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    Surprised? There’s no gun culture in New Jersey. That began disappearing half a century ago The hunting culture is disappearing as we speak. Folks who still desire such have moved .
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    No. Just leave and go type somewhere else.
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    Bet you more people would support open carry...
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    Ballistic Advantage 11.3" 5.56mm Hanson premium barrel w/ low profile gas block Palmetto premium BCG. A2 Birdcage Palmetto State Armory Upper & Lower Palmetto 9" keymod rail Geissele lower parts kit Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex Radian Weapons 45/90 selector switch Magpul MOE pistol grip BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical foregrip Vltor A5 buffer tube & A5H2 buffer JP Enterprises polished rifle length buffer spring PWS ratchet lock castle nut & endplate set. SB Tactical SBA3 Magpul back up iron sights (not pictured) Aimpoint PRO Cost: ??? Most parts were spares Such a waste having 10 rd mags
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    i've got a friend.....she's gay........she had no problem with the normal nics background checks. till she found out that you have to select male or female on the 4473. now she's suddenly outraged that the govt requires you to select a gender. funny how they don't care about the infringements till they're directly affected, ain't it?
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    Nah, you just get a dupe before you move out of state and surrender that.
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    Here we go again. Another free state https://www.foxnews.com/us/permitless-gun-carry-oklahoma
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    Kinda like when you answer a question with another question and when asked again you just ignore.
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    Was not your question also rhetorical? If not, you just plain dumb.
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    Would you mind sharing who this dealer is? BTY I have a Hi-piont 995 9mm carbine. Although not the Cadillac of my collection, it is one fun beater gun.
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    Other than eggs, poaching is bad
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    The Hi-Point 995-TS falls under the same compliance rules as any other Semi-Auto rifle in New Jersey. You are allowed One (1) "Evil Feature" and since the 995-TS has a pistol grip - that is your EV. The new models are all coming with Threaded barrels, and as such the muzzle nut (or a Muzzle Brake if you so choose) must be pinned and/or welded to make it compliant. The dealer who told you about the magwell being inside the pistol grip is wrong - period! You should go back to the dealer you bought it from, and tell them you need it NJ compliant and make them do it; if he says no - find yourself another dealer - fast!
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