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    Should people get training? Yes Should it be a requirement? No
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    The heavily populated and liberal part next to DC has ruined the place. Kind of like how Hudson and Bergen screw up NJ
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    It’s already been spread for years now. Virginia is lost, it’s a blue state now. If a psycho like Tim Kaine wins over and over in your state, you’re in deep shit
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    In Stock at Monmouth Arms LLC Pairing of Wawa Whole Milk and Wonder Bread. Make Offers.
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    Account Settings > Notification Settings LOL..... Karma for a post whore....
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    And we have the winner of an entire case of Gillette razors!!
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    You have different kinda storms
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    I have a boxer that is deathly afraid of fireworks....in my neck of the forest new years and the 4th, is something like the normandy bombardment. She has meds, we close blinds we put music on or head to the basement refuge and comfort her.....no one is calling to arrest or ban others actions etc. The problem with NJ and the NE is it is filled with liberal sensitive soy latte drinking freaks that cant cope with shit without the daily dose of xanax and its all about me attitude. I pray that i am alive and able to participate in the upcoming shitshow this nation is going to see.....
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    I saw those, i just need to get to the lowes in Mt. Olive that carries them. Theyre hard to find with out over spending on them. I do want one just to CYA. I drop rutlands creosote remover in once a week and clean it every 3 months with the soot eater. I cant imagine I would have one again but its crazy how much soot comes out of 20 feet of pipe from daily burning. Im just so overly cautious at this point, i try and warn people how dangerous it really is to burn wet wood, choke out your fire even with dry wood, or not clean your chimney.
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    Should training be required? To get an FID? No. There are many who simply collect guns and have no intentions of shooting them. In either case, Gun Ownership = RIGHT. We cannot place conditions to those. To shoot at a range? YES! This is partly why I am very hesitant at shooting at public ranges.
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    If you burn wood all winter, this is the only way to do it. I too, have never received seasoned wood. You just have to do it yourself, and stack it by midsummer. The first year we moved in, middle of winter, I paid for "seasoned wood" it might as well have been cut the day before.. we had a chimney fire the following season in December after running a brand new stove for only 3 months. 2 months of wet wood was enough, by the following year I had some nice hot burning dry wood. Within the month I heard it lite up, luckily there wasnt too much creasote build up but it was enough to send embers all over the lawn/house. Double luckily it was raining that night. I stack 3 cords together. I use 8 foot racks on the ends and stack 4 rows between them on gravel. Cover with tarp... This year I'm gonna build a awning so I don't have to fuss with the tarp. I'm also gonna order the wood by may so there is no question it will be dry. After this year, it was almost impossible to get the wood to dry by November with all the rain. Dry wood is effortless, a match or minimal embers is all it takes to lite up. Which cuts out the annoyance of storing and using kindling.
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    James Bond made do with a PPK in 32. Only had to shoot a bad guy once. Never double tapped. That's what I call shot placement.
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    Well, Taran's been flashing around some new 2011s....
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    Like to see him carry a 3 1/2" S&W Model 27. That's a gun with class.
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    That's a damn good point! (Am I allowed to say "damn" on here?)
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    I buy my firewood in the spring. No one ever splits it enough for my liking so I split half of it again and stack...often on my long 4th of July weekend. Also, I don't think I've ever bought truly seasoned wood, most of it has been sitting in a giant pile for some period of time but it's not ready to burn. Once stacked, I cover the top of the pile with 36" wide plastic so the sides are open. By the time I start burning, it's good enough and by now(January) you can start it with a match. I try to do at least two cords myself, but I burn 3-5. I have bought wood this time of year. While not green, it'll sizzle for a long time before it burns and you end up getting a lot of smokey fires. The last time I was in that situation, I bought a couple of pallets of kiln dried firewood and mixed the two. $140/face cord for kiln dried.
