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    What should you do? You ordered it, you paid for it, now go pick it up! I'm not even gonna ASK WHY you started this fiasco in the first place if you still reside in both dwellings (as you mentioned in one of the thread posts above)... Blind people can own gun collections. Blind people aren't the victim of no-knock Police raids to seize firearms. A DL is NOT required to buy guns at a FFL. Any recognized government ID will do fine since no law exists that says only those that passed a driving test can own, transport, possess or use firearms (including hand guns btw). Technically an urbanite who doesn't own a vehicle (or hold a DL) could transport an UNLOADED hand gun in a securely tied packed of butcher's paper & bakery string on a city bus, in a cab or Uber, etc. to use it at a gun range. A Pennsy resident can move to Joisey with a 200 hand gun collection and as long as there aren't "Tech Nines", NFA's and anything else Jersey considers verboten, you're GTG. NO papers needed, no mandatory reporting. Since you didn't say you SURRENDERED YOUR YELLOW CARD when changing your address to South Bound Brook, I can therefore ASSUME you still have same with your Englishtown address, correct? So WHERE do you wanna VOTE? Englishtown (Marlboro/Manalapan) or South Bound Brook? Pick one & stick with it. In the meantime, get your permits & go shoppin' Take your Yellow Card you didn't surrender, along with your completed P2P's that you're going to pick up in the Po-Po records bureau for your Englishtown address, and go buy the hand guns you want. There is no limit to the number of residences you may own or live in, and there is no law (as far as NJ-2C Statutes for firearms) indicating the words or phrases, "permanent, voting, ownership, renting, leasing, etc., etc.", being required to call it a NJ residence as far as firearms are concerned. You could flop on @Mrs. Peel's couch! In fact, there's no law (as far as firearms is concerned) specifying how many months, weeks, days or minutes you must reside in a dwelling for it to be considered a residence. Only when it comes to voting & paying taxes does a time "suggestion" come into play. Millionaires have these "residence problems" all the time. Only they don't consider it a problem. They just figure out what district their vote means the most in and then change their VOTING address to THAT. There's a ton of hardware that gets schlepped down the Parkway every time a Bergen Co. "resident" drives to their shore house in Rumson or LBI. And they show-up with their hardware at gun ranges & clubs all over the map Hope I shed some light on this for ya! Thanks Peel for the tag! Rosey https://www.cnjfo.com
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    Dry fire a double action revolver to develop a smooth trigger press without disturbing the sights. Then move to single action dry fire with a revolver to develop staging at the trigger’s wall. If at the range, start with a modified wall drill: • Draw a dime sized circle on the target. • With the muzzle an inch from the target, conduct 15 dry fires without disturbing the sights. ••If you observe the sights move on the trigger press. Stop. Put the gun down. Count slowly to ten. Then start over with 15 acceptable dry fires. • Move the target to one yard. • Load five rounds and fire all five rounds at the dot you were dry firing on. Shoot for the best possible group. • When one yard is easy, i.e. all five rounds are in the same hole in the target, move it back to two or three, or five, etc... yards. This drill can be shot with any handgun (doesn’t have to be a revolver) and is a great warm up. If I am working on bullseye shooting for accuracy at distance during that range session, I will conduct this drill three times. There is no time standard on this. It is a pure fundamentals drill that works sight alignment, trigger control, and grip.
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    Not mine, but .... ALEXA._._GUNS,_LOTS_OF_GUNS!.mp4
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    My wife and I, or at least me, celebrate the day differently. I left Vietnam on 02/14/1970.
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    Good advice Rosey! Guys (Not saying you Zeke, just a general observation I’ve made) always want to give women the tiniest guns in shitty small “defensive” calibers they can find. These guns are typically harder to shoot. Don’t do that. Find a gun that fits their hand properly in a soft shooting caliber like 124gr 9mm. You’ll get better results from a 9mm 1911 than a little .380z Also remember, as a man teaching a woman, they learn differently than we do. What worked for you will not work as well or as fast for them. Women are also much better students than men, as there is typically zero ego involved with women students. They will do what you tell them to do, not what they think you meant. Keep the “peanut butter and jelly” lesson in mind.
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    And just to remind Mrs. Peel the quickest way to a man's heart... Straight through his chest wall with a sharp steak knife!
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    @Smokin .50 really answered your questions.
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    Clearly, you and I are acquainted with different women. (actually, I agree with the points High Exposure made)
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    Gopher face should NOT be able to interfere with Federally legal interstate commerce! We need a lawsuit to question the Constitutionality of this stupid ban! I don't agree with but I understand that 80% lowers can't be shipped here because they are considered illegal here. But freaking handgun ammo is 100% legal in the PRNJ! This is pure bullshit!
