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    I’m going to start calling you “The Seagull” because you fly in, squawk at everyone, shit on everything, then leave.
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    The illegals will all get car insurance as soon as the State Government hands it to them for free, just like they handed them nearly $4 million dollars in free college tuition last year.
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    Okay, by the numbers, 1. Medicaid would be paying for "my kid is sick". A lot of Medicaid people go to the ER. That's $500-600 dollars a whack. Your tax dollars. 2. Reduce taking advantage of medical care? Get vaccinated. 3. Imported diseases? That's an immigration issue. At one point, if you had a communicable disease you were not allowed entry into the US. 4. How do they they stand a better chance of catching the disease? That's what the vaccine prevents. Smallpox has been eradicated in the US. Benefits? You claim you have employed people. You'd be okay with people banging in sick? I guess you're all for bringing back smallpox and diphtheria as common diseases 5. .01%? I'm okay if that eradicates a disease. You'd like to see more disease? Financial burden? What of the financial burden of getting sick. 6. Turn in your AR15? If you're so bothered by government control why are you living in NJ? Move to Somalia where there's no government control.
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    BTW the issue of Gun owners needing insurance can be solved by one simple law. Those and the family of those who are Injured or Deleted while in the act of a crime are ineligible to seek any civil case against those who were acting in self defense. Anyone acting in self defense would be immune from civil law suits. That would put the burden on the criminal and not the law abiding citizen.
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    just so we are clear. what i get from this is the following. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. But you need to be able to afford to exercise it or no rights for you. Healthcare is NOT a constitutional right but a human right to some and should be paid for by the tax payer. Sounds like a buncha bullshit to me.
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    Not legal under current NJ law. NJ doesn't care whether the president/rabbi gives you permission or not. What are your options? You could try to apply for a NJ handgun carry permit. You will almost certainly be denied either, first, by your chief of police, or second, by a superior court judge for failing to meet NJ's ludicrous and unconstitutional "justifiable need" standard. You could try joining an armed guard security company as an employee and then getting a NJ handgun carry permit via a SORA certification. Probably the easiest path to getting a handgun carry permit in NJ, however you will be limited to carrying only while employed/working, and to one specific handgun (by serial #). Don't like these options? Then join one or more pro 2A organizations in NJ and nationally who are fighting to restore recognition of 2A rights: Firearms Policy Coalition: https://www.firearmspolicy.org/ ANJRPC: https://www.anjrpc.org/ CNJFO: https://www.cnjfo.com/ NJ2AS: https://nj2as.org/ Consider financially supporting current lawsuits against the NJ de-facto ban on handgun carry (both are currently waiting to be accepted at the US Supreme Court): Cheeseman/Jillard: https://www.gofundme.com/f/restore-carry-nj Rogers: https://www.anjrpc.org/page/ANJRPCLawsuitUpdates Also, write, email and call your NJ representatives to voice your opinion on NJ's unconstitutional firearms regulations. Educate yourself on incumbent and new candidate politicians who support the status quo of 2A rights suppression in NJ and ensure that you vote against them in every election. It's a sad fact that current NJ legislators would rather see you dead than legally armed and able to defend yourself and your loved ones.
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    Love this: Hal Wirths is sponsoring a bill that will require an Outstanding Warrant/Wanted Person Check for *everyone* applying for a Driver's License/renewal, no matter what their immigration status. Background checks for Driver's Licenses...
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    ... and therein lies the problem. The state should not be doing anything to coddle to anyone here illegally, they are breaking the law!
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    I've tried to give you the benefit of doubt for a lot and I think this is the first time I've directly countered one of your posts. And I certainly try not to get personal over differences of opinions. But this one just pisses me off too much! You're saying that a 22 yr old female college student should be denied the right of self defense because she can not afford insurance? Or a 70 yr old on a fixed budget? If you truly believe that, then you deserve everything you have been called, and then some. I suppose you think Carole Brown deserved to be murdered too?
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    Technically - so we're on the same page here - the rights specifically enshrined in the first ten amendments are inherent rights of the people that cannot be taken away by government.
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    Come shoot a steel challenge match at old Bridge for twenty bucks non member. What type of gun do you want to shoot?
