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    Nothing like stuffing ammo and 1OZ liquor bottles in Easter Eggs, had to add 2in to large eggs with poster board to fit liquor bottles in.
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    changed to a Magpul stock.. and added the Trijicon that Amazon gifted me..
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    Troegs Perpetual IPA for me today
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    Send your kids out to find the eggs you didn't hide. Dave
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    This week on GFHR #357 Rob Bermudez aka the Gun Rally Agitator and BurgerSupremeJC.com in the house. Find out what you missed the 26th https://gunforhire.com/blog/2018/04/01/gun-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-357/
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    A la NY Safe act... VT 2A groups are going to tie this up in courts... just like ANJRPC is going to do here in NJ. The turnout for the Magpul Air drop looked amazing.
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    Maybe that space station will hit dc or Trenton Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also remember that Serena DiMaso of the 13th voted NO so we need to support her. We need a primary challenger to Handlin. Our US Congressman Chris Smith also supports the federal AWB and voted against carry reciprocity so he also has to go.
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    They should bring Back Archie Bunker, remember this 2a episode
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    Went ahead and ordered a GRS stock for my Tikka t3.
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    Cool piece of military History.Good luck with the sale.
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    Hmm.. what the spf equivalent of giving something away? CPC = Claimed Pending Compatibility, I guess....
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    We don't need only 2,000 gun owners to show up and get free magazines, that won't do anything. We need a coordinated, statewide handout of 15 rd mags to not just gun owners but anyone who supports the cause. Here, take this plastic thing today and be a felon tomorrow. See the ridiculousness?
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    Mayben got first dibs, on hold pending pickup.
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    If the Constitution was meant to be viewed as anything but the original intent the founding fathers would have made that clear. They spent much time debating and writing it. This was done so it what was written would stand the test of time. They included an option to make changes through Amendments. So I think AVB and his buddies should petition their leaders to include Repeal The Second as part of their national party platform. Can use #Repeal2nd. Please do it. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    These additional "gun" laws are nothing more than political retribution. The new bills do nothing to keep the public safer - they are just punishing people that are not Democrats. From my observation the vast majority of firearms owners in NJ tend to be non-Democrat, not all but at least 90% plus. By punishing law abiding firearms owners (the opponent) they hope that some of them might decide to just leave NJ for more firearm friendly states - decreasing the number of those that might vote against them, therefore cementing political power. This whole magazine limit (especially with no grandfather clause) is political vindictiveness disguised as "public safety". Its all politically motivated, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Sadly the rest will drop to their knees. I’ve avoided this forum all week because I am sick of seeing the lack of fight. You know what they did in Colorado when they went to 15? Nothing. So yes they will be worthless when NJ passes their latest tyrannous laws, because the only state that will then be 15 will be Colorado, and they won’t buy them because they buy standard capacity 30 rounders disassembled in their LGS. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    If your going to try and do it that way, get one pre-drilled. But fair warning, I have fixed a ton of home attempts.
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    I don’t think anyone is saying to wear them around your neck to ShopRite. But just keep them. P.S. I’m glad I didn’t go to school with you.
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    I can’t wait for the NJ version. It will look like Berlin in late 1948.
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    Bored last night. Built this a out of stuff laying around. 14.5" barrel 5.56 Pro Comp brake pin and weld Low profile one piece gas block SLR 12.5 M-lock Angled foregrip Magpul Aluminum 11 slot M-lock Picatinny rail FA BCG Magpul Mbus flip ups Aero stripped lower LWRC trigger guard BCM Gun Fighter Ambi charging handle Standard LPK (missing the buffer retainer spring!!! Grrrr! Had a spare with a stainless retainer too) Ambi safety (timber Creek) Ambi mag release (LJS AR Parts) QD ring Mill spec buffer/Tube (Midwest PX) AEON Tac LWB stock (Rainier Arms) Magpul grip Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    I have a free solution... I will not comply.
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    Btw if anyone happens to be in VT tomorrow, Magpul and recoil are giving away 1200 pmags in front of the statehouse starting at 2pm. Because fk you, that's why http://www.recoilweb.com/free-pmags-to-be-given-away-in-vermont-to-oppose-gun-control-bill-136138.html Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    This is very thought-provoking and why I go everywhere with some sort of gun shirt on. Today I wore my Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays long sleeve sweatshirt that CNJFO had printed and gave-away at a fall fundraiser to every participant. Guy in line behind me at the bakery to pick-up Polish babka & rye bread for Easter strikes-up a conversation about shooting, how he likes LVSC too, his service in Vietnam, what guns he has, etc. AS THE ENTIRE STORE LISTENS-IN! Neither of us are shit-scared or worried what others think at this point in our lives, and we're tired of hiding our love of the outdoors, and shooting in particular! What NJ needs is more gun owners like ME & Bobka Guy. Normal folks just out on a Good Friday doing errands (yes I married a Polish Roman Catholic almost 35 years ago, so I stand in line for babka)! My bank knows I'm a gun owner. My neighbors know I'm a gun owner. Every window clerk at the Post Office knows I'm a gun owner. My barber knows I'm a gun owner. The Deli's I frequent know I'm a gun owner. Every girl that works at the bagel joint in town knows I'm a gun owner. The town Cops know I'm a gun owner (9-11 I was lookin' for crop dusters w/ my Garand in my backyard & cops told me to shoot them first & THEN call it in on a land line!). So I do my part on a daily basis to change minds, disrupt the left's narrative, hold enlightening conversations with folks from all walks of life, and just be myself! All while wearing "conversation starters"! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Happy Easter one & all! Rosey
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    Found two today. One in my parking lot and the other one i found living in my lean to garage.
