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    Borrow someone's dual action random orbital polisher and some compound. The D/A is much safer for people who don't know what they're doing. I have one you could use but I'm not in Charleston, if that location is accurate
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    Spoke with Joe... So they have the exclusive 11.75" from BA. Essentially cut to that length for these guns. The extra .25" gets over the legal limit. Good news is... I believe I am getting one of their guns so will have the three major ones and the LWRC soon after. Hoping to do some accuracy tests next week, everything from 50 to 300 with various ammo.
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    And as a note... Between the 4... I really do believe each is unique in their own way and there is enough there to differentiate for the type of gun owner you are and what you are looking for feature wise. Once I complete the individual videos will put one together of the 4... but will have accuracy results hopefully this time next week, as long as I get it in time.
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    FYI, Canistear Road at the RailRoad bridge will be closed on Saturday, September 7 at 7am to about 3pm. If you wanted to go to the range, you have to drive 515-->638-->Oneota-->>Lakeside Dr W-->Canistear-->Range Road. This is probably 15-20 minutes worth of detour.
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    If it's on the paint, try using a clay bar kit. DON"T use it on plastic surfaces!
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    Looks simple enough. Go wash your car, and then just use a paper towel and cleaning detergent... that should come right off. If you run your fingernail over it, do you feel any scratches in the paint/clear coat? Yes... I used to spend 8 hours detailing my Camaro... not an IROC... Z28. lol.
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    I saw that same piece in the Bergen Record. They did say that while there are no specific criminal penalties for false accusations, the complaint would have to be filed under oath, so a false complaint could be subject to prosecution under that provision. I think Red Flag laws have the potential to be helpful, but they would need to be very clearly defined and closely regulated to prevent abuse. What happens if a man alleges that his wife or girlfriend threatened him, and has her guns removed. At that point, she would be helpless to defend herself against him. I'm curious why the scenario always presented is the reverse of that.
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    This should be a wake up call for any NJ gun owner to use extreme caution as to who knows your hobby, sport or what ever you call it. You need to find a safe storage place for all your "safe queens" , family heirlooms, and other collectible guns. start building hiding places . leave your 1 home defense gun out but hide the rest. You can be assured that if your collection of Colt SAA's or that Colt Walker you got buried in your safe will be destroyed if seized by the stasi. an event can happen anytime, don't kid your self especially if you have kids in a school system. make plans with a trusted gun owning friend, I have a plan with mine, we have each others shed lock combinations and in the event I ever had to remove mine at any hour of the day I can just drive to his house , lock them in his shed and he will do the rest. The NJ NRA affiliate should devise and disseminate a legal plan of action for NJ gun owners immediately . Now do we have to wait for a case to happen before a SCOTUS complaint.
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    worst fucking I.T. person ever....
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    Define reliability? 500 rounds? 1,000? 5,000? Put a few hundred through the Troy and a bit less through DSI, no stoppages. Common issues are the last round bolt hold open but that is magazine related, applies to most AR PCCs. One thing to keep in mind is that these are blowback operated so all are going to be fairly reliable. Recoil was about the same, maybe a tad less on the Troy. The DSI has a few upgrades such as billet upper and lower, nicer charging handle, ambi controls. Troy will be more durable as it is forged receivers, but they look a tad plane. They also come with sights. I think both also had less recoil than the Scorpion and both guns weight less. Keep in mind, biggest difference... in the "non-nfa" configuration, you have adjustable pistol brace. With Scropion... will be a neutered stock and longer barrel. Magazine choice is also there to consider. Troy/DSI and MM? Use Glock mags. Scorpion uses their own mags. There are A LOT more Glock mags out there and cheap cheap cheap. The Troy gun will be avail to try (in 9mm) on Tuesday at Garden State shooting Center so come on down and try it.
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    Attention Everyone!! This NEW law goes in effect THIS Sunday. Were you all aware of that? ......"A significant new gun control law will take effect in New Jersey on Sunday, allowing you to ask a judge to bar a family member or loved one who is deemed to be mentally unstable and a threat from buying or possessing a gun. Here’s what you need to know:" You ALL need to go to that link, NOW, and read this law so you understand what's in it, since it was passed before it was read.
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    50 guns - no problem hundreds of rounds of ammunition - time to place an order de-milled hand grenades - considering the guy owned a gun shop, not unusual liquid mercury - every thermostat and thermometer in the world used to have mercury in it - again, not unusual pipe bomb - since everything else they found is a nothing, I'm suspicious about this "pipe bomb".
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    Pics would be helpful - HSGI makes a few different belt setups with MOLLE. You could have a Battle Belt type or their cobra belt. Don’t get that MOLLE adapter. You will probably need a different holster. The paddle holsters are for pants belt and adding a UBL (Universal Belt Loop) hanger is less than ideal due to the attachment point on the paddle holsters being so high on the holster.
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    Just make sure it's a rooftop celebration.
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    Oh... OK. So if I get a really big buzz on my property taxes will go down? Just so there's no confusion..... /SarcOff/.
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    Ummm, what jus happened?
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    Dunno. Might depend on whether the state is considered flammable or inflammable English is a weird language.

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