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    Try aiming your gun while staring into a 500 lumen light. The bad guy is at a disadvantage if he's in front of the light and you're behind it.
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    It improves your accuracy by allowing you to see your target if there is no or little light.
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    I have a 16.6sqft Frigidaire and this is what it looked like with 2 hogs in it a couple of years ago. On the chest vs upright conversation, upright is much easier to find specific things in. I use the upright for people food where we tend to want something specific, and a chest for the dog food, because the dogs get what they get and love it anyway.
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    "How come I can't sell a long gun to a friend w/o involving a FFL?" (Cause you & yer friend stayed HOME & didn't VOTE you SCHMUCK!) "All of you 2A groups ought to consolidate!" (Great, just what the IRS wants...for us all to break Federal non-profit law so they can close us down & get all yer $$) "What do I do with my 30 round magazines?" (My answer: Same as whatever yer doin' with yer 12's, 15's, and 20's!) "A friend told me my M-1 Carbine is ILLEGAL! How can that be, I bought it at Ray's?" "They'll never come after my shotgun!" (Yiup, yer right!) "Is a semi-auto shotgun with a pistol grip allowed for Trap?" "You're a 2A leader, so tell me all about the gun laws please!" (Jesus H. Christ, I may be chunky but I'm not Nappen lady!) Oh, don't you folks worry, I could write a BOOK of STUPID!! Rosey
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    Picked up this true perfection of a piece yesterday from one of our FFLs on the forum. It is supposedly a Jersey City cops duty gun. Well, her future duties will be as a backup pig slayer carrying 6 wonderful rounds of Buffalo Bore 180 grain hard cast bullets. Winning
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    Well, that’s not counting the 3” of salt the state has already put down.
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    Had a decent time at the past Oaks gun show. Was on a mission... wanted to find a nice S&W 1917. The .45 ACP revolvers that they and Colt put out to bulk up sidearm numbers in WWI, since the 1911 wasn’t meeting production numbers. Went on S&W and Colt Forums... got info on both. Being a S&W fan, I was siding with the S&W... but kept my options open. One thing I thought was odd, even the Colt guys were saying to go S&W. Walk into the show with $1,500 and copies of my FFL-03. Walking around, I saw the guy that I picked up a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket from at the December Oaks show. Had a beautiful Hi-Power, which was just under $1,500... but held strong as I wanted a .45 revolver. Next display case at his table... a Colt 1917. Looked nice, but was listed as .45 LC/ACP. Not touching anything converted, so figured I’d hold off until I walk the show. Didn’t say anything to the guy, but noted where he was. A guy on S&W Forum said he saw like five S&Ws at the past few Oaks shows... so figured at least one would be here. Nope! Went through the entire show, all that was there was that Colt. So, I walk back and talk to the guy, who is also a FFL-03. Told me he picked it up a few days earlier, but it really didn’t speak to him. Was talking with his son on the ride over, but wasn’t sure about selling it. Handed it to me, and went over it quickly. Trigger was ok... locked up perfectly, and the cylinder looked correct in regards to headspacing for .45 ACP (service number was high enough that I knew it originally had the headspaced cylinder... but crap does happen). Told him it’s sold... was $795. So, started talking to him and another guy, who was a friend of his, about looking for a 1917. Mentioned I posted on the two forums, and his friend happened to be the guy on S&W Forum who told me about the S&Ws that were at Oaks. The guy who I bought it from said he will be at the March show, and I said I’ll stop by and say hello... as I’m going to be looking for a S&W to go along with the Colt. He said he will see if he has one that he is willing to part with... so, we will see. He is a big Colt guy, so maybe I might get lucky. Did almost buy a CZ-52... but glad it didn’t work out, as it gives me a little money already set aside for March. Got home and popped the sideplate off... showing some nasty grime. Nothing too excessive, but proved to me he wasn’t lying about just picking up the gun. I doubt the gun had the side plate off in the last 25 years. This guy’s .25 that I picked up was immaculate, and I was hard pressed to find any dirt when I stripped it down. After a good cleaning, the trigger is awesome! Gun matches in regards to serial numbers... but the best part was the grips had the serial number written on each side. I do have to say, prefer the S&W lockwork A LOT better than