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    <<<< UPDATE >>>> My son ROCKED! MEPS last week and is now a sworn in member of the USAF Inactive Reserves. This is what he wants. Even if his fancy intel dreams do not pan out, this is the path he has chosen and we are proud of him....be it with a rifle, a computer or a spatula. He goes to his recruiter tomorrow for job counseling.
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    non-NFA AR thing. Brace, ACOG, fore-grip, muzzle device pinned and welded to barrel , quad rail from 2012 27inches
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    Here we friggen go again with members here finding ways to NOT own stuff. Fucking ridiculous. You want one? Buy it, build it, do whatever you fucking want!
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    Congratulations. My father came from 0 money. Basically a row home in bayonne. Went into the airforce. Used the gi bill. Got his doctorate in finance. Taught at rider university for awhile. Opened a financial services business. I worked with him. Retired early and wealthy. Mom and him are living the American dream. Im a 3rd generation US citizen. With hard work. It can be done. Your son can do it too.
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    Excuse my French, but are there any legislators with both common sense AND "balls" still left in this state? If so, I'd love to see one of the 2A groups encourage him/her/or them to introduce a bill ASAP (and KEEP introducing it, even if it doesn't pass... keep it on the books) that would require ALL state-level security details (Murphy's personal NJSP detail, the people who guard our reps in Trenton, etc.) to hew to the same exact legislative standards placed on citizens. (If it's 10 rounds max for ME, it's 10 rounds for YOU. Smart gun for ME, smart gun for YOU, too, Guvna). If Murphy's such a "believer" in this untested technology, well then, he should be willing to stake his own life on it and the lives of his family members, staff and colleagues - not just my life and yours! If nothing else, it would put the utter hypocrisy and arrogance of our politicians on full display... and make for some very bad optics. Why WAIT for this shit to hit the fan? We know it's coming. We should at least make it as painful as possible for the other side.
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    Don't know if everyone saw the article about how the US "shot down" an Iranian drone that was threatening a U.S. Navy ship. In reality, the drone was not literally shot. Its frequency was jammed causing it to crash. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-says-u-s-navy-ship-shot-down-iranian-drone-n1031451 Does anyone doubt for a minute that bad actors, including the government, would use similar technology to disable smart guns when they wanted to? Forget the expense, forget the potential unreliability. To me, the ability to readily disable them is the scariest thing about smart guns, as it completely defeats the purpose of the Second Amendment.
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    I plan on building mine, pulling the trigger (pun intended) tonight on the upper. ordered the lower yesterday. 1.pdf
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    OK, sounds like the next NJGF Shotgun Shootout will be held at Mrs. Peel's house. Expect it to be called on short notice, and at night.
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    Dude, it’s a magazine. If it were me, I’d just buy a new one from Midwest PX and call it a day. Life’s too short to stress about a $20 mag.
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    Pizza Bob, your friend's conditional carry of gun is ridiculous and unconstitutional. If your friend can be trusted to carry a weapon that should be it. Shouldn't matter where he's carrying. NJ politicians are so ridiculous.
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    This Friday... 7/22/19... going to my local police station in Middlesex County... and applying for gun carry permit... between the 1 inch square pictures... certified signatures and certified check... they really don't make this application process easy. Anyway, here's my "Letter of Need" ... I'm not naiive. I realize will probably get rejected and then take through the legal system if I can find an affordable lawyer. If anyone has any changes to the letter, please advise. Otherwise, I'll go with this: Dear Sir: This letter of need to carry a handgun is based on the following: - I attend and worship at Jewish synagogues. Due to the recent shootings at synagogues in the United States, I'm unable to pursue my constitutional right to practice my religion without a handgun permit. In 2018, 11 worshippers were killed at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2019, one worshipper was killed at a synagogue in Poway, CA. - Prior to these synagogue attacks, Jews were attacked in synagogues in University City, MO (1977); Rome, Italy (1982); Turkey (1986); Jerusalem (2014) and Copenhagen (2015). - I am a 30-year Army combat veteran. I served in Bosnia & Iraq. My sidearm in combat was a handgun, i.e., 9mm Beretta. I've had considerable training in the safe operation of weapons in general and handguns in particular. I would be happy to attend an additional safety course as a condition to being granted a permit to carry. - Constitutionally, the first amendment guarantees me the right to practice my religion freely. Without a handgun carry permit, I am afraid for my safety and cannot practice my religion freely. I'm too worried about being shot while worshipping and having no means to protect myself. - Constitutionally, the Second Amendment guarantees me the right to ". . . keep and bear arms." While some weapon restrictions are understandable, an outright ban prohibiting me from bearing my weapon where I'll need it, i.e., at synagogue, would clearly run counter to the Second Amendment. I would be happy to answer any questions and/or elaborate on any issues. Sincerely,
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    But my argument requires reading the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment which is foresight......and prior action..... Like we gonna post dem hur
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    3 pages and zero guns were built.
