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    Are we seriously debating this? We teach our kids this before kindergarten: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." On a different note - if you are going to any kind of rally/protest/march/etc... and you see KKK or swastikas, that's a clue to about face and go home. All your presence does is add credence to those awful people. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a brown shirt or a white sheet will never ever help our cause.
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    One of ours is too many. All of theirs is never enough.
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    I’m working with my wife of 25 years to pack up the family home of the last ~20 years. I’ve never understood more that men and women are from different planets than I do right now. I was watching this old video before blowing up with frustration and it made me laugh. I’m sure many have seen it previously, but it really does capture the differences that have never been more evident to me than they are right now.
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    As some of you are aware my Saiga 12 was stolen.. Well good news.. I don't have the gun in hand yet.. but it was recovered, and shipped up to the police in PA.. I am going to pick it up Sunday. As far as I know it is untouched and in the same condition as when I sent it.. I do not know the complete details, but I will tell you what I know.. I sent the gun to Jack Travers to have a magazine well installed.. At some point he pawned the gun Some time after that he ended up having "medical issues" and is now so bad off he is not in a position to be prosecuted Some time after that the sheriffs department in his area was able to recover the gun and shipped it to a PD in PA for return There are tons of other sketchy details.. but they are for the most part hearsay, and I am not interested in relaying things I can not confirm.. I am only putting his name out there so that IF he recovers.. people know what I just went through.. several months of waiting.. a bunch of wasted money.. only to basically have it stolen.. There were a lot of locals that I reached out to that helped me a ton.. along with the sheriffs department.. I met a lot of good people.. that helped fix a real bad situation.. I am very appreciative to have my gun back to me..
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    I confess, I'd not heard of Stanislav Petrov before today. And he actually died May 19, though word was late in getting to the Western press. His story was told in the 2014 documentary film The Man Who Saved the World On September 26, 1983, Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov was working his shift, overseeing the staff at a missile detection center near Moscow, when the launch detect system sounded the alarm that five Minuteman ICBMs had been launched from the Western US, and were inbound to the Soviet Union. It seemed almost plausible; weeks before, the Soviet Union had shot down a Korean airliner, and tensions were running high. The satellite-based launch detection system assigned it's highest level of confidence that the launch had occurred. Lieutenant Colonel Petrov's job, at this point, was to confirm to his superiors that missiles were inbound, and recommend a full retaliatory nuclear strike. But he didn't. After several agonizing minutes, he decided the data was likely wrong. It was only a hunch, but he successfully argued it up the chain of command, with the recommendation that the Soviets NOT launch a counterstrike. Being right effectively ended his career, but the rest of us can be glad that he had the intelligence to make the right call, and the courage to stand behind it. Vechnaya pamyat, Stanislav.
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    2 point quick adjust sling is the answer here. Top choices are: Blue Force Gear VCAS Viking Tactics VTAC sling and Magpul MS1
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    Paranoia! It amazes me to watch NJ gun owners help tie the noose around their own necks. Instead of fighting for your 2A rights by joining a 2A group in NJ, you'd rather spend money complying with a law that doesn't even EXIST! A well-trained lemming couldn't do this any better.
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    I also thoroughly enjoyed today’s Shotgun Shootout in Clinton and am glad the sun stayed behind the clouds until we were finished. I will echo other attendees who have already said it was good to finally meet and chat with most of you and to now be able to associate a screen name with the real person behind it. Thanks to those who brought and those who operated the clay throwers, as well as Mrs. Peel for the finger food and the all-around camaraderie of our NJGF group. I was impressed with the consistent accuracy demonstrated by quite a number of shooters, especially those who do not shoot shotguns on a regular basis. I am so glad I was finally able to attend this shootout and am looking forward to the next gathering and the upcoming pumpkin shoot. AVB-AMG
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    Oh, I had a great time too! This was my first Shotgun Shootout - I was a little nervous beforehand but other than putting faces to names (which was definitely GREAT) - I also just really appreciated that people were so helpful, giving guidance, loaning their shotguns, explaining things, etc. I was so freakin' excited that I hit some clays! (I was so sure beforehand that I wouldn't!) So, a good crowd and a good time! Thanks to everyone for being so nice to this newbie! Hope to see you at subsequent Shootouts.
