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    I feel guilty of blowing through 300rounds of 9mm147g..... Nope..... Want to ban guns...ban ammo and make it too expensive to shoot.... You don't reload? Too tedious? My time is worth more than that? Its boring...? I have inexpensive range days..and will for years to come.....
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    There's the Oaks gun show the last weekend of this month you should find ammo there but I'm sure at a premium price , I would say at around $250 a case i would if i were you buy a lb of powder box of primers and cheap press even if its a single stage just to start with brass is still cheap and there's bayou bullets to get coated bullets and start learning reloading.
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    Most people are itching to get back to work. Some jobs will be temporarily permanently lost. Undoubtedly some service industries (bars, restaurants, etc).but they will eventually be replaced and will be hiring. If you are really convinced things will be as bad as you believe have you sold all your investments? I highly doubt you've gone to all cash or precious metals.
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    Just waiting on optics. Holosun 510C w/ magnifier on the way. - Radian Model 1 lower, upper, and handguard - Wilson Combat 14.7 barrel w/ Surefire Socom brake (will pick up a warden as well) - JP adj. gas block - Sharps Rifle Co. Enhanced BCG - Geissele SSA trigger
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    Lots of OG peeps coming out of the woodwork for this one...
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    Welcome. "Purchase a firearm or two". Newbies are so cute. I remember my "I'm only going to buy one or two" years. Nine firearms later I'm like "this is a nice start"....Lol
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    Still waiting for my noob issues to be worked out. 60 years and counting.
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    Bought a gun yesterday! Someone told me to check out rkguns and I found an M&P 22 compact in the low $300s. Plan to put a few thousand rounds in that, then upgrade to a 9mm once all my noob issues are worked out. Super psyched!
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    I'm running my Intro to IDPA class next month. There's quite a few on this forum that have done it and they seemed to like it. If you want an easy way to transition from a static port to shooting on the move consider this class. Read the details and sign up here: http://idpa-intro.eventbrite.com/
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    I just purchased a new gun, SW22 Victory, and really want to break it in. I live near CRRC, and was considering joining it, but it would be great if someone could guest me in, so I can get a better idea about all the facilities. Thanks!
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    I’ve tried some penetrating oil. Haven’t tried a good soak though. I’ll pick this up and give it a shot. Thanks! Colt says they do not repair “legacy” products. Yes, I’ve seen this. I know how to remove the cylinder, but it is unable to spin. I’ll try the penetrating oil trick.
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    USRifle30cal, How do you like the Hornady press i was thinking of getting one of those.
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    Give Mark Hartshorne a call... https://pinnaclehighperformance.com/ He is close enough that you can drive the gun there. Good luck. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    FWIW I don't think the amount of restaurant and bars permantly closing will be as bad as people think. I see plenty of people ordering out and even eating outside at local places. Even NYC bars are finding ways around restrictions of having to sell food in able to stay open. They are selling "freedom chips" for $1. And as a side note, when you do order out I HIGHLY encourage people to order from local restaurants rather than corporate chains.
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    Always said print. Tin foilers believe it is for easy copying. Does it really matter? I don't like as it only has space for 3 guns.
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    I’d start by working some penetrating oil into it, with a lot of soak time.
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    Its steel cased, it's usually cheaper on average by a couple cents a round. Wolf(gold) brass cased is pretty good plinking ammo, but it's normally in line or on the slightly cheaper side of any brass cases ammo.
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    That's 40 cents per round. In normal times you'd probably pay 18 cents per round. It's not great ammo.
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    The artificial repression of the economy is temporary. It will end. The sooner the better. IMHO it's gone on too long already. Once it does end, people will be swarming back to work, consumers will be purchasing more and produciton will increase. Not immediately to pre-Covid numbers but it wont' take long.
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    Good it would be great to put a face to guys i been chatting with for years
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    So I just bought a Z-gill 7002b. Basic black. Arrives Tuesday. I'll probably do a brisket next weekend. Thanks. As to pimping it out, I'll give that a go once I get the basic functions handled.
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    I have a few, It is on my to do list! Just could not pic a 5 or 10 rd. mag!
