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    If you have a better business plan, have the guts to put your house your life savings and risk all you have to open a very very expensive business to operate, well have at it. Till then, keep your unfriendly comments about this tragedy to yourself. It is unfair and frankly classless. You have a suggestion to better our pricing? I am at the range most days 8-4 I am all ears.
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    OK, last thing..... LOl. Yes you can come see ME with your hero file of certificates and I will square you away. As far as the $125.00, I just spoke to my Director of Training and that course was developed on 06/16/2014 by a previous employee. The class was a bit more inclusive, my understanding, and though it was high then, it was also longer. Anyway, in reviewing it more closely, I am lowering it to $75.00 which in my opinion is more reasonable. Also, and for the record, I have always taken the members of this group as kind, well intentioned and responsible gun owners that have passion and pride for the industry. Likewise, I have taken a lot of guidance and advice to help grow this company and to that point I thank you all. My doors are always open and I am not stupid enough to not except change. Change for the betterment of my customers and the betterment of my wallet. lol
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    What the Fuck is wrong with you guys? This shit is exactly why people and vendors give up on this place! You turn a post about a burglary into trashing the guy’s business? Do yourselves a favor and stay on topic or shut the fuck up. You have issues? Speak to him privately. Don’t bash him in public. As with anything else, you don’t like his company? Don’t go.... Fucking arm chair warriors! Un-fucking real! And while you are at it, take your expertise in forensics and get yourself out in the real world and show us your ingenuity. What? Have none? Again! STFU! [emoji35]🤬 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This thread sucks Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    My simplistic take on the subject is this: More ranges and dealers are a good thing. Free enterprise allows for a wide variety of pricing models in the marketplace. Free enterprise allows me to decide where and how I spend my money-so I'm not bothered by point #2. Getting robbed really sucks; It doesn't matter if the losses are largely covered by insurance. That doesn't make them 'free'.
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    FYI, our incidents were 3 months apart not weeks. And though we appreciated the few customers that voiced concern, the policy changes were a joint effort with the NSSF, suicide prevention team and a group of range owners working in consortium. Those are the facts!
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    Then go buy one from a $h!thole country.
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    Except your sense of security, your reputation for keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys*, your reputation in the community*, and your peace of mind. trag·e·dy ˈtrajədē/ noun 1. an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. I would say tragedy fits the description of this crime to the owners, employees, and members of the business, as well as the local community in general and anyone that may be a victim to one of the stolen guns. * Note: I am not saying RTSP did anything wrong. What I am saying is that Anti-gunners, anti 2A politicians, and the media will blame RTSP for the guns getting out into the community, instead of the burglars - where the blame rightly belongs. Unfortunately, right or wrong, the only person that has to care about the bad publicity is RTSP.
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    +1 for me as well .. new to the forums but this kind of bashing is totally uncalled for and childish. If some places prices are too high for you then take your business elsewhere. But this conversation and the opinions within them went overboard way too fast. Keep it civil here and save your anger for Murphy and the Anti-2A'ers RTSP Keep on trucking. I'll be there bright an early in the morning to get some range time in.
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    +1 Especially considering that RSTP has done absolutely nothing so egregious that deserves the public shaming to serve as a warning to other shooters to avoid the place.
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    How did this thread that was about the fact that bad guys broke into a store and stole stuff turn into an attack and defense of their business model? Now why the attack on the definition of a tragedy? Sure it is a tragedy when someone gets killed or non-replaceable objects are taken. But anyone that has built a business will feel it a tragedy and a personal attack when what they build is attacked or destroyed even if it can be replaced with money. If you have never built a business perhaps you can't feel that, but I understand where Pete is coming from. As for pricing, well every business builds their own business model. Some are low priced others are high priced. They each target a different demographic and have different means of achieving their goals. If you operate in a high cost area and offer huge inventory and lots of service and support you are typically going to have higher prices. Any business typically offers three things- price, service and quality - as a customer you typically get to pick any two of those that you want and the business sets the other. That is why there are many different businesses around. My suggestion for those that don't need service and support buy online since they just want the cheapest price. If you want to be able to hold the product and compare it to lots of others and be able to ask many people behind the counter about the product then you will likely pay more at a full service business. So, have the bad guys been caught, any lead on them?
