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    Speaking of facts... That's correct. Wow, there are no words.. So in YOUR world, you're comparing defective PARTS and defective DESIGN flaws, which cause ACCIDENTAL deaths, to defective PEOPLE (who commit mass shootings), as one and the same, and the manufacturers of those products used should be sued equally? This LACK of logic is astounding!!! So, you "think" by rescinding it, this will suddenly make people no longer evil, not willing to murder people, stop mass murders, and eliminate all gangbangers in the 'hood, because the gun manufacturers will be held responsible too? Just how much have you been drinking tonight? I'm not going to touch on all the ANTI 2A clauses you agree with Biden on. It's so pathetic, it makes me want to puke... What a traitor to the 2A you are, but I'm not really surprised, based on all your Liberal delusions you spew here regularly. But on this particular one, what exactly is a "Assault Weapon"? Please give me links to the category of those weapons at PSA or Bud's so I can order one right now. Even better, please link that category description at any one of the major firearm manufacturers, I'd like to check them out. @AVB-AMG There just are no words............
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    I’m not going to quote AVB since it’s bullshit in its entirety. PLCAA does not protect gun manufacturers against negligence or defects in design. In those cases the manufacturers can still be Taken to court and found liable. PLCAA protects them against lawsuits stemming from the illegal use of their firearm. You could argue that no other area has those protections but also no area has needed those protections after the organized and tactical lawsuits in the 90’s that still continue today
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    If Biden didn't have double standards, he wouldn't have any standards at all.
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    Thank you, AVB, for confirming what I have suspected for awhile. Your "250 mass shootings" is straight from the "Gun Violence Archive", which has its own definition. The FBI's definition counts 31. You're another one who's 'drank the cool-aide'.
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    SGammo usually has good prices on standard 1K cases. A lot of people here buy from them. https://www.sgammo.com/catalog/pistol-ammo-sale/9mm-luger-ammo
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    Wouldn't sueing be a means to this? Riddle me that, Batbrain, and of course you agree. Anything but the actual humans that commit the crimes, as its not their fault, but ours, the president, and the gun manufacturers. Dipshit, what do you think that would do to the gun companies, what with all the POS slip-and-fall lawyers and corrupt judges and brainwashed citizenry? Of course you to because it won't matter if all the gun companies are out of business. And by the way, batbrain, what is an assault weapon? I want my korean issued M1 Garande that I cannot purchase and a Saiga or two.. LOL. There aren't that many to worry about, anyway. They were lost in lots of boating accidents. You are such a moron. Bite the bullet and take your losses. They are too dangerous, anyway. Maybe you should pay some extra taxes to pay yourself back. Again, a complete idiot. Focus on punishing the individual, law-abiding citizen with something of NO CONSEQUENCE. And, all of that nonsense would in effect register, etc. I'm not Biden, but what if I think you should only have 3 guns total. Turn the rest in and buy them back with your own taxes. MORON. You are as dumb as Biden. Here is what I think Joe Biden meant... He wants to get rid of guns and this is just a key part of his plans. Anyone that supports Biden is against America. BINGO. Troll's R Us
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    Yeah, Voyager...what’s the excuse of the month?
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    Once again, AVB talks the 'party' line, and has no idea what he is talking about. The Obama-Biden "policy" (executive fiat, really), was that everyone who was check-marked (NOT "adjudicated", as AVB asserts) as needing assistance managing their affairs was unilaterally moved into the prohibited category. Unlike AVB, I KNOW people who were in this category. These were administrative decisions-not an adjudication-where an injury was in a certain category, such as a head injury, was required to name another to "manage" their affairs. Most did not need a conservator, but they were forced to identify one or risk losing their Social Security benefits. These were bureaucratic decisions based on a check in a box or checklist, NOT the result of either court or professional decision-making --- even more egregious than the current "Red-Flag" laws! These were largely implemented so that the SSA could cover their own asses and have someone (other than themselves) to blame in the rare cases of patient abuse. The Obama-Biden fiat was CORRECTLY tossed-out as unconstitutional. Use some of that advanced education you regularly pat yourself on the back over, AVB, and educate yourself BEFORE you pass judgement.
