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    760s are hard on brass.... damhik They 'like' fresh brass.... Its not tough per se...there are nuances....nuances that you need to know to be safe....items that you learn as part of steps... Ok so start with 38 special...a d in a model 10...good strong k frame.... I have 38 brass up the yin yang.... i 'may' have a second set of 38 sp dies.... i have powder, primers, heads (wc's)...and a nice single stage press... I can outfit you for 200 plus rounds easy to start with.... but 1k primers...etc... I am in SC now visiting my daughter..when I get back i will send pics.... The good news.....it will be a very very fair price...BUT you gotta come up to Vernon to get it.... your call...if you want to... its a lyman Spartan single stage...i believe i have every part for it...i gotta check... 1000 small pistol.primers 250-300 38 special cases i have a pound of win231..or autocomp for ya... might have the dies...hmmm....maybe not..bet on NOT... You come get it all....gimme...say 50 bucks...i need a new mold for my victory revolver...lemme know...!!!
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    I really like my 7600, definitely something different than a typical bolt gun in the woods. Here is mine on my first trip in the woods, 2019 rifle season in Vermont. Didn't get a deer but it was still fun regardless.
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    I am definitely looking forward to getting back to my favorite indoor range, RTSP in Union, as soon as possible. I will certainly do anything I possibly can to help support our gun stores & ranges in this state, because I do not want to see anymore go out of business due to lack of potential new gun owners being brought into the stores & ranges by experienced shooters like myself. All gun owners in this state need to try to get the next generation of gun owners to start buying guns & going to the ranges to learn how to use them & also to get as politically active as possible, even if that means something as simple, but important as voting in every state wide race in NJ, most especially the upcoming presidential election, to make 100% certain that Donald Trump is elected for another 4 year term. I also voted for Hirsch Singh to be the Republican party nominee for the US Senate race, & get rid of the crook, cory booker!! Get a Republican elected to the Senate from NJ for the 1st time in about 40 or more years, & give President Trump a larger Republican majority in the Senate.
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    Do you not have a set of test weights? Additionally, do you not love your fingers and eyes? The Ministry of Silly Walks.
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    Are you from the Department of Redundancy Department?
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    Dirtydigz, The reason why I started this topic was to notify my fellow gun owners that Cabela's no longer ships ammo to the state of NJ. As stated in previous posts, I was not able to complete an ammo purchase because items were restricted to NJ. Again, within the cart I was given message to remove ammo items because of location restrictions. I was not given an option to provide an FID like, Sgammo, Classic Firearms etc. If anyone here has completed an entire ammo order from Cabela's, please let us know. Other's here seem to have had the same experience as me. I am beginning to understand why many NJ gun owners no longer wish to post here. Their are too many NJ gun owners that use their posts on this site to belittle and insult their fellow gun owners. They (you know who you are) provide no useful information, are not helpful in any manner, and only serve to provoke infighting. Our opposition has no such issue, as they are united in curtailing our rights, creating onerous laws that imprison us, and making us out to be social pariahs.
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    ctd is on most people's shit list because they were price gauging during the ammo shortage years ago.
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    All depends on the powder. If he is loading with a real fast powder like titegoroup the min and max are really close. I think 9mm is only like +.3 grains from starting to max..
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    Yup stirring the pot as usual
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    @marlintag - somehow (though I'm not sure how!), I may have accidentally "triggered" that online spat, and if so, I apologize. Keep in mind, I know that many people who work very hard in NJ's 2A orgs (@Smokin .50 being one of them) feel immense frustration about the profound apathy of NJ's gun owners. Very few volunteer on a regular basis... in fact, it's hard just to get gun owners to show up at special one-time events - like rallies or legislative hearings in Trenton. I think your comment just happened to strike that understandably raw nerve. I've met Smokin50 - and can tell you that he's very well-intentioned (and quite generous and jovial in person) and I do believe the comments may have come off looking harsher than he intended. Besides, frankly?... these days, I think COVID-19 has us all lashing out a bit more than usual! Too many restrictions, too much isolation (or not enough, lol), too much hardship... things are just not "normal" anymore! It's very disruptive. How 'bout you boys virtually shake hands... and move on? On a happier note, I went to TTC today! FYI, I left a msg on Saturday, they called me yesterday and set an appt for today. Pretty darn efficient! Everyone was masked, there were some new plexiglass plates at key customer service areas, and on the range, every other lane was taped off. Other than that, it was "business as usual". It was great to be shooting. But, damn, it was also frustrating - no matter how I adjusted my mask, my glasses were fogging up constantly. I had to move the target to 5 yards (much closer than I normally like it), because I was literally shooting through a bad haze. But, I managed to stay on paper and even get a few bullseyes - I had a wonderful time!! Amazing how such a noisy sport can be sooooo relaxing! I floated back to my car in a positively Zen-like state. Life is good. Get to the range!
