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    Somebody started a thread about guns...
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    I think it’s more complex than that simple description. “The pro-2A minority has made the calculation that it’s better to deny cert to these cases than to risk a decision that could adversely affect gun rights.” Roberts and/or RBG really need to be replaced.
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    Shocked? Really? I don't know why everyone keeps falling for this crap. It's the same pattern over and over again. Reschedule, reschedule, reschedule, deny.
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    I went to Tractor Supply and got a section of 1/4" rubber mat designed for horse stalls. You can buy it by the foot. That's sandwiched between the bottom of the safe and the basement floor to prevent moisture migration. You can cut it to fit the safe footprint, and it complicates trying to get a prybar wedged in underneath. It worked well and didn't complicate bolting the safe to the concrete floor.
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    Yes! The 2 greatest days of a boat owners life...the day you buy it and the day you sell it!
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    You should be ashamed of yourself. Clearly conditioned thinking that escaped NJ... Their and their family's safety is no more important than mine and my family's, and more importantly, they don't have special privileges over others, especially with a guaranteed right that is being obstructed by an overzealous and tyrannically motivated State (and in which heaven forbid they didn't abuse some of the power granted to them, as well). Neither current cops on duty nor current off-duty cops nor retired law enforcement should have (or support the dualistic) privilege over the people they work/worked for. They shouldn't get special privileges, especially to defend Statist Politicians, and especially if those Politicians, with the corrupt and fake media as cover, are going to disenfranchise the people of their natural right to self defense. They didn't earn shit, and they chose that profession. They got paid for it and earned an ambitious pension at the burden of the tax payers, their employers, for their service while those they work for and are suppose to protect largely don't have that safety net. And I presume many will move out of state and spend their money elsewhere and enjoy freedoms that this corrupt and egregious bankrupt state won't allow. Rethink your stance.
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    It's not going to do anything for the average NJ Joe. It will only further confirm how privileged an special they really are.
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    At least you weren't on a talyor ham forum
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    Welcome! I grew up in Sayreville in the 1970's. For range, I was a member of Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club before I moved out of NJ. For physical store, I liked Howell Gun Works. Online stores: Brownells, Palmetto State Armory, Optics Planet, and Primary Arms have served me well.
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    Roberts has went the path of David Souter.
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    Amazon https://smile.amazon.com/Comical-Shirt-Nobody-Needs-Little/dp/B01A97743E/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=AR15+tee+shirt&qid=1592230450&sr=8-5
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    I really don't want to hear anymore how the SCOTUS will save us. Or how "let them pass the laws. The SCOUTUS will reverse them. They'll be shitting their pants" is a valid strategy.
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    Did you look at Central Jersey (AKA Jackson) or Old Bridge R&PC? I prefer private ranges over any that allow the public to use, feel much safer at those types of ranges. Too many morons out there and the RO's can't be at each port.......... I have shot at both in the Lakewood area, but joined OBR&PC club and liked it there.
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    Just get it up off the floor a bit. Most people use wood, but I'd think about using PVC. You can buy a Trex plank at Home Depot for a few bucks.
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    What part of "RETIRED" is so difficult to understand? A physician can no longer participate in hospitals. A lawyer no longer can perform in a court room. A Cop is no different, he is now an ordinary citizen, collecting a taxpayer-funded pension. If you and I can't carry, neither should he. Maybe that will force the laws to be changed, and maybe hell will freeze over.
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    ^^^^ this ^^^^ Go to home depot or lowes, get a piece of 3/4" wood, plywood, hardwood, whatever, from their scrap bin. Buy a cheap vise and bolt it to the wood. Get a couple c-clamps and clamp the board to any flat surface, and you are good to go. The 30lbs of torque required for the barrel nut will not damage your kitchen table. Edit: lol, I did not realize this thread was a year old.
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    Are they vegan? Should we deliver them to the automous zone?
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    You lost me at the word, "priviledge". We are all citizens with equal rights, not priviledges.
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    The people at large run the risk of running into those "baddies" law enforcement put way after they have been released from jail as well. I personally know several citizens not affiliated with law enforcement that this is happened to. Perhaps conscientious civilians should voluntarily and morally defend these cops and retired cops even though those with a badge have no legal duty to protect the citizens (but often do). Freedom and the right to carry... It will never happen with this kind of conditioning and duality, and with those that continue to give up their freedoms on the pretense of safety and security and a warped view of equality at the behest of the elite.
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    So I should still have my M-60 (and the gunship) too right? I put my life on the line and earned it, too! The big difference is they were very well compensated and have nice Phat pensions from that job too! I don't.
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    Yes, screw them. When my rights aren't taken away by a tyrannical encroaching police state, then there shouldn't be an duality between the average Joe and the retired troopers.
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    Yes... ever since reading the Bourne trilogy I always had a sig sauer in mind.
