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    The state police should go door to door informing everyone it's called porkroll because there still allot of people who can't read the package apparently
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    A hangover. Bloody Mary and maybe a porkroll egg n cheese
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    State police and locals aren't coming around to do shit, unless you happen to be one of those few 'red flag' cases. Legislators on the other hand, will certainly try to screw us over further, by whatever methods they can. Dunno if anything will actually become law, but they will shotgun a slew of BS at us. What's this "constitution" you "gun nuts" keep talking about? Personally, hoping to go to a range and bring the new year in with a bang...(bang bang)
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    I wont be home then so thats not going to happen plus I have no idea what your talking about
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    I'm having a 1911 built. Therefore, I'm back to being moderately interested in handguns again and think there should be a "safe" space for customized pistols to be show off without fear of bullying from any other fanboy club. What'cha got? Springfield Armory 1911A1 I did the trigger work, beavertail, hammer, stippling on top of the slide. I also added the magwell and blended it inside reasonably well. It's a beast. Shoots very well with my reloads. I need to mod the mag release as it beats my hand up a touch but beyond that it's just ducky.
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    I didn't respond to the poll but will answer the questions. My wife knew I had guns and liked the idea. Her participation in shooting was limited. She was very capable of engaging a target within 50' with a S&W Model 10. She didn't like semiautos. The simpler manual of arms with a revolver appealed to her. When I showed her how to use a speedloader she was impressed but said if she ran out of ammo she'd just go to another gun. Never had to sneak a gun in the house. Never had to lie about what I paid for a gun. I know different types of relationships work for different kinds of people. I never saw a need to have to "wear the pants". I had a wifeI saw a marriage as a joint relationship. We each had our own little kingdoms where we were the boss but just about everything was done together.
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    Does it bother anyone else that the 10 rd pmag costs more than the 30 rd pmag?
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    People will flip their calendars to 2019. See, that was a easy question!
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    Dems already run NJ. If you're referring to Congress yes the Dems are taking over. They're going to spend much of their time going after Trump. If they come up with any "gun safety" laws they have to get through the Republican Senate and signed by Trump. They don't have a big enough majority in the House to over ride a presidental veto and no majority in the Senate. Sleep easy but keep one eye open.
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    Mossy Oak Pink.... You might as well learn now, your opinion < her opinion.
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    Prediction: In February NJ Dems will introduce single feature bill making most semi-auto rifles illegal and it will be signed into law by May or June. Then, we won't be talking about magazines so much any more.
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    my test when I lived in NJ was always very simple... especially since I am not a lawyer.. i read the law.. and if a term (like large capacity magazine) was defined.. I observed the definition of the term.. if the term was was not defined I simply followed the literal meaning of terms... for example.. we are a community of gun enthusiasts.. we are all familiar with "thumbhole stock".. unfortunately.. NJ law is not.. so it has no place in application of the law.. the only importance is the following.. is it a pistol grip as defined.. or is it not.. so with the "ability to accept a detachable magazine".. the same logic applies.. there is no mention of effort or permanency.. so I just read it as it is literally there.. "can this semi automatic gun.. accept a detachable magazine" if the answer is yes.. with a special tool.. if the answer is just yes.. if the answer is yes if you take it apart.. the answer.. is still yes.. so it falls under the scrutiny of the evil features game.. if the wording is unclear.. or overly vague.. it would only be fixed with some type of legal challenge..
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    my point is what you described does not exist.. the qualifier is not the mags permanency.. the qualifier is that the firearm has the ability to accept a detachable magazine.. no mention of effort.. no mention of tools.. the simple ability to even accept a detachable magazine.. qualifies the gun..
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    I gotta make a new year's resolution to log off this dumpster fire of a forum forever. Unfortunately it's like a car accident and I have trouble looking away.
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    My wife knows about all of my firearms purchases. I don't ask permission, however we typically have some type of conversation prior to a purchase to discuss how it will impact us financially to make sure it's not going to negatively affect us. I'd be pretty pissed if she spent $1,400 on something, even if it was something she really enjoyed, and tried to hide it from me. Honestly unless you and your spouse have some sort of "you spend less than x amount a month/year on firearms and accessories, then I don't care or want to hear about it" agreement, and you're hiding these expensive purchases from them, then you're undercutting the meaning of why you got married in the first place. Accessories are a slightly different story. If they're less than $200 and fit within the budget that we have outlined, then I'll purchase them without talking to her prior, but I still don't hide it.
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    It’s more of a pilot joke than a gun joke. When you fly with an FAA examiner (and you have to, to earn any type of pilot certificate), you will lose an engine. At least once. Same thing happens when you fly with an instructor for a flight review. You will lose an engine. It’s something they test you on constantly. Even, apparently, if you are Santa
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    where are you from? the democrats have had control of the nj legislature for decades. don't post nonsense
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    ut oh...here comes the Taylor ham or pork roll debate again
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    Yes...... which stands out like a unicorn vs. your other 9942 posts....
