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    May God bless Donald J. Trump and give him the strength to carry on! Surely God sent him to us at our time of greatest need and I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ on this Easter to give him the strength to look beyond the naysayers and follow the path you have set for him and our great Country! In Christ's name...Amen.
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    Thanks for posting, Johnny B. Thank God he has our backs. Pray for the people that don't realize it as well. Dear Lord, please continue to bless Donald Trump with wisdom, strength, courage, and health. Also, bless his family and those close to him that provide guidance and love for him. Help him to find some peace and comfort on this beautiful Easter morning. Please pray for all those he stands up for relentlessly day in and day out and unharden the hearts of those that continue to bring malice toward him.
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    swapped grip and trigger guard today will have to try out on range grip feels better im not sure about trigger guard, might like the flat better as I rested my finger on it while sighting and I could just give it that little click see how it is on range ill bring flat with me I can swap back and forth. Before and after pic.
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    You ought to get your facts straight. Crime with a gun in NJ is 3-5 years mandatory...as per the Graves act. Now tell me how many were plea bargained down to lesser charges. What a dumb and ignorant statement.
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    I don’t know or care too much about politics, not even gonna act like I do, and this is NOT a political post by any means. This is simply something that everyone should stop and think about. Can you imagine the weight this man is feeling right now? I have two children that depend on me daily, yet on some days my anxiety is through the roof and I feel like the weight of the world is all on me. When he signed up for this role (without pay) he did it for us Americans. He didn’t do it for the fame or glory, he had all that. He was willing to take on whatever, but the magnitude of what we’re currently experiencing has got to be paralyzing. And to some, NOTHING he does is ever right or good enough. Do you ever wonder how he must be dealing with it all? When his head finally hits the pillow at night after press conferences, meetings, constantly trying to defend himself and protect our country. Does he break down and cry from all the pressure? Is he scared and confused? Is he even able to sleep? Can he shut his mind off at all? Or does he lay there and talk to God all night praying for strength and answers? Whether he’s making you proud or not, look at this photo and ask God to soften your heart just a little bit and lift this man up in prayer. He needs them right now more than ever. He is carrying the weight of OUR country on his shoulders and I don’t think anybody could or would be doing a better job than he is. Feel free to share this post and remind everyone to be kind and to pray for President Trump and for the entire world.
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    one thing I've done....and I don't know why the hell it took me so long to start...…..I froze a few loafs of bread, which i'm glad I did, 'cause there were exactly 3 loafs on the shelves tonight. i'm mostly set for food. tp and paper towels i'm fine for at least a month. there were some wet wipes, so I grabbed a couple for the vehicles and for in the house. since I have become my mothers means of travel and support I have learned that she eats like a spastic 3 year old. on a positive note, she no longer thinks I was paranoid for stocking food well ahead
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    Yup good ole plea bargains, rarely do the gun charges stick. But we have these great fockin' laws! Followed by liberal judges tha feel sorry for Dazulu and Datutsi. But Joe Blow will serve every day of that sentence.
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    Costco Has been getting some in recently. Don't know if you are a member or not. Sister in law purchased some at Bridgewater location few days ago and I purchased a package at North Plainfield yesterday (though three other stores were bare shelves). Two weeks ago I was at local supermarket around 6:30pm and they were putting some out. Seems you have to be in the right place at the right time. It will pass. Few months we'll look back at this nightmare and learn from it.
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    Low on milk but dairy farmers are dimming it by the truckload.
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    Sometimes I wonder how he finds the strength to stand up to the relentless BS that he faces day in and day out. Most people would have said by now, "F all of you, I'm out of here."
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    Grilled some wings, rice, broccoli. Ended up eating whatever the kids didn’t.
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    I think you misunderstood what I was referring to....my fault for not clarifying. I mean the numbers are inflated in regard to mortality stats. Ive been particularly vocal about this. Deaths WITH COV-19 are counted as deaths FROM COV-19...this is what I am talking about. You can’t count them as the same thing, because they are not. There is no question that this is a rapidly, readily transmittable virus. It can have fatal effects on people, especially those with serious underlying health conditions. Testing positive for COV-19 is NOT a death sentence, there is substantial evidence to show that most everyone has mild or no symptoms...but this point is well documented. There is also no question that we should do what we can to limit the person to person transmission of this virus. I wouldn’t want to spread my flu germs to anyone, for example. Its not a responsible, or polite, thing to do. Like you, I don’t believe we are being told the real story...