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    Since a vehicle can be just as (if not more) dangerous than a firearm and driving is only a privilege and not a right, it makes total sense to require a background check to obtain a driver's license.
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    The most infuriating part is that if everyone just got vaccinated, a lot of these viruses actually dissapear over generations, with no way to spread... Which means in the future, NO ONE would need to be vaccinated. If these people want to claim religious exemption, then they should sign a waiver, no medical treatments at all, ever... for anything. Funny how this group in NJ with the measels... they were/are all committing Medicaid fraud.... for what? They dont believe in modern medicine?
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    Why would NY do that? They already give licenses to illegal aliens. What we need is for TSA to say any state that give a drivers license to illegal aliens, who don’t have proper ID, that states drivers licenses can’t be used to get on an airplane.
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    An aides thread? @GRIZ and I had this conversation. I said herpes was worse. He said aids can kill, I said, how old are you... true story
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    Is there a vaccine for this thread? Because I think it causes aids. I am actually surprised so many here are anti-vax.
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    LOL i like it.. but i already got this ordered
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    From what i can tell a "right" is what you or your party thinks is it... regardless if its an actual right stated in our constitution.
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    This. Tell them that their paranoia should not override your right to defend yourself and your family. People routinely carry in ~45 other states and it is no big deal. These politicians must go into utter panic every time they cross into Pennsylvania.
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    Thanks. Now I can't get "Nooooooot Hill-a-reeeeeeeeee" out of my head.
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    there is nothing equal about hc and to think it's a basic right is beyond absurd. applying the logic of hc to firearms is equally retarded
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    With the NYS law taking effect this week, and the NJ law about to be signed by Gov Gopher, I sincerely hope that Homeland Security and the TSA invalidate the use of ALL NY and NJ Drivers Licenses as Real ID documents used for flying or entry into Federal facilities. Yes, it will create a massive problem for many NY and NJ residents. OFW. The blowback will ultimately fall on the elected a$$holes running both states, the vast majority of whom belong on trial for treason.
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    Here's your List: 0000000000000000000000000000000 There are no commercial, for-profit, walk-on outdoor pistol ranges in NJ where a non-member can shoot by themselves w/o being escorted/guested into the facility by a member. Ditto of course for all of the private club ranges requiring memberships. Even Ft. Dix Range 14 requires SOMEONE in your party to be a member! That being said, if you were to shoot ONLY organized leagues sponsored at private clubs, you could shoot year-round Most clubs allow non-members to shoot their leagues & simply pay non-member (higher) rates to shoot the matches. My local club holds all the leagues I mentioned above & more. Some are even in a heated indoor range...USPSA Indoor Action match is this Friday! Most clubs have rules regarding safety flags, safe tables, muzzle direction, holsters, etc., etc. So is it a financial "thing" that you're against club membership or you just don't want to have to prove competency with a sidearm? Or something else? Reason I ask is that the action leagues will all put you to a "test" to make sure you know HOW to safely draw a sidearm, as they should! ~R
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    It’s laughable to think that these illegals will be buying car insurance. They’ll get a license, whenever they are able to get one... then drive some pos car. Now.... not only are you, me, your family and friends vulnerable to criminal acts by the low life’s among the illegals..... you can get run over, or T-Boned by one too on a Saturday night after the bottle runs dry. Say hello to more people’s kids getting killed and higher insurance rates. @AVB-AMG mentioned above that there are problems that this bill passage attempts to solve. This solves exactly zero problems. These DLs will do nothing regarding identifying any of them. They can’t even come close to proving who they are. The purpose of this bill is one thing and one thing only. Illegals voting in NJ elections. That’s it. There is no other reason.
