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    At this stage of the game I see no point in starting with a 308. Especially if you intend to shoot to 1k. The price difference between match 308 and 6.5 is negligible. Why handicap yourself? I no longer even have a 308 in a bolt action precision rifle. I love the 308, I really do! But its time has passed.
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    Once it got going there would be no way to stop it. Here are some pics of the framing holding up the cathedral. http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/en/la-cathedrale/architecture/la-charpente/
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    And this is why I shut the water off to my house whenever I leave for extended periods of time
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    Said the fire started a few hours ago....it's night there...who would be working.....also their vaults contained Jesus's Crown Of Thorns amongst other artifacts and the priests buried within the cathredral........very suspicious a week before Good Friday and Easter...omo.
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    I still wonder if Allah had a hand in this.
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    Hmmm...how about this: “Would You Hire a Contractor with Herpes?” thread?
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    Nope... I would rather get herpes than ask for advice on construction here.
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    Tell them hey #$%^ you work for me. That might help speed up the process.
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    Ray, there are ALL kinds of articles out there of people getting into PRS for very little money on all the new, decent, budget minded rifles out in 6.5. And I hate to break it to you but the rifle price between 308 and 6.5 is negligible if existent at all. Just about every line thats available in 308 is available in 6.5. So your argument makes no sense at all. And if you really understood, you would know what you think is new, isnt. It has just finally made mainstream adoption. 260 Remington has been around since the 90's. What made the 6.5CM so popular was the availability of match grade ammo at the price point of FGMM. Simple as that. 260 has a slight advantage but it never gained popularity. Why? $67 a box for match ammo! Even today its still pricey. (edited to clarify the point that 260 and 6.5CM are nearly identical ballistically and fire the same projo) Here is the bottom line though. Its a short action. So I really dont care what stays and goes. Its only a barrel swap. So if a new hotness emerges, when this barrel is done, I'll switch over on the next barrel. Its just a barrel.
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    Forget what I said about .308 Zeke. I defer to @Shane45 and @Bully If they say there is no value in learning in .308, then follow their advice. They are the SME on this stuff. I guess that’s like me telling people to not worry about mastering Iron Sights before going to a RDS.... it may slay a sacred cow, but the BBQ is going to be amazing!
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    Clearly, you are missing the point. I am well aware of the new State law. What an internet vendor is required to do and what they do in practice are two different things. My post was not specifically directed toward Brownells, but was intended to be a generic comment. There are still some internet ammo dealers who will remain nameless who are non -compliant but calling attention to them does not help the rest of us. If an internet vendor decides not to comply, that is on them, but beneficial to us. I doubt, but do not know, if the State has the resources to go after ever internet vendor in every category of merchandise sales, but identifying a category in a public posting, might get the wheels going. Whose side are you on? It is not so much that any one post triggers an inquiry, but multiple posts, especially on a forum such as this that deals with an interest group the State would like to crush, does not help the cause
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    Thats it... your off the christmas card list
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    That is not possible. I was coherent and non contrarian! ! Adder, if you ARE going to reload, then the .260 has a tiny advantage. But if your going to live in the factory ammo world for the vast majority of your shooting, then go 6 or 6.5cm.
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    I personally don't care what the Ruger engineers say. It's a chassis gun that cannot be put into a stock. The rest is marketing and semantics. And I agree with Shane. I've shot them both and will take the 6.5 over a 308 all day.
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    Jar Jar is the AOC of Star Wars
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    I am not Catholic-but my heart breaks-and during Holy Week- a tragedy
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    Retrofitting modern fire protection systems to something as big and old as that cathedral would be nontrivial and may not even be possible (eg depending on the water supply situation in that part of the city). Calling the French morons is a bit unfair. The US has tons of old unprotected historic buildings.
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    I'm retired, so guess what, I just write "retired" in that space. The PD never questions it. I've heard they will ask questions about "unemployed", which could be understandable. They wouldn't want a pissed off ex employee getting their hands on a firearm for retaliation. But, I don't remember the 2A having an employment qualifier...
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    Looks like French firefighters are about as effective as the French military.
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    I would think he would want to get the basement pumped out so he needs to contact his insurance company. I don't see how you could be held responsible unless he was paying you to do this requiring you to check the house like once a week or so. Even then the pipe may have started leaking a couple of days after your last inspection. I pretty much avoid this problem by shutting off the water if I'm going to be gone longer a couple of days.
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    It's the cowardly move and one most of us saw coming.
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    They’ve been doing extensive renovations, from what I’ve read, so presumably there are construction materials and activities that aren’t normally present the fire reportedly started in the attic. From what I’ve seen here, even discussing attic work generates a tremendous amount of heat and smoke. But all kidding aside, it’s a tragedy on a grand scale
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    I woke up about 2:30 to torrential down poring and lighting and thunder
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    Precisely. That is all I meant to imply. You do not need to pay $2,000 to get a gun chambered in 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, 6mm CM, etc. There are options from $400 to the sky is the limit. But let's be honest... if you want a 1 MOA gun that shoots out past 1,000 yards and hits... bone stock... just get a 6.5 CM Ruger American. Won't be the nicest fit and finish... but the important parts work just fine.
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    I think he was just pointing out that it doesnt cost a fortune to get into the 6.5cm game as RayRay was implying. You can get cheap 6.5cm guns just like you can get cheap 308 guns. The price of guns is about the same, and the price of the ammo is just about the same as well.
