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    I didn’t see another thread about it If it’s a dupe sorry Congrats @Smokin .50 Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal to receive NRA-ILA Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award
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    So ive been down here in nc for the last few days. Dropping my daughter off at college. First year. Elon university. We stayed a few days at carolina beach. Marriott on the ocean with a balcony. Thank you to my wifes cousin jay for employee discount. Anyway. Its nice to see people open carry when were out and about at night. At first the wife was like wtf. But then she realised after a talking to about the difference of the NE and the rest of the states. I have my nh ccw so i ccw’d my vp9. In nc you can open carry with no permit. Res or non res i was told. I talked to 2 guys open carrying. Advised them (they weren’t from nc). Get your nh ccw permit so not to open carry. I dont think open carry is a beneficial thing. So yeah. Freedom is what it is down here. Got with a realator. 45 acres. 35 acres currently in silage production. 1900 sq ft cape cod type house built in 2001. 9 trailer home rentals on the property. Income of +-3k a month. 1acre pond with pond house and dock. 335k. Property taxes. 1591$ a year. I liked it but i want more towards 80-100 acres. So were still looking. I have 5 years before my second one is off to college. Its a no brainer. There a shit ton off restaurants down here and every store you could imagine. My retirement is getting closer.
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    Congrats rosey. Just got the email. You well deserve it. You and your peeps.
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    I’m not the one proposing to let someone else sneak into our house while we are out and leave flower pedals for my wife. Should I offer them my WiFi password for the nannycam too?
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    You get a call from your wife who has your beloved dog at the vet and they discuss putting her down. It seems she may have a brain tumor, it was tough to get the info from her as she was hysterical, but I need to process this. I’m not one to post these things looking for internet sympathy but I’ll be devastated if this goes the wrong way. I can’t keep the tears back already at the thought of her being put down. The last time I did this was three years ago with one of my boxers and I still cry every time that dog’s name comes up in conversation. 5.5 year old bullmastiff who loves people like nothing I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong she’s full on Bullmastiff and if things get rough she starts shoving around, it’s instinctual and actually fun to watch.
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    I can't believe I am on this forum trying to convince people not to incriminate themselves, . I am done with this argument!
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    I absolutely believe the police know they have much more important things to do than go out of their way to look for 11+ round magazines. I also believe that Governor Gopher can't wait to hold a press conference, preferably at an elementary school, so he can stand behind a table full of 11+ round mags and brag about the success of his liberal agenda in getting these 'deadly weapons of war' off of the streets. And then it will suddenly become a priority for the police, at least until they have enough mags to fill the viewfinder of a News 12 TV camera.
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    Recently I spent a week in Townsend, TN/ Asheville NC and I gotta tell you, it was hard coming back to this.
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    She'd rather have that trail of roses lead to a pile of diamonds and jewelry. Baby steps... Exactly.. Her hobby starts with her Kohl's, Target, Chico's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy's credit cards.. She has zero interest, she says that's what I'm here for... Apparently I'm the disposable one and first line of defense... Now, that makes the most sense of all, it could really create a monster... hmmmm..... On second thought, "Hey honey, the new Kohl's flyer just arrived...."
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    I will not comply and all my mags are at my ex-wife’s house.
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    Just trying to be a nice husband. I've tried to get her to come to the range, but she said no way, enjoy your hobby by yourself. OK, so to try and get her interested with something not as lethal as a firearm, I bought her a crossbow, as a "starter" present. Nope, she's not interested... not even a thank you for thinking about her... So, now I went and bought her first "Assault" carbine, thinking this might stir up her interest... Her response, "I think I need to take you for a CT scan of your brain"... How's that for gratitude?? Here's what I bought her... (she always complains about the flies outside during a barbecue). Nice, isn't it?
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    We almost relocated to NC about 10 years ago. Wife has the degrees. Lol. It didn't work out but we visited some great areas. Great value on houses and property but schools lacked and finding work for me may have been an issue. It was in the country. Lol. Think it was Asheboro or Asheville. Bible country. Lol. Town was dead quiet on a Saturday night. Maybe it was a dry county. Not sure. Regardless... GB, best of luck in your search. Get some land so you can stretch some rounds. I'll come down in the fall and fill your freezer with venison. Lol. Congrats on your daughters success/path. Nick
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    So sorry to hear that. We get so attached to our dogs that it's incredibly painful when we lose them. If you don't mind a slightly lighter note, one time many years ago we had our cat and dog put down on the same day. My wife was sitting in a diner with a friend, crying her eyes out. A helpful, elderly gentleman approached her, and asked, "What's the matter, honey?" She told him, "I lost my dog and cat today." With the sincere intention of wanting to help her feel better, he said, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find them."