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    I'm awed by people who can forgive, for instance, someone who murdered a loved one. I think it's a special kind of grace to be able to do that. But I think several others on here have hit the nail on the head... in that you don't forgive while you're still under threat. I think that's the big difference in this situation. The threat, in this case - radical Islamic terrorists - continue to plot, continue to wage attacks, and continue to kill innocent people around the globe. So, the threat is still very much active and unfolding. To forgive under those unique circumstances strikes me not as magnanimous, but instead, just as letting one's guard down.
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    I can't forget, either. I was there. I was in my office on Greenwich St. in TriBeCa when the planes hit. Still, somewhat "in denial," I called a fellow employee (and internal client) of mine working at 7 WTC (where we had rented space). To my surprise, he answered! All the alarms going off in the background were horrific. He stayed on he phone for about 20 seconds and then had to go. Thankfully, he got out, as did everyone we had at 7WTC. Only 4 of our employees were casualties (4 people making sales calls in 1 & 2 WTC). Everyone evacuated my building and were just milling around on the ground, trying to account for co-workers, etc. We then heard this collective SCREAM from across the street. We all stepped into Greenwich St. just in time to witness the South Tower collapse right in front of us. Shortly thereafter, all those below a certain rank (which I was) were told to leave the area and head North. I found refuge at a cousin's apt. in Chelsea, and for the night in her parents' apartment nearby. This, because mass transit was completely shut down. I got home OK the next morning. We were not allowed back into TriBeCa for 3 weeks and, when we were allowed back, we had to show ID and proof of employment to LE that was maintaining a perimeter on Canal St. for another 3-4 weeks thereafter. The smell lingered on for months (i.e. burnt electrical wires and asbestos). Horrific. For me, it's not a question of "forgiveness." It's about holding people "accountable" for their actions, and "never forgetting.." i.e. never letting one's guard down against those that might do the same to us. Sure, I can forgive, but one still must accept the consequences of their actions. I could forgive a BG that murders a family member of mine, but I will ensure they still "ride the needle." And we must always be "on guard" to prevent any future attacks. I think, sometimes, people grow complacent after a long time has passed since the last "incident." Never grow complacent. Always stay "on guard." Never forget.
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    My new 2nd amendment tattoo (Tribal eagle)
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    You purchased it out of state, regardless of where. You followed the laws of the state you purchased it in. You are GTG! Just remember, when you cross the border into the Communist PRNJ, it is considered a handgun and all rules for transport and deviations apply. God I hate this F@#king state!
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    We have rendered him speechless. Stunned, even.
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    I have been a member there for over a year and this has never been my experience, and in fact I just renewed my membership for another year. Everyone from the owner, range officers, professional, and clerical staff have always been very friendly and helpful.
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    BTW, no one commented on this one aspect... the NJSP firearms unit rep, DSG Bloom, was quite open about saying that if you're denied for concealed carry due to inadequate "justifiable need" (your threat is deemed not bad enough, etc.) - it does NOT count against you if you try again at a later date. In fact, he was ENCOURAGING people to do just that. I think that's pretty eye-popping, don't you? I know @Smokin .50 has mentioned that idea before - getting a LARGE mass of people to apply for concealed carry all at once. Of course, the overwhelming majority would get denied... revealing the TRUE nature of NJ's scheme... and showing that justifiable need is merely a ruse to deny 2A rights to ordinary citizens who don't have political connections. With DSG Bloom's statement (on tape, no less!) - where's the risk? Maybe the time is drawing near to do that exact plan...?? I would imagine the best strategy would be to get one of the 2A groups to pledge their legal support in advance and to have a class action lawsuit all drawn up and ready-to-go once the inevitable denials have rolled in. Just an observation!
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    Dude Citori best value buy once cry once.