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    Accessories in order of importance on a social- gun (long or handgun): 1) Holster/Sling 2) Light 3) Optic
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    M855 “green tip” was designed to defeat Soviet helmets at 300 yards. It was designed for a time when we were preparing for a conflict when the Commie Hordes would come pouring through the Fulda Gap. We realized in the late 80’s early 90’s that the round flat sucks against unarmored folks.
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    Feb 5th I grabbed federal HST in 9mm from them at 40c a round. Ammo was really available and cheap until the beginning of march.
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    True, if there was a camera person. Look at the reflection in the largest glass. The camera's on a tripod.
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    Thank you! This is very helpful information.
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    Could not have said it better! Thank You Johnny
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    Walmart sucks at restocking in normal times. Maybe find a Shop Rite. Ours is pretty well stocked on most things. Intermittent paper products. Zero OJ lately though. Some frozen stuff a bit light. But they had a bunch of hand sanitizer refills on Friday. Looked like a brand that started making it last week... Oh..and for whatever reason, we have a hard time finding Arnold Palmer iced tea-lemonade anywhere.
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    Isn’t that like negative fed rates?
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    All of his critics would be in the fetal position by now.
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    "People" ARE aware and have been for some time now. If you would stop voting these people in office we wouldnt be having this problem. Keep up the good work!
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    Sad thing is, there is someone out there who actually thinks that thing is cool! Good trigger discipline though!
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    It's not going to pass, but people need to be aware of this bullshit. Have you guys seen the list of guns banned? Anything resembling an AR-15, anything resembling an AK-47. Guess my M&P 15-22 would be an assault rifle. Get fucked. Bill Pascrell, Jr. is one of the co-sponsors. It's super early on, but maybe some of his District 9 constituents should flood his inbox and pay him a visit.
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    Tonight was a beautifully done center cut pork roast, apple sauce, mashies, limas, sweet corn and gravy...…...I'm full.
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    We had nearly the same thing the other night...less the cab
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    Rib eye center cut steaks on the grill.... potatoes...green beans....creamed spinach homemade biscuits. .....bourbon...pregame. .switchback beer..interlude and some nice brotherhood cabernet with dinner
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    Good thing we had some wraps shoprite was out. I've been making these for thirty years
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    I’m not sure about this. Argument could be made these actions are lowering the numbers. Let me ask you a simple question, if you have something that’s person to person transmitting, would not limit the person to contact limit that transmission. Also, I believe the origin country of this virus China ( ergo the China Virus) is lying like a summabitch. And I don’t think we are being told the real story.
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    Tonight's menu will be chicken Fajdia's.
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    I think you'll be in PLENTY of good company, @gleninjersey! However things turn out with this particular pandemic, anyone with even half a brain is going to reflect on this experience and think, "Damn, in the future, the grid going down... or another Hurricane Sandy sweeping through... or 10 other things could land me in a very similar circumstance, but possibly worse and with even less warning." Even though I was moving towards a more "prepped" stance anyway (and doing that from ground zero really, because I was really VERY unprepared), this has been eye-opening for me personally. It's more than just having extra food - it's about a carefully planned out supply (e.g., the tuna AND the mayo!) - with the right supplies to keep the meals interesting, and enough paper goods, and enough detergents, etc. I did "ok" on that score - but I do have to do one Amazon order to fill in the gaps, so I didn't do as well as I could have. I can tell you this though, I'll never have empty cupboards again... not if I can help it. I'm going to do a regular replenishment... rotating out the older products, etc. Nothing bonkers, but a minimum of 2-3 months worth of food in the house at any given time is my new goal. (For a person living alone, that's quite achievable without a lot of dedicated space). Once I move to a new house, a pantry (even a small D-I-Y one) and a generator will be must haves... and a small chest freezer is something I'd consider also! And I'll absolutely have a reloading bench, too, and the supplies and knowledge to use it if need be to crank out the calibers of any guns I own at the time. Again, regardless of how this particular situation turns out, there's been a ton of good life lessons here IMO. I suppose that's the small silver lining in all of this! I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking these things, so I predict the prepper movement is going to get a big shot in the arm from all of this - going even more mainstream.
