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    Well its settled.... she is off this week to Karl Sokol for some work ..... Prolly won't be back for about 5 months.... Still working that out.. New front and rear sights Complete dehorn Reliability tuning Bevel magwell Stipple front and rear grip straps Test fire and tune for POA/I with 147gr ammo and the new sights. Mountain tough refinish... Sometimes you just gotta do it.....
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    New recruits off the bus for training. Why waste 30-06 on newbies! Maybe my wife will sell it!
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    Don't do it. Your neighbor is correct, and it has little to do with NJ law. It's a federal ATF thing. The Shockwave, and all it's coattail riders, fall under a VERY narrow definition of "other firearm". Simply put, if you put on a stock meant to be shouldered on a shockwave, you now have a sawed off shotgun.
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    That would turn it into a Short barreled shotgun so no, it's not legal.
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    Most recruits need training right? There is a collecting niche of .22 military trainers...
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    what would be the purpose of a .22 rifle issued to soldier in the USMC?
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    I've been insuring my firearms through the NRA Lockton Affinity program, which, for a fee, allows you to add any amount of coverage on top of the modest amount that NRA membership provides without additional charge. At renewal time this year, I got to thinking it was getting kind of expensive... Some time ago, someone here recommended Collectibles Insurance Services (Collectibles Insurance) as a better option. So I checked them out. They sell a lot of firearms insurance, though you can also fold in coverage for coins, art, stamps, edged weapons...anything likely to be excluded from your homeowners policy. The website was problematic for trying so submit an application online using either Chrome or Safari, but the humans on the phone were helpful, and I had an application in, approved, and paid for in just over 24 hours. It cost just 55% of what I had been paying Lockton, and for that premium I even bumped up my coverage by a few thousand--because unlike Lockton, Collectibles Insurance covers ammo, and accessories like spotting scopes, chronographs, reloading equipment. It's a huge improvement over my old coverage, and I'm saving a lot. OK, you don't really know how good an insurance company is until you file a claim, but so far I'm impressed!
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    Hello hello! Happy to join the forum. Just received my Firearms ID and Permits. I'll admit...I am super confused where to start. Where to go. I've done some research but now need to find the right places to go to 1. learn (most important) 2. Buy (find decent pricing) 3.Get back to shooting at a range. Interested in handgun target work. I grew up in the Prairies shooting rifles on the farm...but that was a long time ago. And in a place that had very little in the way of laws...haha. Any guidance would be awesome. Also, from the looks of things on this forum, it seems like a really great spot for support! So thank you everyone for putting the effort in to grow the community. -P
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    Personally, I like the "RollYourOwn" brand of ammo. No one to blame but myself when every shot isn't an X
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    He’ll be fine. There’s going to be more convalescent plasma and lab created antibodies flowing through his body than anyone else on this planet.
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    She sure is purty!! Following to see how you like the work. I have a BHP of my own that I wanted to have worked on.
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    I failed to mention the barrel twist rate has a lot to do with which bullet to use. The older traditional sidelock guns have a slower twist in the barrels. Some are 1:48" and some 1:60 or 66". The newer guns and most inlines are 1:35 or even 1:28". Sabots fly better with a faster twist barrel. I have 2 traditional bp guns and they shoot round ball and full size maxi hunters bullets good to 50-75 yards. Iron sights so I'm not shooting far. The twist in those is 1:48". When the weather is crappy/wet I bring out the stainless/synthetic T/C Encore and it likes a 240gr bullet in a sabot. It's barrel twist is 1:28". Rifle like accuracy. Leupold scope on it.
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    Have them delete the mag safety while they are at it. The trigger feel will improve immensely just from that.
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    Duh.. Why the hell i didnt think of that in the first place is beyond me.... Guess i was more tired than i realized; right before falling asleep in the computer chair like i routinely do...
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    Welcome!!! There are a lot of good people here
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    Wry morbid humor. The manliest kind of humor.
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    Not necessarily. Every zone is different. I hunt 23 & 19. 23 is tight. No guns in January. Where as 19 is muzzy and shotgun in January. Believe the rifle permit is $10 or 11$ now. And the muzzleloader permits are zone specific. 28$ per permit per zone and another 28$ for a buck tag. As for sabots they don't suck. Once you find the right powder and bullet combo they are deadly.
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    I have been here for 60 years. I am starting to look at this state like the plague. I'm packin it up and moving to Florida. I will NOT vote for ANY democrat in my lifetime. I actually am starting to hate them all.
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    In NJ when a piece of scum is arrested for a crime and have a firearm in their possession, the firearm charge is dropped for a plea bargain guilty plea on the other charge If your a law abiding citizen caught in the NJ gun laws trap and they can't charge you with anything else they will fight tooth and nail to imprison you for that. Case in point: A while back, (I'm thinking 15ish yrs ago) a guy was arrested, convicted and sentenced in NJ. His crime? He had a Hollow Point bullet in a drilled out case (OBVIOUSLY no powder) with a spent primer on his key ring. Sad (discussing) thing is, its gotten worse since then. In light of what's going on today apparently its OK to riot, loot, burn, physically assault, murder (assassinate LEO"s). But its not OK to holster a tool to defend yourself from it! I live in a semi-urban town where I'm not in proximity to what the afore mentioned pieces of shit are doing. The peaceful protesters(?) are calling for the dispansion PD"s and the looters are loving it. I hope they do in places like NYC, Chicago, LA, Detroit. I would LOVE to see how that works out for them (fuking MORONS).
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    Does anyone know if there are any legal issues with switching the stock out on a shockwave and replacing with a standard stock ? I dont see any reason it would be a problem but a neighbor says you arent allowed to do it in NJ. Anyone know of any reason it would not be legal ?

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