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    I don't think Grewal would take this to Federal Courts. The Feds would probably refuse to hear the case as it involves the laws of 2 states.
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    That was with 115gr so you still hear the supersonic "Pshewwwwwwww"... but the ringing of the steel was louder. We keep missing out on recording it with 147gr subsonic 9mm... But it's just like it's spitting - it's insanely quiet.
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    And this is precisely the reason I want that gun so bad.... it is just sooo good as a suppressor host.
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    I would say you don't know what a good trigger is. =) The few P320s I shot... eh. Yes, it is short reset and fairly light... but also very mushy and felt very plasticky. The Sig P365 had a much better trigger than the P320s. And in the striker fired pistols... I would say off of the top of my head, the Walther PPQ and clones and a few of the worked Glock triggers are nicer than P320. You can come play with some if you want. In the sig lineup... a nicely tuned P226 SRT trigger is really really nice. Sig P320 has its pros, and there are quite a few of them, but for me, the trigger is not one of them... besides, it goes off if you look at it the wrong way. =P
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    Just as Griz mentioned. My other reason and likely won't matter for many but does matter a lot to a few is that mags that are modified, have to be "permanently modified," as such, many of the neutered mags are blocked, pinned and sealed, meaning you are not going to be able to take your magazines apart of cleaning. For most shooters this will not be an issue, BUT if you take any training classes or start playing gun games (IDPA, USPSA, Steel, fun shoots), you will be dropping your mags to the ground and they will get dirty and you will need to clean them. I have yet to see any 10 round mags that off of the top of my head, cannot be opened for cleaning. Furthermore, it is a "factory 10 round magazine... it says so on the box/packaging." It is a far better defense than about whether a mag is modified to a good enough legal definition. Also for resale, I would be hesitant to purchase modified mags, especially if I do not know who did it and how it was done. Factory is factory.
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    Legal in your home. Legal to take directly to range. Legal to take from point of purchase to your home. Do not drive around with them. As other has said treat their transport like you would a handgun. Edit: well i guess i just paraphrased Zeke. How embarrasing
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    Legal to own. Transport too and from range. You can buy them at your local gun store. Do not drive around with them Willy nilly. Same as hand gun
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    You improperly quoted the law. You referenced the transportation portion. Nothing prevents you from using HPs in self defense.
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    pretty pretty much the same as all other ammo the only caveat is that these carried additional penalty if used in the commission of a crime
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    When I worked for the Army Corp of Engineers - 1993-1998, one of my old-timer surveyors drove a hearse. He loved it. Held all his work stuff, and he could nap in the back.
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    A p90 is about 850 depending on accessories the agency opted for
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    Buy a Bugatti Veyron then please come and take me for a ride.
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    Man this thread is really making me miss good pizza. If anyone wants a free place to stay in white mountian national forest all you gotta do is bring me a good pepperoni pizza! Lol
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    When it comes to spending money, I rarely spend large amounts on wants, not needs. So I obsess over making sure I get exactly what I want. Trying to come up with an exact list of items I need to get started. So far, I've got written down: Tumbler Press Die Set Shell Holder Scale Calipers Manual Trimmer CHAMFER & DEBURRING TOOL Lube Not included: primer, powder, and bullets. Don't think I posted this anywhere else. Few weeks ago, shooting from the bench.
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    What are you worried about them charging you with?
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    Ground-based non-exploding fireworks. So basically sparklers and fountains.
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    Sparklers are now legal in the people’s republic. Fountains too! LOL.
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    New Frontier Armory will in all likelihood lose a civil suit as all that is required for the plaintiff to prevail is a preponderance of the evidence. The problem is exactly how does the plaintiff, the Peoples Republic Of New Germany collect on the civil judgement? Any judgement issued by a NJ court is only good in NJ. As long as NFA doesn't do business with a financial institution that has a physical presence in NJ then NJ can't collect on the judgement. A NJ court order is only good in NJ. A court officer can go to Nevada and try to collect on the judgement but the order has no validity in any state other than NJ. NJ can file the civil case in Federal court but I don't think NJ wants to take that chance.
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    I learned late that the 1911 trigger is the smoothest ever!
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    hehe, with Nick's subsonic ammo... stoooopid quiet. Cool... Yes... As cool as.... Maybe?
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    Humm apparantly one needs to go to college to drive a weiner.
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    Useless fact: The weinermobile drivers are called "Hot Doggers". There is an actual job title and job description for them.
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    @Bob2222 I know it's already a crime, but look at how many gun laws they pass where it's already a crime at both the State and Federal level. The politicians don't know most of the current laws related to firearms and neither does the general public. So when they pass a law, they look like they are doing something. This makes the sheep feel safe and the sheep keep voting for them.
