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    FYI: the Honorable Roger T. Benitez was born in Havana, Cuba. He understands these communists and sees right through them: "This conclusion should not be considered groundbreaking. It is simply a straightforward application of constitutional law to an experimental governmental-overreach that goes far beyond traditional boundaries of reasonable gun regulation."
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    https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190329/breaking-federal-court-finds-california-magazine-ban-violates-the-second-amendment Miracles do happen!
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    How about you go fuck yourself.
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    Your real life experience is no match for what he hears from from CNN, NPR or whatever source that has molded his ideas. My dad came to this country with less than 30 dollars (he never let's us forget) and started as a dish washer speaking no English. He did his job well and moved up in the restaurant business because he had a passion for design and got into offering suggestions for menu designs. This lead to him into contact with people in the design world and he got more experience with the inner workings of the industry. Eventually he started his own design company and throughout the years he was able to afford a house and send his kids to college. He did this without ever complaining about how unfair he had it or how oppressed he was. Kevin125, We can list example after example of our lives that contradict his viewpoints of success and it'll be as effective as warding off a murderer with a gun free zone sign.
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    @AVB-AMG this is the daily humor thread not the butt hurt because trump is still your president and is making America great again thread
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    Got to stop going to the shops too often.... Been hard to find these in stock. Can't believe the flat stock trigger. Breaks like glass.
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    A quick vid of some laser stippling getting done. Kryptek pattern with ranger insignia inserted.
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    From a pure shooting standpoint, the bottom finger of your grip - preferably the pinky - is the most influential out of all your fingers when considering speed and accuracy. Can you shoot well without your pinky on the grip? Sure. But nearly everyone on the planet will shoot better with all of their fingers in contact with the grip. It’s leverage. The longer (talking length - not time, here) your grip is, the more leverage you have to combat recoil induced muzzle flip. Would you swing a hammer with your pinky off the grip? Turn a wrench using only your first three fingers? Hold a baseball bat or tennis racket with your pinkies hanging out in space? Of course not. It feels weak and uncomfortable. I agree with Ray. I see it all the time when people are buying guns. They want the smallest gun they can get, then they realize they shoot it better with a full size grip and fix it with mag/grip extensions If you are gonna get grip extensions anyway, just get the bigger gun. You will shoot it better, it will absorb recoil better, your split times will be faster, your draw will be cleaner. Ok, sure, it’s a little heavier than the smaller gun. By what? A few oz? Example: Glock 19: 20.9oz Glock 43: 16.2 oz So in an effort to save 4.7 oz someone will choose to carry a less capable gun that they don’t shoot as well. Then add an extended mag that makes the grip (the hardest part of the gun to conceal) the same size as the bigger gun anyway? Doesn’t make sense. Smaller guns have their purpose in certain circumstances, but a full size gun, that you can get ALL of your fingers on - especially your pinky - will almost always be easier to shoot accurately and fast.
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    Jewels of Wisdom from Court Finding California Magazine Ban Unconstitutional Ammoland Inc. Posted on April 15, 2019 by Dean Weingarten U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- On 29 March, 2019, Judge Roger T. Benitez granted a motion for summary judgement against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the case of Duncan v. Becerra. California's Byzantine regulations and bans on firearms magazines of over 10 round capacity were ruled unconstitutional under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. I have read the decision by Judge Benitez. It is well worth reading. At 86 pages, many will not take the time and energy to read the densely argued document. Below, I have transcribed my choice of the jewels of this masterfully reasoned and written order. The selections are my own; others may disagree. They are in order, as found in the court document. I list the pages as an aid to others. Many will recognize the cogent arguments put forward by the Honorable Roger T. Benitez. They have been made by Second Amendment supporters for decades. Judge Benitez first shows how the California magazine ban fails the simple and obvious test of constitutionality under the Heller decision. Next, Judge Benitez shows how, even under the Ninth Circuit's convoluted “Tripartite Binary Test with a Sliding Scale and Reasonable Fit” the California ban still fails miserably. Near the end of the document, Judge Benitez eviserates the attempt by the State of California to define ordinary magazines as “a nuisance”. The conclusion of the order is exceedingly well done. I have not cut or edited it. It is on page 84-85 of the court document. Judge Benitez has done the Republic a valuable service. He has shown himself highly capable, and more importantly, seriously committed to the rule of law. The Nation, and no doubt, President Trump, are taking notice. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/04/jewels-of-wisdom-from-court-finding-california-magazine-ban-unconstitutional
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    Jar Jar is the AOC of Star Wars
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    Florida University students are asked if they would share their GPA with less fortunate students, since they feel that the rich should share their wealth with the less fortunate. Recent surveys have shown that the younger population support Socialism over Capitalism. Watch their faces when asked to clarify both: Would college students support a policy that would force those with high GPAs to donate part of their own GPA to help those with lower grades? With the recent rise of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more people than ever support socialist policies. But would they support socialist policies when it came to their GPA? We went to Florida International University to find out.
