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  2. If it had been the full logo, I'm confident I would have been able to determine what it was. When a logo is so small (and incomplete) it can double as a Rorschach test, some marketing people didn't do their jobs well. Even worse, the engineers didn't fight hard enough against the marketing people telling them it was a bad idea.
  3. Thanks for the input so far. Trying to keep cost per round down, that's why I'm looking at rimfire calibers. That ruger 204 looks impressive though. The cz rifles are beautiful
  4. Micro 9 sweet gun I shot one at shot show extremely controllable in small platform, accurate. it was fun to shoot.
  5. Price at $85 Shipped. Closing listing soon if no interest. Thanks!
  6. This is out of box thinking but how about a sling and using it to stabilize the rifle?
  7. 204 Ruger, 218 Bee or 219 Zipper will fill the gap. The guns are cheap compared to ammo price, and I'm not talking WuFlu/blamtifa riots/Xiden prices. That shit was always expensive. Kinda like buying a reasonably priced printer but the ink costs half the price of the printer itself.
  8. MidwayUSA started restricting to 1 box of primers (per category) and only once a week. I was lucky enought to score Small Pistol and Small Rifle. Have to pay two seperate hazmart charges. I can't order either of that category for a week. Hopefully it slows some of the hoarding and reselling. $75 dollars for the primers and then close to another $30 for shipping & hazmat. Still better then the $300 "buy it now" prices on Gun Broker for 1k of primers.
  9. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-457-american-combo/ Best of both worlds.
  10. Hey guys looking for something in-between. 22 lr and my .223/556.Thinking .17hmr or .22 mag . Looking for better accuracy more then like varmint hunting. Any recommendations for a middle of the road bolt action rifle would be fantastic also . Something less then$600
  11. SRT392

    Hello all!

    Thanks for the welcome fellow firearms enthusiasts and pork roll aficionados. Lol.
  12. The Buckmark logo can be seen on the rear windows of about half the pickup trucks in America. You have seen that logo many times, but probably never registered because you don't own a Browning.... Commie.
  13. Welcome to the show.
  14. It took me a minute of spinning my phone around in circles until I noticed the antlers. lol. I have browning stickers right on my reloading bench, among others I constantly see.
  15. Dayum, you're good. How'd you find that? Thanks!
  16. Primers have been popping up on MidwayUSA yesterday and today. You need to do the "wishlist trick". Create an account, and add it to your wishlist, it will show in stock there, but not on the main page. Big downside is most places are restricting orders to 1k now, which greatly increases the cpr once you add shipping, hazmat & tax.
  17. looking for large rifle and small pistol
  18. FC 20 would be coming out of the lake city plant with the year stamp. FC with a year denotes military surplus for any nato cartridge. Edit. The one posted is a browning cartridge, that is their logo.
  19. I'm trying to identify two 9mm headstamps. One is marked FC 20; I know FC is Federal, but I have not seen anything about the 20. The second, almost looks Arabic or something, image below.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Very cool, would be a little scary if they had AK’s shooting at you though.
  22. Redeye65

    Hello all!

    Im in the Taylor Ham camp, welcome to the forum.
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