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    @YoungGun1967 ha! Ha! its all good.
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    Sadly, same for Florida as well. They won't stop until this entire country has turned "socialist..."
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    Looks Good . I really like the vg6 gamma brakes.
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    Yes. I once did the sticky side out and every mosquito and bat in the neighborhood got stuck to my roof I’m afraid if I ground it then in the event of a strike it will set off all the internet ordered ammo I buried. Man! Murphy sure isn’t making this easy.
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    My House Foil Contractor claimed shiny side out will attract lightening.
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    both my sons have been shooting since each as 6 or so, started with BB guns in the basement range I set up to teach the basics. They both have CZ Scouts and are deadly with them but, they shoot irons. My oldest is 12 and I just put a scope on a 66b to teach him glass. everyone should shoot and learn irons for a nice period of time. They need to do this at different distances and different loads. Scopes are bad, very very bad for young shooters
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    I guess it makes 3 that didn’t get the shooting of the the reindeer. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.
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    I didn't get it either. Dumb Joke.
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    Even Zeke got it. Must be you.
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    Everybody else got it. It must be you, Ray Ray
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    These posts tell the story. NJ gun laws are so vague in many areas. That's what happens when you write laws that say everything is illegal unless we tell you it's legal. That's how you come up with vague terms in a law like "reasonable deviations". No one has ever been arrested in NJ for an "unreasonable deviation". An analogy I like to use (I'll bring in another forum member) is like @Zeke and I wrote a law about brain surgery. The original AWB in NJ proves that. The law was written by people who had no knowledge of guns and their capabilities. It was a "feel good" law. Smoke and mirrors. Look we're really doing something. Virtually all NJ gun laws can be fixed with the addition of "in the commission of a crime". You have a dozen ARs with all the evil features sitting in your house with 100 Rd magazines, no problem. Pull one out and point it at your neighbor because his dog is crapping on your lawn, send you to prison for 100 years. I don't care. I'm not going to do that. You're fooling yourself if you look at CA, NY, MD, CT, or laws from other restrictive states. What matters is how they write the law in NJ. When they do it will be hard to understand.
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    Or try this one, https://www.garysinisefoundation.org/donate/?utm_source=bing?utm_medium=cpc?utm_campaign=garysinise Some of what the foundation does: https://www.ausa.org/news/gary-sinise-receive-ausas-highest-award https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/gary-sinises-foundation-sends-hundreds-of-gold-star-families-to-disney-world PS: Not saying there is anything wrong with OPs charity, just that the one I linked does good work.
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    I’m giving you a like even though you incorrectly identified Taylor ham.
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    I have a Colt 9MM model 70 series converted to 38 Super, and a Les Baer commander in 38 Super also. https://imgur.com/a/D1pSw https://imgur.com/a/q0gRA
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    then what are you speculating will happen on jan 1? maybe i'm confused. are you talking about the federal level? because in nj nothing changes that didn't change jan 1 2018 when gov teeth took over and the dems controlled all aspects of nj government
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    I was fully expecting and ready for SpecOps teams to deploy, crashing through my ceilings, demanding proof of proper disposition of my 10+ magazines, at 00:00:01 on 12/11/18. I am still waiting, but I do hear helos from Dix flying overhead at night. maybe they are just waiting for the best time to deploy. I will be staying alert for the 1st of January, and maybe keep an eye on Nappen's website for further information.
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    I'm just going to get bacon to avoid the arguments.
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    Neither do I, I am married.
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    My wife is the same way. She just asked me to write down in each box what I think each one is worth so she knows if something happens to me . We really don't question what each of us spends. We're way past that point at this time
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    Ha.. That 6 pack was one of the Christmas presents I bought my son.
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    Bookers 127.4 Proof Bourbon A Wegman's basket of Prime steaks, red wine, wine glasses, steak spices, and movie theater tixx sleep pants & tighty-whiteys assorted cured meats & crackers gift certificate to Cabela's new shirts cigars nuts wines the love of family & friends---the best gift of all!
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    You think FFL's telling people to vote helps? If thats the case then i helped plenty.... In the end its upto the customer to get off his ass and vote.
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    Didn't you tell us your generation was the best at using Google to search for information? Did you try searching for this information yourself? Try Google, it's really easy! https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/hntlicfe.htm
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    Out of the ”conservative” justices on the court, Clarence Thomas is the man, Alito has been great, and Gorsuch seems good, albeit mostly untested. Unfortunately, Roberts scares me and I have a bad feeling that Kavanaugh won’t be the conservative hero that everyone thinks he will be. I do hope for the best, though.
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    My baby has arrived! Stag Arms with Trinity Force furniture. Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot
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    Love that stock! Looks like the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
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    Here's my 20" retro with a arfx stock. I was also thinking about a kac ras m5 hand guard. What do you think . For some reason I just can't leave well enough alone. OPINIONS WELCOME.

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