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    Yes. Not knocking anyone's modifications to cut the capacity to 10 but a factory 10rd magazine will usually be more reliable. Some magazines can be very expensive and for a few guns out there not made.
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    I'd rock it. Chicks dig weiners
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    thanks for the replies, the patrol can kiss my .............
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    Don't listen to anything you hear in you local gun store, range, or PD. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/transport-hollowpoint.shtml
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    An el Camino. It’s a car and a truck.
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    There are nearly a million more Dems than Republicans in NJ. I can't see a Republican winning a state-wide election ever again.
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    We do sell most of the component for our rifles separately but it is not necessarily cheaper. Also keep in mind the cost of special tools, lubricants, adhesives, anti-sieze etc. it is generally cheaper and you end up with a better product when you buy a complete assembled firearm as compared to identical parts.
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    Not unless a LEO needs to enter a home for some other reason. Domestic disturbances are probably high on the list. I think "in my home" is "a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure", but the majority of the New Jersey legislature is not reasonable people. (Or smart people.)
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    Maks, no law was broken by the seller. NO Nevada or Federal law was broken. NJ law has ZERO meaning to anyone not in NJ. Who broke the law? The NJ purchasers broke the law. And even funnier is that the purchaser being LE, are not prohibited. There is no mention of crime just a CIVIL suit. What budget is needed? You don't think there will be a countersuit for entrapment/ harassment? You think there might be a few lawyers out there willing to take the case on a back end payout? It's just NJ citizens that are gonna pay out the wazoo.
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    What mags are you looking for that are not available in 10 rounds? NJ was unique with 15 round limits as for guns like Glock 17, it was either 10 rounds or 17... Pretty much every hand gun has 10 round magazines available. In either case, I would much rather have factory 10 rounders than neutered/modified 10 rounders for various reasons.
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    With Friends Like These, Who Needs Democrats? By L. Neil Smith. June 15th, 2019. (lneil@netzero.com) PATREON:https://www.patreon.com/lneilsmith Attributed to L.Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise Rodney William Ansell was a widely-respected Australian cattleman, hunter, and outbacker, most famous for his survival skills under harsh conditions, who served as the model for the movie character "Crocodile Dundee". His business and his family were destroyed by trendy environmentalist legislation. In 1999, resisting a series of new victim disarmament (gun control) laws and other statist incursions into his life, he was savagely murdered by the police, whereupon all sorts of transparently phony charges and accusations were heaped against him by the government and media to defame him when he could no longer defend himself. Running for the highest office in the land, Donald Trump famously promised all of us "deplorables" out here in Flyover Country that he'd protect our rights under the Second Amendment. He mentioned it at every rally, to the enthusiastic cheers of tens of thousands. The sad truth, however, is that the man is a golfer, not a shooter, even if he is rumored to carry a concealed weapon himself. The first time he encountered any political pressure on the issue at all, he folded like a filling-station roadmap. Following a suspiciously spectacular mass-shooting in Las Vegas that we have still not heard a single word of truth about, he single-handedly banned so-called "bump stocks" by Imperial presidential decree. Bump stocks are an aftermarket device that allows a semi-automatic rifle to fire rapidly as if it were fully automatic, and were said to have been used by the Las Vegas shooter. Not that we have any reason to believe what we've been told. Like many another lifelong weapons "expert" (I am a retired ballistician), I have no use for bump stocks, myself, which destroy accuracy and achieve no useful effect. For that reason, the bad-guys are counting on me and my kind not to defend their ownership and use. But -- (a) not only was this an "illegal taking" under the Fifth Amendment, costing manufacturers, retailers, and gun owners millions of dollars, without compensation, (b) not only does it defeat the entire purpose for which the Second Amendment was written -- to defend liberty from the government, which has no lawful business knowing what weapons or accessories we possess, buy, sell, or trade, or telling Americans what is, or is not, acceptable in this context, (c) not only does it it violate a tacit understanding (now null and void) in operation since the 1930s to the effect that, if "We The People" let the feds outlaw certain kinds of weapons, they will otherwise leave us the hell alone ... (d) it makes me worry for the first time about this administration's real agenda with regard to the Bill of Rights. Strike One, Mr. President. Following that Las Vegas event and other pathetically contrived and staged outrages, a series of "red flag laws" began passing in the states, where, it is falsely claimed, the Bill of Rights somehow applies less than at the federal level. These laws allow the authorities to smash into your home and seize your guns, on nothing more than the unsubstantiated whining of some relative or neighbor. This is not only another violation of the Takings Clause (they claim you'll get your weapons back, good as new, in a few weeks, but this is entirely inconsistent with my experiences with cops, property rooms, and seized weapons), it is a