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    He’s compliant with N.J. mag capacity laws in 2021
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    That's the thing about the socialist system. It is a jealous system. It does not seek to lift anyone up, it seeks to tear people down.
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    Some of you people deserve to stay in the great state of nj. Bend over and take it. Hey Ray Ray, come to the land of the free. You can use my crib as a base to look for a home.
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    This is exactly why I dont find the doom and gloomers helpful. How many people do you see in every post saying "Itll never happen in NJ". How many of the same kind of people do you think said the same exact thing about Cali. And Cali is just as bad if not worse than NJ when it comes to guns. But someone took up the fight and now those same pessimists in Cali are benefitting from someone else who never lost hope. We need the same kind of attitude in NJ. Those who would seek to strip us of rights by vilifying us, skewing public opinion on what it means to be a gun owner, they don't even have to fight hard due to the echo chamber. So we can't lost hope and cant give up.
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    We probably already killed our next 10 Einsteins when hapless women go to planned parenthood and have an eggbeater jammed up their undercarriage. Probably knocked of a few Martin Luther Kings, too.
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    What are you talking about? Murph has finally streamlined the gun registry with electronic information gathering.... errr...I mean a streamlined the permit process. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like he's going to use it for some future gun confiscation plan.
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    With all the droughts in Kali, I suspect that many of those horrible, horrible boating accidents took place in locations which may now be simply puddles. If it hits the supreme court and is ruled in our favor, I hope there's a drought in NJ too, for all you guys who lost your mags in similar aquatic tragedies. At least most of us who suffered through these countless boating accidents did not have to go through 7 sawzall blades trying to destroy our highly dangerous 15 round Glock mags.
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    Wrong Again. Have you actually watched fox news? Foxes "News" broadcasters are far from Pro Trump.. Some are outright Anti Trump... As far as there commentators "Evening lineup" thats not news that is Commentary. There is a difference.. On fox its obvious who is who... You can very easily determine who reporting the news and who is giving their opinion..... Try doing that on CNN or MSNBC... you will find there is no difference at all. Acosta is a perfect example..... He's supposed to be a reporter.. Not a commentator... In the end he's comes off as a clown.
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    Trump comes off as Real.. Authentic and Point blank.
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    They will sell in NJ for that price point... People might burn a permit on one if they cant figure out what they want or just dont want to lose a hard earned permit.
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    This almost seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. Many LEO don't know the exact verbiage of the law by heart, but the fact that Nappen says that a loaded magazine can be considered a loaded gun, many LEO might believe it thinking that because Nappen specializes in NJ firearm laws he would know it better then them. So if Nappen would STFU and stop making up this BS, this would not be an issue, ever!!!
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    My wife isn't a fan either of the firearms or the ammo, or the sport in general. But she realizes that its not fair to push her wishes/beliefs on others. She refuses to go to the range with me (that could be a good thing). When something new follows me home, she just looks the other way. When the UPS/Fedex guy shows up with a box, and it looks like he's getting a hernia, she just shakes her head (and goes to off to Kohl's). So, we have an informal agreement. I don't count the number of shoes, outfits and purses in her closet, and she doesn't count the number of firearms or cases of ammo in my possession. See how easy it is to "compromise"? You should try that.
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    Tell them hey #$%^ you work for me. That might help speed up the process.
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    Cerakote done.. and a new front grip which I actually like quite a bit.. S&W Lower Aero Upper 7.5in Government Profile 1in7 twist barrel FA Bolt Carrier Black River Tactical Comp 2A Armament Titanium Gas Block Odinworks Gas Tube Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger Law Tactical Folder Vltor Stock Umbrella Corp Grip Magpul Trigger Guard Troy Rear BUIS Leupold DeltaPoint American defense Mount Daniel Defense Font Sight Noveske NSR Surefire Scout Light Danger Close Consulting Light Mount A3 Tactical Front Grip BCM Keymod Covers Larue Index Clips Modified Scar Sling Mount Magpul Sling Magpul PMAG 40 Cerakote - Sig Gray / Concrete / OD Green
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    Yep. Who'd have thought that a thread asking for an architect's opinion--right there in the thread title--would get so heated when an architect's opinion was provided.
