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  2. I am close to Baldwin Rd. on the way to Boonton. Thank you. I will definitely reach out to you because I am a newbie and any help is very much appreciated.
  3. The hunting license is all online right now, with exception to the live fire part. It's pretty easy and self-paced. I had no prior knowledge or experience with hunting and I was able to complete it easily. I used to live in Parsippany on Baldwin Rd! I also signed up for Cherry Ridge online, and their mandatory safety meeting is currently online as well. If you have any questions or need help, don't be afraid to reach out.
  4. Wow good to know, I'm in Parsippany. I called Cherry Ridge last week and I told them I wanted to sign up (which I will do this week). I am now reading about the hunting license requirements. I hope to have this completed asap and I will let you know. Thanks for the info.
  5. I live in Morristown. I got my hunting license just to use the range at Black River. I also joined Cherry Ridge with the stimulus money last year. It's a bit of a drive but I really enjoy the range there. If you're near me and want to check out Black River, we should try to connect.
  6. Thanks for that info. I'll check online about the requirements for the hunting permit
  7. Sold to Shooter2269. Great guy to deal with! Thanks Shooter and NJGF! Please delete.
  8. You don't have to hunt to get a hunting license. However, with a hunting license you can use one of state ranges such as Clinton.
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  10. There was a letter kicking around years ago from the AG stating that for a mag conversion to be legal it has to be done in such a way so "unconverting" it would destroy the mag.
  11. I was not aware of that, which is why I used the phrase "I think". I was also basing my belief on various documentaries I've seen that discussed how special effects were done in the days prior to CGI.
  12. Depends on how far back you go. Up until the 1930's it was common to use "sharpshooters" with live ammo to make things look realistic. James Cagney was instrumental in having live ammunition banned from movie sets (through the Screen Actors Guild) after one too many close calls on set. Here's a scene where a real Tommy Gun was used to create a dramatic scene...almost eliminating Cagney.
  13. I've had that thought the last few days as well. Similar to "mass shootings" and shootings taking place in schools. That topic is an entire different thing however. So many other differences between then and now also. I think back then directors and special effects people relied on camera angles and forced prospective to trick the eye more than they may do now. So although it appeared to the viewer a gun was pointed at someone, it wasn't in reality. There's also the speed and near unrestricted capability at which information travels now. Back then there were fewer media outlets and they controlled nearly all dissemination of news. It was much easier to cover things up. Now the vast majority of the population of most nations can spread both truth and lies or propaganda viewable to the masses as quickly as they can type and hit send. The big take away for me is personal responsibility. I find it greatly lacking in our society. I think it was more prevalent back then. I base that mostly on watching it become even more lacking through the years I've been alive to witness it.
  14. I am in Morris County. I don't have a hunting license but that is something I am also looking into, though I still need to get educated and trained since I never did any hunting in my life.
  15. Black Aces look nice - but handle pretty rough. At least the ones I've tried.
  16. If it's a real gun capable of firing live ammunition then treat it as a loaded gun. If you are an actor using a real gun as a "prop? then you should treat it as a real gun and you, as the lastt person to hold it and the only person pulling the trigger, bear some responsibility in checking that it safe to use as "prop" and it's okay to point it at someone and pull the trigger. Unless it's very obvious it's not a real gun then treat it like a real gun. More than likely most of the extras on movies with LOTS of guns (John Wick, Saving Private Ryan, etc) aren't using real firearms. Probably just the main characters and probably just for certain scenes. More and more movies use CGI to simulate muzzle flash and smoke. Look at some of the "Expendable" movies. If you slow it down it's obvious it's fake. Not sure why all movies aren't doing this? IMHO anyone actor handling live guns as props should seriously consider taking a firearm safety class. It should also be stressed to them that while a prop and while others have checked the weapon that they bear some responsibility in the safe operation of the firearm. I would have to search Google but it would be interested to see if there similiar accidents when westerns were big. I wonder if the culture then compared to now effected who actors handled guns. Back in the 40s and 50s gun laws were much more relaxed and people seemed to have more of a sense of personal responsibilty. I doubt there were many "antigun" people back then. Back then perhaps they had more personal experience handling firearms and more of a respect for them. Rather than now where "it's just a prop" and "it's someone else's responsibilty to make sure it's safe".
  17. What area are you from? Do you have a hunting license?
  18. I need recommendation for any indoor/outdoor range that will allow me to shoot my 12 gauge Remington 870 TAC14. It doesn't have a stock so this is probably not allowed in most gun ranges. Thanks in advance.
  19. I've been lurking for a while since I found this site a few years ago from an online search. I decided that it's time to be part of this community ever since I purchased my first gun. So far, so good. Note: Not interested in anyone's politics (extreme right, extreme left) from both sides. But I fully support the preservation of the 2A rights. If you are a centrist like me, I want to know you.
  20. 20 Amp 6 Circuit Connecticut Electric manual transfer switch. Rated up to 5500 running watts. Fully functional, moved to an interlock setup. $30 Pickup only. West Essex. Can email picture. Trouble uploading.
  21. 20 Amp 6 Circuit Connecticut Electric manual transfer switch. Rated up to 5500 running watts. Fully functional, moved to an interlock setup. $30 Pickup only. West Essex. Can email picture. Trouble uploading.
  22. I don't think you'll find many people that would disagree with your points about flagging people while holding a loaded gun, or with the general inept impulses of people who have never handled a firearm. I think there is a nuance that could be discussed with the definition of a "loaded" weapon and how it's handled on a movie set. I think it would be impossible to film a movie like John Wick without the actors flagging other actors and crew.
  23. My newest Marlin is a 1979 1894 in 357 Mag. The oldest is a 1967 336. All of my Micro grooved barrels shoot jacketed bullets way better than lead. The 336 will shoot excellent groups using FTX bullets and Leverevolution powder. I shot it last week using 165gr MBC coated lead loads and W748 powder and the groups looked like I was patterning 00 buck. I also shot 150gr JSP bullets with the W748 powder and the groups were 1.5" @ 100yds. I have really struggled to get any real accuracy with Micro grooved barrels and lead.
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