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    stephanos bibas was advanced in the senate today for the 3rd circuit. he'll be confirmed next week. was appointed by trump to fill 1 of 3 vacancies and is considered to be a strict constitutional conservative... pieces coming together, slowly but surely... http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/10/26/mcconnell-advances-six-judicial-nominees-base-and-republicans-push-for-more/
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    Again, Nappen is wrong. Just like the shockwave issue. We have State Officials putting out letters stating things are now legal. Yes, the laws need to be changed to reflect that. Why isn't Nappen trying to change the law instead of making thee statements? Nevermind..$$$$$$$
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    I just sent a email and a tweet to the ag asking for his clarification on carrying. if they took the Time to put exceptions where you can’t have it .. that shows me that they expect you to carry it....?
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    Funny this thread pops up now. My dept just started a new counterterrorism specific detail. I got picked for one of the team's. All heavy weapons and plate carrier deployment all day. Had a basic carrier setup that I kept in my car for patrol. Training this week really made me need to rethink my setup. Have to put together a new rig in the next two weeks. I already have the carrier. Got tired of the loud Velcro so I went with the tubes closure system. So much easier to get on and off. About to order HSGI double stack open top taco pouches for my M4 mags. Will probably use the same for pistol mags
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    Step 1 wait till they are about 5 feet away or less to ensure a hit and pull the trigger. Step 2 keep pulling the trigger and hope the battery doesn't die. When the battery dies he's going to get up and beat the shit out of you. Step 3 hope someone calls the cops so they can come and save your sorry ass. Don't expect any of the people standing around filming to help you at all. Step 4 (if you're still alive) go through all the court bullshit, get sued by the scumbag, give him alot of your money and spend some time in jail. Step 5 spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder for the guy you tased because chances are he's going to track you down and kill you.
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    So, I got the info about sending my p320 RX back to Sig last Friday night, 10/20/17. I packed it up and drive it to the hub in Eatontown. It was deliver to Sig on Monday morning 10/23/17. I got the shipping notice last night that it is complete and arriving back to me tomorrow 10/27/17. thats customer service!
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    Pre-orders for iPhone X started at 3am EDT and for delivery next Friday, but they are all gone with delivery now estimated at 5 to 6 weeks. Saw some now selling on eBay for over $2,500. I wonder if I should sell the one I locked in for next Friday and turn a better than 200% profit????
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    Absolutely best use for a wedding ring. Plus everyone is amazed when you seem to just pull the top off with your bare hands Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I ordered this morning. It took me 3 minutes on the Verizon site. If anyone wants it for 2500 I’d let it fly.
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    I am sure the State of NJ will figure out some way to make a buck off this (besides sales tax). If they can figure a way to make a NICs check mandatory - they will........
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    Wow, as luck would have it I am working on a project here in Atlanta as I type. I should swing by and give my down payment. I figure $100K down. All I need to do borrow the remaining 18 million or so. Don’t worry, I will invite all of my NJGUNFORUM friends to visit to shoot at my gun range. You can park your cars behind my waterfall and camp in my 15,000 sq ft extra room. (:-)
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    I have 6 plus ill be stuck with this one until it is run down like an old chevy K10 beat through the woods..
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    No need to go through an ffl if it is going to and from the manufacturer.
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    Why wouldn't you want to be caught with something perfectly legal ?
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    I just asked a local LEO, his response was so typical of NJ PD I wouldn't want to get caught with one, Of course WE have them.... Not for nothing officer, but why is YOUR life more important than mine??????? That mentality HAS to change,
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    Actually the camera in the X can do things you can't do with a dslr. The quality that you can now have in your pocket with you at all times is simply amazing.
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    You are jus like @Mrs.Zeke all this camera equipment and your go to is phone... lol to each his own. I went from a 4 to a 7 because I had to.
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    Well I somewhat agree. I have a 6+, which I bought when they first came out as they were large enough that you could actually use it to browse the web. When the 6s+, 7+ and 7s+ came out I saw no reason to upgrade as they really offered only small incremental improvements. The X is a major improvement, in my mind, and I am not talking about the face recognition thing. The camera capabilities it has are truly amazing, which as a photographer I value. The other key improvement is the screen quality and size. I will be getting a phone with a bigger screen that is 1/4" narrower and 1/2" shorter - that is big (well actually small)! They are out to six weeks plus now, so the question is do I want to sell it and be able to effectively make about $1,500 and get mine for free sometime way out in the future - or do I want one NOW. Tough choice.