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    Hell no ! Not for me. I can't even deal with my wife driving skills.
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    The local police should not be calling about anything unless it has the word conviction next to it and it hasn't been expunged. More NJ BS. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    AVB, I find it just as easy (and tasty) to use Jiffy Cornbread mix...(tell my family members and I’ll deny it to your face) rather than my mother’s recipe. Depending on the size of your skillet, you may want to use multiple boxes. I think my cornbread pan is a 10” Wagner skillet, about 80 years old. For that pan, I use 2 boxes of Jiffy. I add diced jalapeño peppers (white membrane and seeds removed), and a handful of cheddar/jack cheese blend. My mom used to add roasted corn, cut off the cob of course, but I usually don’t. My dad loves it that way. Make SURE you heat that pan up well..I put the pan in the oven for at least an hour ahead of time, gets it’s nice and hot. Give it a quick wipe down with crisco on a paper towel. Pour in your batter, and bake it. Toothpick in the center of the cornbread should come out clean to indicate it’s done.
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    biggest truth in this thread, I live a couple hrs away from RTSP so they will never be my home range but i've been there a few times shooting and purchasing. Peter is a great guy with an excellent business, i remember we had a small forum outing there about a year ago felt like a real VIP shooting there. Afterwards was given a 90min tour him Peter showing us the entire facility inside and out (he took us up on the roof lol) made me wish I lived closer to come back more often. RTSP keep doing what you are doing the haters can eat shit.
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    Why waste your time with the children here - ?? Run your business how you see fit and the market bears.......... Effing gun people - makes me shake my head sometimes......... Sad to hear bout the losses and that is a hit to any kind of business - stop feeding what would be called trolls elsewhere - but sadly are members here.... NOW - if we can convince the NJ State PBA that they should fight against mag limits....instead of embracing them as - "hey its ok it doesn't apply to us...."
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    My grandmother used to say... "People know the price of everything and the value of nothing". For whatever reason RTSP sets their pricing policy, it's just that, their policy. If you don't like it, shop somewhere else. I've never been to RTSP but I've heard mostly good things about them. Would I buy a firearm from them? Probably not, because I am a bargain hunter. Not everyone shops like me and I don't expect every retailer to accommodate my buying habits. As a general rule, I spend about 1/3rd of my shooting sports budget locally. I do this to support our state's LGSs. I have seen dozens go out of business over the years because of the cost of doing bidniz in NJ. Am I paying more than I would at Bud's or PSA, well, sure. But I'm getting something I can't from Bud's, live in person service, advice, expertise, the ability to touch it before I decide to buy and the ability to take it home today. It's called value added retail. That's what you are paying for at a LGS. I've also found that if you do business enough with someone, you become a regular customer. As such, I can usually negotiate good deals. Relationships matter and you don't get that from an on-line retailer. If RTSP's prices are so outrageous, they will go out of business because people will shop somewhere else. From what I see though, they are not going out of business any time soon. They must be doing something right. Concerning the break in. I can only guess that someone who is blase about it has never been burglarized or robbed. Whether it's your home or business, it's still personal. It's not like a multinational conglomerate retailer was broken into, it was a locally owned and operated LGS built with hand and heart by the proprietors. There is no greater sense of being violated than having something stolen from you.
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    Unfortunately, a family issue just developed that I have to deal with this weekend. I wish I could join you all on Sunday! @Zeke, you owe me a hot cocoa. Have fun and shoot the crap (or poopy) out of the clays.