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    If I am not mistaken, you are within reasonable distance to Solomon's Shooter Supply in Farmingdale. Gene's prices are good, and he always has what you need. His shop is probably the last of it's kind in NJ. A true mom and pop shop. Bring cash.
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    When I got my 03 in 2011, The female came to my job for an interview. Made address change 3 years ago with no issue. Really almost worthless in NJ other than discounts. Makes some transactions easier. Will let it expire next year. For 30.00 for 3 years you can't beat it. Had one call me 2 years ago. stopped in just to BS. Carlo, super nice guy. He was involved with the guy in North NJ making full auto. The one that went into the local PD. and told them he had a machine shop and was making full auto ARs! HAHA!
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    For hunting, be it deer, bird, or small game, New Jersey is shotgun country. Best thing to do is find yourself a nice 12 gauge - probably a pump-action like a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 - something that will accept multiple barrels. You can use a 26-28 inch barrel threaded for multiple chokes for bird hunting, clay shooting, as well as hunting deer with buckshot, and you will have the ability to add a cylinder-choked barrel with rifled sights for deer. This way you're set for most any hunting you can do in New Jersey.
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    interesting. My wife and I kinda liked the area up in Aroostook County, but yes; it was definitely the slow lane. Bar Harbor is probably a better choice, as is the Boothbay area. Very much enjoyed dinner at Grammy's, as well as several other places in the area. We successfully escaped the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of New Jerseystan last year; we are now in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Well worth the move
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    So, we are more upset that NJ is now on that list or that there is a list? If they pull a MidwayUSA, and make a way to upload your FID... are they good? That’s another big issue with the firearm community. Only fight when it affects them. Bump stocks are a prime example... only a matter of time before pistol braces go bye-bye.
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    Kane, the criminal former AG of PA rescinded almost all reciprocity agreements before she was adjudicated, A lot of those have been reinstated, but using language that disqualifies non-residents (of the issuing state). Here is the relevant paragraph from the PA/UT reciprocity agreement... The Commomvealth of Pennsylvania shall recognize all vaLid UT Licenses issued to legal residents of the State of Utah who are 21 years of age or older; the rights and privileges of UT License holders recognized under this Reciprocity Agreement shall be the same as, and not greater than, those rights and privileges granted to PA License holders under Pennsylvania law. I'm not sure that there are any non-resident licenses that could be issued to residents of NJ that are valid in PA. IANAL Adios, Pizza Bob
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    1) Buy 2) Bring Back It's still pretty straightforward, the only legal gotcha that comes to mind is if the ammo is hollow point--then once you enter NJ you have to drive directly to your home or to a range.
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    Please allow me to hijack your topic for the same purpose. I moved here from an Asian country a while ago and hunting wasn't a thing back there, so I haven't had anyone to learn from either. I currently have a .22LR and a .308 that I can go hunt with, but I'd prefer to start with small games to get used to field dressing. Yes I know we can't really hunt anything with .22LR in NJ... but I don't mind driving to PA. I've passed the online hunter course and just waiting for the live-fire trips to open. I've subscribed to hunter magazine. I've bookmarked and watched a large amount of hunting guides & tips online... But I need practice. So I'm looking for a hunt party/group which accept new hunters even if I will have to follow & observe for the first couple trips. I don't have a hunting shotgun and have not practiced with one, bird I can definitely get one and start training if needed.
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    I've been there a few times since the re-re-opening and haven't seen many shooters. Although talking to the few I have seen said it's catch as catch can during the week. Weekends are of course a whole nother thing. My suggestion is go early during the week. HTHs
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    We don't want @Smokin .50 to have both barrels ignite! We used to call him Yosemite Sam, strap two blackpowder 6 shooters to his hips and let him rip! Look forward to hearing good news in the firearms community Rosie, stay well!
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    I've got an extra powder measure, reloading scale (analog), and I think a case prep station for trimming and deburring brass (you won't need that for the 38, might find it useful for 30-06). If you're interested, I'll dig out what I've got; I'd offer it fairly cheaply.
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    Looks good... I’m actually looking at purchasing my first gun (when my fire id comes in). The p320 x 5 legion and the p365 were my top two choices atm. Looking at maybe the p229 as well.
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    I am very interested! I am going to PM you my number so we can get something set up!
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    Have you been watching Downtown Abby again.
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    I have no idea how many personal spinning HDDs I've had fail on me. I run WAY more hardware than the average home user admittedly, but still a LOT of failures. Maxtor, WD, Seagate, IBM Deathstar...guessing at least 12-15. I held off on SSDs for a while because of paranoia of total bytes written, and admittedly, on tiny SSDs, the TBW ratings are kinda low. On modern, larger capacity drives, as well as MLC drives, it seems to be much less of an issue (at higher cost). Went to a 120GB Sandisk as my first SSD 6 years ago. Lasted all of 3 months, sudden, instant complete death - doesn't even show up in the BIOS. Was pissed. Went to a Samsung 850 Pro 256GB, which is now a backup drive in my current PC. It has about 7TB written on it with zero issues so far. Current PC has a 512GB 860 Pro SSD, 1024GB GB 860 Evo SSD, and a few spinner drives in addition to the 850. A good spinner like a WD Black is actually reasonably fast for a 7200 RPM HDD, but nothing like the SSDs. I've moved to SSD as my primary drive on most of my modern PCs. There was some company which did a non-scientific stress test on a sample of a few SSDs and a couple managed to last into PB range of bytes written - https://techreport.com/review/27909/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-theyre-all-dead/ I'll see your DX and raise you an Am486 DX2-80MHz with a 40MHz bus. Was faster than any other 486 I ever used.
