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  2. njJoniGuy

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    I expect it will be like the Automat. Just pick a door and open it - - VOILA
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  4. Maksim

    Reloaderz NJ

  5. Maksim

    Bullet Hole

    Public Indoor Gun Range Is this your range? Want to support our gun community? Contact Us.
  6. Maksim

    Shore Shot Pistol Range

    Public Indoor Gun Range
  7. 67gtonut

    NJGF T-Shirt Sales Thread

    Anyone in the area who would like to pick up their T-Shirts...... I thinking of going to RTSP Friday around Dinner time..... so .... 6pm give or take.... subject to change....
  8. Displaced Texan

    Daily humor thread

  9. Kevin125

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    But of course. I heard there will be a lovely buffet.
  10. carl_g

    Got a new addition today

    Nice pick up.
  11. NJSigfan

    Got a new addition today

    Very nice gun there. I have a permit to burn in the next 5 days....hmmm let us know how it goes at the range
  12. Yes, if you purchase them and block them in a "Free" state, then bring them in as 10s, you'll be fine.
  13. silverado427

    Daily humor thread

  14. I want to buy a couple more magazines for a handgun I own and can't find them in 10 round, only option is to buy some mag blocks, buy the 15rd in a free state, block them and re-enter NJ. this is legal, correct?
  15. A new Term. We've gone from "Assault Rifles" to "Assault Firearms", https://freebeacon.com/issues/va-governors-gun-confiscation-proposal-could-affect-millions-of-residents/
  16. Maksim

    Range 14

  17. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

  18. Shane45

    Logan Model 210 Metal Lathe

  19. JMich3

    Got a new addition today

    Lol ok, I’ll just reach out to Misses Zeke and see what she says , lol. The offer stands, anytime. I’m prepping my AR to take several classes this year!
  20. Displaced Texan

    Daily humor thread

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