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    New York City filed a motion with SCOTUS on Friday, April 12, seeking to kneecap this case from being heard. NYC has introduced an amendment to its rule that would allow NYC residents to transport handguns to other locations outside the City where is is legal to possess them, such as a second upstate home; a range; or a competition out of state. NYC's lawyer is arguing that SCOTUS should hold further briefing in abeyance as in their view, the case will become moot once the new rule is adopted and SCOTUS could not therefore grant the plaintiffs any relief. SCOTUS does not have to accept this position but if it does, the case will be dismissed as moot. This might enhance the odds for certification to be granted in NJ's Rogers v. Grewal case since there is no chance that NJ will flip flop and suddenly allow concealed or open carry outside the home.
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    KKM barrel cut my groups in half from a rest at 25 yds
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    Apples and oranges Shane, you should know better. In 5 years, when the 7.25 Williams is all the rage because at 1000 yards it gives you a hand job and you're gonna say "the 6.5 is obsolete". Meanwhile, the 308 will still be ringing steel and defending whomever.
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    There are unscrupulous dealers who evade paying the tax, that sell rifles at low prices by slapping together uppers and lowers, which that can't do without being a manufacturer.
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    Let's be realistic here, it's all the same. Gun companies want you to buy the new hotness. 556? Played out 308? Too old 45acp? Too big 10mm! Wow! 6.5 Creedmore! Amazing 300BLK! A game changer! No, they are not. Buy a 308 @Zeke, it is proven and reliable and plentiful.
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    Specific vendors did not start charging sales tax because someone posted something on a public forum. Anyone who believes that is the reason ... they are misinformed. Read the tax law and understand what your referring to before making false statements such as that. It's really quite simple... there are thresholds to meet in the number of transactions to this state and/or the amount of sales being done in this state. Breach those thresholds and they must collect NJ state sales tax. Saying some business started collecting sales tax because someone talked about it in a forum is a moronic statement. Economic Threshold Consistent with Wayfair, legislation was enacted that requires certain remote sellers to collect and remit New Jersey Sales Tax. For sales made on and after November 1, 2018, a remote seller that makes a retail sale of tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey must register, collect, and remit New Jersey Sales Tax if the remote seller meets either of the following criteria (the economic threshold): The remote seller's gross revenue from sales of tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey during the current or prior calendar year, exceeds $100,000; or The remote seller sold tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey in 200 or more separate transactions during the current or prior calendar year. A remote seller that does not meet either of these criteria does not have to register with the Division of Taxation to collect and remit New Jersey Sales Tax.
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    I was just about to type that. I agree 100%.
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    I agree with this. 6.5cm ammo is everywhere now. Price is almost the same between the two rounds as well (for match ammo). The creedmore will do everything the 308 can do plus more. No need to limit yourself
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    Thank you! I would like to point out how much you just sounded like @Ray Ray as @GRIZ mentioned, I have a 7mm rem mag that is more than capable. I’m jus looking for better, and a little less fatiguing.
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    @Zeke listen to Ray Ray on this one. 308 is a great place to start. I would get a 700 in 22-24" barrel. Like the others said you have many more options as far as stocks, chassis, ammo etc.
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    There are a number of Midwest states that have only allowed shotgun hunting for deer - like NJ - but many of these states have allowed handgun hunting - unlike NJ - and are now allowing pistol caliber carbines or straight walled cartridges only. Talking with the sales reps at some of my distributors they tell me they sell a lot of 10mm to Alaska. Guys carry them for bear protection and would rather have 15 rounds than 6 rounds if a bear is charging them. Glock G20 and other 10mm pistols are also usually smaller and lighter than many .41 or .44 magnum revolvers. Kriss has made a 10mm carbine for a while now and Hi Point just came out with one last year.
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    Already done: https://firecontrolunit.com/ And they make an AR in 5.56 using the Sig trigger pack: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/01/30/shot-2019-fire-control-units-x03-a-p320-fcu-based-ar-15/
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    Agreed. Simple, well known, plentiful, reliable, and affordable. Great place to start to learn.
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    308, you'll thank me later.
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    Holy shit! This is amazeballs: I love that they are talking about Beskar (Mandalorian iron - immune to lightsabers) as payment. This opens up a lot of avenues to go from. A lot of familiar characters in this scene.
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    If Jar Jar was a Sith Lord by original design for the story, that would be awesome. The fact that he should be a Sith Lord because that makes everyone feel better about how awful he is, sucks. I even like the alien that gave Luke the green milk better than Jar Jar.
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    Was never a huge fan of Atlantis but did enjoy quite a few of them. The original SG1 is still the best. i like McKay as a special guest star but not quite as a full time lead. Did like Jonas Quinn character on SG1 and wish he was made permanent. Really LOVED Claudia Black playing Vala.
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    Rouge One is the best Star Wars movie. There I said it.
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    I'm hoping this doesn't fill their quota for the next decade. While I agree this one is a good case there are others that have a much broader impact on the 2A, and/or have conflicting circuit court decisions.
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    I use Duluth Fire Hose Flex pants for every day work and range activity. Plenty of pockets to access easily as I carry/holster, decent stretch, tough material, and a great warranty. If you wait for the holidays, you can get them 20% off as well.

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