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    After 20+ years seniority as Yankees Season ticket holder, I painfully canceled my tickets and closed my account (lost all the perks that came with it, kids running the bases, play catch in the outfield etc). I watch sports to forget and escape from all the nonsense going on and my problems for 2-3 hours. Alas, even in baseball politics are front and center spammed all over our face. I don't want to enrichen the pockets of these spoiled brats who don't know any civics or how our country works. No one kneels to the flag and I don't care who you are! If we want the teams to be serious people need to stop watching or hurt them with their pockets. Thank you and God Bless!
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    It would seem, the OP did not come here for a solution, but as an opportunity to whine about pinned stocks. Get over it, work the problem, move on. Oh, and also vote for the party that supports 2A.
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    This means that the hammer is not cocked back. You should be able to use the takedown pins to open it up. Despite what the NFAC head guy says, AR15s are not known for slam firing :P It should still always be pointed in a safe direction, however.
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    I say you should just throw it over the wall. (Not really - obscure NJGF reference/inside joke)
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    Maggie (a GSP) and I. That's Maggie on the right. She's even grayer now - with Andy Rooney eyebrows. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Here’s Enzo. 10 years young. When I grow up, I want to be him
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    What?? I have never heard of a malfunction like that. What does a pinned stock have to do with anything?
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    Caana: She is half Yorkie and half Maltese (called a Morkie). She’ll be 13 this November. Vader: She is a Kerry Blue Terrier and will be 6 in December.
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    Aguila bulk pack - four 300 round boxes.
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    I gotta know.... Is the mag in the gun? Did the gun go bang before it 'locked' up? Did the gun squib on you? Were they reloads or factory? Is this your first time with and armalite type rifle?
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    I do all these things because I live alone. It is purely coincidence that I also bought a new gun.
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    Here's Marley. She's 13 weeks and we got her 6 weeks ago as a rescue. Had to go back to NJ to pick her up from the shelter after her bus ride from Missouri.
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    That's an excellent price in today's environment. They have anymore at that price? If so, I'm sure it will sell quickly.
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    When I first started shooting seriously (over 30 years ago), the best advice I ever got was "Buy the gun you really want, even if it's expensive. You'll end up spending way more on ammunition". Never were truer words spoken.
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    This is only a guess, based on the limited information, but I'm thinking it was either a double feed or a double charge. In which case, you rip the mag out, pull back the CH, lock the bolt catch (or hold it) finger bang the mag well, and shake or diddle the rounds out of the action.
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    These guys drive around in circles for a couple of hours, right?
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    AR15 malfunctions aren't hard to fix.. Besides if the bolt is stuck closed... what does the stock have to do with it? If the trigger didn't work, then the gun didnt cycle, and you probably have a spent casing stuck.
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    If your stock is pinned, you are not going to break the adjustment latch by mortaring it. Besides, you don't have to do a hulk smash. Do it gently to start and repeat with slightly more force if it doesn't come free. I generally mortar it off my lower quad, just above the knee - especially if it is someone else's gun rather than smack it into the ground. It doesn't usually take a lot of force.
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    U went home with a live round in chamber safety off? I would have asked an RSO or someone for help if I was at a range.
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    ive been called worse... lots worse... dont be a hater!
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    You do realize you are a selfish bastard!
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    That's 84,000 grains... 7000 per 1lb
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    Well, if you are not willing to clear the jam without disassembling your rifle, can't help. Good luck.
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    Have you tried poping both takedown pins and seeing if you can separate or wiggle the stuck bits loose?
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    He's got both ears & he can READ too, lol!
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    This is Sookie. She is comfortable.
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    Beer. It's not just for breakfast anymore. Yueng and Ling.
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    Yes it is. If you run across a real unicorn Gen 1 19, you will be looking at a $7500 price tag.
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    Ah that's right. Even the Gen2's still had the tupperware I guess. I just saw the re-release of the "P80" Glock 17 in the tupperware style container.
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    The release of the Glock 19 was 1988, making it a Gen 2. If that came with factory ten round mags., it would have been post-1994 thanks to the AWB. That ushered in the era of “LE Only” magazines.
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    Not only do they not pay in, in some circumstances they are able to get money "back." Don't think they don't contribute to society, though. They are promoting business in the building trades by burning down cities.
