!
  12. You realize the owner of this forum is a PA resident now?
  13. VLADTEPES said "you support one of the largest anti gun machines to ever exist... the NJ government through your tax dollars.. which is exactly why I left NJ.. worrying about dicks sporting goods while living under the oppressive NJ government is like worrying about a faucet in your house dripping while the entire second floor is engulfed in flames.." Says you who lives in Pennsylvania and belongs to a NJGunforum??? So you just decided to personally attack me cuz deep down it hurts to know your supporting an anti 2nd amendment retailer? Moderators are here to moderate or attack posters? I notice JackDaWack is of the simular opinion as I, yet you didnt comment or attack his post. Wonder why that is? Last I checked yer Federal tax $$$ are used in the House of reps everyday, whenever they can thwart your 2nd amendment rights they do and will. Oh wait thats right you live in Pennsylvania, They are exempt from Federal law I fergot. While Im at it why is someone from Pennsylvania a Moderator on a NJ Gunsforum? Maybe you should go find a Pennsylvania Gun Forum to Moderate. So you wouldnt have to read from all of Us NJ taxpayers who support an anti gun State such as NJ.
  14. Call me old fashion but expired means expired. Unless Murphy has some type of agreement with all the other states I don’t how that works? If you think about it you could only bring certain docs in to qualify for the 6 point ID system otherwise they will bust your balls and you’re not getting a DL renewal. Fast forward to today and now it’s OK to have an expired DL to drive or for ID. I understand they have to do something but it goes against their own logic and makes NO sense. I would just say to anyone traveling beyond the tri-state area I would check with those states before hitting the road with an expired NJ CDL or DL. PA and NY might give NJ drivers a pass but I wouldn’t count on the rest of the county doing the same unless someone could prove otherwise.
  15. Wish I could get carded to buy booze, miss them days
  16. Same here, though I'm leaving "the hood" shortly. Finally got into senior housing in Cherry Hill, so I'll be out of here by end of the month. Staying in the prnj because my kids and grandkids are here. And remember what grandkids are ... ... they're the reward you get for not having strangled your teenagers!
  17. Yea, my FFL is out of the 1911s I want. But the price they offered me for when it comes in is better than anything I can find so win.
  18. Look at the completed listings. The security/ feild combo is going for 400-500, the standard fields look to be normal price. I over paid for my 10/22 by about the same.
  19. It makes me wonder what is all the workload that is so "backlogging." They make it sound like it takes 90 minutes to process each application. What's the big deal? Isn't most of the process automated?
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