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    How about you build/buy whatever the fuck you want and shut your trap.
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    Don’t call them aliens... Call them undocumented interterrestrial immigrants, the libtards will come in droves to pass out free shit.
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    So, I was driving down 295 today and after reading about the new Freedom Arms going in where Hague’s used to be I thought I should stop in. As I pulled in a gentleman was walking out obviously heading to his truck with somewhere to go. He stopped and asked me if he could help- I introduced myself and told him why I had stopped in. He introduced himself as Glen one of the owners and offers to show me around. The store is set up much the same way it was with the previous owners - but the range is different. Completely new, clean and bright. New backstops, shooting stations and mechanicals- beautiful. The shop is about 3/4 full of both new and preowned guns - handguns, shotguns and rifles. Glen took at least 1/2 an hour and showed me the entire place with obvious pride. Remember he was leaving to go when I arrived but stopped what he was doing to show me around. Customer service is our priority he said - fair treatment, fair prices and a little ball bustin’ Seems to be the name of the game. I am very impressed and want this place to succeed- if you are in the area do yourself a favor - stop in - introduce yourself and check it out for yourself. I think we have a winner in town.
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    Praise Jesus These two cats jumped on a make-shift submarine in the middle of the ocean and owned it.
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    The goal is to get in and see the aliens. I'd think all of the Democrats would be there, with stacks and stacks of voter registration forms.
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    I would chip in to bus everyone who voted for Hillary.
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    it's all a cover to make us forget about epstein
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    Keep yourself occupied. Only time I ever came close to being airsick was as an instructor in the right seat in moderate turbulence. Never ever had an issue while I was flying in as bad or worse conditions. Also heard from people who are on boats often who said greasy food is a bad idea. So is no food. Go with pretzels or something similar. But do eat something.
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    Most are. That’s why they call them money pits. You don’t have to walk away just know it’s probably not a wam-bam insta-dream house. Few are. They’re like women, you don’t know what you’re getting into until you get into them. Wow. Profound, huh?
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    this is starting to sound like a bad idea
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    Right about at the old spice commercial. Even simple threads here can turn real interesting.
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    ...and Totino's Pizza Rolls ..oh....and Pop Tarts.
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    A comment from the link above: Old Guysays: Comment ID: 4005205 July 15, 2019 at 5:58 am Clint Eastwood is Quoted as saying turning in guns or participating in a gun buy back. because there are too many crimes. Is like castrating yourself because you think your neighbors have too many children.
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    I can recommend a great brew pub and restaurant after you're done, Fegley's in Allentown. Great food and beer. Just don't drink too much for the ride home. 812 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
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    If you're going to take something try Bonine. It doesn't make you drowsy. @fishnut is correct. Stay on deck but stay away from the transom as the exhaust fumes will make you feel worse @JohnnyB is correct too. I used to run boats at work. I'd never get seasick as long as I was at the helm. I knew pilots who would get airsick if they weren't at the controls. FWIW I never got airsick although I've flown in small aircraft when the pilots did crazy stuff.
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    I wonder how long the boiled ribs would last sealed in the ammo can. zeke and meat in the can...
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    The cans should be silk screened with pictures of meatloaf with pineapple and pictures of crock pot ribs.
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    No no! It’s just ice cream!!
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    All the cops will be stealing your ammo! They will be quite disappointed when they find ammo inside instead of glazed....
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    Paint the insides safety orange. Paint the outsides red, white, and blue.
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    That’s a little over the top. But I like the hiding in plain sight idea!
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    Well, you just missed Pride Month... so I guess rainbow-hued is out.
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    6 hours this time. Perfect. One last tweak needed. Less BBQ Sauce.
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    I'm trying the Zeke method one more time on Thursday. Reducing the time to 6 hours low.
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    Do you have smoke detectors? CO detectors? A fire extinquisher? Why? You will never need them. Until you do. Man up.
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    It's a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card . You don't even need one to own a gun. So as BRaptor said taking wife to the range and letting her shoot is Good to Go.
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    Never enough frosting per strudel.

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