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  2. Out near Asbury Park it was a crazy sudden storm. I was a mile away from home at the store loading up my car when I saw weird clouds swirling - not dark, but low, moving fast and shooting out "tendrils" all over. Got home about 5 minutes later, was unloading the car and it got a bit gray and started to sprinkle. I just finished closing my car door and *WHAM*, wind went from 0 to probably a 60-70 mph sustained gust instantly. No warning, just suddenly a blast of sustained wind - I got worried for a few seconds that it was a tornado. I've got an aluminum flagpole in my front yard, the flag was straight out and the flagpole was flexing. Branches and limbs started coming down all around the neighborhood and I saw a friggin umbrella flying a couple hundred feet overhead. After about a minute the wind died down and it was just rain.
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  4. Yeah, this whole thing makes me realize just how fragile our electrical grid is. I mean, this was thunderstorms - not a massive hurricane like Sandy, or a terrible blizzard - just thunderstorms, right? I mean, look at all the massive power outages! Cray-cray. I admit, I am most likely the least prepped person on this site. In some respects, I kind of live like a hippie. Minimal food in the cupboard, never have bottled water on-hand, and the only batteries in my house are either already installed in clocks and smoke detectors - or - I might have a few buried in my kitchen junk drawer (leaking acid!)... I'm apparently the kind of person that preppers love to laugh at! I am... The Great Unprepped. However, people can learn! And I've been thinking about this for awhile. I'm going to make just a VERY basic list of things that I should have on-hand --- bottled water, canned goods, batteries, candles, etc. - at least enough that would get me through 5-7 days in relative comfort. Nothing full-bore "prepper-crazy" mind you - I mean, don't expect to see me unveil my new prepper YouTube channel any time soon. But, as a pragmatist...I have seen enough of these natural events causing chaos in the last several years to convince me that some minimal level of preparation is probably just common sense. I mean, hell, you hit the Shop-rite can-can sale, write dates on the items, stick them in a cabinet somewhere, use it up, replace regularly, etc. How hard can that be? Frankly, I don't see politicians - of either major party - really rallying to fund improvements to our electrical grid, for instance. I think that's a potential problem right there. It's a mess!
  5. Some outages could last until the weekend. https://www.nj.com/weather/2019/07/nj-power-outages-could-last-into-the-weekend-after-severe-storms-officials-say.html
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  7. Central Jersey really got this one. Southeastern quarter of NJ got some decent storms but other than a couple trash cans falling over, it didn't get too crazy. I was surprised when my family north of me said they lost power. Atlantic City Electric has barely any outages in South Jersey. Though I did hear a tree or something fell down on the PATCO train tracks cancelling trips to and from Philly.
  8. The 62gr AE FMJBT are pretty decent manufactured ammo.
  9. I've been shooting 77 gr IMI for the last year and its pretty accurate, I can get 1" groups @ 100 yds. 2" @ 200 yds This is off a shooting bag, And I would say i'm just a average shooter Also try AO 55 gr SBK ammo I get the same results @ 100 yds. And I'm talking about off the shelf BA 16" carbine barrel. With m855 62 gr ammo I get 3-4" groups @ 100yds
  10. Excuse my French, but are there any legislators with both common sense AND "balls" still left in this state? If so, I'd love to see one of the 2A groups encourage him/her/or them to introduce a bill ASAP (and KEEP introducing it, even if it doesn't pass... keep it on the books) that would require ALL state-level security details (Murphy's personal NJSP detail, the people who guard our reps in Trenton, etc.) to hew to the same exact legislative standards placed on citizens. (If it's 10 rounds max for ME, it's 10 rounds for YOU. Smart gun for ME, smart gun for YOU, too, Guvna). If Murphy's such a "believer" in this untested technology, well then, he should be willing to stake his own life on it and the lives of his family members, staff and colleagues - not just my life and yours! If nothing else, it would put the utter hypocrisy and arrogance of our politicians on full display... and make for some very bad optics. Why WAIT for this shit to hit the fan? We know it's coming. We should at least make it as painful as possible for the other side.
  11. Hmmm... I had a very short thought of Murphy trying to split the gun owners in New Jersey by offering a concealed carry permit to anyone who purchases a smart gun. However, they passed so many redundant laws on the carry permit issue that it would be hard for this blue state to change or repeal. Second however, Murply knows he has the supermajority already without tempting gun owners. Short thought over.
  12. For the love of god, WHAT are you babbling on about, Zeke? Anyone who's seen me with a shotgun already knows I'm lousy... BUT I've never pretended otherwise! I certainly never tried to "school" anyone, you silly twit... harrumph! Where DO you come up with this stuff? That said, I do find shooting clays "fun" (albeit a strangely self-flagellating, masochistic kind of fun). So, I'll likely pop by for an hour or so... just to watch those beautiful, plump, unbroken clays fall to earth... and shatter... just like the way my fragile ego shatters just a teensy bit more every time I miss. @Krdshrk - put me down as "tentative".
  13. Author Extraordinaire. After all, everyone “embellishes” on their resume.
  14. He’s now on record for planning what we feared: repeal the 2002 law and require FFLs to display a SG. Once the market catches on, reintroduce the 2002 law, FOR THE CHILDREN, and effective ban all handguns.
  15. I’m in. Thrower , clays and hopefully boolits. Says mid 80’s forecast. Is @Mrs. Peel gonna show up and school us as usual?
  16. In Limited you are stuck with minor division. Throw some ports or a comp, hotten the load, and why can’t you keep up with the overpriced 2011 in open?
  17. Heavier bullets are inherently more accurate than lighter ones due to the higher ballistic coefficient. But, you need a twist rate fast enough to stabilize heavier bullets.
  18. A) the first section (By Manes" is predominantly rifles, or at least Long Guns. in that section it states "Kalashnikov Type" B) according to NJSP - They do not consider any sporting rifle (AK) as that TYPE unless it actually says "Kalashnikov". Agree or not, I personally would not want to be the test case - jmo
  19. Am I right in the assumption the 55gr is a little light for the 1/7 twist and I would get a little more accuracy from a heavier bullet.
  20. Over the years I’ve read tons of resumes. I could publish a bathroom reader on the hilarity of them.
  21. According to NJSP, IF the frame has "Kalashnikov" on it - it's a No Go. I know the speel, everyone has there opinion, I sell more AK's in NJ than anyone and I won't sell them. If someone wants to try it, so be it......
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