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    Yes but it’s been closed for years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have to agree that Peter, Rick, and Brad are good guys who have built a terrific business. I was a charter member there when they first opened, and only let my membership lapse when I had options a lot closer to home. I still get out there from time to time for training and such. (I would recommend their handgun drills sessions on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings.) Other range owners and training groups get accused of being "expensive." One of the nice things about America is that there are different price points for various tastes and budgets. Same is true of gyms, which can range from $10 a month up to $100 a month. If a company is staying in business and keeping busy, then by default, their price point is OK. People are free to go there or not. What a great country!
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    Once places like NYC have self driving cars there will be face reading scanners at every intersection. If you cross against a light you'll be instantly fined. Facial recognition scanning will be required of all citizens. For the safety and efficiency of society. During the winter if your face is covered, the RFD chip injected into you will read know your identity. Won't be able to fine the robot cars to generate.revenue. So will have to fine pedestrians.
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    " jalapeño cheddar sausage" No need to prep if you eat this.
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    Like sex in yo mouf...that’s what it tastes like!! Gonna vac seal and freeze some for you, Zeke, like we discussed the other night. No biggie....just a colonoscopy. My 12th. Lol Thanks for thinking of me!
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    My $0.02 We may have them sooner than 10-15 years, but if we do they won't be ready. To date, despite idiots on the internet claiming otherwise, they aren't very good at driving. Or, more precisely, we think humans are way worse at driving then they are. Google are the only ones who have put up or shut up with data on incidents. By my last evaluation, they are running about 89.X% of human driver performance by mile. So at best you are looking at more but possibly less severe accidents. (really people are quite good a driving. Every time you notice that asshole being an asshole, you ignore the other 50 people on the road near you that kept that asshole from causing tragedy. The average human driver goes about 110k miles between accidents, even if it doesn't seem like it. Google's algorithm is at about 98,000 and change between them) That being said, that record is based on: -no testing in significant rain, just drizzle and mostly not that. -no testing on damaged roads. -no testing in snow or ice. A big tell on this is Ford's position. They shit canned retail autonomous vehicles in the near future primarily because to be decent, they need multiple sensor input, and maintaining that in bad weather is nearly impossible to date without making something heinously awful to look at and package. Secondly, programming behavior that is safe for roads that don't behave like textbook roads increases complexity, and that is still an issue. Combine those two and it just isn't going to be ready. That was 2017. 2018, and Ford feels compelled to start selling them in 2021. Well what changed? One they got some protections by easing of regulations. So it won't be their fault when they fail. Additionally, they are only selling to commercial buyers. Likely because they can still see value in a vehicle they agree to only deploy in certain conditions. Being able to fire all your drivers in arizona can still save you money. Telling a retail buyer they can't drive it six months of the year, or drive it to visit grandma in a wintery state won't fly. Additionally, there are very practical issues with widespread adoption that will likely resolve, but not real soon. First is the level of computing power needed for the AI. To be good, this is likely to not be something you can combine with a really efficient electric car or an affordable electric car. It may even cause issues with hybrids and/or gas engines making CAFE goals. As an example, the tesla model S barely has the compute to do the worst version of this stuff, and it dwarfs most vehicles in that department. If used in a coal powered region, it's not even as fuel efficient as the average midsize sedan with a gas engine in the current market. Better batteries, better computing, or eased regulations will make this less problematic over time, but it will take time.
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    I was listening to a podcast about these vehicles recently and they had this thought experiment where, basically, Imagine your car is approaching an intersection at speed where a bunch of pedestrians entered against a red light...does your car actually perform the calculation "swerve and possibly injure my occupant (one life) vs. plow through the intersection and maybe injure a few"? Such that your car will actually intentionally swerve into a bridge abutment or another car? Probably unlikely. But unnerving.
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    1lb of velveta and 2 cans cream of mushroom soup in a crockpot. Brown 1-1/2 to 2lb ground meet in a pan and drain the grease. When the velveta and soup is melted and all mix in the ground meet. Stir the cheese as it is melting so it isnt all stuck to bottom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's engineering. The grip was cut to accept Glock 19 magazines so you lose the spot where your pinky rests. Drove me nuts. If it was reliable then I might have accepted it. But the rifle is cheaply made, unreliable and doesn't inspire trust. The Ruger PCC is the complete opposite.
