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    It's basically a custom built .223 Yugo AK that takes AR mag's. It takes a little getting used to shooting but it's more of a "fun gun". She definitely makes a big boom...especially indoors. Great meeting you, Jmich!
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    Other than anyone who already talked to me, again just verifying if there is anyone who would NOT like their photos posted. I'm quickly looking through em now, will wait til tomorrow afternoon/evening before posting just in case. PM me and let me know.
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    Hey all pleasure meeting everyone yesterday. Nate (the Facebook guy)
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    I've accumulated six Colt Snake Guns over the years, and am looking for the seventh. It seems that the Boa currently goes for over ten grand. I guess I'll have to wait awhile for that one.
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    Hey @JMich3 , thanks again for letting me shoot the VP9LE! Definitely the most comfortable handgun I've shot in a while! Muzzle barely moved, I was surprised for a lightweight polymer framed handgun. So after doing some research on it since it will most likely be using a permit soon, I found a new model just released last month. The VP9B, which has a standard push-button mag release. The paddle, although takes some getting used to, didn't bother me much in yours but the fact that they released a button mag release may have me ordering a new one. [/url]
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    You missed my point. MacDonald affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is a personal right and was incorporated against the states. That means states MUST adhere to this. But yet we still have to ask permission, get permits, pay not insignificant fees to exercise that right. NJ refuses to follow the law. So what makes you think a new SCOTUS decision will have any affect?
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    Hey all I was at the meet and shoot Oct 21s. It was great meeting everyone. Nate
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    "Been almost 9 years" You guys keep referencing the past, and a SCOTUS that never had the majority need for change. Why do you think the current SCOTUS would deny these cases? They took up Heller in those 9 years, what makes you think they won't proceed with the majority vote now?
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    Damnnnnn, what an awesome pic! Thanks for that! And what a fun night it was. Bunch of good people getting together to share laughs, conversation, and guns...hell yeah! Big thanks to Troy and anyone else involved in organizing it, RTSP ans CNJFO, you did a great job. It was nice seeing not only the usual faces but new ones as well! I may see if my local indoor range would be open to doing something like this maybe in December or January. I feel like these meet ups are never often enough!
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    I might have to break out my hand thrower from storage.... [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    problem is, you're still helping them recoup some of the cost. better for inventory to NEVER be sold, as it's a 100% loss then.
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    I certainly had a great time. Thanks to all of the organizers, and to everyone who let me test fire the toys they brought!
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    Great to meet you guys and put a face with a name. Great Job by all involved making it happen. Would definitely do it again, maybe even bi-annually, once up North and once South to make it easy for all to attend.
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    Thanks! Let me know if you ever want to come up, I'll meet up with you and take you to some good spots. Just be ready for a very tough uphill hike!
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    Native Idahoans have no accent. Our purity of diction is the reference standard against which all other English speakers are judged.
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    In all probability I'll be there. I can bring my Beretta Yout Model (YES, it's so inscribed right outta "My Cousin Vinny") 20 ga. gas operated semi. Around the same size as the Mossberg Bantam but less recoil since it's a gas gun Sandy Muldoon borrowed it to hunt pheasants with CNJFO a while back. She's 4' 11" and needs a Youth Model. Nick & Alex the Sane were both on this squad too
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    Unfortunately there are no cheap .410 shells. anything $10 to $12 a box is cheap.
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    If it helps, when my wife isnt shooting it, I'll usually mess around with it for a few double sets!
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    You're probably right. I've been over there a few times this year with some friends also but not in my favorite shooting months of Sept and Ouct though. I'll have a bright pink camo 20ga bantam haha. I think there's 1 extension pad installed on the buttstock.
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    No. NJ Law specifically states "Machine gun" means any firearm, mechanism or instrument not requiring that the trigger be pressed for each shot. which means that if you fire more than 1 shot per press, (shot on release a la binary), it's a MG in NJ law.
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    so, is this binary trigger NJ legal? the AK platform is on pre-sale now.
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    This is all true. 223/5.56 is more sensitive to wind but if you're shooting longer ranges you need to learn this. Buying the rifle is one thing. One generally spends a lot more on ammo than the gun you shoot it in. The money saved learning on a 223/5.56 at 2-300 yards vs using a 308 can defray the cost of a larger caliber rifle. The fact is you need to learn to shoot at 2-300 yds before you shoot farther.
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    I think the caliber discussion is a good one. I decided on a .308 for my build, but when I was looking into it I was surprised at how close things were between .223 and .308 at shorter distances: I eventually want to shoot out to 1000 yards, so the performances differences are a bit greater out there: I think I'll eventually build a gun in .223 and one in 300 win mag...just to cover my bases...