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    Good job. A well-written response. Sometimes when I am in my truck the factory radio resets to NPR. When I listen to this I have to laugh because after just this one soundbite of nonsense I can see how my own brother's head gets filled with the gobblygook, and the programming is everywhere not just NPR. What's a left-leaning individual to do? With all of that how can they be held responsible? At one point in time AVB even invited me to sit down for a drink with him. I will give him kudos for his passion. At least he has good taste in chew toys for his dog (and he has a dog)(can't be all bad). I am completely open to HONEST debate, however, someone with AVB's intellect cannot be that uneducated with some of the things he says. Therefore I find him dishonest and sneaky, cherry-picking facts, etc. and spinning things, and just like Jenny, I have his number. If you are right and he actually does it in a well-meaning manner, and to his credit he has never presented himself other than a Progresssive (if I can categorize him that way) person (meaning he doesn't hide his beliefs), then I will concede, but I really don't think this is so. He knows exactly what he is doing. And, if you think it is all sincere, take the personal attacks against Trump. Maybe he personally knows Trump and there is bad blood as he mentioned from Real Estate deals, etc.. Trump is certainly no angel, but he is doing right by America at the moment. When AVB personally attacks him he isn't making his case, he is showing derangement. And, with all the fear he has, why was there no remote concern with Obama and his excesses, abuses, and scandals? Even with the media in the tank, they couldn't be completely hidden. Again, I don't know AVB personally, but I perceive him as sneaky and dishonest with the threads and thread titles he starts and the things he chooses to write about in them I believe he is trying to make his views seem reasonable. I'm not comparing AVB to Biden, but It is sort of like this... Would you treat Biden differently if you met him and viewed him as a whimsical, well-meaning older, bumbling gentleman with some impediments to his mental clarity (as long as he didn't touch your daughter), or would you treat him differently if you saw him as calculating, dishonest and creepy individual above the law, hypocritcal and dangerous to personal freedoms. Maybe that is how AVB sees Trump... but where are the facts, AVB? That is how Biden is seen by many. And, I am sorry, but I don't see you as truthful. I hear what you say about Greenday. He doesn't seem to have any malice and just says what he believes, though misguided. He seems to always be respectful and not get too much into the weeds. In the things he writes, though, he seems to be developing as a progressive and being more outspoken. Remember, facts Greenday, facts. He is getting more outspoken, and to your point that is OK, however he needs to be called on his BS. By the way, I disagree, AVB drops his crap and runs off because he only has personal attacks and no facts. I keep forgetting that both of these individuals are products of the propaganda media and facts and reason matter very little and AVB and Greenday don't see themselves as responsible for the Leftist, NWO crap that is being dumped on us all.
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    Ya, what he said! HE smert and stuff
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    Oh... where to begin?! Point-by-point, I guess... I'll hit a few that jumped out at me. (Boldface added by me). @voyager9 and @Old Glock guy are quite correct, AVB. And you, in this instance, are so very wrong. Sorry!... but, the PLCAA law protects manufacturers from being sued when someone uses their product for criminal purposes. It's a pretty narrowly defined exception. It does NOT protect them from being sued over, for instance, defective parts that cause injuries - or - any other type of negligence! The ONLY reason the law was passed was because the industry was unique... in that it was under attack with nuisance lawsuits coordinated by activists who wished to bankrupt the industry. The analogy to suing a car manufacturer for the actions of a drunk driver is EXACTLY spot-on! If indeed, car manufacturers were regularly facing lawsuits (coordinated by MADD, for instance) holding them accountable for the actions of drunk drivers, we'd need to pass a law to stop that as well. I suggest you go read the PLCAA directly - the number is: 15 U.S.C. §§ 7901-7903. The person to be blamed for the shooting is, first and foremost... the SHOOTER! Victims suing "whomever they can in an effort to get something for their loss" is a symptom of our sick, litigious society. As though getting a "cash settlement" somehow makes losing your loved one... better? Yikes. We need to re-think that. And Schiff?! Good god, AVB, he's an extremist. As stated, responsible manufacturers were being besieged with nuisance lawsuits promulgated by activists - THAT'S why the law was passed in the first place! You accuse @Sniper of "just reading and accepting the right-wing spin on Joe Biden’s stand on guns from Breitbart" - and yet, in your passage above, you directly link to information from The Giffords Law Center, a site of left-wing spin. Pot... meet Kettle! And, oh, btw, shootings deaths by AR-15s (and rifles of all types) are also very rare in this country, despite not