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  2. I'm not really trying to save much time though. I clean between depriming and sizing to make sure primer pockets get clean too. And I'm only loading about 50 rounds or so at a time for league. So I'm making sure everything is as precise as possible. I feel like I'd lose a little bit of that if I automate it.
  3. I am not sure where Murphy thinks he gets this authority from but I suspect he is outside his official powers to do this. I have seen nothing that allows the Governor to commandeer any privately owned goods or services without due compensation in any of the emergency laws I have read so far. If anyone knows of anything giving the State this level of authority, I'd like to see the specific laws that allow this to happen because it is the definition of the slippery slope... Thanks -Jim
  4. Just remember, not all of these people getting guns for the first time are leftist gun haters being converted. In fact I am sure that many, if not most are middle of the road folks that just never got a gun because they didn't feel the need to do so previously. They weren't necessarily against guns, just not really engaged on the discussions on either side. It's a good opportunity to show that there's not a gun community separate from them but that we are all just part of their local community, we aren't all some shady societal fringe (you all know who you are ) that needs to be looked at sideways but are their neighbors, co-workers and friends. JMHO -Jim
  5. There will a fair percentage of them that won't have the funds to reopen. Restaurant margins are very thin.
  6. I like the turret because it gives me a lot of options to how I reload. I batch stuff like a single stage press a lot too. It's sort of a zen thing to just zone out and do one step at a time for 250 cases and it's not like I am in a rush to pump out ammo as fast as possible, if I was I'd be using a progressive press. I generally reload at night after my wife goes to bed so it's just hang out and listen to music time for me... -Jim
  7. You may want to consider doing a time study on doing it your way vs letting it rotate and doing one whole round at a time. The reason I say this is that you're handling the brass 4 times more. If each time you're handling it adds one second, that's 4 seconds your way vs 1 second the normal way. I don't see any time savings in disabling the auto rotate, so for every 100 rounds you're adding 300 seconds or 5 minutes which adds up because that's 50 minutes per 1k.
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  9. May I add to the confusion. When discussing this subject don't just say guns. Rules are different for long guns and handguns. And how about this. If you have an FID card you can legally have a long gun in the trunk always, anytime, forever. No range or repair trips need be involved. No club membership.
  10. FYI.....day 14, my son today tells me his cough has stopped and he's feeling much better today....he still has 2 days worth of Doxicyclene to take but the "Z" Pak was finished yesterday...still home quarantined naturally and his wife is feeling better also....she has a very mild case. guess the combo of Doxi and "Z" has been good.
  11. The “ brake fluid”was most likely mineral oil you can get at cvs
  12. You know when restaurants are allowed to open again, I doubt that all their clientele is going to come running back. Will restaurants have to 'social distance' their tables, thereby cutting occupation and revenue? Will that mean staff also runs at less than before? Can they operate on that reduced revenue? They had to ditch the inventory they had when closed; where's the money come from to restock? And so on. I saw Jon Taffer on Fox a few days ago, and he didn't paint a rosy picture for the restaurant and bar industry. Not in the next 12 months anyway. I credit him with some of the above. Seemed very likely. Oh, here we go. His interview is here.
  13. Yeah like no one is tapping your phones or recording emails. Right? Anyone that has any trust in what the government will do, needs to have their head examined.
  14. Did you show the FFL the executed purchase permit for your pistol and that the serial number matches?
  15. When states make ridiculous laws like NJ, decent people find themselves in the gray areas. Sure, if you drove up to Ohio you could legally travel back with it to NJ, no permit needed. Since it has been shipped..... I have no idea. It is very strange that you would need a "permit to purchase" a handgun you already own, but again, ....Jersey.
  16. And it just occurred to me....with all restaurants closed or limited to take out only, this is a nice way to get rid of all perishable and short shelf life products.
  17. Sounds absurd, but in NJ anything is possible. From the NJ FFL perspective he can't just deliver pistols to people without a purchase permit. Same as if I ordered a pistol from Bud's or another online site and had it sent to my FFL, I'd have to have a purchase permit to take possession. My FFL would have to log everything in his book so it would be legit when the ATF checked it. In this case the pistol is already yours, but I don't know if there's an accommodation for that.
  18. Welcome to the NJ Statutes... 2C:39 f.1 - Refers to traveling to or from any "club" organized under certain rules that maintains a copy of its members, as well as carrying a firearm about them while at that club. 2C:39 f. 3(a) - allows carrying a firearm while hunting. 2C:39 f. 3(b) - allows transporting a firearm to any target range (different from organized club) or another location where shooting is authorized.
  19. Same here. You don't always have to buy 40lb cases. Most items, including meat can be had in smaller quantities and you just pay a little extra per pound. I love that place! Just watch out for the forklift drivers.....they get bonuses for running you over!
  20. yup...….been a RD member for years.
  21. if this is true, it has implications far beyond guns. fingerprinting is required for a whole host of professions, from health care work to law enforcement to school teaching and administration etc. if they're not processing ANY fingerprints, there are a lot of "essential" jobs in this state that are unable to hire or certify anyone
  22. Welcome. Impressive turn around. Congrats. You state you're a first time gun owner. Please be safe; ask questions; there are some quality youtube channels and other resources that can offer immediate education prior to you taking a in-person class (if you choose). There's also some dangerous BS out there by people claiming to be experts. Many cases you can tell the difference, ask here if not. Also, please consider supporting the NJ based 2A orgs that made it possible for you to exercise your rights; face it, Murphy would send the NJSP in a door to door confiscation if he thought he could get away with it.
  23. Trying to make sense of NJ gun laws is an exercise in futility IMO. Perhaps it's for club members going to private property for a club meet/shoot?
  24. “ the only organization asking the true journalistic questions the rest of the media will never touch.” I have to give kudos to Alex and NJ2AS. He has the brass ones to ask the tough questions.
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