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    Thankfully, you’re smart enough NOT to eat Zeke’s meatloaf. I mean seriously, who puts pineapple in a meatloaf?! Somethings wrong with that boys head. You sir, know your stuff! We are gonna be friends!! FYI, that was a recipe I found FOR you on the interwebs...because you said you wanted canned cornbread. Heathen. Proper cornbread is made in a well seasoned cast iron skillet. That’s how civilized people do things.... OP, welcome to the forum, and all of its ‘charms’.
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    @Zeke it's mostly all been said, so I'll just reinforce what has worked for me: @High Exposure's lesson plan with a 4" tubed .38 spl & wad cutters. Double ears, especially if inside next to center fire rifles. The noise of others can be very distracting. Starting with a revo to build confidence & eliminate mashing a safe action trigger will go a long way. So will using a heavier metal hand gun. Ladies Day at Old Bridge always surprises the male instructors. Those oft-times Newbie women gravitate to full-size 1911's enjoying a crisp singe-action trigger & a Hi-vis front sight to knock down or ring steel My friend Kim Snyder, a retired Pennington Cop, is a qualified Expert & works at TTC as a RSO (is that where you're going?). Sometimes women instructors have better luck with harder cases like this seems to be, taking less time & ammo to get results. Good luck & remember no matter the outcome, keep it FUN so she wants to LEARN ~R
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    Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Here is what my daughter made for her husband tonight:
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    Legal immigrant here, I love the country pay more than most people in taxes, rode my motorcycle in 47 states ( missed N Dakota) have 3 hand guns which I very often conceal carry and I strongly support 2ND amendment. And lastly, I agree with USRifle.
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    And with all that personality & brains to boot, without a doubt, no matter the quote, worth every penny! Just don't answer the door with the steak knife. The poor bastard may drop the case of ammo! Good night all! ~R
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    My price is certainly higher than that! Sheesh.
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    Ummm… going forward, please don't be suggesting this to strangers on the Internet, thank you very much!
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    I have heard of him but never dealt with him. If you can't get in touch with him get hold of Jack @JT Custom Guns.
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    Well, you guys (and gal) missed out on a really good meatloaf (I snuck in and doctored it up when she wasn't looking). It was one of the better ones! Wait... what... you should be watching the truck race from Daytona right now...
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    @Mrs. Peel John Petrolino is a CNJFO Life Member, Merchant Marine Officer, writer & author. He's been published in Ammoland before many times. He joined our Communications Committee a while ago, and reports to Theresa Inacker & I. Petrolino puts skin in the game too! Sick with a cold, he showed up anyway to Raritan Center Expo Hall in Edison (he lives near Bricktown) to help set-up CNJFO's booth at last month's Outdoor Show. I wish I had a hundred more just like him! Here's the Bio I wrote for his first article on CNJFO's Black Wire Blog: EDITOR's NOTE: John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, and NRA certified pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. Petrolino is a CNJFO member, has a following on other media outlets and has attended rallies & other 2A events. This piece is his first for Black Wire Media and we hereby welcome him to our freelance staff. We hope you find his writing entertaining, concise, thought-provoking and timely on all subjects firearms related. You can find him on twitter at @johnpetrolino HERE IS THE LINK TO HIS 12-07-19 ARTICLE THAT WAS FIRST PUBLISHED ON CNJFO'S FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.cnjfo.com/news/8633605 NOTE: THE LINK ABOVE IS FOR THE CNJFO BLACK WIRE BLOG! Petrolino's volunteer work for us includes capturing our legacy articles & assigning each one its' own page on our CNJFO website at: https://www.cnjfo.com/News . So by clicking on the .com/News link in this paragraph you can read everything we post on Facebook WITHOUT HAVING TO OMFG EVER GO ONTO FACEBOOK! Enjoy! Rosey Got an itch & wanna write sumthin' YET?
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    doubling up on ears can have a helpful effect as well. While recoil mitigation needs to be worked on, you might as well try and eliminate the sound and concussion new shooters associate with the recoil.
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    I'ts that one day of the year you have to buy her flowers/candy/fancy dinner to get what you can get any other night just by getting her drunk. She's standing right behind you as you type this, ain't she? Blink once for yes. Twice for send help.
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    I don't need Hallmark to tell me what day I should appreciate my wife, I adore her EVERY day. She gets flowers every other week - I refuse to buy them on Feb 14th because the price doubles for absolutely no reason other than Hallmark says so. Same with restaurants...
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    Well, there's always the first NASCAR truck race from Daytona tonight. You can watch a ton of equipment get tore up! I've got even more years of the ball and chain then you. Ha, actually, only kidding, it's actually the best it's ever been!! I'm a lucky guy. Wifey will probably make her traditional heart shaped meatloaf tonight... but I guarantee, there WON'T be any fruit on it!!!!
