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  2. $400 and its yours. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-SPACE-AGE-SCIFI-MOVIES-1960s-TURNPIKE-TOLL-GUN/264249398664?hash=item3d867dd588:g:jWcAAOSwm51ck9SK
  3. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. According to nj.com this may happen today or it may not LOL.. Looks like Assembly has the votes to pass it but the Senate was 3 votes shy as of the report.
  5. You can't use Photobucket to share pix on other sites I believe. Been like that for awhile.
  6. Today
  7. So Death Metal music causes Joy! Greg Gutfeld reviewed this report, and while doing so came up with the best Death Metal band name of all time. IMO.
  8. Both are working and in real good shape. $200 each or $350 for both. Horizontal Bandsaw comes with the roller stands. Jointer-Planer comes with the roller base if you want it.
  9. They should accommodate her. The last few years my grandma flew she could only transfer from wheelchair to seat and they took care of her. Let them know when booking the tickets and they will seat her at the bulkhead so there is more room for her to maneuver in and out if the seat.
  10. I love my springfields too but I feel the DW is a bit of a notch up. The S&W custom shop guns are really quite nice as well. I have a boat load of Kimbers (uhhh the boat sank though) and I’ve enver had issue with any of them, fortunate? Maybe but I think their stuff is really nice.
  11. NJ was given money for NICS modernization and spent it on other things during the CTW administration. The system, here and in the other 13 states, adds no value and only delays my rights. I really do get your point but I don’t take consolation in other places sucking too.
  12. I am am flying down today to Tampa Florida for 3 days of training but I will be with you in spirit my Brothers!
  13. Gearing up for tomorrow, making foam-core poster signs. Looking forward to meeting those of you from the forum who have the conviction to act instead of just type. Sound off if you're going tomorrow!
  14. When clicking image links: " Sorry, the requested page does not exist. Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization. "
  15. not sure about the latter, definitely true about the former, you'll definitely be on another list listening to his "conspiracy" theories, but he's got a good heart (awww!), he's a big softie, and he's a great FFL.
  16. We're no alone with this system. In fact PA is also a POC state, which is why there they call it "PICS". There are 13 POC states total. Not advocating or supporting this system, simply pointing out that NJ was not the originator, nor the only state that has to live with it. Adios, Pizza Bob
  17. All are great pistols that will serve you well. That said... In the unlikely event that something should go awry, the customer service of the companies is pretty different, according to the LGS manager that I have dealt with. Springfield Armory has solid CS Kimber has upped their game and their CS is very good Smith and Wesson is middle of the road Dan Wesson is shockingly not good For me, CS is important. If I have an issue or question I like getting answers directly from a company and skipping the bitch fest that comes from posting online. I'm a big fan of Springfield Armory pistols. Great guns that can sometimes use a touch of refinement. Many of their guns make awesome base guns for upgrading. They are reasonably priced and most are series 70 (no firing pin safety/block). My 9mm Kimber has been awesome thru roughly 5500 rounds. Just a spring swap. However the Swartz style safety (it's a firing pin block kinda similar to a series 80) is a pain in the neck to work around. I have no direct experience working with or on a Smith and Wesson or Dan Wesson 1911. Good luck.
  18. Let’s be honest the NJ system is unsurprisingly shitty. You are calling the NJSP so they can call the FBI and get the approval. Most other states go directly to the FBI and it is instant. Thanks to another governor Whitman eff up NJ is saddled with a crap system.
  19. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2019/03/john-boch/illinois-circuit-judge-rules-foid-card-unconstitutional-attorney-general-reportedly-appealing-to-il-supreme-court/ NJ’s requirements don’t appear as strict as Illinois in that you can own a firearm with the FPID it seems you cannot in Illinois but if this keeps going up the court system it may be a break for NJ
  20. UltraSonic Cleaner I used it at most 5 times to clean some milsurp parts. Moving and need to get rid of everything. Works awesome and useful for all kinds of stuff besides gun parts. 2.6 quart tank basket 5 cleaning cycles heater function w/ auto shutoff comes with the simple green, brake cleaners, powder blaster and wd40 $60 picked up Hillsborough, Somerset County http://s1276.photobucket.com/user/ogfarmer/media/sonic cleaner/IMG_0768_zpsvvfvrqxm.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1276.photobucket.com/user/ogfarmer/media/sonic cleaner/IMG_0769_zpsjq7vcipq.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
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