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    Looks about as dumb as it does attached to a truck rear bumper
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    Thank y'all for a fantastic day! I really enjoyed meeting y'all and putting faces to names. It was a LOT of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next get together! I get humbled when I get the privilege of participating in an event like this, and see everyone come together, share stories, help one another out, and pull together to clean up the mess afterwards. Truly inspiring, and it makes me proud to be associated with such high quality people like all of you. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing y'all again soon!!
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    Good time today. Got to meet some new people and as always good to see the regulars! Next up pumpkin shoot!!!! For those that haven't been you are not going to want to miss the pumpkin shoot
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    I'm loaded up... Except for the Shotguns and the Cigars. Those will be grabbed on the way out the door!
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    Zeke (& Mrs. Peel): I was planning on showing my little roadster at a local car show this Sunday, but since I could not attend the last shoot out/get-together, I realize that I did say I would attend the next one.... and my credibility is at stake. So I am bagging the car show and will join you all on Sunday. I will have slathered on my 100 SPF sunscreen beforehand and I will bring 2 boxes of clays along with a case of cold bottle water for folks. I will bring my Beretta 692 Sporting 12 gauge shotgun and a bunch of #8 shells. After a two month hiatus from shotguns, I was able to shoot 100 rounds this morning at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, PA, enjoying this warm summer weather, so I should be ready. Looking forward to meeting you all and aligning faces with NJGF screen names. See you Sunday... AVB-AMG
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    This is why term limits are so important - and why they will never happen.
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    Paul ryan is a tool. He needs to go.... They can't even manage to kill Obama care or Pass tax cuts.. which they directly campaigned on... THE GOP is a bunch of ball sacks. They will never tackle gun laws in favor of gun owners. Although they will claim they will after the midterms..
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    They also issue SERPA holsters.... just sayin'
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    Maybe I'm just lucky (I'm totally lucky ) but I don't have any of these issues . My wife rules! Ask @medic2264
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    Happy wife happy life
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    @1LtCAP good advice here. To expand on it a bit: Water- you can find water on sale often for as little as $3 a case. No it won't be from tropical springs or Norwegian glaciers but it will keep you alive. Shelf life? I happened to find some bottled water in my garage that was at least 5 years old. Nothing special, not a big name brand and stored at ambient temperature in an unheated garage. Tasted fine, drank it didn't get sick. You can spice up your survival drinking with some Crystal Lite. Small package makes 4 or 5 gallons. No calories but tastes better. Also good for killing the chlorine taste if you wind up chemically treating water. Pre-sweetened Kool Aid worked well in Vietnam. I also bought a few cases of Arizona Iced Tea that was on sale recently. Dated use by 3/2019. I'm sure I'll rotate it out by then. Food- you don't need Wise Foods or MREs. Long ago I learned a can of Beefaroni or Campbell's minestrone soup even cold was a welcome change to C rations. Most canned food has a use by date of about 2 years. Not that it goes bad. As long as the can isn't bulging or rusty it's probably going to be okay. Some foods will absorb the liquid and get mushy or pick up a metallic taste. But it won't kill you or make you sick. Canned food is edible way past the date on the can. I ate C rations that were years old in the 60s. Saw some with Lucky Strike in the green pack they stopped making in 1942. All of this reminds me of something that happened a few years ago. I was involved in a ,surveillance that ran from about 6am to 10pm one day. Started in NJ, went out to Queens, and back to NJ. We had no opportunity to stop and get something to eat as we had to be ready to roll when the subject did. I kept some MRE meals in my trunk and figured this was one of the times to use them. No chance to use the heater so was I was eating it cold. I offered one to the new guy who was with me in my car. He looked at the food and said "I can't eat that crap". I responded "then you aren't hungry enough". Generators- many seem interested in generators that will run their entire house. That's good and will keep you comfortable. But what happens if it breaks down? I have 2 small and a larger generator. Rotating them I can keep my refrigerator and freezer going and have some power left for lights and other stuff. I can still do that if one of them goes down. As long as I have gas. If all my vehicles are full that's almost 100 gallons. If I have to evacuate my E350 can go 4-500 miles and carry enough stuff to keep me going for at least a couple of weeks (if I take all my range stuff out of it). I guess I never considered myself as a prepper but maybe I am.