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    When I read the original post in this thread, I shook my head sadly and thought: well, at least it started out so awful it can't get any worse. Apparently, I was wrong. So very wrong.
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    Sooooooooo, a few things: IANAL RTSP is listed as your "Home Range". They rent hand guns. So stop-in after work to pew-pew on the same model gun & let them clean it. You'll still have the muscle memory from the SAME gun. Don't advertise your intentions on a gun forum. Do whatcha need to do & be comfortable in your own skin doing it. Take "growacet". Learn the difference between FOPA Rules for interstate transport and NJ rules for intra-state transportation. Never look at the actual NJ gun laws. They're deliberately written to confuse & use wood pulp. Read your exemptions & exceptions! Brush-up on your HS English prior to reading NJ's exceptions & exemptions. Punctuation changes meaning. Like having a "securely tied package" on your front seat for instance... All firearms in NJ start out being ILLEGAL and therefore only exist in the hands of us serfs thru the use of exceptions & exemptions. Do not look for permission to do something in NJ gun law. It's like asking permission to breathe air. Remember that NJF&W game laws also cover use, possession & transportation of firearms, and a $27.50 license buys you more rights! For a ton of other factoids, news, current events, etc., go to https://www.cnjfo.com/News to learn more. Please consider joining NJ's most active 2A organization, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO): https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Welcome to the Jungle! Rosey
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    On the handle of the black plastic case that all Glocks come in, there is a white label, right between the two gray plastic clips that hold the box closed. That label has the bar code, it lists the model and caliber of the firearm, and it lists how many magazines (and of what capacity) are included in the case. If what he received does not match what the Glock label said comes in the case, I'd say he has recourse, and the vendor had better come up with the missing GLOCK OEM mags. And if there is a problem, I'd think Glock would want to hear about it. Glock Customer Service
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    This is the test, not the lesson.
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    One exercise I was shown... Place an empty shell case on the top of the slide, just behind the front sight. Dry fire until you can do so without the case falling off.
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    I believe your FID has to match your DL.
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    Here's mine, sporting the spiffy wood grips that were a Christmas present from my wife a couple of years ago. I replaced the main spring with a lighter one and added a dot of fluorescent yellow paint to the front sight. It's one of my favorite pistols.
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    The sad fact is that most residents of the state are against firearm ownership and Conceal carry. Many residents are scared to death of guns. other states down in the south firearms have been in families for generations and accepted. NJ is a lost cause when it comes to the 2nd amendment. That's why in the year 2019 we're now down to 10 rounds. Unless the Federal government steps in you'll never see Conceal Carry here.
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    read again what i posted. yer interpreting my words incorrectly. where did i specifically state no legal immigration at all? did i not use the "threat" word? look, i suspect everyone in this thread is on the same basic page. our way of life, our liberties (what's left of them), our voice in government - all is being threatened ever more now than before. that's all that matters. too much of the rest is nit picking. the rough estimate is that there are over 110 million American gun owners with near 400 million guns in their possession. that NJ is a "may issue" state is just the beginning. take all these subtle and not-so-subtle political transgressions against we the people and look where it's all heading. i'd say "wake up America" but too many are hooked on prozac and living with their heads in the sand. that's the real problem, always has been. that's why NJ is a CCW "may issue" state.
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    I just want to be sure that I know where you are coming from - as you have 14 posts..... I have a baseline now and can put things in context. I disagree with your assessment on legal immigration. I find that some immigrants are more pro-american than the actual americans that live here. Case in point I know someone who is Croatian and she lived through the mess of the 80's there - she is more pro democracy pro Republic Pro Conservatism than as I said many natural born Americans. She sates that she knows what it is like to live under dictatorships and communism and that the current crop of americans have no clue what they are getting into So legal immigration - that espouse American values - no problem with me - remember and celebrate where you came from but be American first......... "When [Benjamin] Franklin drew the lightning from the clouds, he little dreamed that in the evolution of science his discovery would illuminate the torch of Liberty for France and America. The rays from this beacon, lighting this gateway to the continent, will welcome the poor and the persecuted with the hope and promise of homes and citizenship. It will teach them that there is room and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but that those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever."
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    Easy question to answer. Because the residents bend over and allow it to happen. Period.
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    20 oz pan seared Porterhouse, pan fried seasoned butter garlic fan tail shrimp, oven roasted seasoned tiny potatoes, sauteed zucchini, and scratch home made apple pie for dessert. No, we did not go out to eat. I fucking LOVE my new kitchen. No pictures of food, but I expect taking a rather large dump today. I'll post that, I guess.
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    Ugh well I had dinner reservations but had to blow that off because our oldest dachshund (16) had an absess explode. Not a good night!
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    Something the talyor hammers made up
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    Welcome, Tom! A little advice - don't eat Zeke's meatloaf, do eat (the properly named) Taylor Ham - and have fun on here!

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