being under the NFA. You're about as likely to be struck dead by lightning as you are to be killed by an AR-15... you're MORE likely to be beaten to death by someone's bare fists. You're buying into obvious "spin", AVB. You should be smarter than that! I suggest you avoid Giffords (and all other political sites), and go straight to credible sources (like FBI crime stats) for a clearer picture. You're getting hoodwinked, my friend! Maybe YOU don't have a problem with this... but I think you should! A number of leading organizations (including those that defend the rights of people with disabilities) certainly did! They saw it for what it was... a sneaky way to strip people of their Constitutional rights without due process. Those decisions were being made by bureaucratic administrators, not judges (based on expert testimony and all the other hallmarks of due process). Hell, it was such an egregious overstep that even the ACLU (no fan of guns!) came out strongly against it, and in fact, was one of the main plaintiffs. Judging from your political slant as expressed on these forums, I'm guessing you respect the ACLU, right? Eh, I agree with that... to a point. I enjoy Greenday's shooting threads - because frankly, I like to see people with a left-leaning slant enjoying firearms and seeing the ridiculousness of punishing legal gun owners for the actions of criminals - and he seems to "get" that point! (Progress?!) But, on most of the political threads, I suspect he's in it more for the sly fun of trolling and watching other posters' heads explode. And that's just mean-spirited... and as a result, people are now openly mean and hostile to him, too. It's a real shame. Whereas in AVB's case, agree with him or not, he actually "debates" - he builds his argument, he stays and defends it (and doesn't scamper off to another thread), and he's shown he's capable of changing his position when others present enough opposing information. At least I can respect his process, even at those times when I wholeheartedly disagree with his positions. And he also participates by bringing in other interesting threads, on any number of topics. I consider him, in that respect, a good contributing community member! Some folks on here simply can't tolerate opposing views... I'm not of that mindset myself. I personally think there's something inherently useful in hearing opposing viewpoints.
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    Warden is NJ compliant. Only works with SF Brakes though. These devices are collectively knows as “blast shields” or are sometimes called a “blast diffuser”. Griffin makes one that will attach to any muzzle device that accepts a mil-spec Blank Firing Adapter (BFA). It won’t make anything quieter, but it will direct the sound and “blast” downrange instead of back at the shooter. Keep in mind that there is no free lunch. The benefit of the redirection of the blast will slightly increase the felt recoil (subjectively).
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    Yes. But I’m using warden generically. Like sawsall. Brake specific
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    @FXDX Great little piece. Have fun with it.
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    See if you can get a warden for the break. I concur with @GramGun79
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    Brakes in general are louder...others might have been shooting with flash hiders which are sometimes quieter. What type of brake do you have on your gun?
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    Thank you for your brilliancy addressing this, I don't know what to say... Idiocy review continued: Yes, it is best to provide the undeserving and mistrustful government with more information and power over the people. And your statist government would decide this? How would that be distinguished between those unable and those who get aid from others? And by the way, how would temporary assistance be recognized. Busy body, Statist. Again, who would decide this nonsense? Perhaps, instead if a background check cannot be completed in (3) days, issue the victim of the government and bureacracy ANY free firearm under $2000 of his or her choice. Perhaps let them select two, instead, from the buyback bin. So who are these fugitives from justice? Trump supporters? Again, it would be so hard and complicated and costly to get them with all you agree with that it wouldn't matter that you agreed or not.. Yes, lets make criminals of the state and send a SWAT team at 5 in the morning and murder them in cold blood. Lets keep records so we can round them up when we feel like and without due process. And how would you safeguard indiiduals against abuse of this? And through due process how will the firearms NOT be damaged and returned to the individual? And what will be the penalty for state officials that don't follow through accordingly? Didn't Hitler and a few other unbearable and inhuman creatures enact this very thing on the people? Didn't it lead to gun confiscation? Certainly was the end of the world for a few disarmed individuals and their families packed into train cars. Perhaps that enforcement should be done before passing ANY more laws. Maybe we can tax the gun owners and use that money to setup a system? Neither YOU nor BIDEN should be in charge of anything beyond cutting your own fingernails when long. Someone plesae contact the Social Security Office.
