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    The state police should go door to door informing everyone it's called porkroll because there still allot of people who can't read the package apparently
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    A hangover. Bloody Mary and maybe a porkroll egg n cheese
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    State police and locals aren't coming around to do shit, unless you happen to be one of those few 'red flag' cases. Legislators on the other hand, will certainly try to screw us over further, by whatever methods they can. Dunno if anything will actually become law, but they will shotgun a slew of BS at us. What's this "constitution" you "gun nuts" keep talking about? Personally, hoping to go to a range and bring the new year in with a bang...(bang bang)
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    I wont be home then so thats not going to happen plus I have no idea what your talking about
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    Dems already run NJ. If you're referring to Congress yes the Dems are taking over. They're going to spend much of their time going after Trump. If they come up with any "gun safety" laws they have to get through the Republican Senate and signed by Trump. They don't have a big enough majority in the House to over ride a presidental veto and no majority in the Senate. Sleep easy but keep one eye open.
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    where are you from? the democrats have had control of the nj legislature for decades. don't post nonsense
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    ut oh...here comes the Taylor ham or pork roll debate again
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    Yes...... which stands out like a unicorn vs. your other 9942 posts....
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    This is my Stag model 2L. Real basic as I don't have the funds to upgrade it. I want to get a EOTech red dot with the 3X magnifier but that's expensive. Other than that, she's going to look pretty much stock. I have added a hogue grip (updated photo coming tomorrow) which feels so much better than the hard plastic grip that came with it.
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    What happens January 1st that would cause "the State Police to go door to door confiscating guns?" Did I miss something?
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    My former spouse knew very little, but enough to make gun ownership a marriage breaker issue and wanting then out of the house multiple times. My current fiance knows most of what i have in a generic sense. She hasn't gone shooting with me yet, but we are planning for the near future (the PA sgl's close at sunset, so that extra hour in the spring will help after work!). After several years of gun ownership tension, my current relationship is a relief. And she understands the purpose and need for defense, and how much more complicated it is in this state.
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    I've been in the one in union beach and they have some great runs during the summer. the pig roast is awesome
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    He’s gonna shoot a reindeer! Try and keep up dude
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    My wife is the same way. She just asked me to write down in each box what I think each one is worth so she knows if something happens to me . We really don't question what each of us spends. We're way past that point at this time
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    I am going to mount motorcycle battery to it, 330 CCA AGM I think it will go the distance and I do have solar battery charger panels that can be set up to run. I have a 3 amp panel with regulator that would be good to add if needed. Zeke yes good info. They have come out with the wobbler.
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    Yeah, I really dislike using the mobile access, via a browser.
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    You think FFL's telling people to vote helps? If thats the case then i helped plenty.... In the end its upto the customer to get off his ass and vote.
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    Didn't you tell us your generation was the best at using Google to search for information? Did you try searching for this information yourself? Try Google, it's really easy! https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/hntlicfe.htm
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    I don't know but a 1911 with 10mm for under 400 is a nice stocking stuffer:)
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    Kavanaugh isnt the pure conservative but his stance on guns is very good from what i've read. I agree that Roberts is who concerns me. His opinions during the heller and macdonald cases were very promising but after the health care ruling, my faith has forever been shaken.
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    Doing a build for my son, and I was stupid enouph to ask him what color he wants. Well, here it is
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    My baby has arrived! Stag Arms with Trinity Force furniture. Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot


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