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    I screwed rubber from a mountian bike tire to the rear wheels of my daughters power wheels jeep. Before the forest roads opened for the summer up here I let her drive it for a few miles (I carried an extra battery) up and down one of the closed roads. She had a blast
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    Here is your answer... Eliot Engel heard on hot mic: 'If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn’t care' https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/02/engel-hot-mic-296963
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    From the D.R. to NJ? Sure!! Just have Menendez put it in his briefcase when he comes back from one of his "little girlfriend playtime" visits.
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    Since it's a lower receiver for a rifle, it's a long gun. You can ship long guns via USPS. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/may-nonlicensee-ship-firearm-through-us-postal-service#:~:text=The U.S. Postal Service recommends,used to ship a handgun. Just put it in a non identifiable box and make sure you don't say what's in it and you will be fine.
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    https://www.cnjfo.com/news/9013114?fbclid=IwAR1hFh70fg4OqFuM80qMhHDt3k0Qs2aYfYsjJ7XzJI6M5N5MPOJubY8xlIo The above link takes you directly to the CNJFO website for today's news story. From there you can read the entire accumulated depository of some of the best 2nd Amendment writing in New jersey and the entire country! Here's what I wrote as an "intro" to the original article. The original was written 2 years ago, on the third anniversary of her murder. HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE ON THE ALTAR OF GUN CONTROL? GUN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN'S RIGHTS! NJ MUST HATE WOMEN! by Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief Black Wire Media Wednesday June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Carol "Cazzie" Bowne didn't have to die in her Berlin, NJ driveway while her newly-installed CCTV system captured it all! She was sacrificed by NJ politicians on the Altar of Gun Control. Because us mere Serfs don't deserve a fighting chance! Only the Elites do! They can CARRY their firearms while we're not "permitted due to LACK OF JUSTIFIABLE NEED"! In NJ only the DEAD qualify for a carry permit! 5 years later and we're still fighting for a Constitutionally-protected right of SELF DEFENSE! We have an idiot with a DISARMAMENT AGENDA for a Governor, along with his sidekick AG, who not only disregards the US Supreme Court requests for amicus briefs we file on cases with NJ Petitioners (Cheeseman #19-27), but also is fighting the reopening of indoor ranges that allow the very 2nd Amendment PRACTICE called for by our country's Founders in the Constitution! "Well Regulated" meant having a rifle, sufficient lead balls & powder, flints, patches, accoutrements, possibles bag, bed roll, hard tac (survival food), and be PRACTICED ENOUGH TO HIT YOUR TARGET! Ask any Constitutional Originalist and that's the answer you'll get! How many more "Cazzies" must DIE on this Altar of "FEEL-GOOD" gun control laws, which in reality, do nothing to stop crime and only assist in the needless compounded DELAYS encountered by the law-abiding residents of New Jersey? What number are YOU comfortable with, huh? And why when it comes to guns and self-protection do we not hear, "IF IT SAVES ONLY ONE LIFE"? Time to FIGHT? It starts WITH YOU! www.cnjfo.com/join-us THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 5 YRS & 43 DAYS AGO SHE WENT FOR A GUN PERMIT! HER NEWLY-INSTALLED CCTV CAPTURED HER MURDER! by Black Wire Media Wed. June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com Carol "Cazzie" Bowne, age 39, was stabbed to death in her own driveway in Berlin, NJ five years ago today as her newly-installed closed circuit video surveillance system captured her homicide. Her estranged boyfriend, who later hung himself, also died. This didn't have to be. It was entirely PREVENTABLE, and just one more notch in the Anti-Gunner's long list of sacrifices at the Altar of GUN CONTROL! 5 years & 43 days ago Bowne feared for her life enough to go apply for a hand gun purchase permit. She was at her wit's end! The permanent Restraining Order had already been granted, the closed circuit surveillance system already bought & installed, and yet the threats & intimidation continued relentlessly. Day AND night. At work, at home, everywhere. Bowne was powerless to stop the onslaught of verbal & emotional encounters. That piece of paper didn't mean a thing to her Ex! She complained to the Berlin, NJ Police on MANY occasions! They STOPPED LISTENING like in the story of "The Boy who cried Wolf"! Bowne needed not only a firearm, she needed THE Unicorn of Unicorns, that small laminated piece of paper known far & wide to law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey as a "Permit To Carry"! Why you ask? Because even IF she was granted the purchase permit on Day #1 when she applied, she'd still be DEAD, and New Jersey gun law would still have had a hand in her death! How you ask? Well, it turns out that gun owners in New Jersey aren't considered worthy enough for self-protection with a concealed OR open-carried hand gun, and in fact just over 1,300 permits for CCW are currently active in a state