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  2. I'm a huge fan of the SI stock stop. Really threw my local detective for a loop when we saw each at the range the other day. He is used to the old fashioned way and is surprised that both ranges and civilians are coming up with newer ways to meet the BS requirements here in NJ without destroying their rifles or magazines.
  3. jasonx

    Recommend handgun

    These two look nice (have 2 HG permits): https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/8010/glock+ug3430103mos+g34+g4+9m+us+17r+as https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/27797/ruger+mark+iv+22+long+rifle+(lr)+44+10%2b1+black+polymer+grip+black The Glock already has the optics. Is that MkIV compatible with optics at the rear? Are those prices good? Also, was wondering if someone could suggest a website that deals with NJ and ships to their FFL dealers.
  4. jasonx

    Recommend handgun

    I'd rather go for a 34 instead. I figure the greater barrel length will help a little with recoil. Yes, but I've shot before. Just not my own.
  5. Is it written anywhere how NJ measures an overall length of a firearm? ATF measures it with a stock unfolded or extended. I always assumed NJ was the opposite, nut can't find it in writing.
  6. Clamato makes THE BEST Bloody Mary. And Joe's Pizza in Flemington for the best pie in the area.
  7. Nunzio's and L&B Spumoni Garden round out my top 5. When I moved out here I was very excited to find Brooklyn Square in Jackson. They are Italians from Brooklyn their Grandma pie is amazing the real deal.
  8. The rulebook doesn't apply to illegals. Anything that would jeopardize their right against self-incrimination is racist. RACIST, I tell you
  9. Vintage Ethan Allen Baumritter, VT Maple Early American Colonial style Coffee Table from around 1950's. It's been in my family all along. Smoke Free. Moving and no longer will have space to keep this. Great condition for age with normal wear for age. Great Piece of Vintage American furniture. $150 Hillsborough, Somerset County Cash, Venmo or Cash App accepted
  10. I always wondered who buys stuff like this when I see it on the shelf:
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  12. You mean hoagie, grinder, sub, torpedo thread?
  13. I got a free one from a gun store last time I needed one...
  14. @chris327 I had a 34 slide on it for a minute but wanted to comp it (‘cuz why not?) and a 17 or 34 comped is just too long. The 19 is pretty perfect. So 19 won the day. Also, with a dot the sight radius is of no importance.
  15. Ahh ha. Thanks for that key piece of info. I did not know that
  16. OAL would be a huge concern in NJ. ATF measures in extended position. NJ measures when folded, and I believe that this is written somewhere.
  17. So because you weren't legally allowed to drive, you also weren't illegally allowed to buy beer? What are all the illegal immigrants doing for cerveza?
  18. Look into Brownell's 19LS setup. It's a 19 frame and a 17ish slide and barrel. No spacers, it mounts like a 34 or 17L would.
  19. Yes. They are based in Keyport NJ. They will be manufacturing and selling them right here in the Garden State.
  20. I know as I lived in New England for a few years. I was trying to spin off the pork roll thread into a hoagie / grinder thread.
  21. Law Tactical folding stock adapters work with the SB braces dont they? Hmmmmm
  22. A grinder is a hot sub sandwich. I’ve only ever heard that term being used up in eastern Ct.
  23. WTF is a grinder? Fake food like Taylor Ham?
  24. That makes zero sense... Suppressors are already legal at a federal level... They have zero authority to tell a state to legalize something without a SCOTUS ruling.
  25. The Heller decision does not draw a line between firearm use, just wether they are in common use. The decision is specific to firearms tho, i believe that is the term used... not 'ARMS" There is no argument that they are not "arms", they are explicitly regulated through the NFA, which is by itself an admission they are Arms. The other problem is that they are not prohibited from owning or purchasing through the NFA....
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