Colt. I spent like 20 minutes trying to get the latch/side plate back on, because the latch stud is hard to fit back in the hole. Ran the serial number on Colt’s website (that isn’t it on the heel; service number is different), and the New Service number puts it at 1919 production. So, gun didn’t see WWI... but possibly WWII. Wasn’t rebuilt between the wars, and don’t see any markings related to Lend/Lease. I’m going with it was in decent enough condition that the military just stored it away when they were going over their surplus. If you notice the finish near the front sight... that is actually correct for the Colts. I have a letter for the .25 likely coming back from Colt in the next couple weeks. Put in one for this revolver (Colt confirmed it today; 90 to 100 days out), but that will likely come when I’m down at FLETC. Making sure whoever is checking my mail will know to send me a picture of this letter whenever it comes. I also put in a request with Cody for one on my Winchester 62... but that one might not be possible (if they can’t find anything, they won’t charge me; that is closer to four weeks, so I should know before I head out). Depending on what happens in March, I may bump this thread up if I find a S&W. I’m a big N-frame guy, so hopefully I find one of those to add to the collection. Hoping to get out to the range on Friday to fire some rounds with the Colt... but likely won’t have moon clips by then. ACP headspaces fine, so just will have to pull empties out with a fingernail. Not likely going to buy AutoRim, as it is too expensive (nor do I want more speedloaders laying around, especially ones very similar to my .44s) and I actually prefer moon clips. I have been surfing eBay for a nice holster... but might hold off until they do one of those coupon codes. Should fit the holster for my 6” 629, which I will have to check tomorrow.
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    That is sarcasm isn't it Chris? The one failure of the written word - you can't tell nuances.
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    https://www.njsp.org/firearms/forms.shtml You need to fill in S.P.015 (and possibly S.P.015a if there are more than 5 handguns). The seller needs to fill in S.P.016 (and possibly S.P.016a if there are more than 16 handguns) Make sure the details of the guns are identical on both forms. For the reason just put "I collect guns" ETA. I have done this and the FIU guys in Trenton were very helpful
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    I called it! First try!
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    Absolutely do this. It takes about 2 weeks and if you apply for the permits at the same time, they take the same 2 weeks to process. I'm not sure, but I think you can then do the transfer on a single NICS check too.
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    He can file for an exemption for a “ collection “
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    If he is or isn't armed is much more easily determined if you can see clearly and more light is better for that. If it's low light, but sufficient for you to see, it's also sufficient for him to see. If you prefer, you can search for him with the light off but turn it on when you want to confront him. The WL is not a deterent. In low light he will probably not see that you have a gun either - still no deterrent. The deterrent would be you giving him clear commands to get out of your house. Besides, he broke into your house in this scenario - simple deterrents (like a locked door) appear to be insufficient. Again, you do not need to have the light on the whole time. It is much more blinding to have it shine in your eyes than reflect off your surroundings. If a WML is pointing in your own eyes, you are really doing it wrong Lastly, you need to have a really good reason to go looking for an intruder in your house. The best action is to get to a defensible position and call the cops.
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    That's a good point. You'll be able to pull start the motor, and get it running, but will any voltage regulation circuits be affected? Generators have some sort of voltage regulation to stabilize the output or inverter circuitry. Time for some research...
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    Good read here. Was looking for something on different types of emp https://www.primalsurvivor.net/emp-protection-preparation/
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    See at @Mr.Stu's post. You tried that lately? Most of us are not gifted with the ability to see in the dark.
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    They are good. I tried to get Salvation to pick up a sleeper sofa that was getting long in the tooth (but still good). they demanded it be in "like-new condition", which is something like a food bank only accepting lobster and prime rib. The vets take anything.
