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    I did a search for the Defendants name assuming the case had been discussed here, but nothing came up. "In her appeal, Vertetis argued that Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor was mistaken when telling jurors that she had a duty to retreat if she was in danger and that this could derail her self-defense claim. In fact, her attorney argued that she had no obligation to retreat under the “castle” doctrine, which says that deadly force is justified when defending yourself in your own home. The appellate court agreed with that point. “The (jury) charge not only omitted the ‘castle’ exception but expressly told the jurors — in no uncertain terms — that self-defense is not available to defendant if she could have safely retreated or was the initial aggressor. That mistake easily could have permeated the jury’s consideration of self-defense, not only with respect to the murder count but also the lesser-included homicide offenses," the appeals court wrote in its decision released Wednesday. The appeals court vacated the murder conviction and ordered a new trial." https://www.nj.com/morris/2020/03/teacher-sentenced-to-30-years-for-killing-boyfriend-a-retired-cop-wins-new-trial.html
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    Well, I am calling it now, it's all over but the scumminess of the Democrats by 15 April. Everyone back to work and school, toilet paper on sale, pent up demand released and bars/restaurants/hotels/airlines recovering. Won't stop them from asking for a gov't bailout (and maybe getting one). Libs will blame Trump for the CV panic ending TOO SOON. Memorial Day will be the biggest most festive and drunken one in years. These are my predictions and I am ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT!
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    I'd just tell all the gangbangers that the beds are reserved for corona patients. If you want to play gangbanger games, you are on your own. Best case, violence stops. Alternate best case is the gangs declare war and a ton of them bleed out in the street.
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    WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F?!?!?! That is grounds for a beating when things are "normal".
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    Mossberg 500, bore snake, hoppes #9 oil, old sock, a case of birdshot to practice and 25 rounds of 00 buck will cost about 600 clams.
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    I was unfortunately within 6 feet of a coworker when he let loose an uncovered cough. His test results came back positive, so now I'm quarantined for 2 weeks. My wife is hanging onto her sanity trying to work from home and attend to our 18 month old and 5 yr old. She won't let me anywhere near the kids so I'm hoping she has a greater appreciation for how I contribute after this is over.
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    Ill take a shot. Various reloading powders look great at first and then fade with time. Black powder is as good as day 1. IIRC @Smokin .50 is a BP enthusiist. Thats all I got.
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    Gin and tonics for everyone?! In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to more data on this.
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    "You mean I can't buy a gun online and ship it to my house?" "Why do you need references, I don't want people to know I am buying a gun." "Why does this take 3 months, I never committed a crime?" "It's easier to buy a brand new car off the lot than to get this permit."
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    You crochet and your left handed and you don't like AR s
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    The way I am reading it, that was the issue. In the Judge's instructions to the Jury he said she had a duty to retreat, which is not correct. 2C:3-4 Use of force in self-protection. (i)The actor is not obliged to retreat from his dwelling, unless he was the initial aggressor; and https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2013/title-2c/section-2c-3-4/ I believe there needs to be consequences against the Judge in the original case.
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    Looks like the MSM's plan to destroy our economy and bring down the evil Orange Man have failed once again! Back to life as usual in the next month and 30,000 by the November election! May God praise President Trump.....The greatest President in the history of our country and the world! Thanks go out to the French as well of course!
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    That makes as much sense as not driving on New Jersey's road between 8pm - 5am because..............you don't want to be driving when no one else is on the road? If a police officer stops me and asks why I'm on the road, I'm liable to say "I just wanted to be sure you're OK".
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    Didn’t you lose all your guns in a boating accident, like the rest of us did?
