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    I often spend my evenings in front of the TV while also perusing eBay for S&W ephemera on my iPad. I came across this Italian leather covered, S&W embossed presentation case one evening and bookmarked it to watch. Imagine my surprise when closing time came and I was the only bidder at a very low opening price... The case exceeded my expectations. Of course that begged the question, "What to put in it?" I not only scan eBay but also a number of firearm auction and for sale sites, and sometimes other forum's classifieds. I probably scan a thousand or more listings a week. I came across a model of S&W (what else?) that I already had, but this was in a different finish. They made this model in a blued finish as well as a nickel finish and a real color case-hardened finish, by the master: Doug Turnbull. I managed to secure it at a slightly better price than I paid for the nickel one. I figured these are the perfect duo to do this case justice... As the placard indicates, these are S&W Models 22 - 22-4 to be specific. These are part of S&W's Classic Series that reprise famous guns from their past. In this case, the .45 ACP Model of 1917. The CCH gun came from a large gunstore in the Pacific NW and it was not a great experience. I won the auction and had no communication from them whatsoever. Sent funds and the license and heard nothing. E-mailed them 3 times and used the message function on their website and heard nothing back from them. Tried calling several numbers listed for them and either got cut-off after the first ring or was told the voice mailbox was full. I actually joined a gun forum in that region and enlisted some help from them. The support and boots-on-the-ground help from that quarter was terrific. The gun community is truly something special. Finally, two and a half weeks after the close of the auction, the gun just shows up at my dealer. I would have been fine with the delay in shipping, I understand that these are extraordinary times - all they would have had to do was communicate that to me. A simple pre-formatted message would have taken minutes to send, but they couldn't even be bothered doing that. Water under the bridge. There was an upside. On the forum I joined out there I came across a .45 Target Model of 1950 (a pre-model 26) and managed to separate it from its owner. Fodder for a future thread. Stay healthy. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    If you listen closely, you can almost hear the liberal teardrops hitting the ground.
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    Guy complains about his neighbors Trump flag on his dock , Neighbor goes Ok fuker. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-man-labels-boat-trump-after-blocked-from-flying-trump-flag-on-dock
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    If you don’t have a smoker, you can still ‘smoke’ a brisket on a gas grill. Take an aluminum pie plate, and punch some holes in the bottom of it, use wood chips. Whatever you like, but I prefer hickory. Meat is cooked indirectly...put the pie plate over the fire. Same rules apply...low and slow...get it to 200°. I have even ‘smoked’ the meat for 5-6 hours on the grill, then finished in a 225° oven until you reach 200°. You won’t get the same lovely smoke ring, but you’ll wind up with a nice, tender brisket. The two important things are: A)temperature, both of heat source and the brisket. B) Wrapping the meat and letting it rest for a few hours. Follow those rules and you almost can’t mess it up. Just don’t put the damn thing in a crock pot....
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    Almost looks like it needs a few slices of pineapple on top.....??
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    Don’t let these smoker snobs dissuade you GP supa!
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    One of the four beef short rib boneless chuck roasts are in the oven. Seared both sided first on the grill. 3 hours at 250 degrees sound about right? I guess it's between 4-5 pounds. I started it around 4pm. Doing this, but in the oven.
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    That's one way of getting around HOA regulations.
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    Which is what Liberals think, which is why I'm a Libertarian.
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    I can eat a million shrimp and still want more.
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    My cooking skills may leave something to be desired. I know how to sharpen. I learned how from a Texan about 4 0 years ago!!!!
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    @Zeke can sharpen an axe, that’s for sure!!! @gleninjersey no brisket??!!!! Send her back!
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    My bad. She didn't get brisket. She got 8 pounds of pork tenderloin. 8 pounds of beef tenderloin. 10 pounds? of short rib chuck and 22 1/3 pounds of prime rib and some other stuff. Note to self. Make sure you have good, sharp knives next time you need to cut up 22 1/3 pounds of prime rib. This is what you will be getting yourself into. Hopefully well worth it.
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    Strange dining experience, for me anyway. You go in the back to get your meat from a counter. You buy drinks from the bar. You jump on a table if it opens. The line stretches to the door much of the time and for good reason. Not only is the price reasonable, the brisket is divine. You eat it from the brown butcher paper. We couldn't eat all of it and it was probably less than $20 for two of us.
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    Brick Armory is dead. Since 2015 or so, the facility is now Garden State Shooting Center. The new owners renovated the showroom and range. It is a whole new place run by honest people. They allow rifles up to 300 Win Mag. No green tips or steel core or other armor piercing ammo.
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    That's a good, right thinking woman, you got there.
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    What did you say your address was, Glenn?
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    Re: UHGC- they have a fingerprint reader that opens the building door and range door. Bathrooms are accessible as well. Upstairs is the 15 port 25yard handgun range. That is open during normal business hours only. Downstairs is the 15 port 45 yard range which is 7x24.
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    For now, restaurant depot is letting the general public in. Not sure how long that will last, probably until the restaurants reopen, but you just walk in, go to customer service, and they hand you a day pass. No need for a membership or tax ID
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    Great score!!!! I need to go to one. My wife has a business license and tax id number. I’d love to see how good their meat is. I usually buy bulk meat at BJ’s Wholesale club, it’s damn good!
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    Subjects, not citizens. We're heading that way, too, if we're not careful.
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    I made my first visit to Restaurant Depot last week. Wow-quite a place. I'll need to get back when I have more time; it's cool just wandering through the aisles. An hour isn't enough. Among other things, I came back with a whole tenderloin (grilled up a few of those steaks last night) and a whole brisket. That looks like it could take 18 hours or so on the Weber smoker (it's hard to get it up much above 240 F), unless I finish in the oven. I smoked baby back ribs last weekend; three meals worth this past week, and a whole rack frozen for leftovers. I'm smoking chicken leg/thigh quarters today, along with my first attempt at stuffed onions, since I brought home 10 lbs for $4 from Restaurant Depot. The 50 lb bags were $14...
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    Steak-umm egg and cheese on toast .
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    Let’s be honest. This action had been in the works for a while. This shooting is just a scapegoat.
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    Sit down, strap yourself in if necessary, and listen to the story of Brenda's Beaver Needs A Barber:
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    Interesting how all the laws you support and agree with are on the books in Canada and a fucking old man that worked as a denture technician was the mastermind behind the evil. He single handedly circumvented all your bullshit laws and won the day. Bravo Karen.
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    Don't they always make PPE? I mean, I consider my firearms PPE.
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    The ones in Camden and Newark are open they never closed.
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    Tex beat me to it. Smoke box my man Alton made a smoker out of a cardboard box. I’m trying to find it. But I found this instead. Smoked meatloaf @gleninjersey

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