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    1913 RIA with 1913 barrel. And a 2020 BULA M21. in 308. With a blocked 20. https://imgur.com/a/pwEuD0y
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    You need a walnut cartouched stock for that BULA... My m1A standard sits in a GI fiberglass stock..... Blocked 20...ughhh... they both look great !
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    Reminds me of a conversation I had with my brother the other day. We were discussing his upcoming first trip the range with me and I was giving him a run down of the guns I had he could test. His response was something along the line of "you have all of those, I thought you just had the one?!" Just one, HA!
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    Hey everyone, Lifelong NJ resident, new to guns and this forum. Recently received my FID and went shooting for the first time last week. Excited to be a part of this community. Looking to gain some useful knowledge and potentially purchase a firearm or two. Looks like I came to the right place. See y'all around in here. Drew
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    I would say skip the book. Shooting is a hands on physical activity like basketball or soccer. Just like kids want to get into those sports by seeing others do it, whether its friends at school, from the neighborhood, or the pros on TV, shooting is a "oh cool, let me try" kind of thing. Also, all branches of the military teach thousands of people who never held a gun before to shoot without reading a book first. I would start from the bench with a low recoil long gun and progress to kneeling, standing, etc. once the shooter masters the ability to safely load, unload and operate the firearm, keeping in mind that this may not occur on the first outing.
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    Yep - it's this one. Die cast black metal with Wood-grain (acrylic) stock Functional bolt Metal magazine with functional mag release 3 dummy non-firing .45 rounds Trigger squeezes in Comes with trophy stand https://goatguns.com/products/tms
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    Thanks I'll look into it. I was using Mobil 1 V-Twin for the Harley then I switched to Valvoline after reading the reviews. One reviewer stated shifting was smoother after the switch to Valvoline, I was thinking yea sure and didn’t believe it at first but he was correct. I had one case left of Mobil 1 so switched back to it just to use it up. After seeing the review glen posted I’ll give the Shell a try in one vehicle next. My Ford uses 05w-20 and our Toyota uses 0W-20. Toyota is next for a change so I checked the inventory at local store for Shell 0W-20 and they only have quart size but $2.50 a pop isn’t bad and I could use the extra stock. Synthetic or not, in the cars I still change at 5K even though some say could go up to 10K. Even now with the covid limiting our miles driven I have no regrets about doing a low mile oil changes.
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    I already buy my filters off amazon in bulk for like 7 bucks each. The auto parts places of all places always have the highest prices. Homedepot sells mobile1 pretty cheap when its on sale. Even Amazon had 6 packs for 26 bucks, I just used the last of that. So I never even think about buying oil at these places let alone free filters.
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    wrong forum, Dude. You need the pussy forum for this crap
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    I've taken a lot of new shooters to the range. I've taken a lot of teens who were new shooters to the range. I got my NRA instructor's certification because my teen daughter liked to take friends shooting. Moms were nervous when my daughter's friends asked if they could go shooting with me. It was an easier sell when they could add "Mr. ZZZ is a certified firearms instructor and offered to teach me gun safety." My advice is don't "introduce" him to shooting. That's heavy and has baggage. Just take him shooting. No lessons. Let him have fun instead of getting instruction and he'll come back. I always go over three safety rules before we pick up a gun. I show how we are going to walk behind the shooter and how we're going to keep the guns unloaded whenever anyone is at or in front of the firing line. Then we just shoot targets and have fun. The occasional tip is fine but don't worry too much about technique on the first, or trip to the range. Consider it a pickup game of basketball, not practice before the big game. And be sure to say "good job" when he gets one in the middle. And let him take his target home to show mom and dad. And let him decide what you shoot. 90% will want to start with handguns. Teens seem to always have fun shooting clays. I agree that rifles are a good way to learn the fundamentals but the first step is to let shooting be fun. Otherwise, the lessons are a drag and he'll never want to come back.
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    Trumps only Pro-gun when he needs to win an election.. sorry.
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    I’d say rifle first. . Or all them. But make sure he finishes the day with a win. Even if it’s 10 yards with a rifle
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    Keep in mind, Garmin aviation equipment has all been bricked. Apparently no one can update flight plans etc or recieve information through their software interface... I have no idea how this impacts the bigger picture, you should do your preflight homework.. when I used to fly model airplanes we would check for NFZ every time we went out. Unfortunately when people.rely on tech if it screws up... well ya screwed as well.
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