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    I was in Ohio in Feb 2003, a big storm hit on Fri/Sat I wasn't able to get a flight out until the following Wednesday even though the original flight was Monday Morning. The worst part, I parked in hourly parking because it was supposed to be a short trip. I think I paid almost as much to park as I did for the flight.
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    Even worse, they will make YOU pay for those demographic changes, much like Murphy has proposed free legal advice and free tuition for people who come here illegally (on the backs of taxpayers). That's where I really get offended... that we're getting stuck with the bill for all this "generosity". (It ain't generous if you're using someone else's money!)
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    Had to be an idiot. For doing it and admitting to it.
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    And no new gun laws. McAuliffe tried to stop CCW reciprocity and it was shot down hard. Last year all of the anti gun proposals introduced by Gov Northam never made it out of committee. As a result of that fight VA recognizes any and all concealed carry licenses. I do happen to live in the most conservative part of the state. It is a different world here.
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    @Ray Ray Spam folder? No matter. Time is 7:30am at the boat ramp across from the RR tracks next to the Bainbridge Inn in Bainbridge, PA. Take Race Street to the end. Go over RR tracks & turn LEFT to see everyone wearing ORANGE. Bring a Pick-up or a tarp for your harvest so it doesn't leak into your vehicle. Dress in layers & bring warm clothes to change into if need be. Wear orange outer layer. Address is 100 Race Street, Bainbridge, PA 17502
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    Exactly what I was thinking... Just make sure there's only 10 eggs to the carton, wouldn't want to get into any trouble.
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    My concern is having gas for the generator. Ice storms bring down power lines.
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    Then you might have to change your name... Great Pick... CZ 75 series is tops.
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    Every major city in this country controlled by the left will no doubt push gun control regardless of the state politics as a whole.
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    I am in VA now. There is a very strong 2A presence here. Much more so than in NJ. Politicians from the DC suburbs introduce bills every year like this and they go nowhere. There is a Lobby Day this month that is run in a very organized manner. They have busses and then form into lobby teams to meet with legislators. You then meet individually with your representatives. I rally takes place at the end. Last year it resulted in the governor's anti 2A bills going nowhere. People in VA are very united/organized in their fight for their rights and don't accept it like in NJ. I also never see any infighting on any of the forums in VA concerning fighting for 2A rights.
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    Dont forget laptops. I got tboned by some idiot who admitted to typing while driving.
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    Yeah. We had 2 days with frost this year also. The sky is falling.
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    Crazy weather, frost all over my roof and on the leaf below. 38 Degrees. But at least it will be 75 and sunny for my USPSA match on Saturday. Sorry, don't miss the socialist people's republic of New Jermany.
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    Freezing rain could be very bad, in fact it looks it pretty much lays across EWR, PHL, LGA and JFK.
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    That SCAR is sweet! GLWS.
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    Yes, if you purchase them and block them in a "Free" state, then bring them in as 10s, you'll be fine.
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    Lol ok, I’ll just reach out to Misses Zeke and see what she says , lol. The offer stands, anytime. I’m prepping my AR to take several classes this year!
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    From my personal experince, Hillsborough is good. However, its also been about 5 years since I have applied for a P2P. I recently spoke to one of my friends in HIllsbourgh who recently applied for an FID and told me its around 30 days. 6 years ago my initial FID took 6 weeks. My wife's initial took 7 weeks. A week and a half ago I applied for more P2P. My reference recieved their letters in about 4 days. So hopefully my friend is correct about the 30 days.
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    20 rounds a month? That's not a problem, that's an opportunity. Smugglers love imbalances like that.
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    That's a good plan. More American than a barrel of AK-47s. Every time you rack that lever you become more like The Duke.
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    You realize that that doesn't matter, correct? They will pass it (if they can) and let the courts sort it out if the courts become so inclined. Whether or not the law is lawful is not their concern. Their concern is re-election. Nothing more.
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    I'm cheap. Although the sticker cost me $200k.
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    GF wants pink, I just can't do it

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