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    So NJ's "all firearm possesion is illegal except.... " is a direct contradiction to Scotus's the right to keep and bear arms is a personal right. Unless you think that NJ has the authority to outlaw a right. Free Ids to vote is burdensome but >$100 to jump through the fingerprinting, background checks, FPID and permit fees, is okay. Lets not forget that NICS is free, but NJs check cost money. Since NJ doesn't have the power to overide US constution, and NJ's entire gun law is based on the "illegal except" premise. NJ's entire law as written is unconstitional. But yet it stll stands. Why?
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    I did not know either until the other day when I shot a grey and a brown. Now I want to collect a tail from all the variations. Lol. After hunting grouse with my buddy's dog I am now on the hunt for a reputable vizsla breeder near me to get on a list for a spring puppy. Pheasants are hard enough to hunt without a dog but grouse are really hard to hunt without a dog. Then it's near impossable to find them once you down one!
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    Saturdays are tough with work and kids sports...i am a maybe as of now. If i come i have a thrower and 3 boxes of clays
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    I got out of Grand Jury... so prefer this over driving to Trenton each week. Remember, I’m not a plumber. I just help keep a plumbing company going. [emoji6]
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    Our group has no dictator. You can see half the group are Admin right now. It's what gunboards claimed to be for collectors by collectors. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    If you're shooting paper or soft targets 2-300 yards 5.56 will do fine . You can get the 308 for the same cost but ammo prices are about double.
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    You should see @Fzaetz's manual thrower on a stick... man that thing whips 'em at amazing speeds.
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    @Ms. 12 Gauge is the expert. Though after using one for more than a few minutes, I certainly want my own spring or electric thrower.
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    I have to work that weekend, I’ll see what I can do... -Jim
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    Any room for a new guy? I have my own 870, hand thrower , clays +ammo, eyes & ears!
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    Not sure, but just so everyone knows screen name is a car theme.
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    Yeah that question on the 4473 I'd be able to answer honestly and unmistakably as no which is why it would seem like many people that aren't eligible in the state of NJ or who would be questioned would be fine in most other states where it's just a nics background check.
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    @Displaced Texan you’re gonna run out of excuses; quickly @Mrs. Peel @Ms. 12 Gauge?
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    I like all my nephews no favorites. I asked one of my grand daughters when she was 3 if she was going to be good. She responded, "I'm not good, I'm funny". That's okay all Mrs Tex need bring is her grace and charm!!!
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    fucking IN! With thrower. possibly with kid. depends on if he's feeling his pre-teen asshole oats that week.
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    OK we need you down south not up north.... We are being invaded.
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    I would talk this over with your mental health professional. If they are going to be contacted you might want to know what they will recommend before bothering.
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    https://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/sts-033.pdf https://www.njsp.org/info/pdf/firearms/sp-066.pdf In regards to the investigation, read the second form. It states that it is done to verify the information you give on the application. Now, read the first form, and carefully look over questions 21 through 26. Nobody here can answer these for you, but be clear with the use of “or” in that question. Any questions, probably worth a call to the NJSP Firearms Unit for clarification... but you can also ask the doctor treating you, since he is more familiar with your history. “Have you ever been attended, treated or observed by any doctor or psychiatrist or at any hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis for any mental or psychiatric condition? If yes, give the name and location of the doctor, psychiatrist, hospital or institution and the date(s) of such occurrence.” Is social anxiety a mental/psychiatric condition? If so, you have to put yes on the application, and give the doctor treating you. Not doing so, you are committing a third degree crime, as mentioned below where your signature goes. A yes answer doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the FID, but it will be investigated to confirm you aren’t a danger to yourself or others. Sorry if that isn’t the answer you want, but asking us whether or not you’ll get the FID is not something we can really answer. If you are denied, and get things squared away to reapply, you will have to note you were denied on question 27, with dates. Also, question 26 is a question that covers your entire life. Even if in a year you stop seeing your doctor and everything is going great, you still must answer yes and give his info. Again, falsifying an application is a crime... and if you list it as a no when it should have been yes... you definitely are not getting a FID.
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    The Ruger American is an excellent option. This is one is chambered in 7.62x39mm but there are .556, 450 Bushmaster and I believe a 6.8 SPC as well. Great gun for under 500 bucks.
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    The Mossberg MVP is an inexpensive option and a good choice if you want a 5.56 BA. It’s as accurate as you’ll ever need it to be. The bolt is a little sloppy but that’s just how it’s designed. Comes in a bunch of configurations. The reason I bought it was simply to have a BA that was inexpensive to shoot, accurate out of the box and didn’t require I drag another caliber ammo around. I have nothing but good stuff to say about it.
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    It's only a Mark IV frame with a Python barrel. Nothing special, but rare.
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    SEX life! You’ll get your wind and endurance back.... Now that you won’t stink of cigarettes, you mlight need that wind and endurance.

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