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Second Amendment Women Shooting Club/SAW

We are women safeguarding our Second Amendment Rights, through activism and education. Founded by Shari Spivack and Sandra Muldoon, NRA certified firearms instructors, the club is dedicated to teaching and providing continuing opportunities for women to enjoy shooting. SAW now is offering various levels of training classes for women only at our home range; the Woodland Park Range in New Jersey.

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    • Welcome back bro
    • I received an email with the special information no code required.  20% off ACT trigggers as well. 
    • Hey folks. I'm certain this discussion has been had a million times, but i'm speshul, so... Anyhow, i'll likely be selling my stack on and going for something a bit bigger. I believe my stack on is like a 36+6 or 30+6 or something like that.
      Would like something a bit bigger and maybe sealed better as (unfortunately) the safe will be going in the basement, most likely. I Know stack on makes relatively inexpensive waterproof safes but i'm not so sure how well it'll do.
      I will likely be selling my current one and going for a bigger one. Basement is a walk-in so itll be easy with some help to roll the new safe right in.
      If you know of any special deals or anything, let me know. Considered just getting a 2nd safe but would prefer a single large one.

      Pretty is a plus, Current safe has a camo interior and nice design to the exterior, as well.. lol

      Was looking at liberty safes but they seem a bit out of my budget. Perhaps i'm better off just getting a cabinet for ammo and putting only long guns and such in my current safe.. 
      Any storage suggestions that'll hold and keep secure a bunch of ammo, accessories, sights, etc?
    • Not really sure what "Part" its considered, i'm fairly unfamiliar with the area. Won't be doing much commuting as i'll be working from home a solid 90% of the time, fortunately, so not TOO worried about that. May even attend Rowan and complete my Bachelors (Just finished my associates in Business Administration after dropping out for a few years when my daughter was born).
    • It's been a while since I have been on the forums So I figure Why not start some pictures. The stacks would have looked better if they were all the same rifles, But I don't own enough of any one type of rifle. The Japanese stack probably would have looked better with two Type-38's and a Type-30 since they are closer in size, But I figured two Type-99's and a Type-38 fit better next to two M1 Garands and a M1903A3 Springfield.    (The M1's are Korean War vintage not WWII which would technically not make them old enemies but I figure it was close enough for artistic purposes)