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    Yep. And all while protecting thousands of violent illegal aliens.
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    Here's a great comment posted at that link that really sums it up: ...."Here is the exact example of government turning its citizens into criminals just by passing laws that on one day you are not a criminal and the next you are, and the only thing you did was get up take a shower, go to work to support you and your family, like you do every day, but now through one political parties goals of disarming its citizens today you get up take a shower, go to work to support you and your family but at the end of your work day through political legislation you are now a criminal, not just a criminal but a felon. Please explain to me how is it we have a political system that can make criminals out of normal everyday citizens because they want to. This should be illegal to be able to do altogether. "
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    Here is good example of how prohibiting the private ownership of guns has contributed to the problems in Venezuela. Venezuelans drank the Kool Aid and felt they didn't need to protect themselves from their socialist government. Now they are paying for it. https://www.foxnews.com/world/venezuelans-regret-gun-prohibition-we-could-have-defended-ourselves Got that @Greenday? The problems in Venezuela were not caused by the US. They were caused by the people embracing socialism.
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    lol this is NJ ... are you really questioning the logic behind what NJ does? Nothing in NJ is logical, its run by gophers and blind midgets (no offense to gophers and blind midgets ) You used to live here didnt you?, you should know better than that
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    Glad Flake is going. He's a self described globalist and definitely part of the problem in the swamp.
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    Howdy y’all! There are a few of you out there who enjoy my cooking threads, so I thought I’d share this with you. This is something completely new for me, and, it’s kinda neat, and I thought y’all might like it! Many years ago, our annual family trip took us to colonial Williamsburg for a few days. I got to see and learn quite a bit about how they did things back then. I found all of it interesting, especially how they preserved meat. As part of the behind the scenes cooking seminar we took, I sampled a ham that was dry cured well over 150 years ago. It was absolutely amazing...! I have always wanted to try curing my own meat, but never got around to it. Recently, I ran across an article on how to dry cure a duck breast....well, I LOVE seared duck breast, so I thought this might be tasty! Best part...it’s easy! I had a few duck breasts in the freezer already, so I figured I’d give it a try! Keep in mind, there are no immediate results when you dry cure meat, it takes time...so hang with me (pun intended). I thawed a couple of duck breasts out and patted them dry with paper towels. The article said to leave the skin (and of course, the lovely duck fat) intact. I used 1 1/2 cups of coarse kosher salt per duck breast. To this, I added some ground thyme and rosemary, about 2 tsp per breast. You can use fresh herbs, but I didn’t have any on hand. Mix the salt and the herbs, and coat the duck breast in the salt mixture. Place the salt mixture in a plastic zip lock bag, and put the breast in it. Remove all the air, and seal it up. Stick it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. After the breast has sat in the salt mixture for at least 24 hours, take it out of the bag and rinse the salt off of it. You’ll see that the breast has already lost a lot of moisture, and is much more dense. Pat the meat dry, then coarse grind some black pepper on both sides. With your fingertips, kinda push the pepper into the skin. Wrap the breast in either muslin or cheesecloth, tie it off at both ends, and hang it in a cool, dry place. You can hang this in your refrigerator (that’s what I did). Most dry cure recipes I have read say that you are supposed to weigh the meat before curing, and when it’s lost at least 30% of its original weight, you’re good to go. This particular recipe said because this is a rather small piece of meat, weighing it should not be a concern, that it will be properly cured after a week. I just put my duck breasts into the refrigerator yesterday, so we have a week to wait. To show you what it’s supposed to look like, I’ve posted a pic of the cured duck from the article I read. The meat is supposed to be sliced thin, as it should be a bit salty, and bold flavored, kind of like a prosciutto. I can think of a number of ways to serve this, but I think I’ll keep it simple and try it with a nice cheese platter. We’ll check on the duck in a week, and see how it looks!
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    Well there it is folks. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Judge Thomas Vanaski today announced his retirement from the 3rd circuit effective Jan 2. With Bibas (I told you all he's a good one) and Porter safely installed and with Matey on deck as soon as the Jeff flake blockade is ended, this means that for the very first time, there will be a CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY on the 3rd circuit. Vanaski was an obama appointee and his retirement is rather shocking. This is the best news you'll hear all year.
