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    Agreed 10,000,000%!!! I swear, some of you guys would nit-pick a blowjob. (apologies for the vulgarity Peel) Isn’t this exactly the kind of win we need? Isn’t this exactly what we constantly say needs to happen to get our legitimate point regarding personal protection across to the other side? This is not a flip-flop. This is not a “It is good for me and not for thee” moment. This is, “Holy Shit! Violence happens with a quickness. You need to be able to protect yourself. Your safety is your responsibility! So go out there and prepare yourself to be able to defend yourself.” As an elected official, a Dem no less, this guy is going door-to-door and trying to educate people on the 2A. Rep. Ford could have just as easily hired bodyguards or requested an ISP protection detail/driver and been silent on the topic. Instead he learned from his experience and realized he is no more special than anyone else.
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    I'll Just drop this here.
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    One that dosent take a knee during the national anthem. Bunch of grown men getting paid tons of money to play a children's game.
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    Praise Jesus These two cats jumped on a make-shift submarine in the middle of the ocean and owned it.
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    Love this. Booker’s, and everyone else toeing the Democrat platform needs to be called out on their BS whenever possible.
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    Millennial anti-theft device...
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    Im not so sure they "spearheaded" anything... Are they the first to offer a firearm for sale? yes. but the ATF letters have been around for a while now.... They are capitalizing on the situation( i got no problem with that), However it would be important to recognize that literally everything THIS VERY thread pointed out over a year ago was simply confirmed by NJSP... was their "permission" really needed... NO IMO. While people were scared of laws that didn't exist... plenty of people built their own after the information was made public. In fact, this was so black and white that the NJSP simply cited the law word for word. Now its the bickering over if you can build one.... look i didnt need permission to build my rifles from the state police.. so i didn't look for their permission to build a firearm.. the only place i look is the law. What they have done is given the average person confidence they can own one of these... and maybe to a fault. Personally, people are scared of their own shadows around here.... and now that the cat is out of the bag... i wont be too happy in a few years when the state shuts all of this down.
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    Is there a reason they’re picking out the gun instead of you? Wouldn’t it be better if you picked out the gun that you like and they send you the cash to cover the cost?
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    How about you build/buy whatever the fuck you want and shut your trap.
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    I had one of those. Now it's been replaced by an Erection Set.
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    No, I actually think he "gets" that most of the gun laws passed in NJ are nonsensical. And if you couple that with the light sentencing given to criminals like this guy, it becomes VERY apparent: the people who propose and pass gun laws have zero interest in reducing crime, but great interest in giving the "appearance" of doing something to leverage political influence. The whole thing is a sham.
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    It might help. I think some schools already have such resources, so I'd be curious to know if it has proven useful. You know what would be really useful? Mental health services embedded in the Democratic National Committee!
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    Hi Rosey, yes, that is my grandson Cameron. It was a great event. Cam really enjoyed the experience as well as all the stuff in the gift bag. In fact, he wore the camo cap he got all day today. My son and his wife had to work so could not attend. However, we are all so proud of him. I cannot thank all of you enough for all the hard work it took to make this opportunity available. So a big thank you to CNJFO, UHGC, ROC Training, Legend Firearms, all the volunteers, and all the corporate sponsors (Keystone/Cricket, GunForHire, Henry, Tandemkross, .....). There is no doubt in my mind that this experience will be a lasting positive memory for all these kids. Best regards, Art
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    Some KAC goodness. SR25 EMC. This is a one of one. This isnt one of the service turn ins. It is allegedly the ONLY EMC to leave the factory as a new rifle in this color(that didnt go to the military). Running a USO 1-8 in a custom mount. It is an amazing rifle. If the apocalypse descended upon us and I could only grab 1 rifle, this would be it!
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    This is bananas. A couple people in this thread know what they are talking about. Almost everyone else is trying to find loopholes in the loopholes based on conjecture, opinion, and personal wishes. BLUF: There are a couple of guiding documents from NJSP and ATF that are posted here in this very thread. They spell out how this whole thing works in our state and define what is, and is not, acceptable when dealing with this “Firearm”. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the guidance handed down from on high. It doesn’t matter what conclusion you reached “logically”. Currently, all that matters is these documents tell you what you can do to stay within the currently accepted guidelines of a specifically configured gun to be considered a “Firearm” and not a SBR, pistol, or AOW while remaining legal in the state of N.J. This is why we can’t have nice things. Also, remind me to never rob a bank with some of you guys.
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    Maks, no law was broken by the seller. NO Nevada or Federal law was broken. NJ law has ZERO meaning to anyone not in NJ. Who broke the law? The NJ purchasers broke the law. And even funnier is that the purchaser being LE, are not prohibited. There is no mention of crime just a CIVIL suit. What budget is needed? You don't think there will be a countersuit for entrapment/ harassment? You think there might be a few lawyers out there willing to take the case on a back end payout? It's just NJ citizens that are gonna pay out the wazoo.