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    Freeholders' pro-gun resolution reflects their understanding of history | Letter Letter to the editor Published 5:30 a.m. ET March 18, 2020 | Updated 10:22 a.m. ET March 18, 2020 Even as crime in the city goes down, the West Side of Asbury Park struggles with the heartbreak of gun violence. Asbury Park Press In passing a resolution declaring Monmouth County a "Second Amendment Lawful Gun Owner County.” what the freeholders object to are socialists trying undermine our freedoms and our way of life in America. Every “common-sense” gun law passed only affects legal gun owners. These laws do nothing to stop violence and criminals from committing crimes with guns. These socialists are blaming the law-abiding gun owners just to get votes and get elected. Maybe the freeholders know their history and have seen what socialism is capable of doing. Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. Gun rights: Monmouth, Ocean freeholders back Second Amendment resolutions Hitler’s political party forced Jews to register their firearms. They then confiscated them, leaving them defenseless Maybe that’s what the freeholders object to. Jim MacKenzie Millstone Jim Mackenzie, I hope you are on this forum!
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    When lefties control the news certain things tend to get screened out.
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    “For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it,” Young implored. “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.” What's he been waiting for?
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    Anyone see the interview at end of Tucker? Guy who was on Fox day or two ago saying this inexpensive medicine showed promise. He waa back tonight saying there was a controlled test in France that had 100% success. Too good to be true? Not the interview but believe thus is what he was talking about. Sounds like stops transmissionand aids in recovery. https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/French-researcher-in-Marseille-posts-successful-Covid-19-coronavirus-drug-trial-results
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    Morgan Freeman’s voice: She didn’t.
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    Sit on your ass alone for two weeks = hero.
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    The instructor is full of it. If it takes 1000 rounds to break in a gun, there's something wrong with it. Period. Now to trust it as reliable, that's a different matter. IMO ~500 rounds will be enough that anything defective or with metalurgical issues that aren't going to take thousands of rounds to show up will show up. The p320 x5 legion I'd just take it apart, clean and lube per factory instructions. I'd take the ammo you want to use with it and shoot a box or two to see if you get any malfunctions. If you get failure to return to battery fully, check you aren't making contact with the slide catch and if you aren't, swap to the heavier of the two included springs that came with the gun. It ships pretty tight from the factory and may need the extra oomph until it is broken in a bit. Most mass produced guns today will either run out of the box or have issues pretty rapidly. The only real exception to that that I'm familiar with are crappy extractors in modern 1911s. Which is why many big manufacturers went with a more moder spring loaded style extractor rather than the traditional tensioned design. For example Springfield uses a hardened part that is not proper spring steel and is machined in a way to be put under tension when inserted, but it loses some spring aroudn ~2000 rounds, and wills tart having extraction problems with less than full power, full weight loads.
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    Ask your Doctor for some Hydrochloroquine ( Aralen ) as profalaxsys. Tell him you've got an upcoming trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and want a preventative.
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    I know there are at least a few unquestioning democrat faithful who are finding out what they voted for and that stuff doesn't work like their side claims.
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    Nothing will happen to the judge. Bucky and the gerbil will try to get him a medal.
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    Interesting, this does sound as if it has promise.
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    Didier Raoult was probably dumbing it down. Shrug. He's the smart one. It was hard to understand but I listened hard that's what he said. "Shown to be acting on the vacuole in which microbes are multiplying within the cell and it's lowering the acidity that some of the microbes love in cells"
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    Look at the Video I posted above. He's the one that says it.
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    My wife works for a large real estate firm in a large office building. A person who works on another floor than the one she works on tested positive. They shut her entire company down for 14 days with a work from home requirement for those that can. She has no symptoms. I work in the public sector and felt I should tell my superiors just to be safe as we take care of critical infrastructure such as water and sewer. I am now off for 14 days and must get a Dr's note before I can return to work. I am showing no symptoms. We are well stocked on all necessary supplies so we have no need to leave the house. We will both be paid so there is no financial hit for either of us. Just going to sit home maybe get to straighten up the basement and binge watch a bunch of shows.
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    He should be fined and suspended from the bench for such a gross disregard of the law.. Everything he said is clearly contradicted by written law.
