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Shooting in New Jersey


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    • Welcome back bro
    • I received an email with the special information no code required.  20% off ACT trigggers as well. 
    • Hey folks. I'm certain this discussion has been had a million times, but i'm speshul, so... Anyhow, i'll likely be selling my stack on and going for something a bit bigger. I believe my stack on is like a 36+6 or 30+6 or something like that.
      Would like something a bit bigger and maybe sealed better as (unfortunately) the safe will be going in the basement, most likely. I Know stack on makes relatively inexpensive waterproof safes but i'm not so sure how well it'll do.
      I will likely be selling my current one and going for a bigger one. Basement is a walk-in so itll be easy with some help to roll the new safe right in.
      If you know of any special deals or anything, let me know. Considered just getting a 2nd safe but would prefer a single large one.

      Pretty is a plus, Current safe has a camo interior and nice design to the exterior, as well.. lol

      Was looking at liberty safes but they seem a bit out of my budget. Perhaps i'm better off just getting a cabinet for ammo and putting only long guns and such in my current safe.. 
      Any storage suggestions that'll hold and keep secure a bunch of ammo, accessories, sights, etc?
    • Not really sure what "Part" its considered, i'm fairly unfamiliar with the area. Won't be doing much commuting as i'll be working from home a solid 90% of the time, fortunately, so not TOO worried about that. May even attend Rowan and complete my Bachelors (Just finished my associates in Business Administration after dropping out for a few years when my daughter was born).
    • It's been a while since I have been on the forums So I figure Why not start some pictures. The stacks would have looked better if they were all the same rifles, But I don't own enough of any one type of rifle. The Japanese stack probably would have looked better with two Type-38's and a Type-30 since they are closer in size, But I figured two Type-99's and a Type-38 fit better next to two M1 Garands and a M1903A3 Springfield.    (The M1's are Korean War vintage not WWII which would technically not make them old enemies but I figure it was close enough for artistic purposes)