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    I went to school at a different time in this country. Its a shame that the horror's and the failure of socialism isn't taught in schools today. This generation today is use to their parents and schools giving them a free ride. Why wouldn't they expect their government to do the same? How many of us who are in our 50's today when we were kids played on a baseball team with our brothers old glove? Or a bat from the garage, or had a job after school? I can still hear my dad's voice today. Put as much money away as you can. Don't think the government's going to take care of you. These kids today have no idea the danger that awaits them thinking a socialist government is their answer. Henry Ford said it best. “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” Henry Ford
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    they originally charged me $65 times FOUR! the cashier rang up $294 (w/tax)! ....until I lost my sh*t, then settled around $130. Now I understand why their range is always dead on nights & weekends! Sad part is, Im literally 5min away and will never drop a dime there! THIS is why I prefer to only deal with one or two FFLs. too many assholes around me in north NJ. even tho I drive 90 mins to GSSC in Brick, he's has been the BEST in the business, and worth the 3 hrs trip! =Never been treated like a 2nd class citizen, especially as a newbie!
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    Why don't you post your tax returns? Why don't you post your grades? Oh thats right its nobody's business but your's, but you think you have a right to see someone else's? How's about you post Odumbo's grades? Maybe his birth certificate? (that one being an actual requirement of the office) Oh and as to the report, Do you understand what "classified" means? And that releasing grand jury material is illegal? Really seek professional help for you TDS.
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    Hotness. When I move out of here, my first rifle will be built like this + a suppressor. Basically put as much anti-NJ as I can in a single rifle haha.
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    I'll be running the Hog Hunt that @DaddyNick is going on. So all you boyz & girlz have a great time out in the Pines! Nick is gonna bring home the BACON & a whole lot more! Plenty of time to line-up another campout before it gets too cold. I'll bring some of my hog for you all to enjoy! Stay safe & have fun! Rosey
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    This thread has turned into the "Do YOU transport loaded mags" thread of 2019! IANAL. That being said...remember that Lawyers are paid to keep you out of jail, NOT tell you what the law says. There's a HUGE difference. Staying out of jail, in the extreme sense, means we each tuck our tail between our legs and walk around with a guilty look on our collective kissers. Downtrodden, BEAT, on the DEFENSE at all times. Transporting according to FOPA Rules while still inside NJ. Do most of you know the difference? Can you type it w/o looking it up? I Doubt it. Doing it lawfully and doing it "Candy-Ass style" are completely different. Lawyers always give advice on the extreme side of surrendering your 2A rights. That way no one can point fingers and say "He told me xyz about transportation" under cross examination. They always take the safe play. And you lose rights that way! I choose to push the envelope. A "secure package" is brown craft paper & bakery string. On your front seat. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr locked in the trunk of an automobile, completely naked, no case, holster or box or other impediment of access of any type or kind, and then merely tossed into the trunk to get scratched by the other 199 naked, UNLOADED firearms contained therein My 12th grade edumacation taught my punctuation and its' MEANING. If the next wiz-bang lawyer tells you to remove your firing pins or field strip prior to transporting, are you Richard Craniums going to comply & say "YES SIR, MORE PLEASE!" Just askin' for a friend... ~R
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    This is not an improvement..... it limits ur rights and is onerous to say the least.... Mommy may i? We are no better than sheep....sorry its all annoying and BS.... this state sucks beyond belief.
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    I'm having trouble understanding why when a liberal court, like the Ninth Circuit, blocks an EO by Trump, it applies everywhere, but when there is a ruling like this, it only affects the specific jurisdiction.
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    I think it's been well documented on here that you don't know what socialism is, and its many faces. The theory is sound, and you cant argue it.... which is why you cant defend your statement.... Thats another well documented fact around here. If you have something of substance to argue.... well that would be a first... but let's hear it?
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    The judge's opinion is pretty damn incredible:
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    ANJRPC already has the case open... may need to add info from this ruling
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    More importantly, what does this mean for us?
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    If i were any of those people I would be concerned about Graham 2.0. Seems during the Kavanaugh case Graham Learned what he's really dealing with. I hope he seeks and destroys!
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