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    Glad to hear it went well. On a humorous note, I had very much looked forward to my class for several months. Hoped to go to the class well rested after a good night’s sleep. Not! Had to travel to Ohio the preceding week. Unable to fly home until Friday evening. Plane delays resulted in me arriving home at midnight after traveling for 9 hours door to door. Asleep at 1:00 am, up at 5:30 am for the 2 hour drive to Pa. Then the class in the scorching sun all day. It was also very obvious that I (66yo) was by far the oldest of the group. The next oldest was a very physically fit LEO who was about 15 years my junior. Average age of the class was 30 something. Nevertheless did ok with the various drills and came home with my certificate which I am quite proud of despite the aforementioned challenges.
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    I understand your frustration, but comments like that don't do anything to advance the dialogue. I admire AVB and Greenday, even though I rarely agree with them, because they continue to come back here to provide opposing views in the face of nearly universal hostility Without them, we would all be in near total agreement on most issues, and the discussions would be a lot less interesting. That is my understanding of it, yet the anti-gun people continue to obfuscate, and conflate manufacturing defects with intentional misuse of a product to claim that the firearms industry is the only group that is protected from liability lawsuits.
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    correction. the brace does fit flush with the 7 position. just tried it now but it was stiff as hell. plus it does not click in all the way in. you have to jiggle the stock in and out alittle for it to click in the most collapse position. with the 6 position it clicks in smoothly when fully collapsed i dont know. these braces are wierd with some extension tubes. u gotta do alittle trial and error to see what fits when you by an A5 extension
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    Have patience, the AW definition is being written up as we speak by the same folk (Dept of Subterfuge) who re-defined the whistle blower criteria.
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    another vote for SG Ammo. The owners are by all accounts, good people.
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    Your a FUDD and you need to go eff yourself.... your a freaking commie liberal pinko SOB. We don't care what you think we dont care what you like Piss off wanker
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    This is an awesome pistol, I’ve shot groups at 40 yards with mine!
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    Unreal what words and consequent actions the Marxist, Statist, Democrats can get away with. Biden is an unAmerican POS.
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    CNN panel discussing the ongoing impeachment story. CNN.mp4
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    i did a bcm 11.5 inch build with a milspec receiver ext. got 25 7/8 inch so i was short. i just threw on a vltor a5 buffer system in and now im over 26 inches. didnt need to pin and weld my muzzle device
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    Have is one thing, use is quite another. Between handguns, rifles and shotguns I count 28. Use? Maybe 3 or 4, LOL. Adios, Pizza Bob EDIT: Sorry, I miscounted - actual count is 32 including shotguns and muzzleloaders. Here's the list - no double-dipping (did not count a .357 Mag as two calibers [.38 Spl & .357 Mag] - I have firearms chambered uniquely for each caliber listed) 1. .17 HM2 Rifle 2. .17 HMR Rifle / Handgun 3. .22 LR Rifle / Handgun 4. .221 Fireball Handgun 5. .223/5.56 Rifle 6. .22-250 Rifle 7. .243 Win Rifle 8. 6 mm Rem Rifle 9. .30-30 Win Rifle 10. .308/7.62 Rifle 11. .30-06 Rifle 12. .303 Brit Rifle 13. .348 Win Rifle 14. .380 Handgun 15. 9x19 mm Rifle / Handgun 16. .357 Sig Handgun 17. .38 Super Handgun 18. .38 Special Handgun 19. .357 Mag Handgun 20. .357 Max Handgun 21. .40 S&W Handgun 22. 10 mm Handgun 23. .44-40 Handgun 24. .44 Special Handgun 25. .44 Magnum Rifle / Handgun 26. .45 ACP Handgun 27. .45 Colt Handgun 28. .45-70 Rifle 29. .456 Round ball Rifle 30. 20 ga Shotgun 31. 16 ga Shotgun 32. 12 ga Shotgun
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    Shooters in Tuckerton is good. A new shop in Beachwood called Freedom Firearms has a good used selection, too....including some high end stuff. I know both are about an hour East of you. I drive a lot for work, so an hour to go to a gun shop is nothing to me. Make it a road trip!!!.... hit Garden State in Lakewood, Freedom in Beachwood, PK in Manahawkin and Shooters in Tuckerton. On your way back home, have lunch at Lucille's on Rt. 539 in Warren Grove.