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    Man that sucks. Sorry to read that. I hope it works out. I like dogs more than people. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Here’s my normal greeting. That’s a King Kong oversized tennis ball. It’s nearly the size of softball.
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    yes to murder. there is no need for new laws, 'cause if you knocked him out, and he died, then you killed him, now didn't ya? not you personally....you know what i mean....
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    Also a Happy Birthday to Rosey Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Whoa how did I miss this? Well I actually had to go to work the last couple weeks, that’s over for the rest of the summer. It’s bad ass, of course, but who’s the good looking dude test firing @Bully ‘s rifle? That thing looks great and I was unsure on the stock at first but think it looks great now.
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    When/where I lived in Independence Twp, (Warren County) the initial FPID + 2 P2P's took 23 calendar days. Two subsequent requests for 2 P2Ps took 16 calendar days, each. Very efficient... very courteous.
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    I'm not scared of the Boogeyman. Im talking about the idiots on here who blow their FID application by putting down that they got prescribed something a decade ago, or the ones freaking out about the magazine limits when it's pretty obvious what everyone should do.
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    If you have never done it, you may feel more comfortable having a LGS set it up for you. But, there's no real mystery to mounting a scope. You have to learn eventually. Try doing it yourself, being careful not to bugger up screw heads or strip threads. If you can't get it right, then bring it to a smith.
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    It's far from anonymous when user records are subpoenaed...... you think 'ownership' is going to fight that release?
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    But did you teach her everything YOU know? From what I see, most likely you did, and she's still kicking your arse on the range.
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    OMG, thanks! I enjoyed a good laugh over that one.
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    Have you considered enrolling her in some self defense classes? I'm sure she will come to realize that if there ever was a physical threat that a firearm would be the best option. Regards, TokenEntry
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    I taught her everything Everything she knows.period
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    Or that! That works, too. Of course, before you go down either of these paths, you might want to sit down and have a beer with Zeke. He can prep you for the nagging self-doubts that set in once the wife that you eagerly wooed into the shooting sports... is now not only blowing through more ammo than you, but often outshooting you, too! Double-ouch.
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    Voyager - for the love of god, listen to @lilred121986 - he is a clearly a man who understands the underlying strategy of wooing - you've been doing it all wrong!
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    Yes is it not great we can only have free speech when we hide it in the dark recesses of a back room. Why do people get so bent when people tell you how they really feel as opposed to hiding how they feel. That is what is wrong with society today.
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    That should have been the first paragraph in the article. The fact that this business leaves those animals alone overnight is intolerable. Knowing they didn’t make plans given the weather and flooding risk is negligence.
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    Do whatever you want. You want to give the AG PC for a warrant, be my guest.
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    Do you mean Turban man?? Oops, the cops are knocking on my door now!! Lmao. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I will not comply. Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk
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    If I still lived in Hell Hole NJ, I would keep my 15s and SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Gawdamighty some of you are complete dumbfucks when it comes to broadcasting stuff you should SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT.
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    Glamour shots. Range trip tomorrow.
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    I sold all my 15 rounders and used the money to buy 30 rounders. Go big or go home.
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    Another good reason to never get into a fight. One should avoid anti-social confrontations at all costs, but should be prepared to defend oneself with ruthless violence if faced with the threat of death or serious bodily harm.
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    One evening, after the honeymoon, Tom was working on his guns in the garage. His new wife was standing there by the bench watching him. After a long period of silence she finally said, "Honey, I've just been thinking, now that we are married, maybe it's time you quit spending so much of your time out here in your garage. You probably should also consider selling your gun collection and that reloading equipment. Tom got a horrified look on his face. She said, "Darling, what's wrong?" He replied, "There for a minute, you were starting to sound like my ex-wife." "Ex-wife!?" she screamed, "YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE MARRIED BEFORE!" Tom replied, " I wasn't
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    you didn't go for a mental or psychiatric problem so the answer is a big NO. what medication you may have been prescribed has NOTHING to do with anything. I am prescribed a medication for diabetic nerve pain that is also prescribed for depression and shit like that, NONE of their friggen business why I take it. When the investigating officer has an DR in front of his name or a MD following his name he "might " be able to tell why you were prescribed that med, until than he is NO position to ask ANY medical questions . unless there is something other answer NO. far too many people have been caught up with this question 26, the general rule of thumb is unless a judge ordered you confined ( something you would know ) than NO. it costs thousands and thousands of dollars if you answer yes,

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