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    Located in North Jersey. Selling my CZ-75 SP-01 for $470. Comes with 2 10rd mags. Has around 750-1k rounds through it. Price is firm. Will meet at ReloaderzNJ for transfer.
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    *********JUST MOVE THEY SAID.......... SO I DID & THE SCHMUCKY SCHMUCKS INFECTED THE PLACE! When my son lived in Iowa several years ago (from 2012-2014(?), living history was under attack there too & probably still IS. You should have seen the look on every face at this one museum tour when I asked "so where is the flintlock Farmer Brown used to feed his family with?". Then I added, "it belongs right over the bed OR hung over the hearth, LOADED in case trouble OR A MEAL wandered-by". "Oh Sir, we were told we had to take it down from the hearth years ago"! And these facts come from the same state (IOWA) that pig farmer Joni Ernst launched her campaign for US Senate for by runnin' commercials reminding voters she knows how to castrate hogs! Yes Glenn, INCREMENTALISM IS EVERYWHERE, and if we don't stop it, your kids won't be able to sniff black powder smoke! Ernst is still one of the US Senators from Iowa. She toured Vermeer (where my son worked) after the twister hit last summer. Revisionist History NEEDS STOPPED IN IT'S TRACKS IN MY LIFETIME! ~R
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    Well this museum is pretty close to where I live and even closer to where I'll be staying for 2 weeks in August. I plan to head over there in person to check out the museum and voice my opposition to their new rule. Normally I would just boycott a place like this but since no gun signs and policies dont mean anything here in NH I'll be carrying while at the museum regardless of their policy
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    Because I, along with other like-minded individuals here, are surrounded by rats.
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    0o0o0o Ive been itching to dust some clays. I would like to say im going to go to this .. just need to clear it with da boss.
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    How deep will these penetrate the skin?
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    @fishnut will this help me hit clays?
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    Shot my first ever match today: IDPA at Somerset. Thanks to @Pizza Bob, @Mr.Stu & @Maksim for answering numerous questions, assistance and encouragement. Some guys there stood out as being helpful as well, but I don't know if they're members here. If so, chime in. I almost didn't go based on a very bad impression I had at a different match/range that I walked away from after helping set-up but before registration. Today proved what I'd been told and how it should be; newbies are welcomed and there's no judgement as long as you're safe/don't do anything stupid. Overall I'm not a group type of a person, but today was good, small group, no attitudes, just hot. It was also more interesting than just punching holes in targets by myself. I plan to return; if only to make up for my poor score today. If you've been on the fence like I was, I suggest you give it a try.
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    As a side note, Heritage Guild is expensive snd it sucks.
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    Just out of curiosity.... Define “No apparent reason”. How do you know the owner had “No apparent reason” and this employee, veteran or not, was fired for a legitimate reason? I have never been to this range, and will probably never go there, so I have no dog in this, but you do seem to have a pretty serious axe to grind. I am always suspicious of someone’s motives when I see these kinds of posts. You’ve been here for just a few months (joined a few days after this thread started), only have 5 posts, and they have all been in this thread. Then, you necropost a dead thread, just to slam the owner with what are, for all intents and purposes, unsubstantiated claims of unfairness against a veteran. That’s a lot of energy and thought expended for a mere difference of opinion. Just sayin’....
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    Totally agree, especially in a state like NJ. Just seems like we’ve gone well beyond what is necessary. I feel like we aren’t far from the legality of owning a hack saw and a rifle at the same time.
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    I swear the psychology of some gun owners is bat s**t crazy. I guess some shit is to good to be true and has to be over analyzed and prodded into oblivion by a few “well” meaning gun owners. Build it anyway.
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    I think the point is arguing that a gun is not parts readily available for your use is a stretch... a battery does not stop being a battery simply because it is in your laptop.. a piston does not stop being a piston because it is in an engine.. a stock does not stop being a stock because its on a rifle.. a bolt carrier does not stop being a bolt carrier because its in a rifle..
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    https://amp.tmz.com/2019/07/21/donald-trump-maga-wedding-new-jersey/ Yup he was in bedminster
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    You guys crack me up.
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    How about buy it or build it anyway and enjoy it?
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    Please don't mind the negative comments. We are a group that are constantly under attack and any new poster is met with a level of suspicion. Welcome to our board! Stick around and get to know us better....You won't regret it! Some FFL dealers responded to you that it is legal for your parents to gift you a gun without being able to take possession. The general consensus is it would be much easier for you to pick out a gun in California and have your parents pay for it or reimburse you. Good luck and you have very nice parents!
