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    Yes. They all will fail at some point. NcStar almost with certain after a round. The Trijicon RMR, I have 14 of them on all.different handguns and NONE have failed yet. Some guns have several thousands of rounds through them and not one issue. Save that $80 for something good. Not NcStar
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    Exactly right, and considering like 45% drop out and don't graduate, it ends up being a whole lot of money spent for zero return. Not every kid is college material and should go. Read that again, 45% fail to get a college degree after 6 years in school. Here's another statistic, like only 20% of kids graduate after 4 years, so the odds are, your kid will be going for at least 5 years. Make sure to tack on those costs... you aren't going to pay for just 4 years... That's why it takes a complete shift in thinking, instead of thinking I need to save $100K to pay for junior's college, the focus needs to be on, how can he get an education at the LEAST cost!! The focus needs to be on FINDING money: scholarships, grants, tuition reimbursement plans, etc. Plus, a plan needs to be made to keep costs low. Send the kid to community college the first two years. You'll find out quickly if he's college material before blowing $25K minimum a year at a four year school. Kids DO NOT need to live at school, talk about throwing away money. They certainly AREN'T studying all that time. Let the kid commute to school, stack all his classes up on two or three days, so he can go work part time the other days and make money to pay for it. Lastly, the NUMBER ONE RULE TO REMEMBER.... College is a business, it's their goal to keep your kid there as long as possible, to keep extracting dollars from you. Always remember, they DON'T have YOUR best interests at heart, they have THEIRS, and taking as much of your money as possible is their plan. Final note, and this should piss some people off, but here goes. The parents should NOT pay for junior's college tuition. It's not the parent's responsibility, since the college degree only benefits the kid. The parent's responsibility is get the kid graduated from high school. That's it. Plus, the kid needs major skin in the game, by making the kid pay for his college, puts him on the hook, makes him responsible, and will make him think twice when he's failing a course, knowing HE'S paying for it the second time. It doesn't get any more Socialist than giving a kid a free ride with his college expenses on your dime.
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    Halle Berry doing some shooting.
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    These are soon to be tagged with 308 and 223 pills. I cannot wait!
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    I'm sure this was done by law abiding citizens with their legal 10 round mags, while legally carrying with their state issued CCW permits.... right? OK, that's great... the police director knows what's going on, it seems... But wait... Oops.. apparently the mayor didn't get the memo from his police director on where the REAL problem is.. https://www.nj.com/news/2019/05/30-shots-fired-in-drive-by-shooting-that-injured-10-outside-trenton-bar.html Democrats, they just live in some sort of alternative reality....
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    This was the best post I’ve read in a while. hits the nail right on the head. Having been in staffing for the past 20+ years I know for a fact...it’s where you finish your degree, not where you start it. 2yrs at at a community school + 2 years are X big name school...degree says bachelors in Y from X big name school.
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    Very true. However they still managed to muck it up with rules. We can self defend but with “limited castle rules”. Others have stand your ground we have 1st retreat. Anyway you look at it they’re politicians using lawyers or weasels using weasels to bust our chops at every move.
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    Ya probably blow the shingles right off the roof..... but if you don’t you could implode the roof. Gimme a break guy
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    There is no single square foot in NJ that’s not within 10 miles of one of those structures.
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    Install a light too, it's dark and scary up there.
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    Went with the Nevada plan through Vanguard as well, since there is no real advantage to go with the NJ plan. Have 1 daughter in VT and a second daughter going into Towson. First I would recommend saving as much as you can in the 529, you can always use one child's account to pay for the other so there should be little chance of over saving. Use online resources or Naviance to find out where your child is on the acceptance continuum based on grades and SAT/ACT scores then apply to colleges in tiers, with the tier being schools that your child is well qualified, even over qualified for and acceptance is almost guaranteed, next apply to a few schools that are about right for your child's grades and scores and lastly, if you want apply for a couple of reaches. You may get more grant $ from schools that you are well qualified for. Private schools can cost more in general but typically award more grant money, especially if your student is well qualified so apply for both private and state schools. Encourage your child take both the SAT and ACT, they may do better in one than the other and there are tools to cross reference the scores. We found many out of state schools that were comparable to in state schools once you figured in the grant $$. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.
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    The negative posts in this thread are a good example of how people in NJ are "different" from people in other states. Something about NJ seems to make people negative about everything, including being negative to people trying to provide alternative solutions to the gun law problem in NJ. The same is true for any 2A issues, the negativity stifles everything.
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    Its very simply. If you want one - buy it If you don't want one - don't buy it. No need for 2 pages of non-sense. I do want one.
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    Wait, a grenade launcher is a No No? Oh CRAP!

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