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    Just got a P320x Compact and being ranges are STILL closed I figured it was a good time to ask. What kind of cleaning equipment should I start to look to buy? I want to keep her clean once I can use it. Thank you for info
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    I will let other more experienced shooters weigh in on this. I am NOT - repeat NOT - an expert. That said, in my own personal limited experience, I think a .22 handgun is just a fabulous way to "start" your shooting career. The smaller caliber means less recoil, which means less likelihood of developing a flinch (that would then have to be unlearned). So, you would learn all of the things you need to learn with any firearm... but in the easiest, least punishing way. You should also use the search function - you'll find, I'm sure, several threads about people looking to purchase a first gun. Also, a small tip that I learned from others on here... it's not a bad idea to request multiple handgun permits at the same time. Most people on here say 3. Yes, you're limited to purchasing one-gun-a-month (OGAM) in this state, but I believe you still save both on effort and cost if you apply to get the permits all at once. You can always stage out your purchases... the permits last awhile as you know. Yeah, I know you already got your permit... but it's something to consider for the future! (This hobby is very addictive). Note to other posters: It's been a LONG time since I went through the handgun/purchase process. I know it's changed quite a bit since then. So, chime in and correct me - quickly, pls! - if I said anything wrong to this new poster!
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    Lets see the whole gun when you put it back together. I don't know what it is about double barreled shotguns. Over/Unders look sexy, Side by Sides look mean! I have a Browning O/U that I bought used, looked brand new in the box, and I love that gun! One of the few I will never sell.
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    Oh, and btw, I like "SG Ammo" for online ammo orders. Consistently good prices! www.sgammo.com
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    not yet, they were told to cut it out. Anyway, I applaud the imagination need to belong forum for to a product it doesn't exist.
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    I have an open suggestion for anyone listening. Here's the setup, Trump has appointed a record number of federal judges including in our district. We remember what happened in Illinois, a CCW law made it to the court of appeals and we won. The deep state read Illinois the riot act and they refused to appeal to SCOTUS. Reason? Gun control power brokers feared a decision that would affect the whole country and effectively sacrificed Illinois. Bad for them and good for us. Now here's the ask on my part. Someone please file a new lawsuit with enough changes so that it doesn't get brushed aside for being similar to what's been reviewed already. Our only chance is that we now have a numerically superior chance of getting a conservative judge in circuit court. If so we win and it may end there. If it goes to court of appeals and we draw 2 conservatives and we win again, it will be game over for NJ justifiable need. Why? Deep state gun control would tell NJ to stand down like they did in Illinois for fear of a favorable 2A opinion that would affect HI, CA, MA, NY, MD and any others I missed.
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    Got my 1st gun and it the Sig P320x Compact. Can not wait to fire it. Got it today at Guns & Roses gun shop in Toms River. Joe and staff where very helpful definitely worth a call.
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    https://www.courthousenews.com/retired-cops-sue-over-new-jersey-gun-restrictions/ It's always aggravating that retired LEO are treated as a special privileged class, but it is still a good thing that they are suing the state to void the NJ carry permit restrictions that apply to them -- they argue that they are authorized under LEOSA and don't need state permission. The more pressure on the state the better.
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    You'd probably have a hard time getting the stink out of the fabric since they are out of soap and body lotion.
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    No lube. Thomas dissent was informative. This nov is more important than ever for America.
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    Well, boating season is here. Hate to say, but it's cutting into my shooting time. It was a crappy spring and the season started late. Good to get out on the water. Who else is able to put down a gun and get out on the water? I am sailing, kayaking & rowing. Too many boats, not enough time! I have a great canoe for sale in the non-gun section. I spent more time cleaning it up over the last two years than using it. I would rather it go to someone that will use it than keep cutting the grass around her. Check it out! Here is a view of northern Barnegat Bay this week.
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    Holes in the water to throw money into
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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but, for USPSA I have my pistol at 3 o'clock and three dual mag pouches running from roughly 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock. I've only used that set up for 2-3 matches now, but it seems to work for me.
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    And they were well compensated for that. Now they are regular people.live by the laws they enforced at one time. No carve outs.
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    I recommend you check out Garden State Shooting Center, now known as WeShoot, located about a mile away from SS. I used to be a member there and always regarded them highly.
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    I’m buying one of these
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    I didn't say don't stockpile ammo. After what happened during the Great Ammo Shortage you'd be foolish not to load up. But emergency food, emergency ammo, emergency anything by definition means that you have more than you need. Unless you're in combat you will not shoot more than a couple of hundred zombies during armageddon. Isn't there like a personal rapture that occurs after you've killed the 50th zombie?
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    Pictures of said guns please................
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    Ray Ray, I'm with you 100% ! Privilege? GTFO they are NOW citizens just like the rest of us! You get the same sh!tty Laws, Just like the rest of us! Not all Cops are good Cops: not all Vets are good Vets.
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    Siggy, The truth of the matter is we are a slim minority as the brainwashing by the media and the politicians, the majority of NJ Residents truly believe no one should own a gun, Until they need one and recently found out how difficult it is to get one in this socialist state. Every shooting in the papers by gangs drug dealers and thugs are never reported that THESE are the problem, not you and I.
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    I put my life on the line as a firefighter. What do I get? I guess I can carry around a fire extinguisher as a consolation prize.
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    The right to bear arms is a right, not a privilege. It's not something that can be "earned". Can you show me in the Constitution or BoR where it says carrying arms is a privilege to be earned? I have a great amount of respect for cops, but this is this, and that is that.
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    lol, NJ always carves out exceptions for cops. They will rewrite the law, just for them.
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    And they can't carry hollowpoints either.

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