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    This isn’t quite accurate, but it is a rough interpretation of the data. .223/5.56 rounds tend to lose velocity faster and break up into smaller pieces after passing through common US building materials. Whereas handgun and buckshot/slugs tend to retain much of their mass and velocity after passing through the same barriers. As such, wounds from smaller, lighter and slower tend to be more survivable than those from bigger, heavier, and faster; ergo - AR rounds are considered a “safer” choice than shotgun or pistol rounds CONUS for use while FISHing. Realistically, a round from any firearm chambered in a defensive round has the potential to kill someone after passing through modern US construction materials. The AR rounds just tend to lose some of their “lethality” faster.
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    Hockey a few years ago. But probably since ‘15 I’ve tuned out. I work, I work hard. Tired of being preached about oppression from millionaires that play with a ball....
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    I agree that the "best" gun s the one you have when you need it. I love shotguns for HD. I keep the following ready in various places in my house: Benelli M1S90, AR, AR pistol (300 BLK), 1911 (2), and Glock 19 loaded and ready to go for HD. I trust my skills with the Benelli in a HD situation, but will use whichever one is handy when I need it. I have trained lot with shotguns and know what I can do with them with them. Shotguns are devastating weapons when used correctly. All of my HD guns have lights on them.
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    I hope they take away the perp's FPID.
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    Depending on the ammo type used, YES: https://how-i-did-it.org/drywall/results.html Winchester Ranger 64g Power-Point (Soft point .223 ammo): Penetrated 1st "wall" of drywall, 2nd wall of drywall had fragments embedded but no total penetration, 3rd wall of drywall untouched Winchester 12-Gauge 00 Buckshot: Penetrated all 3 "walls" of drywall
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    So attendance at pro soccer games in the US during the pandemic has actually gone up?
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    You want excitement in sports? This is where it's at:
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    Major.league baseball should be ashamed...an the yankees can fuck off..... Millions out of work, struggling and they quibble about how many millions they are to be paid for a 60 game season... Go fuck yourselves....MLB can piss off....
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    I never see any over penetration stats after a perp is dropped with 00 buck.
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    Well I posted first for all small pistol primers and sent a pm.... and then others come after me and they get them so..... I guess standard “first I’ll take it” doesn’t apply here
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    Back to the original question: I have one, have had it for a couple of years. I like it, I don't regret buying it, and I have fun shooting it. Come out to a shotgun shoot and you'll likely see me shooting clays with it. It is *NOT* my choice for a HD weapon. Yes, it's compact and light, yes it's got impressive ammo capacity (14 rds if using "normal" shells, 20+ if using mini shells). There's a downside to each of those attributes. Because it's so short, the muzzle end is essentially even with your support hand at the end of the pump motion. That's dangerous. You have to ensure you have a SOLID forward grip or loop. You can find stories of people shooting their support hand accidentally with the KSG. Because it's light, perceived recoil is much stouter. I tried some turkey loads in it once. ONCE. Not pleasant. Depending on your body mass you may find that 00 buckshot rings your bell considerably more than a larger shotgun. 14 shotshell capacity is a lot, but it comes with the price of multiple magazine tube administration. There are 2 separate magazine tubes. You have to switch between them. If you run one tube dry, you have to switch to the other tube *BEFORE* you eject the last shell from the first tube, or else you're going to get a "click" the next time you pull the trigger. If (heaven forbid) you get into a situation where you have to fire more than 7 rounds under duress are you going to remember to hit that tube switch immediately after firing, and before ejecting, round #7? Oh BTW, that magazine tube switch has a "neutral" position that doesn't allow *EITHER* of the tubes to dispense shells. Yup, you guessed it, the neutral position is in the middle of the left and right tube positions. Hope the switch doesn't ever get set there accidentally when you don't want it to be. The ejection port and the magazine tube heads are in the same space at the bottom of the gun. It is quite difficult to load a shell into a tube while keeping the gun in a firing posture; to do so, you not only have to push a shell upwards into the bottom of the gun at an awkward vertical angle, but you also have to angle it horizontally to the left or right to go into the correct tube (unless you ran both tubes empty). Do you remember which tube you were firing from? Got to load to that same tube... I've given up trying to load the KSG while shouldered - I flip it upside down to load it, and loading is much slower compared to a conventional shotgun. Another annoyance is the shell keepers at the mouth of each magazine tube - they have a sharp corner that tends to catch and grab the fabric of glove fingers when I wear gloves.
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    Same here. I either have one on me or in my car pretty much every time I go anywhere.
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    South Carolina. I literally don't leave home without it.
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    Just dropping this here. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/09/gun-violence-research-consortium-admits-problems-not-the-gun/#axzz6Y1LhWJ2Y
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    FISH & CHIPS!!
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    And if you do put it down, it stays cold on the ice!
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    Multiple attackers at close quarters can happen in HD situations, not much different from urban combat How about best home defense rifle.
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    So you are saying an AR (5.56 or .223) would have less penetration than a Shotgun?
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    if the 45 falls through pm me!
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    I think that Mr. and Mrs. Smith knew the ultimate home defense weapons.
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    I’m not ashamed to admit that curling is fun to watch. Not exciting. But fun.
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    Done with it. They brought political agendas into it, and I’m voting with my dollar. They ain’t getting ANY of mine. No more.