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    with all due respect.. its already happening.. as you are slowly exposed to something painful in tiny increments.. it sucks.. but you endure it.. because its small relative to the giant picture.. but then suddenly you come to the realization that you have been slowly worn away.. for years.. decade.. and well at that point there is nothing left.. gun control is only a small piece.. but its significant because its a good illustration of the absurdity of our society.. we take a right... and we put stipulation after stipulation on to it.. in the name of "safety" in the name of the greater good.. when we all know killers.. gang bangers.. mass shooters.. they don't care about rule of law.. we know with complete certainty that only law abiding people follow law.. we know things like Columbine happened during the federal AWB... we know these rules that we accept have no reasonable merit.. especially when we consider they are in exchange for our freedom.. yet we swallow them.. we accept them.. because losing a third magazine capacity is not the end of the world.. after all people have jobs.. bills.. families.. they don't want to be put in jail.. so they comply.. or they hide.. whatever.. but the rules don't stop.. the irony is we are screwed no matter what the outcome.. magazine reduction to 10 rounds.. violent crime increases.. "its not enough we need more limits" violent crime decreases "look it worked we need more limits" no matter what the outcome.. the people bent on fundamentally changing the place that you call home will continue... they will grind and wear away at everything.. until there is nothing left.. this is not panic.. paranoia.. anything like that.. it is simple logic.. there is a serious rift in our nation.. where a good chunk of people do not want it to be America anymore.. at least the America we know... and if you think those people will get tired.. or back down.. you are mistaken.. my grandmother used to say "I am glad I am going out of this world".. the older I get.. the more I look around.. the more I understand what she meant.. people are really screwed up..
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    amen, I agree 1 million percent. absofkinglutely!!!!!!!!! I personally don't care what people do. You want to do drugs, do it and fk your life as I don't care but don't ask me to fund getting your life back together. I think gov't stops at the driveway for all things
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    If you’re old enough to die in service of our country, you should be able to vote, drink, smoke, vape, own firearms, marry. Etc We can’t have it one way
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    Too much. I'd expect less than 20 cents per round.
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    After the “blue wave” swept NJ, deer are now comfortable living a polyamorous lifestyle in the open. Stop judging their choices!
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    I believe that I am only required to follow the laws of my state and the buyers state when selling firearms.
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    not at all, no flaming as the double standard needs to stop. Cops are civilians, they are not parmilitary or a special class. They are public servants, civilians and citizens like the rest of us. There are great cops, bad cops and mediocre cops; just like every profession on the planet. I find it amazing that anyone would claim police should be exempt while the rest of us are not.
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    When I entered the US Navy, I swore an oath to my Country to defend her against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They never told me I was no longer held by that oath when I left the Navy! I never swore an oath to the State of New Jersey when I crossed that stupid bridge to move here 38 years ago! My oath to my Country and my Constitution STANDS! Venezuela will not happen here! There are WAY too many true Americans here that will never allow it!
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    Uncle @GRIZ why do you even try? I gave up on this kid
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    I did a lot of 'winning' with those in my 20's. But the absolute worst was the hangover from 2+ bottles of Andre's Cold Duck. I think that's what explains my adult fascination with quantum mechanics. All the smart cells were killed off. You know, like the slow caribou in the herd.
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    Not fake wine. Pairs well with Russian dressing...
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    And this, boys and girls, is why you don’t cut up your mags...
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    This just warms my heart... not sure how accurate it is or who they actually talked to, but hopefully the gun owners in the state are showing some testosterone, after all! New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- New Jersey's standard capacity magazine ban is now in effect making New Jersey's one million gun owners criminals in the eyes of the state. But in an act of mass definace, New Jersey residents refuse to comply. Residents of New Jersey on various message boards have called the magazine ban unenforceable. Some were going as far as laughing at Gov. Murphy and his attempt at regulating magazine size. AmmoLand reached out to several local police departments in New Jersey to see how they plan on enforcing the ban and what the turn in numbers have been? Much like the New Jersey State Police, none of these departments have a concrete plan on how to proactively enforce the ban and none had a single report of magazines turned over. Two sources from within the State Police, who spoke to AmmoLand on condition of anonymity, told AmmoLand News that they both do not know of any magazines turned over to their agency and doubted that any were turned in. All the local police departments that AmmoLand contacted stated that they have not had any magazines turned into them. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/12/new-jersey-magazine-ban-goes-into-effect/#ixzz5ZlOqfatS
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    If you have enough bank to buy ammo by the barrel, price per round means nothing.
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    Side note - LEOSA covers the actual firearm and ammunition. It does not cover magazines. If you are carrying under the LEOSA umbrella, you still have to abide by local magazine restrictions - unless you fall under FOPA - which covers everyone, LE or not - while traveling through.
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    Hey, what do you know, Bathhouse Barry has a convenient set of handles...
