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    THIS is what the MEDIA wants you to believe. What has the NRA done for us? Continues to fight the 10 round mag limit ban - it's going up to SCOTUS. Cheeseman-Jillard vs NJ regarding justifiable need? That's being backed by the ANJRPC/NRA (as well as CNJFO). It's putting up the money for us to continue to fight... Without it, it'd come down to confiscate confiscate confiscate.
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    How can people not see that they are falling for the media trap that has been set. The NRA is the biggest target because they are, by far, the strongest 2A group in the world. Joining in because of some bad press and decisions does not negate the fact that the NRA has a much larger infrastructure in place to lobby very heavily. None of the other 2A groups can mobilize the numbers or have a fraction of the clout of the NRA. The other groups are great, but they can't do what the NRA can do. Having the NRA act as the large firewall for anti-2A allows for the smaller boutique 2A groups to do what they do best.
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    Maks, you are correct. Part-time residents (those that own second homes in PA that aren't rented to tenants) are able to buy NFA items in PA even if they don't have a PA driver's license. Under the law, part time residents have the same NFA buying rights as full time residents.
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    From what I can remember, I paid: $1,800 for a transferable Cobray M11A1 .380 in 2004. $2,250 for the pre-68 UZI above in 2003. $4,500 for a transferable M2 Carbine Kit in 2006. $9,200 for the pre-68 HK53 above in 2013.
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    From Daily Wire. The article explains how the Dummycrats scheme to game the electoral system by awarding electoral collage votes to the national popular vote winner, and not necessarily the states popular vote winner, how the plan is doomed, doa, stillborn, impotent, oh, and also unconstitutional. They got a proper beat down by the 10th Circuit. This is not over yet.
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    Only been reloading a bit over 45 years. I'm more interested in producing quality ammo rather than pull the handle 50 times and produce a box of ammo. I still use a single stage press...one of them for the 45 years. I've easily loaded a few hundred thousand rounds. The most serious mishap I can think of is twice I set off a primer while handpriming. Toral damage? A loud noise. Once I've set up and after the rounds passed final inspection the total mishaps I've had were...zero. I've used CCI primers 99% of the time. More dead primers with factory rounds. I've had exactly one squib which was a factory round. More problems with Remington factory ammo than any other. For example I have some Remington Vipers that the bullet is too big and won't chamber in some revolvers and semiautos. Reloading many would consider me slow but good. Hope that answers your question @Zeke.
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    I've belonged to a number of non-profits over the years. Each one (actually without exception) has been roiled by various rumors - of incompetence, or somebody's greed, sometimes even rumors of the org's imminent doom - invariably, sometimes coming from their own members, and typically ending up to be untrue. I guess water cooler talk doesn't just happen in the office! LOL. But, in this case, what are the FACTS that we DO know? We know we have a mainstream media that in the last couple of years has gone totally into left field. I certainly believe NOTHING coming from them! So, I would advise everyone to take all these stories implying "the NRA is near-death!" with a big old grain of salt, much like many of you treated the "Russian collusion" story with the same cynicism. With hindsight that turned out to be rather wise, didn't it? Frankly, I also find it heartening that after an hour on the phone with Wayne Lapierre, Trump seems to have steadied himself and regained "perspective" on the 2A issue. What does THAT tell you? The NRA is still a highly influential 2A organization.
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    Dem senator hit with bar complaint for ‘openly threatening’ Supreme Court https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dem-senator-bar-complaint-for-openly-threatening-supreme-court Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.
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    If it is a media fabrication, it has been going on for many years. Although with less specifics, there have been a LOT of rumors flying for quite some time about the bullshit going on at the NRA. The thing is, the structure of the organization is designed to be resistant to outside interference, and the people inside of that control structure had been resistant to the membership that has been upset for the better part of a decade. The thing is as long as it was internal problems, the bulk were of the opinion that living with it and plugging away at getting the votes to make change was the better course. However, we have reached a point where what was rumored to be going on has been proven to have been going on, AND the state of New York has weaponized it against the NRA. The shit they have done is going to come home to roost. Fighting the rot quietly no longer has any potential upside. As a rational human, almost everything of use done by the NRA has been a product of ack-mac or the NRA-ILA, and they are the bits being jettisoned to try and protect double dipping board members from NY. The fact that the state level org in NJ after years of trying to figure out which way is down unsuccessfully, has decided to actually participate in the fight just around the time that local viable competition has come on the scene to compete for donation dollars AND the mothership may be going down in flames? Shocking I tell you. Total coincidence. They must have been secretly competent and interested in our best interests the whole time. Yes, the NRA is in peril. Not of being shut down by starving them of money, but by being held accountable for their actions by an aggressive party who wants to use the law against them to the fullest extent. This would not be nearly so hazardous if there weren't so many things that look like they violated those laws. AT the non-criminal level, the prime failing of the board that created risk was not doing the pain in the ass work of moving the state of incorporation to some place less hostile than new york state. That wasn't criminal, it is just stupid and tone deaf to risk. Not understanding that if you are going ot be a hated entity you have to be dotting all your Is and crossing all your Ts and keeping shit well above board is also a place they fell down. Because of that we have insane risk. The core scumbags of the board are also disliked.
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    It's a change.org petition, likely combined with an underlying employee petition that is linked to it. A large portion of the signatures are likely not even located in the US.
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    IIRC, they are fairly ardent supporters of firearms and the 2A. From the monetary side... I am sure they also heavily benefited from Dicks getting out of that business.
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    I think it’s more of an issue of the top management’s political views than the number of customer signatures they receive on a petition.
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    The demographics of Dicks shoppers are completely different from walmart's. That made dicks way more susceptible to being willingly pressured. Yes, there was a lot willingly going along from the CEO. However, walmart will eventually capitulate. If for nothing else, because demographics are against them. Millennials are going to overtake the boomers as the largest generation. And they are the product of a failed education system that taught them to hate their country, traditions, history and culture. Expect more and more corps to cater to their whims.
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    Agreed, there are over 100,000,000 Walmart customers. This is at most 0.1% give or take. Then again, Publix caved to a handful of protesters over donating a few thousand to Republican candidates. (of which I made a large return of product back to them and stopped shopping there.) There are several Wallmarts that don’t sell this already, like in NJ. So how many of these signatures are actually from free states?
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    I have faith the Walton family loves our Country and our Constitution as much as I do! I am not worried!
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    I believe the NRA is in complete meltdown Mode, to the delight of the Anti gun groups.... Personally aside from anual membership, that I pay , WTF has the NRA done for me and you in the Socialist State of NJ?
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    It's 450 bucks, it's a Mossberg, it's a winner.
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    I've added another one to the daily rotation... Seiko Prospex Diver Solar Adios, Pizza Bob
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    YES! YES! Hope this helps! "The .223 Wylde has the same chamber angling as the standard 5.56 chamber, so there's no problem with pressures, and it also has a .2240 free bore diameter. ... You have a chamber that can still handle the hotter5.56 military cartridge pressure, and you get the accuracy when shooting the more accurate .223 cartridges."
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    I'll bet I would indeed. We'll be busting some this Labor Day up in Maine at a secluded quarry we go to. But I'm sure I won't touch your 89! I'll probably be picking up 89 to re-throw! Many Happy returns! Great looking cake too.
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    I actually had the UZI in NJ for several years. The HK53 was my exodus present to myself. The BAT I just did last month. I am presently waiting on an AOW approval. It could be the first ever in the US. At least I've never seen one.
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    I thought that opinion was overturned, reevaluated, or whatever the term is.

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