blatant violation of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Sections 241 and 242, which forbid the contravention of your rights "under color of law" and set forth penalties for those officials found guilty of it. The even worse news is that certain politicians, including the perfidious Lindsey Graham, are collaborating with Democrats to write more red flag laws at the federal level, and the Trump Administration has done nothing to discourage it. These laws are the very essence and definition of a police state, and they have already allowed one old man in Maryland, who made a stand, defending his rights, to be murdered, like Rod Ansell, the real Crocodile Dundee, by the cops. Strike Two, Mr. President. Lately there have been rumblings that Trump is contemplating a godlike prohibition against suppressors (what the ignorant and butt-stupid media call "silencers"), simply because the accused perpetrator of the most recent politically useful atrocity had one screwed onto the end of one of his pistols. If you remember nothing else from this essay, remember this: _the left always claims that the only way to deal with a crime is to severely punish everyone who didn't commit it. This is insanity; Trump clearly has enemies at his side, giving him very, very bad advice. Lindsey Graham is a snake. Strike Three, Mr. President. Now contemplate, if you will, what comes next. These are not prescriptions; I don't want them to happen. I like Donald and his family; I think he's the best president we've had in over a century. Certainly in my lifetime. They are predictions of an inevitable, dismal future unless changes get made right away. It's what I do for a living and I'm very good at it. Gun owners have always been used by Republicans exactly the same way that Democrats have always used blacks: they're pretty nice to have around during an election, otherwise, fuck 'em. I actually heard a famous Republican back in the 1970s ask, "Who else are they gonna vote for?", "they" being you and me. The answer today, in the twenty-first century, is nobody. Gun people got Trump elected. If those people stay home, next time, if they "walk away" from the Republican Party, Trump will fail in 2020 and America will have lost its last chance to remain a free country. If you wake up, the morning after election day, and Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren, Kamala Harris who began her career humping Willy Brown's leg, Beta O'Rourke, or some other member of the Democrat Zoo Parade is defecating in the Oval Office, you can thank the anti-gun crowd, the Rinos, and other weak-kneed and treacherous Republicanoids. What. if anything, can be done to fix this mess? Write to freedom-oriented politicians (yes, I know it sounds like an oxymoron). Paper letters work best, but anything helps. Do not be particularly respectful. They don't deserve it and Contempt of Congress, they tell us themselves, is the order of the day. Tell them that you're sick and tired tired of being used. Tell them that they must rescind the bump-stock ban at once and indemnify former owners, using the funds, frozen under Title 18, of anti-Constitutional specimens like George Soros, Tom Steyr, Michael Bloomberg, and Bill Gates.They must use federal law as President Eisenhower did in Little Rock in the 1950s to abolish red flag laws wherever they have sprouted, and jail those politicians, bureaucrats, and cops who introduced, sponsored, voted for, passed, or enforced them. As a token of good faith, they must fully legalize suppressors and fully-automatic weapons immediately. They must eliminate gun-free (meaning Bill of Rights-free) zones, if only for the sake of public safety. Constitutional rights are not privileges or luxuries, to be brushed aside at political whim, but dire necessities, as the Second Amendment itself declares, for a free republic. They must formally and thoroughly investigate infamous false flag shootings going back to Charles Whitman in 1966. Further (but not very far) down the road, they must break up California by county and allow blue counties to determine their own fate. Finally, they must separate New York City from the rest of that state, and demote it to territorial status with a Governor appointed by the President so it can't do any more harm. And let the President know his administration is on probation. ************************ Award-winning novelist and essayist L. Neil Smith is a retired gunsmith, Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise and the author of over thirty books. Look him up on Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon.com. He is available, at professional rates, to write columns, articles, and speeches for your organization, event, or publication, fiercely defending your rights, as he has done since the mid-1960s. His writings (and e-mail address) may also be found at L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise, at JPFO.org or at https://www.patreon.com/lneilsmith, to which you can contribute, directly. His many books and those of other pro-gun libertarians may be found (and ordered) at L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE "Free Radical Book Store" The preceeding essay was originally prepared for and appeared in L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE. If you like what you've seen and want to see more, he says, "Don't applaud, throw money."
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    Joe and Pat's on Victory Blvd, Staten Island. Their Margherita is amazing but, IMHO, must be eaten hot. DeNino's on Hooker Ave, Staten Island has an awesome cheese pie that works hot and cold. Again, IMHO.
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    Lol, you guys are killing me with 1911!!! Not for nothing but Ottomanelli's gun shop located inside gun for hire had a beautiful counter filled with incredibly beautiful 1911s! I mean in the thousands of dollars beautiful! I didnt want to even touch one. I'm trying to stay away from 1911 due to cost, nice ones are stupid expensive. If I'm gonna do 1911 i have to do it right, and get a nice one, no budget 1911 for me unless there is something that punches way above what it costs.

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