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    Would you consider the grilled meatloaf as “ comfort food”?
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    Thanks for the gas tax chris. Wtf
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    For starters your math is flawed. You imply 99% of the population should get on with their lives. That's basically what Comrade DeBlassio said at the beginning of March. That sure worked out for them didn't it? You claim to be a Constituionalist. "Promote the general welfare" is in the preamble. While I think some of these restrictions are excessive most of them "promote the general welfare". Read all the Constitution. Not just the parts that support your agenda.
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    that's only because people like you have let them get away with it and slowly usurp authority. i don't see any asterisk within the language of the first amendment that says my right to peaceably assemble is tied to the absence of a virus i'm really surprised i have such resistance in this forum, a 2a forum nonetheless. nothing i'm saying is particularly controversial. i'm pretty shocked actually. i need to get the hell out of this state. south dakota looking pretty good after hearing this little speech from the governor there. she 100% gets it:
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    sure. a private company can mandate whatever rules they wish on their own private company grounds. that is VERY different from an authoritarian government forcing a business to enact such rules. let's be very clear here. the government does not have the constitutional authority to do any of the following: deem a business as "essential" force a business to close force a place of worship to close force a person to wear something they object to force a person to be vaccinated (forced covid 19 vaccines) enforce a curfew close a public space which is funded by taxpayers restrict a person from traveling freely without having committed a crime seize private property without due process if you are supportive of any of the above for any reason, you should be rethinking what it means to be an american. i'm a big believer in the constitution, the intent of the founders and the purpose of the formation of this country. we were not born here to cower in fear, locked in our homes for fear of catching a virus. could you imagine if the people today were the ones responsible for settling the old west? we'd never have made it past parsippany. if you're sick, stay home. if you're high risk, stay home. if you're elderly, stay home. if you know any of these people, stay away from them. for 99% of the population though, let's get busy living. we were not born for this shit, and we're giving some very dangerous people some very dangerous ideas. wasn't it kamala harris who said the first thing she'd do is sign an eo mandating gun violence as a "national health emergency"? be careful of defending these actions, people. you could be living like this for the rest of your lives... "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - ben franklin “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” - thomas jefferson
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    Oops. That one got by the screeners.
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    Don't fear fresh produce. From my observations, all of it can be washed or peeled, and many things (such as a head of lettuce) are shrink wrapped. I stock over 2 tons of bananas alone every day, and it is wiped out by the end of the day. Meats come in overnight and are on the shelves by 7am, same with dairy. There are tons of packaged salads of many varieties, although you have the convenience cost there, but nobody will have their mucus on the product as the plastic bags are tough. One think that drives me up the wall are the corn shuckers who ruin 20 ears of fresh corn right there at the display case as they hunt for the golden ticket...or a crackerjack prize, or something. That leaves all those ears drying out in the air and nobody else wants them because they know some hygienically-challenged yenta pawed over every square inch. I see toilet paper coming in now and much more canned food, but the locusts wearing the ineffective masks line up outside like the walking dead. The pork roll unfortunately is usually wiped out within minutes, as are eggs, and ginger root for some reason. I can count on one hands the shoppers who are not wearing masks, even the one guy wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet while browsing for Squash (hey, it is a Wallmart) Oh yes, they have 65" 4k tvs on sale for $428!
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    Thanks. It looks the same from the other side. I would keep it just to have but rather someone more into this have it.
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    Social distancing award winner
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    If I get cobols, I put on warmer pants, just sayin'
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    The guy that introduced this bill, Hank Johnson, is the same guy who said if we stationed 8,000 Marines on the island of Guam, it might tip over and capsize. Man, you can't make this stuff up. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tipping-point/
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    Actually, I think this is strategically a BAD time for them to try this! It will piss people off like crazy... including all those folks with a "sudden" COVID-19-related interest in guns! You don't launch a huge gun control bill just as the nation's people are feeling insecure. I hope they get a lot of blowback on this. Perhaps everyone on here who's forced to sit home now anyway... should warm up their keyboards/phones and start contacting your legislators? I'll add that to my weekend chores!

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