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    Joel Osteen sends his prayers to Florida.
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    You can buy ammo? I haven't purchased a new box of ammo in any pistol or rifle caliber in literally - ..years. I reloaded shotgun as well but not so much lately still have all the gear needed with components - ya know just in case. In about 6 months - I guarantee you will be signing a different tune. If you are not stocking up now with components for the eventual NJ smackdown, ur nutty. ..lol Reloading offers absolute freedom. .... Picking up brass? A hassle? - shoot I am a proverbial brass whore.....I will take mine and all the other that people want to toss. In a session hr is 300 plus bulk loaded 55gr 556 is easy..once the prep is done. Pistol 400? Plus minus of any caliber...in same time frame. Don't give up on it....Stock up now while u can
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    That is a terribly written article on so many levels. A big issue that I see is the unrealistic expectation of what a stun gun can do vs what a Taser can do, and how many different ways even a Taser can be ineffective. A stun gun relies solely on pain compliance - It does not feel much different then a hard pinch, a "Dead Leg" type punch, or a bad charlie horse cramp. It does not knock you unconscious for minutes like on TV or movies. It just hurts and as soon as you break contact from the stun gun, which is as easy as getting 1/8" of distance between your skin and the device, the pain stops immediately. If you have a determined attacker, all you are doing with it is pissing them off. A Taser is a different animal and has the ability to completely incapacitate an individual for a very short time if deployed correctly - but there are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account to use one successfully. AND just like a stun gun, once the device finishes its cycle, there are no lasting effects and the target is free to continue their aggressive actions with no after effects. Everyone is clamoring for these devices but they just don't know what they are, how they work, any of their shortcomings, or the required TTPs you need to use one of these successfully. And, at the end of the day, if you look at our self defense laws - any time you would be justified to use one you would most likely be better served with a handgun.
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    You know, I have to laugh... these things are so very common... for god's sake, they're even for sale on Amazon!! The fact that this is even a big enough deal in NJ to merit state police and AG recommendations - and newspaper coverage - just goes to show you how this state really has it's head up it's ass. My big concern - (and some other poster made this wise point, it's not my original thought) - is that somehow NJ will find a way to use this against us. Well, lady, sure you've got a restraining order and a crazy ex, but you don't need a gun and a concealed carry license --- because NOW, you can get a stun gun instead! That will meet your needs! People like Sweeney and Weinberg will undoubtedly find some way to slither away from this good thing... and somehow turn it into a bad thing! Bank on it. I may be newer to some of these issues than the rest of you, but even I can envision that already!
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    I think there is a language issue going on.... It should be a self diagnostic thing. Ask yourself "Just because I can doesn't mean I should". When explaining this concept to others it's commonly said - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" It is not an imposed mindset, it is introspection.
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    ...drop the mic - close the thread enough said -
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    My guns and I are going to watch it together
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    Anybody have a field grade browning for sale???? Uggg...
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    I made this one out of full and half size cinder block. A couple bags of stone, and a tube of construction adhesive (a bead of glue on the outer edges only). About $75 total in material. So far it's been working out great.
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    Walk without rhythm and you won't attract a worm.
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    I will never forgive, or forget. Period. To those who lost friends, loved ones, on this day or after due to this heinous act, this day of remembrance will never heal the feelings or sufferings you have endured. Please be aware we the people of the USA, take this time to let you know they will never be forgotten and their memory is instilled in our minds and hearts. God be with you.
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    Just because he's free doesn't mean you won't end up paying..
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    What a crock. The school superintendent is a moron. From his own comments in the article: "several of the students seated in that section were visibly intoxicated." "Visibly intoxicated" is probable cause to test them, NOT everyone sitting in that section.
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    Thanks to all who responded. I picked up a license at Pineland Sporting Goods today. The funny part of the whole thing is that the guy from Fish and Wildlife who acted like he knew it all was the guy who knew the least. Everything he told me was wrong.
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    ya, never get rid of tools. Kinda a man rule