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    just look at the 2 from mass and how much resources were devoted to finding them. In a national emergency, it's fend for yourself because police have their own families to worry about. You want to survive, prepare, plan, have a group you can trust that are like minded and with you, pool resources
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    Did you try Viet Vets? They are not picky. I will take the tv though.
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    Don't you have your generator wrapped in tin foil? Without electricity, how will people be able to log into NJGF?
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    Here's a thought. So there's an EMP event which is expected to knock out the power grid, cars, phones, etc. What makes anybody think getting their generator started is going to help? The regulator on the output of the genset would be similarly fried, would it not? Water, food, shelter and warmth are all you need to survive. Electricity is not required for any of those.
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    Word. Proper trigger job, federal primers, Bowen rear sights, fiber front, hogue big butts, tk/hogue cylinder release, chamfered Chambers. Lots of practice. www.4wheelguns.com for belt rig
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    I prefer having the first and subsequent shots single action so I have a 75B. If you're ok with starting double action the 75BD or the 92 are a toss up. Go with what fits your hand the best. I got a set of the VZ palm swell grips for my CZ and it points perfectly for me. People with smaller hands may prefer the straight grips. People with larger hands may prefer the 92. YMMV.
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    3 blocks away lol? I had to walk that just to get to the bus stop. Elementary school was 1 mile away, middle school was 6 miles away and high school was 4 miles away. Either way ... we had it easier than our parents.. and the kids today have it even easier than we did. My father still drops the old fun line that when he was a kid he had to walk 4 miles to school in the snow up hill both directions lol
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    plan accordingly All state offices are closed on, Tuesday, February 12, 2019 as per the Governor due to weather conditions. The NICS unit will resume processing transactions on, Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Please remember the 3 BUSINESS DAY RULE that is codified in 18 U.S.C. Section 922(t)(1)(B(ii)** State offices MUST be open to count as a Business Day. Business Days do NOT include days that State offices are closed (i.e., State Holidays, Weekends, Emergency Closures).
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    It's not the snow, it's the ice. In my town, we generally don't care unless it's six inches or more. 1/4 inch of ice and you've got my attention. I'd much prefer a 24" storm. We've not had one of those in a while.
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    you need a jeep like mine. damn thing makes so much heat I can roast a whole pig in 30 minutes.
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    Exactly. I touched on that a few weeks ago here. The guy's name was Chris Dorner, a cop from LA. He tied up thousands of county wide and state wide LEOs for like two weeks searching for him. You can search for the thread. One guy....
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    As I understand it, the only production vehicle faster in 0 to 60 than a Tesla is a McClaren. As interesting as that is... I’m not sure anyone really cares.
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    Exactly right. They are decades and decades ...if ever...being a suitable replacement. And while all those FREE charging outlets are being installed in parking garages and other places.... what are all those Tesla owners going to say when they have to pay at those stations? Not to mention, electricity is a terribly inefficient source of energy. And the more of it you move, the more expensive it becomes to move per unit of energy. When will an EV be capable of having the same range as a diesel vehicle with a 200 gallon tank? And no.... the entire 53’ trailer can’t be a battery. And....as was all over the news.... when its approaching zero degrees F... their capacity drops to about 50%. Not good for anyone North of Nashville. And............. as car companies spin up EV production....that production is mostly happening in....China. Not cool....
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    “Is that a silencer?” ...yeah... I store it with my AR clips and my Home Defense #8 shotty ammo.
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    what effect did that shooter(s) have on commifornia? the whole states le was nearly paralyzed for what? 2 weeks? how about the search for frein? same thing I think.
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    "Carrying a gun with a round in the chamber is dangerous" "Appendix carry will turn your bits and pieces into bits and pieces"
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    I’d use sharks, with frikin laser beams on their heads. Every creature deserves a hot meal...
