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  2. Thanks for responding, I got the 226 legion I see they have it in the legion grey . I will reach out to them I know that set up is more than the normal black set up but it is what it is . Thanks again for the info .
  3. I'm not selling mine, but if you are looking to buy new, I really like the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro. I think it is also still the least expensive option. Except for the phone app shot timers, but the one I tried some years ago never really worked. I've no experience with the newer apps.
  4. There was no code. The price on the product page had been lined out and replaced with $549. The sale must be over.
  5. Looking for an affordable shot timer. Thanks, Scott
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  7. I also wanted only one AR mostly bc of cost, I’m not swimming in disposable income here. But I found it just wasn’t possible to do everything I wanted with one rifle and constantly swapping parts (.22LR upper…cqb optic and long range…lightweight vs varmint) is a pain in the ass Building yourself won’t have a “tip to butt” (lol) warranty but if you built it once you can fix it when it breaks. And if the parts were defective it would probably be covered by the individual manufacturers anyway.
  8. This will make the already shitty landlord situation even worse….for the US Taxpayers. https://reason.com/2021/07/29/should-taxpayers-be-on-the-hook-for-all-rental-debt-accrued-during-the-pandemic/ What a fucked up mess this has all created.
  9. Just one AR-15? Sheeeeet, I got 5 plus a few stripped lowers just waiting to be built! Out of your options I would probably go with the M&P Sport 2. I have shot friend’s M&P Sport’s (both generations) and are good quality for the money. The nice thing about the AR platform is you can always upgrade parts and furniture very easily.
  10. I bought a few shares on the dip. It has plenty of room to grow from the 35 i bought in at.
  11. Did you guys need a code or did $50 come off at checkout. Looks like its $599 with free shipping guessing thats the price with $50 off already
  12. Enjoyed watching the YouTube videos of the men's & women's skeet. Thanks for posting! ~R
  13. Will be harder to find/ship all the parts I need though won't it? Also, do all the parts come with a warranty like I would get if I bought a ready-made?
  14. Yeah...Let us know how that works out for ya...lol I said the same thing only I knew I didn't want a ready made tinker toy. Did my research and started buying good parts. You Tube is a great site for how to build one. If you have any mechanical ability they are pretty simple. Only a few special tools. You will take pride in the fact that you built it yourself and know how every part in it works. BTW I now have 3 different calibers in the AR platform. Two or 3 in side charge. I only wanted one... Its a problem I know. But not as bad as some guys I think. Although I am fighting off the urge to build another one to give to my wife. She doesn't know she wants one...
  15. Robinhood is a shit company, so I wouldn't use their stock for Toilet paper if it were free. That said, watching what happened with Coinbase, anyone who bought Robinhood is a numb nutz. The first few days is simply pre-sale whale wallets dumping their shares.
  16. Some additional data points that prices are leveling and inventory might rise: Pending home sales drop in June — more evidence of a housing turnaround Pending sales of existing homes in June as measured by signed contracts fell 1.9% from May, according to the National Association of Realtors. Sales were also down 1.9% compared with June 2020. Pending sales are a forward-looking indicator of closed sales in one to two months. “Pending sales have seesawed since January, indicating a turning point for the market,” said Lawrence Yun, Realtors’ chief economist. “Buyers are still interested and want to own a home, but record-high home prices are causing some to retreat.” Prices are high because inventory has been so low. But that is starting to change. The number of newly listed homes in June rose 5.5% compared with June 2020, according to Realtor.com. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/29/pending-home-sales-drop-in-june-.html
  17. How many of you guys jumped on the Robinhood IPO this morning?? ...."Shares of Robinhood slipped as much as 10% during its Nasdaq debut on Thursday, after pricing shares at the low end of the IPO range. The online brokerage started trading on the Nasdaq at $38 per share, valuing the company at roughly $32 billion. This was at the low end of Robinhood’s IPO range of $38 to $42 per share. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/29/robinhood-hood-ipo-stock-starts-trading-on-the-nasdaq.html
  18. I gave Howell Gun Works a call this morning. He said they have a dozen or so AR's in stock. Might take a ride to see what he has.
  19. Looks like Biden knows the CDC can't extend it, so now he wants Nancy to.. at the 11th hour... Biden Urges Congress To Extend Eviction Moratorium In 11th Hour Plea President Biden has asked Congress to extend an eviction moratorium set to expire on Saturday, saying in a statement that while he would have strongly supported a decision by the CDC to do so, "the Supreme Court has made clear that this option is no longer available." So - if Biden gets his way and Congress whips out some 11th hour legislation, renters get stimmies and don't have to pay their landlords, while landlords get nothing and are dying on the vine. We can't imagine this 'plea' is in good faith - as Biden could have asked Congress to act any time after the Supreme Court hamstrung the executive branch on the issue. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-makes-11th-hour-plea-congress-extend-eviction-moratorium
  20. Two men break into home of armed resident, shootout leaves suspect in critical condition (yahoo.com)
  21. The trap events have concluded in Tokyo. Women's Trap results: Gold: Z. Rehák-Štefečeková, Slovakia, 43 (Olympic Record) Silver: K. Browning, USA, 42 Bronze: A. Perilli, San Marina, 29 Video bit about Women's trap shooting results (I haven't yet found online video of the actual events) And in Men's trap: Gold: J. Lipták, Czech Republic, 43 (Olympic Record) Silver: D. Kostelecký, Czech Republic, 43 (Olympic Record, tie was broken by a shoot-off) Bronze: M. Coward-Holley, Great Britain, 33 None of the men from Team USA advanced to the finals.
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