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Tonester2 Tonester2 03/26/2021 Great transaction! Pleasure meeting you and doing business. Great communication back and forth. Very flexible to meet up. Recommend to all. Trusted and would conduct future business again. Thanks! kc10dave kc10dave
1LtCAP 1LtCAP 03/26/2021 John is gret to deal with! sgtdave4321 sgtdave4321
Blueskybob Blueskybob 03/24/2021 Bob is super friendly and provided a great transaction experience with his communications, flexibility, and conversation. It was nice meeting you and thanks for your purchase. taylorham taylorham
taylorham taylorham 03/24/2021 Taylorham was great to deal with! Quick and accurate communication and product as discribed! Blueskybob Blueskybob
kc10dave kc10dave 03/23/2021 Great guy willing to meet up halfway on short notice. Easy to work with. The perfect buyer. Highly recommended! LocoOcho LocoOcho
LocoOcho LocoOcho 03/23/2021 Great dude! Excellent transaction and communication. More than flexible for meet up time/location. Recommend to all. Would do future business with this trusted seller again. Thanks! kc10dave kc10dave
Bklynracer Bklynracer 03/20/2021 Great doing business! Very good communication. Flexible with meet-up for transaction. Trusted seller and recommend to all. Definitely conduct future business. Thanks kc10dave kc10dave
BaconThief BaconThief 03/20/2021 Pleasure to meet you. Transactions are easy with GOOD people Good Luck getting the... Bagarocks Bagarocks
Bagarocks Bagarocks 03/20/2021 Thanks for the fast sale, enjoy! BaconThief BaconThief
Jim76 Jim76 03/20/2021 Fast communication, easy transaction, enjoy your ammo! BaconThief BaconThief
kc10dave kc10dave 03/20/2021 Good meeting you, Good chat, good communication and very smooth transaction. Would not hesitate to deal with again. Bklynracer Bklynracer
Silphidae Silphidae 03/19/2021 Quick easy transaction Painless Painless
BaconThief BaconThief 03/18/2021 Good seller. Quick and easy transaction. Good guy falcone falcone
axeman_g axeman_g 03/18/2021 Easy transaction Silphidae Silphidae
Silphidae Silphidae 03/18/2021 Easy deal. Nice guy that knows what he is doing. axeman_g axeman_g
palmtree palmtree 03/18/2021 Easy transaction. Went out of his way to accommodate a long drive between us. Would work with again axeman_g axeman_g
silverado427 silverado427 03/17/2021 It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you today Andy! I enjoyed doing business with you! JohnnyB JohnnyB
JohnnyB JohnnyB 03/17/2021 +1 Good smooth transaction, Great guy to deal with. Thanks Johnny nice to meet you. silverado427 silverado427
brucin brucin 03/17/2021 Another easy meetup. Thanks again LocoOcho LocoOcho
LocoOcho LocoOcho 03/17/2021 Another smooth transaction, great guy to deal with. brucin brucin
axeman_g axeman_g 03/16/2021 Good guy and very easy transaction. Thank you! palmtree palmtree
kc10dave kc10dave 03/15/2021 Great guy, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the easy transaction and enjoy the ammo! BaconThief BaconThief
falcone falcone 03/15/2021 Fast and easy transaction. Very pleasant to deal with. Thanks and enjoy! BaconThief BaconThief
BaconThief BaconThief 03/15/2021 Quick and easy transaction! Great communication! Trusted and excellent person to work with. Recommend to all and would definitely do business again! Thanks kc10dave kc10dave
BaconThief BaconThief 03/15/2021 Great communication and easy to deal with, thank you! GT998 GT998

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