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    Unless they’re under 14. Then he sees them as dates.
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    You see them as gangs, he sees them as his constituents.
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    In the '60's we called it "playing army". We'd run around the woods shooting each other arguing more if i got you than we were saying "bang". If there wasn't enough toy guns to go around we'd use sticks. Where there's a will there's a way.
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    Once the short ribs are done.... First, you make a roux. Then, strain the solids from the braise liquid, and make a gravy. Use a little bit of fresh thyme in the gravy to tie it all together, Then, plate it. A little gravy, garlic mashies, topped by a lovely braised short rib. Garnish with a little green onion.
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    Update. EWR, United. All went very well. United and TSA were wonderful and a pleasure to work with. Many thanks to this community for giving guidance.
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    Will have to update the error message but it is there for a purpose, we want people to read the section rules before entering it.
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    Keep it that way dude. Eating that stuff is the culinary equivalent of smoking. It makes bacon look healthy. Make sure to stay away from the guy who puts fruit in his meatloaf, too.
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    Well, I ain’t from around here either. I call it Pork Roll because that’s what it says on the damn package. My wife (who IS from NJ) calls it Pork Roll too. @Mrs. Peel will be along shortly to ban ALL of us Pork Roll heathens.
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    But how do you like your ribs? asking the important questions...
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    Cleaning up my ads. New, unfired(outside of factory) X95 in OD green. Has a Griffin M4SD Tactical brake installed. NJ Compliant. Can be made available for pickup at Garden State Shooting Center. Can ship at buyers expense. New Price is $1500 firm for the rifle. No mags are included as I dont have any 10 rounders, only 15's and 30's. Here are some pics. Last one shows just how compact it is!
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    When I was kid growing up in Parkertown they were all over the place once I had my hunting license and was old enough to hunt by myself they seem to have disappeared. About 15 years ago there was one on the trail every morning on my way to deer seat during black powder season. I was thinking of shooting it one morning but decided not to in hopes there would be more around. Have not seen another one since that year. I have shot some woodcock about 20 years ago pheasant hunting and have not seen any of then either.
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    Crockpot ribs are to smoked ribs as elios pizza is to pizza shop pizza
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    Don't care. "Our ammo only" is a non-starter for me; for any range. I won't go. Period.
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    This thread is the reason I don't post too much in this section. At the end of the day, it's all supposition & what-if BS. Murphy has his stooges that will bring these bills into committee, where they will most likely die. Sweeney is the key. If it never makes it to the Senate floor for a vote, it DIES. Sweeney was already interviewed & said "we've done enough to gun owners already". Staying alert is great. Pontificating on a forum about what might happen and then not showing up for a real protest means you're just a SMP (Social Media Patriot). We now return to everyone pondering their pending persuasive posturing while presuming to prepare for the positively worse scenario.
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