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  2. I wouldn't laminate the papers. I'd put them in those plastic page protectors you can get at a office supply store. You do need to use the most current forms and the best place to get them is If you're not working put down unemployed on the application. Employment is not a requirement to purchase or own firearms. Plus it's the truth.
  3. I'll have to laminate the old bring back papers, they're all but falling apart. Some of them list an old family address in WV, a few list my great grandfather's address in Philly, and a few list my other grandfather's address here in NJ. All of whom have been gone since the early 70's or before. I stopped by the PD today, was told 'not today' 'too busy' try again later in the week. I was also told by one woman, I guess a clerk or sorts since she was not in uniform, that the papers they gave me are obsolete and won't go through, she said I can save a step by downloading them off the internet. She said they did the same thing to her son. I can see this is going to be fun and take a while. What am I supposed to put down for an employer when I'm not working right now? Not retired, not collecting, just not working or between jobs. I haven't bothered looking while I've been dealing with all that I've been dealing with here.
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  5. Didn’t Glock do 19Xs in black? Thought I saw a shot of one on one of the forums... if so, you just get forward serrations? Really? I’d get the 19X in FDE just to not have them. Personally, I’m good without a 45. My single Glock will stick with the 30S (in .45 [emoji41]) for at least the next year. I’ll probably pick up a 41 to match when I move (passed the background, going for the drug test tomorrow, so might be sooner than I thought). Only other chance is if Glock wins the CBP trials... then I’ll likely buy a 26 and a 43 (they are moving to 9mm, so I’ll have options with the two smaller guns). Personally, I want to see the 46 come to US market. Yea, the rotating barrel isn’t as common as other designs, but works great with my PX4. Would like to see Glock’s take on it. After that... put out a freaking Glock carbine! The Ruger is out, I know... but like the 46, I would love to see how Glock would do one. Unless their “innovation” is just making a gun previously out and assigning a new model number to it.
  6. I was half expecting to see 7-10 threads saying things about withdrawal symptoms and whatnot. Wondering how many people come here only at lunchtime, or only after dinner, and would never even know it was down for a while. Facebook page said " Forum upgrades are in progress." - so I'm guessing unplanned downtime that was taken advantage of.
  7. You forgot: Glock 38 is actually a 45 GAP Glock 25 is actually a 380 Auto
  8. NJSP Hamilton Barracks 3 pistol permits applied for 05-24-2018 Application dropped off 07-30-2018 One reference contacted. (Trooper made comment to my reference that they are being instructed to not work on permits and that he is currently on a "road job" and working on permits assigned to him.) 09-17-2018 Contacted NJSP firearms unit. My application had not even made it across their desk yet. Apparently still in the possession of the trooper it is assigned to. 09-24-2018 Over 120 days since application submitted and CRICKETS............
  9. Glock 22 is actually a 40 S&W Glock 40 is actually a 10mm Glock 45 is actually a 9mm Okay, let's be serious. It's a gun nobody asked for and nobody wants. Now, had they mated a G19 frame on a G26 slide then we can talk.
  10. If she does tell her you were looking at a Perazzi but decided to be responsible and got a citori or 686 instead. Thankfully my wife thinks all guns look the same and has no idea how many I own.
  11. actually, it does alter the performance of the firearm; it makes a glock almost worth shooting and almost as accurate as an H&K
  12. Mom's getting hers done tomorrow. I'll let you know the company name after I get a report from her. She's in Monmouth County.
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  14. Already on it. And the 19MOS Gen5.... The trusty Gen3 which has served well for almost 15 years may be retired...
  15. ya....I saw it... A magnificent singled horned winged beast...a thing to behold. I'm getting one!
  16. What happened to the Glock 44?
  17. Looking to buy the factory medium beavertail backstrap for the Glock gen4/5. Just that one. If you'd like to let it go, DM me! Thanks!
  18. I know, I know. It is confusing. The Glock 45 is chambered in 9mm, has a full size frame and a compact slide like the 19X. It looks like they listened to user feedback regarding the G19X and added front serrations and removed the mag cutout on the grip adding the Gen 5 magwell flare. I want one of these desperately. I @blksheep does too. Maybe we can get a group discount
  19. Looking for someone to clean my chimney in the Central Jersey area near exit 8 on the NJTP, any recommendations? Thanks
  20. Unless my wife finds out how much they cost...
  21. In addition to being just as distracting to the user as the target, the biggest downside to strobes is they mask subtle movement - such as hands inching closer to a hidden weapon, or body posturing to indicate a fight response. That can be seriousy bad JuJu when you need to watch the hands and discern body language. Strobes may have a niche role in handheld light applications but do not belong on a dedicated weaponlight. Operating a weaponlight should be simple and intuitive and the switches should be easy to operate and require little to no change in your grip to use. All you should have to think about is light on and light off. If you are messing with other functions of the light such as strobe functions, beam focus, or alternate brightness settings, or if you are changing hand position to be able to active the lights “switchology” you are taking away both cognitive and procedural ability that you will need to successfully end the confrontation - even if you never have to fire a shot.
  22. Can't go wrong with either
  23. The simple Jersey test: Looks cool. Check Looks like fun. Check Doesn't alter the performance of the fire arm. Check You can't have it.
  24. Speaking from a shooting perspective, specifically in IDPA no-light stages, if a shooter accidentally hits the strobe option on their flashlights; it usually means that they will be tanking that stage. That's not to say that there may be some benefit in disorienting someone, but it becomes a hindrance if you actually have to shoot (accurately). This is especially true after a shot it two. You get a lot of the strobe back in your face from the gun smoke. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  25. OK.... as of now.... Head count is 14 Doing well.....
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