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    That is a completely wrong mentality and against the spirit of why the community exists. Yes, majority of the people visiting here are here to learn and very few actually have the will or nerves to register to ask a question... at the fear of being called an idiot @Smokin .50. As gun owners we say "there is no such thing as a stupid question" when it comes to firearms, yet some old timers can't help but be internet commandos themselves. Yes, I did check out the username and email and it is a legit person. @Sniper holding off answering the question is ridiculous especially as those answers are going to answer 5 or 10 others who have the same question but did not know to ask it, were afraid to ask it at the fear of sounding stupid, or will ask in 3 or 4 years finding it on Google. Or do you suggest they go post 20 things about why Trump is great and democrats are stupid before they are allowed to ask gun questions?
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    True. FUDDs don’t realize Murphy is after their shit too. The cancellation of the bear hunt wasn’t pro-bear but anti-gun.
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    The court has never applied strict scrutiny to any other Amendment in all circumstances. The pending case involves transport not right to carry on the person in public.
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    If you’re arriving on Griz time, we will have already eaten!!
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    I kind of want one. It is simultaneously completely stupid and awesome.
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    I kinda want one, but my wife says I'll shoot my eye out.
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    NO! What’s wrong with you? Snap out of it man!
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    IMO a NJ Legal AR pistol is not worth it. Can’t have handguards, has to be under 50oz. There is o my one company that I know of that makes one and that is Extar, and I think they aren’t around anymore or don’t make the NJ legal version if I remember correctly. The next best thing/closest thing to what you see other states have as an AR pistol is an SBF Firearm, which is totally legal in NJ, and you don’t need a pistol permit for.
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    Ok, I'm bringing Guac/Cheese/Bean dip, tortilla chips and possibly homemade cookies too (depending on if me and the GF have enough time tonight). I'll also bring my leftover plastic utensils/paper plates from last time as a backup. Bringing the portable/folding long gun stand too. Zeke, if you think of anything else you need last minute give me a yell. See y'all tomorrow!
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    I see no sense in this. If I wanted a magazine fed lever action that shoots 223 I'd get a Browning lever action.
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    Ok I probably will get there by dessert!!!
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    Bring a desert or cake or sumtin. Or doughnuts....
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    This makes no sense. What's the point of keeping the buffer tube?
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    And a Saddle Ring just in case you're out on the range with your horse..........
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    Salad Bag Kits on sale at Shoprite 2/$4
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    Calm down. Put the file away. I contribute 25.00/month to four gun orgs. Two are our own NJ ones. I’m in the fight. Pooh-Pooh heads that won’t contribute or move out and say “fuck you I'm out” or the ones that are just “we’ll never make it” like a bunch of boot licking FUDDs concern me. But please. ...please don’t hit me (or pull any files on me).
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    That's what everyone thought about Chicago/IL and guess what they have reasonable shall carry now. If the court ends up giving us strict scrutiny it will be a huge win that will give circuit court little play in ruling on these idiotic laws.
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    No they can't adjust headspace on an installed extension. I would also argue that the bolt is more likely to be at fault than the barrel extension, at least from any reputable company. This is because the race to the bottom on the sale of cheap bolts is WAY ahead of the race to the bottom on the sale of cheap barrels. I would further argue that more likely than either of those is that an inexperienced user is going to do it wrong and get funky results. The internet is full of stupid suggestions on how to complete it. Like right now I'm looking at one that says you should do it with a min and max gauge, except it treats them like a go and no-go gauge. Which isn't correct, as the brand he is using, the go = a .223 GO gauge, and the max = a 5.56 Field gauge. YEs it shouldn't close on either a no-go or field, but starting on afield from new you may actually be able to close on a no-go. I'm also looking at another one that talks about owning one gauge and a piece of masking tape. And another that is making due with masking tape. bolt needs to be disassembled and cleaned prior to check. Barrel extension lugs need to be cleaned out too in case anything is hiding there. The dudes at an iso 9000 certified factory with CNC equipmetn, experience, and a QC chain that has the right headspace checking tools will do a better job than you more than likely. If you are checking, you should probably also just call/email the barrel maker and ask what bolt they headspace to. Then don't cheap out on the bolt.
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    There's kind of two exceptions to this. 1) You can definitely make a loud brake that is not very effective. 2) Given two similarly effective brakes, one can seem quieter. This is usually due to the design of the brake and if it makes the muzzle report higher or lower pitched, and also how much it concentrates the sound in one direction. For example there's the JP bennie cooley brake and the miculek brake. They perform comparably, but I'd rather RO people running the JP brake as the miculek is much barkier and seems a lot louder. To the shooter the difference is less pronounced. As a note, I like the viper venom brake for a NJ build. In QPQ black it is $30, it's effective, it's not too barky, and it gives good access to the crown so you can take care of carbon build up with it permanently installed. The design is also strong and not prone to erosion.
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    The barrel extension determines headspace. Can't change it.
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    Im sure someone said the same thing about tasers being legal to own and carry in NJ. Every bit of change that goes in our favor, were made possible by people not giving up. If everyone is optimistic, we can be proven wrong or right. But if everyone is pessimistic, we can only be proven right.
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    I hope I posted this in the rite place: https://shorenewsnetwork.com/2019/10/14/scotus-relists-nj-cheeseman-carry-case/
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    Cant go wrong with Mike. Hes assembled multiple uppers for me. Everything came out perfect
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    As long as it is not loaded AND accessable to a minor, store it how you like. Put it on your coffee table if it floats your boat. NJ 2C:58-15 https://codes.findlaw.com/nj/title-2c-the-new-jersey-code-of-criminal-justice/nj-st-sect-2c-58-15.html I personally would not put a firearm anywhere that can be seen from outside. A firearm visible is a great target for a theif.
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    Yes. But I’m using warden generically. Like sawsall. Brake specific
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    I am sure he is not - But stuff happens - and I am *NOT* out to make this a bash LEO thread, retired or active, not at all. I know many of both and they are gun guys through and through, as well as think our laws are bullshit. They know where the problems are and they are not the 99.9999% of "civilians" But to be so callous as to say frig him - the guy made a mistake in a victim less crime - that maybe could have been handled differently. I travel to VT all the time through NYS - 1/2 mile from my home all the way up to the Fairhaven VT entry - I travel with firearms, cased locked and in the trunk. But say I get stopped for a moving violation - and say there is a search and let's say some trooper or local town squadie wants to jam me up. Is it going to be " frig him too " This is how and why we lose - instead of rallying to the defense of others that have been jammed up needlessly, by the stupidity and quagmire of stupid laws state to state - we write *them* off as idiots and dolts...... shameful to say the least.
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    Brats are the champagne of sausages. Good choice by Z man! I am bummed I am going to miss this. Sounds like an awesome time. Shoot straight and bring your Thanksgiving Day pants!
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