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    Why not give the correct and legal answer assuming the OP is not a sock puppet.
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    I agree that the post is a little unusual BUT there is nothing illegal about someone paying for someone else's gun. Straw purchase is when one person purchases a gun for someone who is not eligible to purchase themselves. The "Straw" part is the original buyer put the gun in their name, not the end-user's name because they could not do it themselves. The OP's question was unusual, but clear - can his parents go to a gun store and purchase a gun, not take possession and have it sent to an FFL in Calf. for legal transfer to the son / daughter - answer is YES, period! This is a LEGAL transfer from one dealer to another, and it becomes the receiving dealers duty to LEGALLY transfer ownership to the person in Calf. Let's not make this harder than it is.........................
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    Booker is a barely functioning moron driven by a lust for power and a self serving ideology. He doesn’t have the common sense god gave a squirrel.
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    Eh, why criticize this? It is a double standard when he's clearly encouraging OTHERS to do it too? Rather than a political flip-flop, the incident might have been a "wake-up call" for the guy. Lots of people are anti-gun... until something violent happens to them... they witness the lightning-fast speed during which it unfolds (seconds, not minutes)… and they realize, "wow, the cops could never have gotten here on time". That's a sobering thought. If getting his car shot up is what it took to get Rep. Ford to pick up the clue phone and realize that legal gun owners and concealed carriers are NOT the problem... so be it! Let's just take the win.
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    it's all a cover to make us forget about epstein
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    Don’t. Feed. The trolls.
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/07/new-york-citys-dishonest-attempt-to-squelch-a-gun-rights-lawsuit/ I think this article sums up nicely what NYC is trying to do. What I'm most surprised about is I found this on a Yahoo news feed.
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    It won't be long before a small FFL07 starts slapping together uppers and lowers and selling these at sub $500 prices.
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    The reason being: WE POSE A VERY REAL THREAT TO THEIR CONTROL OVER EVERYONE THEY DO NOT LIKE OR AGREE WITH. https://www.opslens.com/2019/07/why-have-civil-liberties-loving-liberals-become-anti-gun-and-anti-free-speech/
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    Some breaking news on ATF length measurements Looks like ATF is measuring folded / collapsed / removed now https://blog.princelaw.com/2019/07/05/atf-rescinds-prior-methods-to-measure-a-firearms-overall-length-when-equipped-with-a-stabilizing-brace/
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    History is rife with examples of how wrong collective punishment is. It’s great for dictators though.
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    As stated above, no legal requirement to keep them locked if no minors will have access, HOWEVER: Home burglaries are a huge source of guns that get used in crimes. A bolted down floor safe greatly reduces the chance that your firearm(s) will be stolen if your home is broken into.
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    Well, sorry... but I think he sounds like a jackass in general. I mean, you go through a break-up... sure it hurts, but you just MOVE ON... like a damn adult. That kind of angry, fixated behavior where you go to great lengths to try to "damage" your ex professionally... what in the HELL is that? Normal people don't behave like that. That's FAR more alarming than any of the gun stuff IMO. Here's where I'm confused though... are these articles saying just the account was fake.... or were the pictures fake also? Because if she was willingly putting on an SS uniform, well... my sympathy for her would plummet, too, quite frankly. But, either way, he still sounds like an obsessive jerk, and I, for one, don't feel compelled to defend EVERY gun owner - certainly not the ones who run their lives like a train wreck.
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    #60 USPSA GRAND MASTER EMILY CUTTS, 15, OF TEAM TANDEM KROSS, INSTRUCTS YOUNGIN'S FOR CNJFO YOUTH SHOOT AT UNION HILL GUN CLUB SUNDAY JUNE 23RD. I'm working on a story & Photo lay-out that will probably be ready to post tomorrow but in the meantime I'd figured you all would enjoy a 15 year old instructing a 9 year old. Emily Cutts is a great example of this next generation standing-up! I understand this kid's grandpop is a member here. I didn't write-down his "handle" so I can't tag him correctly. I'll try a reverse-tag on Facebook
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    I feel like this thread has gone full circle and its about to go around again since some people arent reading the full thread.
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    You know, I’m reading through this thread again and I find it kind of funny. Everyone wants to build their own SBF. Everyone thinks that Troy and Dark Storm and MM are ripping consumers off... Yet everyone has all these questions and no one knows what they can and can’t do. Can I do it like this? Is a receiver a rifle or a pistol or something else? How long does this part have to be? How about that part? What’s Identical vs similar? Can I use a flash hider? What does the NJSP say? I mean the ATF? I mean both. And on and on and on..... 6 pages now of questions and bellyaching. These companies cracked the code and came up with a product that everyone wants, but no one wants to pay for the work they put in to get these products to market and everyone wants their knowledge for free. When the company tries to share the guidance they received, the members get shitty and accuse them of being secretive, or wrong, or worse - liars. Unreal. What is this Arfcom? They pushed almost all of their stock on hand out to dealers. That’s why I didn’t buy one yet. Call around and see who has what.
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