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    Uhhh Hamburger Helper? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys, here's an update. I went to my local police department this morning and asked to speak to the detective. He immediately asked me if I received his call this morning, which I didn't for some strange reason, but he said that he was calling because he wanted to ask me a few questions about my application. I told him that I came in to bring something to his attention on my application, and when I read the question that I was concerned about, he said that was one of the reasons he tried to call me this morning. He said that legally I answered the question correctly - i was NOT adjudged a juvenile delinquent, but the case did come up and he wanted me to explain what happened. I told him the story and he accepted it. The second issue was regarding a psychiatrist that I was seeing for some years - the detective called that doctor to ask about the reasons I was seeing him, and when meeting with me today he wanted to make sure my story matched up, which it did. I also had to get a note from that Dr at the time of handing in my application saying that I am mentally capable of owning firearms (which I did) After all was said and done, he mentioned that he was glad I came in to try and clear up this issue before the issue got to me, and he thought it was a good thing to do, so it all went well. He said he's going to send my papers over to the chief and get back to me soon. I'm assuming at this point I should be in the clear? Background checks done and all?
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    Few things, good on you for taking the criticism on holster pricing and amending the policy/pricing. It takes a lot to actually do something other than just putting defenses up. I go to your range to shoot and even bought my first firearm from you. Your RO's are great and even helped me zero a scope that was way off. However, the ammo pricing, yeesh. I only buy online because you're the closest range and charge an arm and a leg for the stuff.
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    That phrase is more than beat-up by the media and in know way do I mean it in any trivial context. That said, it is a home away from home. If this business is to fail, my legacy and my partners legacy and all of our lives savings go right in the crapper. It is more than just about insurance or guns. If you have a unique business that is always under the microscope, well things like this hurt and can make sleeping at night not so fun. It is personal!
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    Sure you are entitled to an educated opinion, but as well am I. For you to say this is just inanimate objects, well that is just shallow. I spend over 50 hours a week in this building, my young children come here, it is like a second home to me and my partners. We were the first gun range in NJ in over 30 years. It is truly our home away from home, and thusly we cherish it as such. If you have any idea of the disgust that is felt when someone burglarizes what you feel is a save haven, well then maybe you would understand that it is NOT just insured STUFF. Having been a cop and having witnessed the pain of victimization through many years has more than hardened me to such things, but do not take it upon yourself to trivialize our situation.
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    Welcome to the world of Kel-Tec, half the gun culture hates them because their junk and the other half loves their value and enginuitty.
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    If you shit, it'll take longer. Depending on how poopy it comes out.
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    A duck is not a duck when you get arrested for possession of said duck, and your attorney successfully argues in court that it's legal to possess that particular type of duck.
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    I’m gonna be wrong about this, but I think you need at least 1 gal per day per person of potable water
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    As long as it's legal in NJ and you could otherwise legally posses it, you are good. If I inherit a firearm what must I do? Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3j, a firearm purchaser identification card and/or a handgun purchase permit shall not be required for the passing of a firearm upon the death of an owner thereof to his/her heir or legatee, whether the same by testamentary bequest or by the laws of intestacy. The firearm must be legal to possess in New Jersey and the person receiving the firearm shall not be prohibited by N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3c before receiving the firearm. If the heir or legatee does not qualify to acquire and possess the firearm, then ownership may be retained for a period not to exceed 180 days provided the firearm is transferred to the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality or the superintendent during such period. Also, don't register them.
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    I generally reload 500 rds at a time for pistol, less for rifle. I kind of know what loads work for me after about 45 years. I found some 357 Ioaded in 1978. 40 years old and it shot as good now as it did when it was first loaded.
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    You shouldn't need papers from the state to exercise Constitutional Rights. Next is the state requiring papers to travel within it. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    The important thing is how it self identifies...

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