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    Agree. Judge needs censure of some kind. Glad the appellate judge got it right. I'll retreat to my home. Beyond that there is no retreat...
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    I read somewhere that there was a press conference concerning the FDA that was supposed to take place Wed Night or Thursday morning. Then I read it was at 10am. Go figure, I can't find the article. I'm not sure what's it's about. I can hope it's this.
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    I heard that earlier today. Hannity was saying on his radio program that someone was going provide more information about it tomorrow. But there is another drug also showing some amount of effectiveness? Maybe an antiviral. Hopefully they’ll be some good news on that front.
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    Let's face the facts! The cops in places like Baltimore and Chicago don't aggressively go after the gangbanger's guns because they know that every dead hoodlum most likely reduces future crimes and killings! Let them cull their own for the betterment of humanity! Why would any sensible LEO try to stop them? It's like multiple factions of cockroaches fighting and thus destroying each other. Getting rid of the bugs at no expense! Less bugs = better lives for the law abiding......Why interfere with natural process when it works so well in all species in nature? Why interfere with natural selection?
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    I’m between them...so that’s a pretty normal view when I go to Lowe’s.
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    But I don’t have a crockpot....
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    I’m only panicking because we are 3 days in and the kids are already “bored”
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    I think thats what Ned was hoping for
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    This is a great suggestion, and I think everyone should consider practicing fast access to their HD weapons. Many just place them in their safes, and don't think about quick access and deployment. I have mentioned about "hide in plain sight" concealment furniture for certain quick access tools. I'd doubt a sudden intruder is going to allow anyone time to run to their closet safe, plug in the code, and then decide which tool they want.
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    Thanks for the offer but I need the full lift table. Need to reinstall the motor and reinstall all of the parts.
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    I kept my .40’s around because I can shoot USPSA major with factory ammo and make my own bunny fart loads to shoot production and IDPA
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    Ha ! Yeah I got it wrong - at this time - we need to put aside the NJGF partisan bullcrap and find a way to support one another, just like everyone else here in this nation and world. I am quite sure Lincoln will forgive me - In my opinion, it will not cease, until a crisis shall have been reached, and passed. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Let's stop already - who wants to be smartest, who wants to win the debate, who wants to lean fully left, who wants to lean fully right, who believes nothing is going on, who believes something is going on - etc. The time is NOW to be a supportive and unifying voice here to our community - if it does not - and we go into a further isolation, and this infighting and bickering continue, here - it will be a small microcosm of the larger society and possibly the fall of the Republic. As such @AVB-AMG I really don't see eye to eye on many of your posts - LOL - as I am sure you mine - however, in this time - I would shake your hand - but you know virii and stuff - Be safe and fair thee well - Additionally, as this is a community - if it becomes a toxic wasteland of innuendo, trite conversation, doom and gloom - in lieu of embracing and betting on America and it's people - who needs that negativity in their lives, especially now of all times? Is it going to be hard - are people going to get hurt, both physically, emotionally and financially -yes, so sadly yes. But I *am* going to bet on America, and I *am* going to bet on it's people - that is how I am going to live my days going forward... All the while saying a prayer for our sorry asses !
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    You can pick up one of those police surplus pistols pretty cheap, might as well get one.
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    If you deal with a State Police barracks, I have found there are two additional steps to the process. Once you've gotten the approval and they type up your FID and/or P2P, a trooper has to make the run to West Trenton to pick up the paperwork. They tend to pick it up in batches, not when every piece of paperwork has been completed. That run usually is once a week, sometimes longer. When it gets to the barracks, it goes to the barracks commander's desk for him/her to sign..............when he/she gets to it. They are not there every day. This has been my experience and what has been related to me by troopers who have been assigned to the barracks I deal with.
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    Well, I mean, it’s already going to state and federal agencies. So, you know, they already have it. regardless, this is about opening an FFL. Please don’t step too far off the path and descend down the tinfoil hat rabbit hole.

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