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    Threads like this are always good for spirited debate on what's "the best" gun for home defense. I'll submit that the best gun is the one you can get to before the bad guy gets a chance to hurt you/your family. Depending on when/where you encounter said bad guy could mean that "the best" gun isn't available, so you'll have to rock whatever you can . I really like my KSG and have cycled many hundreds of rounds through it, so I have no issues if it's the first thing in my hands when something goes bump. If I'm startled from my sleep the closest gun is a 9mm pistol (with light) which i think would serve me fine. If I'm passing by the gun safe on the way to a bad guy (and time permits) I may holster the pistol and pick up something chambered in .223/5.56. The if/then statements beyond that could get entertaining, but my point is that I don't have a particular kind of gun designated for "home defense" with several of them staged around the place. I have guns in different places that can access as needed. Rock what you got. If you only have one gun in the house, get more...
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    Not even watching, so I have no fucks to give. I hope the ratings continue to tank and the TV money dries up.
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    You told them to google it, but didn't give them a NSFW warning... And also then subsequently posted it. Don't post stuff that here. Not everyone wants to see it.
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    My wife handles a 9mm pistol nicely. She can also handle an AR, but prefers the pistol in a HD situation.
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    So I have to wonder with those criteria what “fits the bill” in your opinion? .....a .22 revolver?
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    Better choice. google keltec hand.. newbies should stick to the tried an true round wheel. If you enjoy this hobby and constitutional right.. you’ll buy more guns n stuff. Make friends here and try there stuff before you buy. Mostly good people here
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    "I prefer tang safety shotguns." Said Winchester, Remington, Ithaca, High Standard, Beretta, Marlin, Benelli......................never. Except of course on doubles!
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    For comfort, yes. I went up a size on the pants and belt.
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    I carry every day, everywhere I go. My primary carry gun is the Sig P365. Where wearing long pants I carry AIWB and when wearing shorts I carry in pocket. It has replaced all of my Glocks for carry. The gun hides anywhere. I have a big piece of property and carry a 3" S&W 629 or Glock 20 in a chest rig I bought in Alaska when in the woods. I am buying a 6.5" S&W 610 this week that may be carried in a shoulder rig.
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    Where god intended it to be.
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    Is this your first and only gun? My ex-coworker friend was completely inexperienced with guns, and through his internet research, he came up with the idea that the KSG would be perfect for home defense... I disabused him of that notion extremely quick when he actually held and shot one. It's heavy, it's not easy to manipulate without practice/experience, and it's got heavy recoil. This was with him shooting light target rounds.
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    Both are 12g shotguns so its no difference in terms of overpenatration. My opinion If a Maverick 88 is its a decent cheap shotgun but if I were looking for a defense shotgun I would poney up a few more bucks and get a Mossberg 500 or a 590. Do you want to trust your life with a cheap gun? I also do not like where the safety is on the 88, I prefer tang safety shotguns.
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    No. It’s a pos
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    Cons are its a shotgun and they can penatrate interior walls and injure someone on the other side. If you live alone in a single family home this may not be a problem but if you have family members in the home you might want to consider an AR instead
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    Since the easement is on your property what's to stop you from having a shipping container dropped in place partially blocking the easement? I can be a world class douche if someone pisses me off.
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    Yes that is generally true however if you are at a range and receiving instruction from an instructor it is legal. The safety class I had to take to get my permit had a live fire section. The class is supported by the Fulton County Sheriff. Other counties may be different. In addition every gun shop I have ever been in has always just handed over anything I wanted to look at and not once asked to see if I had a permit. That being said I have let many people shoot my handguns at the range I belong to. I'm a certified RSO so if there were ever any questions which is highly unlikely I believe it would be GTG. Shooting on private property is another story but as long as you don't do anything stupid to make law enforcement show up it should be fine.
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    Great personal stories, thank you , I will do this every year on the date and I learn something new every time, such as the boat lift, incredible, It also helps me heal a small bit, but I never want to forget what i've seen.
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    Everything posted here has been correct. Don't take your handguns to NY Don't touch someone else's gun in NY If you must take a long gun, lock it up in the trunk. Your NJ legal AR is probably not NY legal. Ammo locked up in a different box. Mums the word if you get pulled over as there is no duty to inform. Below is a list of Duty to inform states, NY is not one of them. Alaska Arkansas Louisiana Maine Michigan Nebraska North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Texas
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    Technically no. In New York that’s considered an illegal transfer. Unless the handgun is registered to you, you cannot touch it.
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    A group of us at work was also listening to Howard Stern at that time. We all ended up doing volunteer work for the city in the weeks after the attack.
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    ^^^Yes & YES! Leave the hand guns at home and take a pump or break-action scattergun. Make plans to visit a scattergun facility (Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays) write them down & put them in the vehicle you're traveling in. Should you get T-boned & have yer guns splayed-out all over the highway, you now have a legit reason to HAVE them with you in the vehicle, UNLOADED & stored separately from the ammo Hand guns (all types) and AR-15's are considered evil weapons of death & destruction, so leave them HOME in Jersey since you probably don't have a NY state SAFE Act compliant AR w/ pistol grip that bends-around and makes a stock, right? If you're a "one-trick Pony" and only own a handgun, yer S.O.L. Just ask the last two Jamokes that went into the woods in Orange Co. NY last year with an "ARSENAL" of "ILLEGAL" firearms & blasted away. NYS Police tracked them down & thru them in the grey-bar hotel...
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    https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/ny-gun-laws/ NY seems to require a New York Pistol License for any/every handgun.

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