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    Oh and... I’m not shooting your ammunition yet.
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    A harsh and unfair assessment of your fellow gun owners. I primarily go to ranges in PA, VA for a number of reasons, non of which are because I am a "complainer", a provocateur, or a "schmuck" as you put it. The main reasons I prefer out of state ranges are the following: 1. Based on my personal experiences visiting different NJ ranges, I feel that many NJ ranges (owners) cater to LEO's and have little or no respect for people other than the "anointed". Owners/employees of the ranges that I go to are always cordial with me, and seem genuinely happy to see me. Again, this is my personal experience and may not reflect the experience of others here. 2. Ranges in NJ require upwards of 200 dollars and a class before one can exercise the right to draw from a holster. I need no instruction from NJ or it's instructors. What I learned carrying on the streets of PA, FL, VA, combined with my training is more than sufficient. Ranges in PA, FL, VA etc, allow drawing from the holster without a mandatory overpriced class. Carry in VA for awhile, you will learn real quick! 3. Many ranges out of state allow me to use the range for more than the allotted hour without issue or complaint. Your comments here show disdain and contempt for your fellow gun owners who you feel are not doing the heavy lifting. You don't know every gun owner in this state and what actions they have taken to improve the 2A in this state. Everyone helps in their own way, and I don't presume to know the actions or inactions of other gun owners. Heavy lifting or not, we have less gun rights now than we did just a few years ago. No chance or hope of conceal carry/open carry in NJ, and no cases before the supreme court. There have been no gains in terms of 2A rights in this state, nada, zilch! Mrs. Peel makes a valid point, but I argue whether supporting these NJ ranges, and their sometimes (nebbish) owners, will somehow translate into a restoration of our rights. What we need is either massive civil disobedience, or a major shift in NJ government. Please stop with the belittling comments as they serve no useful purpose, let's try to uplift our fellow gun owners.
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    Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ 1979 or 80. First row at convention hall Asbury Park NJ 79 or 80 plus several times after that. A great musician, patriot and humanitarian. We shall not see the likes of him again.
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    There's always something else to buy.
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    Small rifle primers are hard to come by today. Only ones I can easily find are Remington 7 1/2 on Midsouth Shooters. My mentor always told me, buy in bulk. You never know when supplies will run dry.
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    @Mrs. Peel you hit the nail on the head. It's an absolute shame that shortsightedness and ignorance infect so many NJ gun owners. Scanning this thread I see an attempt by provocateurs to throw hand grenades to stir crap up. Sometimes it makes me wonder what their agendas are and if they enjoy looking like schmucks suggesting radical actions that have dire consequences. Like boycotting commercial ranges due to an enforced 25% capacity rule during weekend operational hours that already had wait times prior to the plandemic and not caring if they shut down forever. The "ME" generation is rampant here with all of the complaining, and the majority of "Big Picture Thinkers" turn towards lurking instead of speaking out for fear of being "judged". You wanna know why no other #2AHeavyLifters routinely post here. This is why...
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    Perhaps...but .38 Special (his other choice) is probably the easiest caliber to reload, and an excellent choice to get started in reloading.
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    Its old school stuff but works....
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    Something is being inconsistently applied here. Just went to cabelas.com, loaded a shopping cart up with .223 rifle ammo, .44 magnum (only handgun ammo I could find in stock) and 12 ga shotshells, got all the way to "confirming order" step and no mention of any NJ shipping restrictions. Now I have been ordering ammo for ~10 years and I think they have my FID on file.
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    IMO, your kit is tailored to where you're going to hike. Going to hike well marked trails you're familiar with? Water and a pocketknife are enough. Poorly marked trails you've never done? Extra food, compass, map, signaling device, etc.
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    Where da heck are you guys hiking? Yellowstone?
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    I ussually just being a knife and water with me hiking. A nice pair of Solomon hiking boots and appropriate clothing for the adventure. Deet spray for my shoes and pants. Off deep woods for exposed skin. I'm very familiar with my hiking spots so I don't bring much.
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    OBR&PC has been "worth it" since you first asked on this forum, over 2 years ago, and then thumbed your nose at it. There's a LOT more to shooting than standing in a port...
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    given the nature of gun registries.. I think the "cloud" is the last place anyone would really want their gun info being stored.

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