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    @Maksim I don't name-call. I respectfully disagree. There are plenty of stupid questions. Trolls use them as bait. If this guy is legit, so be it. Many aren't. Some are even prohibited persons. We're constantly being "probed" by crazier & crazier questions from who knows where. Moms Demand? OAG? All of the above? My apologies if my rough outsides didn't expose my tender "Mentor" middle. Every once in a while I still have a sweaty flashback of a dude hunting a 300 pound hog at 25 yards w/ a .338 Lapua Magnum & heat imaging scope that ran North of $14K & weighed-in at 30 pounds. Missed two shots & hit the hog in the ham on a quartering-away shot, blowing-out the entire opposite shoulder. It was GONE! When we got what was left of the animal to the butcher, the butcher asked me, "Does he like bone in his sausage?". Maybe Lapua Boy should have asked some stupid questions? Like "do I need a tarp so my BMW X3 mini SUV doesn't get filled with pig blood & melting ice"? (Luckily the guide service we hired had some spare tarps!) It's worth a cup of coffee to make this right. I'll send a PM. ~R
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    How would you know what the weather is like from the basement? Did your mom have windows installed down there?
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    God Bless the NJ Division of Taxation! We get this story a day ago on Fox News/Hannity that the NJ Division of Taxation will require any pumpkin sold for "decorative purposes," and not intended to be eaten, be subject to Sales tax... as it is not considered a "food" item... Boy am I glad I got out! https://hannity.com/media-room/tax-everything-new-jersey-government-confirms-decorative-pumpkins-now-subject-to-taxation/
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    They shouldn't do anything that's an infringement of 2A.
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    Cross fingers, this IS the east coast gun community you know. Don't wanna miss that manicure appointment..........
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    I can fully understand the skepticism. I'm sure there are people who arrive here just to pick a fight. My life has me in the middle of raising 4 children in a society that is becoming more and more devoid of rules and law. This will be the downfall of our existence. I'd rather have structure to live by, fight the things I'm not happy about, but feel protected in the fact that we followed the rules. It's a very hard thing to teach at home considering what they are learning at school these days. Now my wife... she makes it up as she goes. We have lots of go arounds about that. I call it the kitchen sink defense.
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    Drive across the bridge and finish it there.
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    That is how it seems these days. While guns are not my thing, I strongly support the right of those who wish to own and use them (responsibly). I also don't want to end up in jail which is why I'm asking. Thanks for the replies.
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    Interesting... I suppose it does make sense but the enforcement is going to be crazy. In that same spirit, I suppose any food items purchased for the purposes of being shot and blown up at the range ought to be taxed too?
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    One option to get what you may be looking for (and use a permit) is a Sig 320 trigger pack (which you will need the permit to buy as the trigger is the serialized firearm) and a slide, a barrel, and put it into a Fire Control Unit X01PDW.
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    What if you decide to do both? Would that be taxed at half the going rate? Has a law been passed that assault pumpkins fired from pumpkin guns are expressly prohibited by the state? It is probably also against the law to toilet paper Murphy's house even though there is a big pile of leftist crap there.
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    There's that common mistake yet again. You're trying to use logic to understand NY/NJ firearms politics. It's never going to make sense.
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    Even their name is sketchy lol
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    FWIW I agree with @Kevin125. I have never heard of anyone being arrested walking or taking a bus to a range with their firearm encased and unloaded. A long gun in a case might set off alarms but it would be legal. If anyone has heard of anyone arrested under such conditions please enlighten me. I've only been shooting for over 50 years.
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    Screen Name sure checks out.
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    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Transport it in a secure package or in a trunk directly to the dealer.
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    Taylor Ham. I’m Northern Jersey
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    Tell me you’re not shocked I didn’t make it.
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    my plans didn't work out. I wont be attending. Everyone enjoy.
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    Had this on the calendar. Ain't making it. Again. Gggrrr. Kids got a game in the morning and then hopefully will finally be sitting in a tree stand in the afternoon for my first sit of the year. First deer that comes in gets an invitation to my freezer.

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