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    Well.....for everyone who has been wondering what's been going on...we are moving. Next month my wife and I are packing-up the farm and moving to Pennsylvania - to a community called Hemlock Farms in the Poconos. To a certain extent I feel like I am being driven from my homeland ... but I can't say I will miss NJ. It's getting crazier and crazier.
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    This thread is useless and sucks. If you want help you need to provide more info and pictures. I still say you screwed up reloading the round. Be careful
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    Congrats, W2MC!!! 2 more years for us. Mrs Tex has decided we are going to TEXAS instead of Tn. Woohooo!
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    But always in a safe manner.
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    I betcha he threw it over the wall.
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    You win the Blue Ribbon! The check is the release!
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    I would bet the downside to the $125 is you give up you right to sue Equifax if they cause you to get hacked and it costs you money.
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    I think @Sotagave the best advice.
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    The 125 is a standard buy out.... if you want to file a claim you can provide the necessary documents and i believe they will cover up to $20,000 in loses... The free 10 years of credit monitoring is well worth it if you didn't lose anything.
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    Hey... never mind that pork roll. Let's have some !!!
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    Enjoy your freedom. Your only regret is going to be not moving sooner
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    I look forward to the day, myself. The State I lived in all my life, clearly doesn't want me or my type (YOU) to reside here.
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    water heater and dryer are both on their own 220 corcuits,, you can split that to four 20A circuits.
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    Onion bombs! Try it with a mix of pork, veal, and ground beef. Some nice spices.
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    I think he met peanus. Like planters roasted.
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    Them liberal tear drops of your's probably rusted up the chamber.
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    I had leftover parts at my PA place, so I slapped this together for giggles while I wait for Modern Materiel to put out their 9mm firearm offering. I just had to pick up a Ballistic Advantage 11.5" govt profile barrel and a SBA3 brace.
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    non-NFA AR thing. Brace, ACOG, fore-grip, muzzle device pinned and welded to barrel , quad rail from 2012 27inches
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    As a side note, Heritage Guild is expensive snd it sucks.
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    @DirtyDigz - OK, I apologize if you know all of this already, but I'm going to share some "common sense" tips I got from my plumber... - at the beginning of the cold season, make sure you check the heat tapes themselves and any outlets that those heat tapes are plugged into to make sure everything is working OK. - put a very visible tag that says "Do Not Unplug!" at the plug end of all heat tapes ... (too easy to unplug it throughout the year, and forget!) - be aware, heat tape is not foolproof. Like, I now have heat tape on some pipes in my basement, but the wrapped section is just a small percentage of the pipe's total area (2 of the pipes are running up to the second floor in a poorly insulated "chase" on an outside corner of the house - that's a lot of pipe unwrapped) So, if it's super-frigid and windy, I still drip the faucets out of an abundance of caution. - related to above, if you're going to be gone for a couple days or more in really frigid temps, what if your power goes out? If you don't have a reliable neighbor to help out in your absence, you might be better off just shutting the main off and draining the water before you leave. That's what I've been told anyway... I am not a plumber! LOL. So, if any of that is bogus, I'm sure we'll have plumbers and other construction types jumping in shrieking: "Dumbass! WRONG!! That's so very WRONG!!".
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    According to this, you can't get a settlement, just because. You have to prove that you were impacted, monetarily. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/equifax-breach-see-if-youre-eligible-how-to-file-a-claim-and-see-what-youll-get/
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    Followers worn. You live in PA or DE, right?

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