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    I sometimes suspect its more like some media outlet/political operative trying to provoke a questionable answer; then running to the mountaintops to proclaim "There's illegal activity on the Internet! They're telling folks how to circumvent our gun laws!" To complete their self-created soap opera, they present their "solution" (more restrictions and hoops to jump thru) as the "common-sense solution" to the scenario they created in the first place. Unfortunately, this is what the libs call "politics"
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    I agree that the post is a little unusual BUT there is nothing illegal about someone paying for someone else's gun. Straw purchase is when one person purchases a gun for someone who is not eligible to purchase themselves. The "Straw" part is the original buyer put the gun in their name, not the end-user's name because they could not do it themselves. The OP's question was unusual, but clear - can his parents go to a gun store and purchase a gun, not take possession and have it sent to an FFL in Calf. for legal transfer to the son / daughter - answer is YES, period! This is a LEGAL transfer from one dealer to another, and it becomes the receiving dealers duty to LEGALLY transfer ownership to the person in Calf. Let's not make this harder than it is.........................
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    Looks like a Cheaper than Dirt catalog threw up in the corner @Ray Ray
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    I lost this thread's placement, or I would have saved everyone a lot of back and forth. As per ATF, if a part of a firearm is not required for the function of the firearm, or something to that effect, that part is considered an accessory and will not be counted towards the OAL of the firearm. Since the firearm is piston driven and does not utilize the buffer tube of the brace, the brace/buffer tube does not count towards the OAL. If the firearm is under 26" without the tube/brace, then it is an AOW and good luck with that in NJ.
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    I've been shooting 77 gr IMI for the last year and its pretty accurate, I can get 1" groups @ 100 yds. 2" @ 200 yds This is off a shooting bag, And I would say i'm just a average shooter Also try AO 55 gr SBK ammo I get the same results @ 100 yds. And I'm talking about off the shelf BA 16" carbine barrel. With m855 62 gr ammo I get 3-4" groups @ 100yds
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    Must be some dam good pickles to be put in harms way.
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    EXACTLY Let's just keep asking questions to the ATF and NJSP until we get an answer that's not good. /S Do we enjoy having their boot on our neck that much?
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    you realize were talking about a NJ law... The NFA is specific to intent... NJ's law is specific to possession..
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    That’s a very fair and introspective assessment. Thanks for that. Please, let nothing in this thread prevent you from posting more and giving us an opportunity to get to know you, and you a chance to know us.
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    One of the definitions of an Assault firearm is clearly labeled as a combination of parts.. What more is a rifle than a combination of parts? If you find yourself trying to justify a reasoning here without directly using the language in the statute, your fate is in the hands of a jury.. Like i said before, the line is drawn with the "readily assembled" language in the law.... I cannot readily assemble an assault weapon if i have to deconstruct other weapons to do so. The truth is... @vladtepes is correct.. the law has just enough ambiguity to be ignored in general.. but if you found yourself being singled out... you would have a hard time arguing it.
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    My father used to bring his shotgun to high school in the morning and then leave with it and go hunting after school. This was in Netcong NJ in late 50s.
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    My very first hand gun purchase WAS in fact, "a STRAW PURCHASE"! In 1977 when I was only 18 years old I bought a hand gun. With my HS graduation gift money. My Dad & I both got P2P's from Old Bridge. The old-fashioned kind w/ blue "carbon paper". He "bought" the hand gun NEW from the store & I bought it "USED" from him within seconds of the original transfer. At the FFL's counter. With the FFL as a WITNESS! The entire process took only an extra minute or two. The addresses matched since I was living at home with my parents. Dad's P2P was marked "New" & mine was marked "Used". Same hand gun & same serial number! The store owner stapled the two copies together & sent them to NJSP in West Trenton, NJ and I stapled our "Issuing Authority" copies together & sent them to George E. Gillard, CLEO at Old Bridge at the time. George live on Bennet Lane, off Rt. 516 (but I digress). PROVING A STRAW PURCHASE! Only one problem, in 1977 the term, "STRAW PURCHASE", the law, the entire MESS wasn't invented YET, and fathers bought new hand guns this way every time their kids put one on a lay-away And we didn't wait for a NICS check either... And the guy that sold me my first hand gun threw-in a box of shells--.357 Magnums--for free as a graduation gift (no log back then either)! Yes, NJ used to be THAT FREE! Today I fight for the FREEDOMS I ONCE HAD! Some of you still don't realize that you can use brown craft paper & bakery string to make a "SECURELY TIED PACKAGE" and leave said package on your front seat while enroute to an exempt location...but I digress... ~R
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    Cerakote done.. and a new front grip which I actually like quite a bit.. S&W Lower Aero Upper 7.5in Government Profile 1in7 twist barrel FA Bolt Carrier Black River Tactical Comp 2A Armament Titanium Gas Block Odinworks Gas Tube Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger Law Tactical Folder Vltor Stock Umbrella Corp Grip Magpul Trigger Guard Troy Rear BUIS Leupold DeltaPoint American defense Mount Daniel Defense Font Sight Noveske NSR Surefire Scout Light Danger Close Consulting Light Mount A3 Tactical Front Grip BCM Keymod Covers Larue Index Clips Modified Scar Sling Mount Magpul Sling Magpul PMAG 40 Cerakote - Sig Gray / Concrete / OD Green

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