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  2. Google the crime rates in those towns.
  3. Definitely against Federal Law to do so using USPS, and against FedEx and UPS policy.
  4. Oh ok, so I can’t even ship a handgun at all?
  5. You just have to save the shipping info and any correspondence you have with the receiving dealer. BTW, you can only ship a long gun using USPS. FedEx and UPS have stopped shipping for non-licensees. IMO, your best option is to use a dealer to ship any firearm.
  6. Had a discussion with someone today at the range about a target I had designed, and he thought would be useful. Coulda sworn I'd uploaded some here before, but I can't find some of my more recent targets on here. This is a mix of 31 targets that I've made up for myself and friends. These were mostly designed for precision rimfire rifles at 25, 50, or 100 yards (though I had 50 yards in mind for most of them, and you may use them at whatever range challenges you). Some targets were designed for plinking, while others were designed to be a challenge for guns and shooters capable of sub-MOA shooting. A number of targets are "Know Your Limits" type - where the scoring severely penalizes misses. If competing among friends with these targets, make sure all shooters are using the same target version (the version name is usually between the practice area and scored shooting area, i.e. KYL33 R3 scoring is different from KYL33 R4, despite looking very similar). The first page has instructions for printing, but I will repeat here: DO NOT scale the page to fit, even if your print dialog says the page is larger than the printable area. Nothing particularly critical is within 1/4" of the edge and most printers will not cut anything off, so be sure to print actual size, 100%. Failure to do so will likely make any measurements listed incorrect, and will make the targets more challenging. I use a laser printer and heavier paper - 28-32lb paper is much more expensive, but tends to be less prone to tearing and is usually easier to score. Hope you enjoy these targets_mix_31.pdf
  7. Google had nothing on the .22 single shot. Duck Duck Go leads to sights that sell this in .22WMR. They all state they will only ship to an FFL. At less than $30, I highly doubt any of these sights are legit!
  8. 100% the gubment sets the trap for entrapment. Pretty sure there is a site peddling a “Glock switch.” While the law-abiding would never bite on that anyway; the curious online purchaser should expect a visit…
  9. Can someone please explain the process of shipping a gun to FFL for a sale? I know I can ship a gun to a FFL but how do I get a receipt of the sale? I know when it’s done at FFL here I hand them the gun they write down serial number and gun info and give me a copy but how does that work when shipping? Thanks
  10. Thank you sir, I’ll pass that on. If anyone else can chime in I’d be grateful.
  11. Haven't been in that area in awhile.....but I used to live in Medford. Its only a couple towns over from Mount Holly; but given the choice, I'd go there rather than Easthampton or Mount Holly. There are several nice apartment complexes - I was in the Cedars - off Route 70, back 35-40 years ago.
  12. Yesterday
  13. "They" don't want us to have firearms and will go to great lengths to accomplish that goal.
  14. Just a guess but I would say that the decision on a preliminary injunction to the cancel carry bill will be issued this week or possibly a week later. The court may not be able to drag the decision out much longer as "El Supremo" (our governor) is gathering his minions for the appeal to the 3 rd circuit court to uphold this unconstitutional law if they lose. In the end if this gets all the way to the Supreme Court the state will lose. Many of us have been carrying every day for the past 7 months and El Supremo should understand that there has not been a single problem from the 75,000 or so permit holders.
  15. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 million years. You're in good company.
  16. It was great to meet everyone. Looking forward to the next time !!
  17. Whatever cheap **** my wife finds at the grocery store. She doses hers up with so much sugar and half and half that she can't tell the difference. I drink it black, but it's easier to drink that slop than deal with the chin music if I complain.
  18. It's the ZipGun of the CNC-age. And for less than $30 !!!
  19. Back when the "oil filter" silencers were all over facebook marketplace, I was very suspicious. Facebook puts a lot of effort into keeping guns and gun stuff off their pages. Seemed odd to me that they were overrun with ads for mail order silencers for months and nobody noticed. Then there were a few youtube videos of guys who got ATF visits after ordering the oil filters or guys who had them shipped to their homes and claim they never placed such an order. Now there's this: Two different ads in about 2 minutes. What do you think?
  20. https://thefederalistpapers.org/us/family-dollar-employee-charged-murder-allegedly-opening-fire-alleged-shoplifter-punched
  21. Any decent dry cleaner with a tailor should be able to do it.
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