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    Rosie, that's good enough for me. If you commit to be there I will be there with camera again
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    They might as well just stop beating around the bush and make one law that completely outlaws all guns in NJ.. since that’s what they’re aiming for. Unbelievable. To think that Murphy and his liberals have only been in charge for 2 months.. going to be a longgg next few years for us. No guns, but at least we’ll have a sanctuary state. Remember, “Diversity is our strength”. ......
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    All handguns will be illegal in the socialist people's republic of New Jermany because all reasonable people KNOW that they are just sawed off assault weapons
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    Yes, I'm new, but back in 2013, did they have hysterical teenagers marching in cities across the country, and did NJ have dickhead Murphy ready to sign ANYTHING?
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    So what about the last 300 years was unforeseeable in your view? Leonardo Da Vinci foresaw flying vehicles, cars, robots, massive population explosion, medical advancements, war machines, tanks, and a myriad of other things centuries before the founders were around. All of the founding fathers were well read and familiar with history, philosophy, warfare and technologic advancement principals. Many were renaissance men in their own right, inventors and scholars. They might be amazed at computers and information tech from now but I doubt they didn't think about multi-shot weapons. Many of them had pepper boxes and other multi-shot weapons at the time and in their lifetimes they saw massive military weapons innovation as well as the invention of the printing press and the beginnings of the industrial revolution in Europe, (though it did take 50 years more to get in full swing in the US) I always wonder when people say the founding fathers couldn't foresee the modern world. People hundreds of years before them saw a lot of what we have in the modern world, why act as if they were incapable of seeing where at least some advancements would come in. If anything, war and communications advancements were the most obvious areas to figure out. So maybe they couldn't foresee the rise of internet news outlets like CNN and MSNBC or something like a Facebook and Amazon but they understood the press and commerce very well and it's not a stretch to say the ideas they had way back then can be applied to new media and internet commerce without a whole lot of "interperetation" needed. There might be some specific instances that the founders were unaware of as a potential issue or maybe just didn't bother to expand on, like same sex marriage but even that is not too tough to figure out from a constitutional standpoint. It's listed no where that the federal government has any authority over any marriage. Authority falls to the state unless the people of the state got it passed into law that the state has no authority over it or the state simply has no inclination to create law around it. If multiple states have conflicting laws, the Federal government and Judicial system have tools to deal with that, though to date no one seems inclined to really solve that particular issue but it's not because they don't have the tools or guidance to do so, it's politics stopping it. So again, the SC must take the Constitution and apply it to modern situations but there's very little that requires "interpretation", just a determination of what parts apply to the case in front of them and exactly how. If no parts do then it's simply not a federal case unless it is a conflict between the states of something they don't have federal authority over or something regarding foreign entities. I remember reading something like half the SCs workload is working with the Native American tribes with issues in conflict with the US. Some more thoughts... -Jim
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No, because nobody knows what is going to happen. So, yeah, I WILL NOT COMPLY I will continue to do what I do.
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    I would really like to announce and Thank Mrs. Peel for joining the ranks of a fellow moderator. I needed a fresh set of eyes and help with keeping up with all the threads on here as of late. Nick does a great job of helping me, but as of late, it has been tough to keep up with.... I have no doubt with Mrs. Peel's help..... we can make this into an even more enjoyable forum then it already is.... To everyone that has PM'd me as of late asking for the forum to get back under control on certain subjects..... All I can say is, we will try.... To remind everyone..... This forum was built as designed for the Hobby/Sport of Firearm ownership.... The Main sections of the forum will continue to be about that..... I have moved the Gun Law stuff to its own section on the Main page..... It is simply divided between Current and Pending Gun Law Discussion. I know some threads will have political subjects..... they will be tolerated when dealing with the law itself.... ALL other political posts WILL be moved to the 1A section. If we move a thread into the 1A section, it is NOT punishment. It allows you to freely discuss a subject without Search Engines finding the thread and exposing us in an unfriendly light to the Anti crowd. As far as the PG-13 aspect of the Main Forum...... This is how the Owner of the forum and I want it to be..... IF you do not agree with it, that is your right. But it will not change how I run this forum. I will continue to try and make the Main areas of the forum open and available to all members to feel free to ask questions and gain knowledge of this hobby/sport we are all so passionate about. I know this is a tough time for all of us..... but fighting amongst each other will get us nowhere ...... keep it civil and keep your minds open to other trains of thought....
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    Glenmorangie 10 Macallan 21 Ramstein Golden
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    Four Roses single barrel bourbon in a dirty glass.

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