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    I wanna thank everyone for there positive input, it was a great help. I was able to land a nice used sig p365, very happy gun owner here.
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    Well, here's the first one. There will be more I expect. Rimfire will still be tube load, , no reason to change that https://www.guns.com/news/2019/04/26/gun-review-henry-h024-side-gate-lever-action-video
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    Minden, NV, April 19, 2019 – Innovative firearms manufacturer, Franklin Armory®, is now accepting orders from the State of New Jersey for the Reformation™ RS7™ and RS11™. Franklin Armory™ President, Jay Jacobson, noted, “We have been working with the New Jersey State Police to confirm the legality of the Reformation™ firearms in the state. Department personnel were unable to provide any statutes that would prohibit the legal purchase, transfer, and/or possession of the RS7™ and RS11™ within the state of New Jersey.” Reformation™ firearms shipping to New Jersey will feature ten round Magpul Pmag magazines and a Franklin Armory® custom tuned trigger. Since Reformation™ firearms do not readily fall under the definitions of rifle, shotgun, or pistol under state law, they have not been shown to trigger the New Jersey Assault Weapon classification. Additionally, since they have not been shown to be classified as a state defined rifle or shotgun, they cannot be defined as a state defined short barreled rifle or short barreled shotgun. Reformation™ firearms are still considered NON-NFA firearms under federal law and will NOT require a $200 tax stamp. To order, visit: https://franklinarmory.com/products/complete-firearms/reformation/ For more information and dealer inquiries, please email us at info@franklinarmory.com
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    Ray, what business is it of yours? Seriously. If you don't want to read his post then don't go into this thread. It is difficult to buy and sell guns. Why not be happy and get along. Aren't you happy when you acquire a new gun, whether you find it or put work into acquiring it. Maybe the OP didn't know exactly what he wanted. If he didn't steal that gun out of your lap and you were going to get it, why would you care? Get the sand out of your frog lube. I get it, it is annoying that someone is canvassing to see what is available and doesn't have a clear view of what he or she wants. He may not be nearly as knowledgeable as you and is looking for suggestions. Play nice.
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    Ok will do, is there is something i am checking for? I'm trying to contact everyone who reach out to me via text and PM, to let them know I found something. If i missed you i apologize I dont want anyone to think I left them hanging, thanks again.
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    Shot my new Kimber Evo SP Custom 9mm today. Smooth shooter. Really aggressive grips, but left no marks on me after 100+ rounds. No malfunctions with WinClean 115gr and Sig 365 ammo. One hole at 5 yards standing freehand with 7 rounds. I like it. Striker fired with no safety. It'll now replace my Kimber Solo.
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    4/27/2019: Still waiting on Nics from 4/26/19 6:33pm Sooo plan accordingly. It will not Be instant or Instantish today
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    The negative posts in this thread are a good example of how people in NJ are "different" from people in other states. Something about NJ seems to make people negative about everything, including being negative to people trying to provide alternative solutions to the gun law problem in NJ. The same is true for any 2A issues, the negativity stifles everything.
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    Alex, I guess you forgot about me.......LOL I would have charged you $74.64 OTD
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    You know I'm trying that when I get mine.
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    Because I compensate.
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    You can transport any firearms to and from one residence to another, residence to business, to a range, and a FFL without a NJ FID. Having a NJ FID would allow you have an unloaded long gun in your car and you can drive aimlessly around NJ without breaking the law. This would apply to someone with an out of state address on their NJ FID. IANAL but the law in NJ says you can transport an unloaded long gun anywhere all the time if you have a NJ FID. The law doesn't say anything about NJ residents only. There is nothing in NJ law that prevents you from keeping firearms in a residence you own in NJ. Getting NJFID with a PA address is just another way of showing you broke your ties to NJ for income tax purposes. The only thing you're giving up with guns in NJ is you can't take delivery of a handgun in NJ.
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    Bumping this thread, as @Franklin Armory poked the bear, me. I whole heartedly agree with @e92m3allday on this. As per Federal Law, one may acquire a stripped AR receiver, install the lower parts, add an arm brace, slap on a front vertical grip to a 10.5" upper, then hook the upper and lower together. Woola!! You've built a 26" firearm. It is not a pistol, as it is designed to be fired with two hands. It is not a rifle, because it does not have a stock which is designed to be fired from the shoulder. It is not an AOW, as it is over 26" and not concealable. In fact, it does not need to comply with the NJ AW Ban because that pertains only to rifles, pistols and shotguns. Okay, so who can word a letter properly to the NJSP or NJAG to address this legal issue, ie the shockwave approval letter. @JasonSeidman
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    Well, this is the "Want to Buy Guns and Accessories" sub-forum, isn't it??? There aren't a lot of shops with used pistols in North Jersey, so if OP can get a good deal from a forum member with a closet-queen it's a win-win for everyone, right?
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    Its very simply. If you want one - buy it If you don't want one - don't buy it. No need for 2 pages of non-sense. I do want one.
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    I think we are missing the point with the gun though. No one is saying that this gun is meant for groups or to be shot at distances past 50 to 100 yards. The gun is aimed strictly at the ban states where you CANNOT have an SBR and want an AR platform primarily for home defense. The bullet tumbling past 50 to 100 yards is the price of admission to having one in NJ. Literally, compare this to a shotgun because this is what it is... No rifling = NJ compliant = bullet tumbling.
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    A consignment agreement would take them out of the OP's possession and prevent him from acquiring them without a background check, which "should" prevent seizure from a PD if things go bad. He wod still be the owner.
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    Can't remember what state it was in (not NJ, CA I think) but IIRC a guy was arrested for a loaded firearm as he had loaded magazines not in the gun. The prosecutor argued that a firearm is loaded if any part of the firearm is loaded with ammunition, for example the tube magazine on a pump shotgun, the firearm is loaded. Apparently the jury or judge bought that idea and they guy was convicted. The conviction was immediately overturned on appeal. If the magazine had been in the gun it could he considered loaded even with an empty chamber. No way would a loaded magazine, separate from the firearm, be considered a loaded firearm. The case law established by the appelate court says a loaded magazine is not a firearm.
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    First off .... you do have girly hands..... and I challenge the " far more accurate gun" statement .....

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