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    It blows my mind the allure of these phones. i get a new one when the planed obsolescence kicks in. Thanks software update.... dick
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    Because he's a lawyer - he wants people to lawyer up and give him money
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    I was never a big fan...Mouth piece = $$$$$. Call him with a problem, unless you are in the news, you will never receive a call back. My Personal experience.
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    Gun shops dick people over all the time. I have dealers ask me to straight up like to people which I of course tell them where they can stuff it. Deal with the manufacturer directly Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    As of October 22, 2017, in accordance with a Consent Order entered in the United States District Court, prior statutory prohibitions against selling or possessing stun guns in New Jersey have been declared unconstitutional. By virtue of this ruling, New Jersey is now on similar footing as 39 other states that allow stun guns with limited or no restrictions so, unless there is a change to the law, no permit or license will be required to obtain or possess a stun gun. However, the State Police have proposed a rule, expected to be adopted in December, prohibiting minors under the age of 18 from obtaining or possessing stun guns. Law enforcement has been directed to adhere to this rule, pending adoption and thereafter. In addition to the proposed regulations, current statutory provisions that establish restrictions on stun guns remain in force and effect, including laws that prohibit felons and incompetent persons from possessing stun guns, possession on school grounds, possession for an unlawful purpose, and possession under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as a stun gun may have. This is what I got from the ags office
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    "Hanson, meanwhile, has said Sophia and its future robot kin will help seniors in elderly care facilities and assist visitors at parks and events." Sounds an awful lot like how iRobot started
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    i'll second MartyZ's suggestion. I think a visit to another shop would be warranted to have their take on the situation. You need to know if the sight was improperly installed and/or damaged in the attempt. Does ameriglo offer installation? perhaps shipping just the slide off to them for install wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
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    If you want to take the lazy/TL;DR approach, if a dealer is selling you a complete gun it should be 100% compliant.
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    In the application for a DC concealed carry license there is the following section and question: https://mpdc.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/mpdc/page_content/attachments/ConcealedCarryLicense_GoodReasonApplication_fillableform.pdf Firearms Training Background 4. Are you requesting an exemption from the firearms training course requirements in either Question 1 or 2 above? In the instructions for filling out the form they provide examples that meet the training requirement (this document is a few years old): Instructions for Submitting an Application for a Concealed Carry Pistol License https://mpdc.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/mpdc/page_content/attachments/ConcealedCarryLicenseApplicationInstructions102214_FINAL.pdf 3. In the Firearms Training Background section of the application: If you are requesting an exemption to the firearms training course requirements, Section 2336.3 of the regulations requires you to provide supporting documentation, such as: - Firearms training provided by the National Rifle Association - DD Form 214 if it shows special training for marksmanship - Retired law enforcement officer credentials - Hunting license - Armed special police officer license So with all of the demonizing of the NRA they (as other states also do) use the NRA training to meet their training requirements. What do the anti-2a groups say about this??
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    Carry. But if you , god forbid, have to use it; expect liability. If you can carry a gun, carry a gun
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    Sesame chicken with fried rice. And the honey boneless spareribs.
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    Why does that not surprise me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Like the title says discounts at ALG on lots of parts.
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    Its a marmot. Not a groundhog
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    My wife and I just had a blast shooting trap. She had her new gun and shot 5 boxes of the AA Low recoil shells in 12g. She wants to know when we can go back and she wants to know where to by more cases of the shells for cheap. She is doing the research to find them. I am a happy camper. She loves it. I love it.
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    Dare to dream! (Get in line behind me though...)
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    Its best to buy a matched set. Even uppers and lowers from different manufacturers that are of the same "pattern" don't always fit together. Some do fit together but have major gaps or significantly different lines.
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    Boys! Stop squabbling... Maybe I'm the one who misinterpreted...? But I really didn't think @louu was suggesting people shouldn't defend themselves! Quite the contrary, I took it as a sarcastic commentary, in part, on how badly this state treats law-abiding citizens who attempt to defend themselves. That's all. (Sarcasm doesn't always come across in writing...but that's how I took it anyway). Now make nice... shake hands! Who knows? Might even lead to an epic bromance...
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    Big difference between that and the 9 weeks I waited on them to service a ROMEO1.
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    No that’s a good choice as it’s a life saving device.
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    Looks good. I jus use my ring though...like a man
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