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  2. constitutionally, states cannot regulate arms. that's clearly the fed level.
  3. My M16A1 build as well. It would look silly without it!
  4. I have the their A2 type break on a couple of rifles as well - and M16A1 type and a BHD build. They work ok.
  5. I have the Aimsport A2 birdcage brake on several of my builds. I love the original look and they are really inexpensive.
  6. I'm actually starting to take a few classes so going through all my gear to make sure I have no problems. Screenshotted the legality of aimsports a2 muzzle brake also for a different rifle. My buddies pin and weld job looks much cleaner than mine. I imagine most people don't give you sht for this unless you've already got yourself in trouble for something else.
  7. Yep! 100% legal and very effective. I have about 1/2 dozen on rifles. I recommend you grab a SF Warden as well. Comes in handy at classes so you don’t blow out your partners eardrums.
  8. It's a brake so GTG! Of course it's threaded but that does not matter!
  9. Is this legal? https://www.surefire.com/socom-muzzle-brake/ Doesn't reduce flash and doesn't have threads. I'm thinking it's good to go here.
  10. We should stop calling this a fee. It is a tax. A fee is used to fund the system and mechanisms to issue firearms permits of all kinds. The funds generated by the firearm fees go primarily to purchase state police vehicles. This is what a tax does. It generates revenue to be spent as elected officials see fit. It is against the law to TAX a constitutional right.
  11. Yesterday
  12. looks like decent pricing on the magtech.......and the pmc in 9
  13. Oooooooo Awesome Start to a GWOT rifle build! Good luck bro. If I had the $$ I’d jump on this.
  14. Anyone care to post their CHIRP files for programming the radios?
  15. Pretty much the only group fighting for our rights on this issue ANJRPC. Check out the "Which org to support to fight for our 2A Rights in NJ" thread:
  16. glad it worked out for you. it's a good deal on 22lr right now If you find any 38/357 cheap let mek now
  17. Low round count Colt Socom 14.5" upper (2016) on LE lower (sold the m4A1 lower during the craze). All compliance work done, like new condition H buffer, LMT ambi ch, Giselle ALG ACT trigger, KAC broomstick and rail panels, H buffer, matech sight, all colt except ch/trigger Priced for quick sale as the LE lowers are 650-700 and KAC RAS are 3-400 on their own..........$1200 https://imgur.com/a/MU0c1WB LMT MARS L Lower, LMT buffer tube, h2 buffer and spring, winter trigger guard Magpul SL-k Stock and qd attachment not pinned, stock stop used Priced for quick sale..$400 https://imgur.com/a/HDGPUUx Prefer to use Steve at Monmouth Arms for transfers First to post I'll take it wins, no trades, and if you want it you pay right away like you would on any other board. PM with questions keeping with my approach, will keep here for weekend for my fellow NJ comrades behind enemy lines before moving to my usual sale spot
  18. Free shipping until Sunday on select cases of ammo. https://firearmsdepot.com/shop/?tag=friday-deals&link=header&utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3-1-24 - Free Shipping Caseageddon [AM]&utm_id=01HQX6R470PDHDFNA0RGJT87NK&_kx=gaPjik5QBTPWM4ULuYIQlxe3w8IOBQYc_do_s4TywVI.SVp6VP
  19. They emailed me yesterday, looks like deal is back, ordered again yesterday and received shipping confirmation today. Provided copy of FID both times, apparently in this "case" persistence beats resistance. https://firearmsdepot.com/aguila-standard-22lr-high-velocity-40gr-solid-point-2000-rounds-40-boxes-of-50/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3-1-24 - Free Shipping Caseageddon [AM]&utm_id=01HQX6R470PDHDFNA0RGJT87NK&_kx=gaPjik5QBTPWM4ULuYIQlxe3w8IOBQYc_do_s4TywVI.SVp6VP
  20. I know but not quite ready to get out there for spring. For fall od look into maybe upstate NY or PA.
  21. Fall turkey hunting is nothing like spring
  22. Can you please contact me - interest in your Troy A4. No BS - honest and can meet
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