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  2. Yeah , I wouldn’t wish that on anyone in the free states. if the 126mm stick out then I guess the factory mags that come with the c2 are 113mm. Figured as much.
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  4. For sale... Must have DL/FID - this is NOT pistol ammo. It is dedicated subgun/carbine ammo...its HOT...you out it in a pistol you do so at your own risk. 800 rounds in 50 round boxes....this is some great german ammo... great for the MP5 or other pistol caliber carbine. First i will take it gets it followed by a PM. Will ship to your 01FFL in state on your dime... or meet face to face. $55.00 per box....selling as a lot of [16] boxes $880.00 or best REAL offer. This is select ammunition and not run of the mill junk.
  5. I always find these interesting. It's an infographic of what equipment competitors were using in the 2020 US Practical Shooting Association National Championships, broken out by division. What were the top USPSA competitors running in 2020? Most of these competitors are real gear fanatics, so the list largely reflects what they feel is the best available for the sport, with a little bit of 'what's the latest fad' thrown in. It's quite detailed, breaking out everything used from shooting glasses and hearing protection brands, to gun manufacturer/custom shop, holster, belt, mag pouch, magazine supplier, commercial ammo manufacturer, bullet type and weight, and for the reloaders, powder, brass, primer, and reloading press used. Enjoy.
  6. Sig Sauer 45ACP, 230gr FMJ Three boxes, 50rds/box (150rds total). $120.00 for all Terms: Buyer must have matching current NJ DL and FID. NO EXCEPTIONS. Will meet anywhere in Sussex County. Cash only. First one to post " I'll take it " wins the sale. Thank you!
  7. You can send me some Did you verify yourself on coinbase? Seems like I'm giving alot of info to an app.
  8. Ammo as wedding gifts and the range for a honeymoon. Problem solved.
  9. Excellent Now who can take our orders and how much is the vig:)
  10. In all fairness, this can be said of almost any stock and is eerily similar to the dot com discussions. I like ETH, it is truly different than btc
  11. OBO? OBO+trades? Will consider cash + pistols chambered in 9mm, 45acp or 10mm.
  12. Yeah, like it never happened before with Bitcoin, right? A famous quote, "Those who fail to learn Learn From History, are Doomed to Repeat it". For every person who made money on Bitcoin, there's probably 10 that got screwed. Not everyone gets sucked into get rich quick schemes. Good luck with your journey on becoming a millionaire with Bitcoin. I chose to become a millionaire the old fashion way, by working hard, saving from every paycheck and investing wisely. I won't lose what I have, depending on which way the wind blows. And it wasn't on get rich quick schemes. Here's some educational reading for you: https://medium.com/finance-republic/i-just-lost-a-bunch-of-money-on-bitcoin-heres-how-i-m-dealing-134ff802115e https://www.investing.com/analysis/why-most-people-will-lose-money-in-bitcoin-200269300 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/bitcoin-latest-updates-who-lost-money-price-investment-crytocurrency-exchange-a8124406.html https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jan/11/experience-i-lost-1m-on-bitcoin https://www.quora.com/How-many-admit-they-lost-money-with-Bitcoin?share=1 https://medium.com/@whatbitcoindid/5-easy-ways-to-lose-money-trading-bitcoin-and-crypto-a417bfd67340 https://money.cnn.com/2018/09/11/investing/bitcoin-crash-victim/index.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/cbovaird/2020/03/12/bitcoin-lost-roughly-50-of-its-value-in-a-day/?sh=5a8257f3056a https://www.creditkarma.com/insights/i/investors-lost-1-7-billion-bitcoin-but-dont-plan-to-deduct There's tons more, just ask if you want any additional... The Bitcoin groupies remind me of the Qanon groupies. No level of facts or logic will change their minds. Go ask a "Q" follower how well that worked out this past year. Really?.. you've been pumping it up like crazy. Is that what people called it in the Fall/Winter of 2018... Winning? Or was that the chant in Dec. 2017?
  13. HK has VP9 10 round mags from the factory. You can find them on hkparts website. I had the original ones pinned and ordered 6 more 10 round factory mags separately. The factory 10 round mags can also be disassembled for cleaning whereas the pinned ones cannot. Love the VP9, one of my favorites. And infinitely superior to a revolver!
  14. Reading the CMP site looks like the limit is 8?
  15. Obviously me and Rutgers follow the same guys. Hey sniper: If I you create a Coinbase account I will send you 1/2 a bitcoin just so I can stop you from warning us about the crashes. If you own some will you just stop it? I would send you a whole one but a half a one is up 100% in a month. Just stop man. You can dunk on us all you want when we are defeated but as of now it’s SO MUCH WINNING so just stop. It’s like I know a buddy of mine I’ve been telling him to buy for like 5 years and he keeps telling me about money laundering and terrorist financing and I’m like it’s 50x in your face and your still preaching to me Just give up. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but you just can’t help yourself to comment negative about the coin Look at the scoreboard man. I’m not telling you to buy. If it’s not your gig that’s fine but stop it with the “oh oh looks like it’s gonna crash”
  16. Yeah im pretty amped about this light. I have to chill with buying gun things for a while. I have a wedding to pay for and a mortgage coming up. Only ammo and range time and that's it for 2021
  17. after watching the video, can't imagine not buying one...lol
  18. Agh missed that. Let me watch that video. I ordered one in the middle of service tonight.
  19. the video I posted said yes, both A and B will work with either. The A is quick disconnect and may not attach as tight but both will work on either metal or poly
  20. I'm over a month late here, so you may have already found your barrel. FWIW, I've had really good luck with Wilson Combat barrels in other calibers. Have their 5.56 and a 300BLK on two builds, and a 6.5 Creedmor on an AR10. All shoot amazing, even with range grade ammo, but especially with match grade.
  21. I The A should work on a metal gun though right?
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