with well over 9 MILLION residents! Most of them are issued to retired Police, and the balance to private security, bank guards and the connected elites. So even IF she would have been granted her purchase permit prior to her murder, IF she chose to FOLLOW NJ GUN LAW instead of risking arrest & imprisonment for 7 YEARS by keeping her equalizer WITH HER, the gun would be locked-away in her residence during her homicide because even domestic violence victims have NO RIGHT OF SELF-PROTECTION and therefore can't keep a loaded firearm with them in a vehicle! Bowne was stabbed to death in her driveway, as she was exiting her vehicle. So she needed a gun WITH HER IN THE VEHICLE, right? Why is New Jersey so ass-backwards when it comes to women's' rights? Worse yet, in a deplorable show of anti-gun showmanship, and at a Press Conference with his new "sidekick" Attorney General, Gov. Murphy reversed an Executive Order enabling a streamlining of the time-consuming purchasing process "hoops" that need jumped-through in order to legally purchase a firearm in this state! So all of the tears, the letters that the Bowne family wrote to Gov. Christie, especially her mom's that got published in the daily newspaper of record, the Burlington County Times, they all fell on deaf ears with an AGENDA to disarm New Jerseyians instead of putting domestic violence abusers in jail where they belong and providing for victims' pursuit of self-defense! You want to know why "the gun community" is riled-up this week? It's because more stupid sh!t laws have been piled onto us, the LEGAL gun owners! And we as a community are fed-up and NEED YOUR HELP! So whether or not you own a gun, write some letters to the Legislature AND the newspapers and do it for Cazzie! There's RIOTS in the streets and good people deserve to protect themselves when Police are told to stand-down! She didn't have to DIE! How many more Cazzie's will it take for NJ residents to stop being sheep? EDITOR's NOTE: We first ran this article 2 YEARS ago in hopes that NJ gun owners would wake-up and realize that we "Gun Nuts" are trying to protect YOUR Constitutional rights. Some listened, some JOINED, and some couldn't bother. Do you know someone that 'sat on the fence" and just decided to become a gun owner? Gift them an annual membership to the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, and JOIN or RENEW today! More work needs to be done! FIGHT DRACONIAN GUN LAW! www.cnjfo.com/join-us ---The Editor
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    That was great! Thanks Rosie. Brings back some exiciting memories of days gone bye.
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    Thanks for this important reminder. That whole situation was a disgrace. I know in many of the "free states" she would have gotten a gun and a carry permit quickly, and I wouldn't even be surprised if a concerned and kindly LEO directed her to the local range or even offered her a lesson! She's dead because - 1) she had a violent, obsessive lout of an ex-boyfriend, and 2) she had the misfortune of living in New Jersey. As it turns out, that was a fatal combination. Her poor family and friends! I just can't even imagine how this anniversary pains them.
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    Picked up today, Very Nice!!! Feedback left!
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    Six million guns sold in three months. And probably to a lot of first time buyers. I wonder how many were members of Everytown or MDM.
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    We are ruled over by lying crap weasels with an agenda.
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    I could swear there was a guy here years ago that brought or was trying to bring some rifles from Albania (??)
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    Probably better off posting the question either on the Quadratec board, or Wrangler forum.
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    Yup and so did GI Joe. Two American icons. The real question is what do you drive?
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    https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A3000/2757_I1.HTM I think this bill became law in its form. I don't seen an exemption between a civilian and a LEO. So, IMO, no. You need to go tru an FFL
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    The 'escape' from quarantine by the protesters looters is just practice for when Covid-19 is miraculously cured on Wednesday November 4th. ESPECIALLY when DJT wins his second term!
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    Dog getting ready to vomit @ 3 in the morning will wake you up from a dead sleep.
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    This is social media meat wad
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    Chewing gum in homeroom or smoking in the bathroom will definitely prevent you getting your Firearm Purchaser ID card!
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    Yesterday Tanner's in PA posted on their Facebook page that the wait time to get into the store was over five hours. And there are no used gun posts because they really don't have any. And from now on they are operating on appointment only, and it's not because of the virus. They are looking hard for used guns and will pay cash on the spot.

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