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    Can The 2A Sanctuary Movement Grow In The Garden State? Posted at 3:00 pm on December 16, 2019 by Cam Edwards New Jersey may not be the first place you think of when you hear “Second Amendment Sanctuary”, but the state does now have at least one community that’s adopted a resolution in support of the right to keep and bear arms. West Milford is in the northwest part of the state, not far from where Scott Bach, the executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, is from, and he joins me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. to talk about West Milford’s vote, as well as the push to declare a couple of counties in the state Second Amendment sanctuaries as well. As the New Jersey Herald reports, state Assemblyman Parker Space has asked freeholders (known as county supervisors or commissioners in most states) in Sussex and Warren counties to show their support for the Second Amendment by passing resolutions of their own. Space’s Assembly district includes all of Sussex County and the northern portion of Warren County as well as Mount Olive township in Morris County. He said the idea of the resolution came while he was in Florida recently where he has property in Valusia County. Adjacent Lake County has passed a resolution declaring itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary, he said, and he has learned that a few counties in Virginia had also taken action. “When I got back, I found out West Milford has done the same thing,” he said Friday. The action taken by the township, which is in Passaic County but is adjacent to Sussex County came at a meeting of the township council on Dec. 4. It’s more than a few counties in Virginia. Right now we have at least 76 counties that have passed resolutions, with more expected to approve the measures this week. It would be huge for any county in New Jersey to declare their intent to preserve the Second Amendment within their borders, even if the measure is largely symbolic. Right now it looks like there’s at least some interest on the part of officials in Sussex County. Joshua Hertzberg, a Sussex County freeholder, said he has not had a chance to read through the resolution. In an e-mailed statement he wrote: “As someone who fully supports and defends the Second Amendment to our Constitution, I of course, support the concept of protecting our Sussex County residents’ constitutional rights. As a board, we haven’t had time to review or discuss any type of action, but look forward to those discussions soon.” Freeholder Director Herb Yardley responded in an e-mail: “As Freeholder Director I have not had a chance to review this since I just received it today. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the constitutional rights of the citizens of Sussex County. I look forward to discussing this at one of our future meetings for public discussion.” Freeholder Deputy Director Sylvia Petillo did not return a telephone call seeking comment. Make sure you check out the entire interview with Scott Bach above, which also features a little bit about Governor Phil Murphy’s attempt to blame the attack in New Jersey on a lack of federal gun laws, and Scott’s thoughts on what the Supreme Court might be up to with the New York City gun case it’s currently considering. Also on today’s show we have an awful story out of Philadelphia involving a convicted felon who gave his illegally-possessed handgun to his teen sons with tragic results, an alleged domestic abuser who was shot as he tried to break into a South Carolina home, and an Alabama sheriff’s deputy who saved Christmas for a single mom and her kids. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Townhall.com’s podcast page. On tomorrow’s program, Nikki Goeser will join me to talk about the re-release of her book “Stalked and Defenseless: How Gun Control Helped My Stalker Murder My Husband in Front of Me”, how her husband’s killer has continued to stalk and harrass her from behind bars, and why she’s so passionate about women being able to protect themselves from their abusers. https://bearingarms.com/came/2019/12/16/can-2a-sanctuary-movement-grow-garden-state/?utm_source=badaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=bc1d86e1053dd21c60a121534def959c
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    It's the start of We The People. Pay Attention Get involved Do Something
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    I really hate to see the government get involved in mandating how people choose to manage their health, and I really hate to see the government intrude on religious freedom. But I'll make exceptions when the topic is vaccination. Because the anti-vaxers are, and I'm putting this as charitably as I can, morons. Yes, there are legitimate medical reasons why some people can't be vaccinated, and those reasons must be respected. But the recent surge in resistance to vaccination in the west is largely driven by misinformed fools who think that being Playmate of the Year in 1993 somehow makes Jenny McCarthy a credible source of medical advice. Sure, she was only parroting Andrew Wakefield, who before his medical license was pulled, proved to be even more addled than the playmate. Thanks to vaccination programs, smallpox is EXTINCT in the wild. No one has caught the disease since the late 70's. Thanks to vaccination programs, two of the three strains of polio are EXTINCT in the wild. The third strain was on track to become extinct in the early years of the 21st century, when a number of local Mullahs started spreading rumors that the polio vaccine was a plot by the west to kill Muslims. The disease came roaring back in north Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and only now is beginning to trend downwards again. A similar problem is seen with the even-more-frightening ebola virus. Two effective ebola vaccines emerged this year, but aid workers in Africa have been repeatedly attacked, limiting use of the ebola vaccine in the very hotspots that need it most. Worldwide, measles killed 2.6 million people as recently as 1980. Aggressive vaccination programs in the US dropped the number of annual cases here from half a million a year before the vaccine was developed to ZERO in 2014, when measles were declared eradicated in the US. That's damned impressive, and it's disheartening to see the disease coming back due to the tireless efforts of the measles preservationists. There are plenty of species that deserve to be protected from extinction. Measles isn't one of them.