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    Just remember, Sandy was a localized hurricane event that many people had pre-planned for. It's also an event that happens regularly, so people normally handle these type of events. Look what it cost, in money, deaths and housing: Cost: Superstorm Sandy caused $65 billion in damage in the U.S., making it the second-costliest weather disaster in American history behind only Hurricane Katrina, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Deaths: Sandy, the largest Atlantic system on record, killed 159 people, according to NOAA. Homes destroyed: Sandy damaged or destroyed at least 650,000 homes and 250,500 insured vehicles. More than 300,000 business properties were also affected, according to a report from global reinsurance firm Aon Benfield. Power: During Sandy's immediate aftermath, more than 8.5 million customers lost power, according to FEMA. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/29/sandy-anniversary-facts-devastation/3305985/ How would an EMP, hitting that same area, with no idea of when power restoration would take, affect it?
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    I reminded myself to bring the empty gas container with me to work up until almost right before I walked out the door. Something shiny and oh look a deer. Heading to Home Depot now to get a gas container.
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    Never happen. EVs will always be a novelty or status symbol, or maybe, if you have burnable cash laying around, a toy to drive on Sundays. And this is why. They could never be mainstream for business people, tradesmen or anyone else who drives a lot or has a long commute. Another BIG point that the "Greenies" don't even think about. The amount of pollution and waste from battery production or solar power production is HUGE. When these facts come out, the "sheep" will wake up. Plus, the infrastructure needed to charge large amounts of EVs at once needs to be built, and the power needed to "fuel" them is a issue. Nothing Musk doesn't can survive without government subsidies.
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    Went to the range today. Didn’t see anyone, not sure if we missed crossing paths or we were the only ones willing to freeze. I just finished thawing out. The issue was a weak guide rod/recoil spring. At least I assume it was. Not one malfunction. The new mecgar mag was nice as well (I did use the old mags with no failures). When I swapped the springs, the new one was longer and stiffer (that’s what she said). I’m not sure if it was due to the new spring or just the cold, but it felt like it kicked twice as hard as usual. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys. Now i’ll have to try and figure out why I’m more accurate with my xds than my 92fs.
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    THIS! Especially after they were just shooting and now racking the slide... AGAIN! If we are talking movies.... Was just watching one.... a guy holding a 1911 at someone... and the HAMMER IS DOWN! lol. Yes... that 1911 is now magically DA/SA. lol.
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    Here's a movie one that always bugs me. The constant racking of the slide when they are ready to "move out". Of course, they rack the slide again 2 minutes later and no shells are ejected. The Punisher gets this one right. Frank often pulls the slide back a little to make sure one is chambered. A corollary to this one. Someone raises a revolver and you hear a slide rack.
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    Thanks all. Put the order in at my local shop. Prices in NH seem a bit better than in NJ. Will do a side-by-side when I get it against the Wilson Combat 92G and a standard 92FS with D spring.
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    The Beretta forums are raving about the LTT elite, some guys saying its one of the best 92's they've every owned. I don't believe it's anything more that an langdon tactical trigger job though, and you can get 90% there with their trigger in a bag product. The FCG parts are polished, the springs are lightened and the skeleton hammer. IMO its better than the wilson... the trigger is better(with options) and the slide overall is lighter. Now, with all that said, i just ordered a M9A3 special edition 2-tone, lol... Why? because i can polish all those parts myself, put in the same lighter springs, and WC trigger...
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    When they say “burns my soul” instead of “burns my ass” really burns my can. See what I did there?
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    When they say clip, but mean magazine. Burns my soul.
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    Regardless of how many people knew or didn't know, NO ONE turned in a magazine. I think this says something.
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    They all live in NYC or Connecticut. Nobody is coming to my house. I'm not bragging, I'm just not scared to let people know I enjoy firearms and hunting. The more people realize their friends, co-workers, parents of their friends at school, etc, etc are gun owners the more we change the image of who people think gun owners are. Plus, like I said, I won't be at my home. So like I tell them, "Good luck relying on me to save you. You are your own first responder."

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