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    @Greenday So, you're OK with the current system, where 45% of taxpayers pay zero taxes, but get access to all the same government services that the $250K person pays $25K for? You think that's a fair system? (Actually, that $250K person pays way MORE than 10% now, closer to a 24% effective rate, or $60K.) Shouldn't everyone have skin in the game, if they want to receive government services?
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    You've made a lot of assumptions about what a flat tax implies. You can do much like Trump did with deductions and define a significant standard deduction, and just have that with a flat tax. Yeah you don't make much, then 10% may hurt, but 10% also isn't large and thus the deduction is more likely to cancel out your tax burden the less money you make. For grins, lets just say that it is the same as 2019 and we leave out the head of household math and ignore kids and dependents. We'll go with the single renter for now. So, $12,200. Lets say you have a flat tax of 18%. Someone making $100,000 a year would pay $5,800 in taxes. Anyone making $67,777 or less would pay nothing or get money back. Theoretically someone making $10 million a year would owe $1,787,800. But for that to be true, you would not have to differentiate between capital gains and income. The problem with a flat tax isn't dealing with the low income people fairly. Most flat tax proposals deal with it one way or another. Either via a deductible, refundable deductible/credit, or by exempting the first X dollars of income. It's that the task of making a simple income tax system is not possible. It either needs to be complex or touch non-income taxes rather thoroughly. An example. Poof, capital gains is income. OK. I'm rich. I just form a holding company, own THAT, and it owns the stocks and investments. It can sell without me realizing a capital gain. Now you have to make it complex, or extend the flat tax idea to businesses. It actually much easier to keep it form being regressive than something like a VAT. VAT is how most "free" healthcare is paid for. Warren buffet may make a bajillion times more than his poor secretary he always talks about but he's never just going to buy enough shit to make a 17% vat place a meaningful tax burden on him relative to a family of four making $52k a year. Which leads to the thing lots of people like ignoring (or just not realizing), which is capital gains is basically VAT, but only for certain things. Most discussions of tax reform are naive because they ignore the fact that you are talking about how to fund a government, Which essentially means you are talking about changing how that government works. We've gotten to a place that is overly complex and messed up. Most people seem to think something needs ot be changed. what I can guarantee is nothing that happens will be simple. It can't be unless your government is simple. And frankly we expect too much off it for a simple system to work. Do you expect roads and a military? Yeah you already passed simple. However, we are at a point where shit has just been glued on that continuing to do so means that broad swath of citizens are put in financial peril every time someone wants more tax revenue. There is a good bit of hostility towards social programs because the anti-pattern we have seen is that poor people have a problem. Everyone is sympathetic to it, then a bunch of millionaires decide that the middle class needs to pay for it. And even if you have a good idea better than the last one, we never seem to dismantle the old money pit to try a new better idea. The middle class has been dealt with in bad faith for decades upon decades. Saying we will fix it by having the millionaires tax the millionaires is just stupid naivete. We've been down that road. They will jsut see it as an opportunity to manipulate voters by threatening that the other guy will take the new thing away and will make a program and shift the cost of it to the middle class. Then you have people who are like fuck it, I'll keep my money, the rich and poor can go die in a fire. Some others are also naive and believe that if they just make the tax say 20%, the goverment will get their fiscal shit together and deal honestly with the middle class.
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    It both saddens and angers me that there are those willing to support organizations that are intent on destroying us.
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    And now virtue signalling enters NASCAR. Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin form a NASCAR team, and wait for it.... pick Bubba Wallace as the driver... I wonder who the sponsors will be??? ....."NBA legend Michael Jordan and three-time Daytona 500 winner Denny Hamlin today announced the formation of a new NASCAR Cup Series race team that will begin competition for the 2021 season. Rising NASCAR star Bubba Wallace has signed a multi-year deal to drive for the yet-to-be-named, single car team." https://www.jayski.com/2020/09/21/denny-hamlin-forming-nascar-cup-series-team-bubba-wallace-to-drive/
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    Large pistol primers I got! Small pistol, only 1,000. I will trade 100 SP per pound!
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    No. Can’t open the action. Safety is stuck in off position and trigger is locked. And it’s a live round.

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