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    So, they're going to give one of the most important documents used as an ID card, to known criminals/felons? ......"While opponents raised concern that the bill would lead to voter fraud, advocates portrayed it as a public safety measure that would allow people who are driving illegally to get licenses and get car insurance. "It brings us one step closer to ensuring all motor vehicles and drivers are insured, thereby creating safer roadways for all New Jersey residents," Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, D-Middlesex, said in a statement after the 42-30 vote." https://www.app.com/story/news/new-jersey/2019/12/16/new-jersey-senate-assembly-approve-drivers-license-immigrants-bill/2640554001/ How does giving an illegal a drivers license guarantee they will get car insurance????? Liberalism, is definitely a mental disease!
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    So while you have to have 6 points to prove who you are, Juan and Consuela do not!
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    Good for them. A 2A win in any state (or territory) is indirectly a win, for us. We want broad acceptance of firearms and a growth in firearms culture, and this new law aids that goal.
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    Although it is certainly prudent to want to protect one's property and possessions, there seems to me to be one glaring omission that makes the entire argument moot. Owning/driving an automobile or having a job is a privilege. Owning a firearm is an inalienable right, or at least started off that way a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
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    The first sentence of that paragraph sums things up... and sort of undermines your following argument, IMO. Targeted community-based crime-fighting solutions, better funding of police gang units, and any number of other ideas that actually target those who commit crime (better still, that prevent them from taking that path in the first place) make far more sense than punishing legal gun owners. And if you put your "woke" cap on (and recognized your own "white male privilege" for just a sec, dammit!), you'll see that measures like this would just heap on more fees and thus disproportionately impact lower-income folks (many of whom also live in dangerous neighborhoods with high crime rates). Does that sound fair to you? But, the 2nd and 3rd sentences (sections in boldface) totally obliterates your argument.. because violent crime, gun crime and firearm deaths have NOT been steadily increasing! And you've been on these forums long enough to know it's quite the opposite. We have been on fairly steady downward trajectory since the 90's - and are at near 30 year lows in violent crime. Facts are important. This article outlines some credible sources. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/careful-panic-violent-crime-and-gun-crime-are-both-dropping-charles-c-w-cooke/ It was published in 2015... but there have been no dramatic swings in the trends since then. So, why do you (and so many others!) still believe and vocalize that we're in the midst of a "gun violence epidemic"? Well, look no further than the "coverage" by the media and well-organized activists funded by zealots like Bloomberg. I truly believe that if the MSM started to cover ANY topic - fatal lightning strikes, for example - with the same regularity and fervent hysteria as they cover gun homicides, I'm sure most of the public would see all of those news stories and actually think: Wow! Lightning strikes must be on the increase. Why is this happening? What can we do? The ability of media to "shape" anecdotal evidence and present it as "reality" is pretty staggering. Don't fall for it.
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    Or you're just being "that guy" (your posting history can help determine that). Nobody said it was a watershed moment that was going to lead to the overturning of the nonsensical NJ stranglehold on the 2nd Amendment. It is what it is...a start.
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    New Video uploaded! <2:01> I was able to add a couple of extra squirrels to the pot this week thanks to the Diablo. Sometimes the little guys get up close and personal in all this brush. Too close to harvest without ruining the muscle. I got a little footage hunting with this 12 gauge Double Barrel BlackPowder Pistol if you're interested. https://youtu.be/tTCdwF4cohk
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    The recoil is extremely manageable. After having fun and exploring how much power you could put into it. I decided to take it out and put it to some real use. If you are using it for closer range hunting then you're probably not going to go over 60 grains and ½ oz of shot. At least not for varmint hunting. And I figure 80 would be pretty good if you're using round ball at close range as well. Brought it along to the woods and got a few squirrels. My woods are thick and I often end up too close to several of them to harvest with my shotgun. By the time they get to a desired distance I'm shooting thru tons of brush. So this really came in handy!

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