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    I'm going to date myself here... but anyone remember City Gardens in Trenton? That place was both weird and fabulous --- a great spot for new wave and punk bands in particular. My first time there, I was struck by 2 things: 1) it was the only club I'd been to that had an armed guard (ummm... I'm guessing because of da bad 'hood?); 2) they had a lively mosh pit. I saw a guy take a header right into a wall. Ouch! He must have been awfully drunk, because he simply shook he head, spit out his front teeth on the floor, looked up, gave me a big wink and a bloody, toothless grin... and continued stomping away! Certainly one of the more interesting crowds I've ever seen... more entertaining than the bands sometimes. I also frequented the Stanhope House a number of times over the years... they attracted not only great local blues bands (Billy Hector(?) as I recall was really good), but some big nationally known acts too. Surprising really, since it was such a tiny hole in the wall. I'm not sure if they're still in operation...? Probably, the place was something of an institution.
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    @Sniper: @Sniper: First of all, let’s get our historical facts straight so we all can understand where Joe Biden is coming from in his argument. Back in 2005, Congress enacted the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act”, (PLCAA), the law that Biden has now said that he would want to repeal as part of his gun control proposals. Lawmakers passed that law in response to a spate of lawsuits filed against the gun industry in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Those lawsuits often claimed gun-makers or sellers were engaging in "negligent marketing" or creating a "public nuisance." The PLCAA law protects gun manufacturers, dealers and sellers from any civil action resulting in a criminal or unlawful misuse of a firearm or ammunition. This is the reason why gun manufactures today are not able to be sued. That is why many are concerned that Firearms industry has special legal protections against liability that very few other industries enjoy. Rarely has Congress acted to bar the adoption by courts of particular theories of liability against a particular class of potential defendants, especially when that form of liability has not yet been recognized by the courts. We all know that America is a litigious society, but there is a valid concern that the PLCAA law is a hindrance to the type of deterrence necessary to prevent more gun-related deaths, let alone mass shootings. The PLCAA protecting gun makers has opened the door to "scapegoating" of people who should not be blamed for mass shootings, where the shooting victim's families sue whomever they can in an effort to get something for their loss. I agree with Rep. Adam Schiff who has stated that "responsible actors in the gun industry don't need this limitation on liability and the irresponsible ones don't deserve it". Your analogy, (and that posed by others), in attempting to cite hypothetical examples for other industries is not valid. Your argument is essentially saying that suing a gun company for crimes committed with its products is akin to suing a car company for drunken-driving fatalities. The history of corporate law suits is against your argument. Almost every other manufacturer of a machine that has the potential to kill or maim a human being is required by morality and ethics, and in most cases in the U.S., established laws to think about and take into account consumer safety. For example, major automobile companies have had to pay in settlements millions of dollars over defective airbags, various vehicle design flaws and other faulty parts. In cases of accidental death or injury on international flights, airlines must pay families a minimum liability, regardless of fault, of about $170,000 per victim, according to the international Montreal Convention agreement. Yet, no other U.S. industry is as guarded from liability as the gun industry, as a result of the PLCAA. So far in 2019, there have been more that 250 mass shootings, that counts incidents in which at least four people other than the shooter were injured or killed. If the gun industry did not have the protection of the PLCAA, then I wounder what the ramifications might result...? I am willing to roll the dice and take that chance. I think it is time for us as a nation to rescind the PLCAA and see what the results are after several years. I believe that the gun manufacturers will not go out of business and speculate that the result may be a more stringent industry self-advocating for the enforcement of all the existing gun laws. My guess is that the gun industry will follow the lead of the almost 80% of the top 100 companies in America who have put legal clauses in the fine print of their customer agreements. These clauses bar consumers from suing them in federal court, and instead force victims to pursue arbitration or, in some cases, file suit in small claims court. AVB-AMG

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