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    Oh boy... =) I do disagree with one main point in the article... " But in an act of mass definace, New Jersey residents refuse to comply." I rather think the more appropriate answer is.... "in an unplanned act of mass defiance due to the majority of gun owners unaware of the law."
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    You're right I should have known better. Now my Everyday Carry is an AR pistol in 300BO w/ 30 rd mag
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    Don't throw shade at me. I didn't have it before you took me on that camping trip.
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    Thank you. I suspected as much and agree with your discretion, I just wasn’t aware of his statement. Side note: He is from NJ (or has family here) and occasionally posts on this forum. I had less than stellar things to say about him here a while ago and he challenged me on it. Maks, Yeager is a buffoon.
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    On the way back, make a stop at Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters in Bordentown and say hi to Shyanne Roberts. From FB: Saturday December 22nd from 10:00am – 5:30pm Shy will be meeting and greeting and signing autographs at Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters. Visit and say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and pick up the perfect gifts for your family and friends of hunters and shooting sports men and women! Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters is New Jersey’s "Premier Hunting/Shooting Store". We Specialize EXCLUSIVELY in hunting and shooting sports. Shyanne Roberts, you may remember her from her 2013 testimony before the NJ Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee, debuting her Pro2A advocacy at the age of nine! She has since moved through Texas to settle in South Carolina, and continues her active role in promoting Youth Shooting Sports, Pro2A advocacy, actively competes in a variety of shooting sports, and is now enrolled in High School ROTC. Come say hello, Shy is a great medium to help introduce your family to the shooting sports. Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters 244 Route 130 Bordentown, NJ 08505 609-570-8430
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    in the 20th, each dictatorship started out from the leftist/socialist sphere. You do know this right?
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    I missed the opportunity to serve, in hindsight I wish I did. I appreciate all you guys stepping up and volunteering/serving. You're the true STARS of the country!!!
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    I saw that article, and was going to post it. Some key snips from the article that people HERE should think about: “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” Javier Vanegas, 28, a Venezuelan teacher of English now exiled in Ecuador, told Fox News. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.” (Does that sound familiar????) “Venezuelans didn’t care enough about it. The idea of having the means to protect your home was seen as only needed out in the fields. People never would have believed they needed to defend themselves against the government,” Vanegas explained. “Venezuelans evolved to always hope that our government would be non-tyrannical, non-violator of human rights, and would always have a good enough control of criminality.” (Didn't care enough about it... hmmmm) He said it didn’t take long for such a wide-eyed public perception to fall apart. “If guns had been a stronger part of our culture, if there had been a sense of duty for one to protect their individual rights, and as a show of force against a government power – and had legal carry been a common thing – it would have made a huge difference,” he lamented. (Closing the barn door AFTER the horse runs away....) “Venezuela shows the deadly peril when citizens are deprived of the means of resisting the depredations of a criminal government,” said David Kopel, (coming to a state near you... soon..) Luis Farias, 48, from Margarita, said that gun violence was indeed bad when guns were freely available for purchase. But it became much worse after the gun ban was passed. “Now the criminal mother is unleashed,” Farias said. “Trying to ban guns didn’t take guns off the streets. Nobody cares about the law; the criminals don’t care about the law.” (Murphy.... are you listening????) “Without a doubt, if there had been a balance of armed defense we could have stood up and stopped the oppression at the beginning,” he contended. “ (There's a lesson to be learned there...)
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    100% tasty Sonoma cab aged in French oak—20 bucks and drinks great https://www.wine-searcher.com/find/kenwood+jack+london+vineyard+cabernet+sauvignon/-/usa/usd
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    And THAT is why we need to have a magazine registration. This way, when you notify the Government that you disposed of your magazines, and shown a copy of your magazine permits... you will not need to fear that your high capacity assault clippazines will be used in a mass murder of innocent children and there will be no need for the police to knock down your door. /Liberal Before this gets posted on FB that I support it... this is SARCASM
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    This is going to turn into a 9 vs 45 debate. But seriously, nothing less than Opus 1 will do.
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    Australia does Malbecs well
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    Vlad's recollection is correct. And that's why I and others have mentioned that the only really effective tool against this stuff will be mass public civil disobedience. And I don't mean going underground and hoping you're not the one who gets caught. I mean heeding the words of Senator Spartacus and 'getting up in their face'. But the frogs are not at 212F yet.
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    Dude this is a gun forum, the only correct answer is BOTH! Yes your wife and or wallet may hate me but deep down inside you know I'm right
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    @Sniper A Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander in dress whites....I am honored Sir!
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    Save your money and buy a ticket out of this state.
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    Im not a lawyer, so don't quote me but pump and not semi auto means good to go? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

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