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    Due to most of the "usual" sites (TargetUSA, Palmetto State Armory, Cabelas/Bass Pro Freedom Munitions, etc), used to order ammo being out of stock, what are some lesser known sites you have ordered from that you have been happy with. I'm hesitant to order sites that I've never used or heard of before. I'm sure others are the same. So perhaps creating a list of lesser known sites used successfully by others could be a good idea. I've used Glen's Aremy Navy (prob 2-3 years ago) and was very happy: https://www.glensoutdoors.com/
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    It came out great. I did a video. I've been doing these lately. If nothing else, it is a good track of how I cooked something.
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    Tragic. Shooter missed his holster while getting ready for a stage and dropped his gun. Gun landed on the hammer and killed the RO: https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2020/11/07/man-killed-accidental-shooting-genesee-conservation-league-gun-club-penfield-ny/6203971002/ Thoughts and prayers to the RO's family. Stay safe out there all our forum members who RO or participate in competitions.
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    Well I went this morning. Very friendly staff, waivers on tablets take a few minutes, and purchased some targets. 37 bucks for two of us. We got there around 9am and plenty of lanes open. Shelf below lane to keep your bag. Controls are cool as you can set them to move to various distances and turn during a sequence. Even have flashing lights if you want them. RSO showed us how to use it but we just stuck with the 25yds and no sequence changes. First time time the wife ever fired a weapon. That with a retired NYPD father and uncle and a brother who’s a local LEO. I think I created a monster. 100 plus rounds of 223 later and it was all smiles. Iron sighs only as that’s how I learned. I was shocked how well she did once she got past the initial nervousness. Great first experience at Recoil.
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    To each his own. At my income level/net worth, being able to quickly put almost $5000 in my pocket was a game changer. My 5.56 rifles are for plinking steel out to 200yds. If I'm getting 1.5 MOA out of them I'm happy. I stay well below max, so even an accidental 0.5gr powder throw difference isn't a game changer. 5.56 isn't even in my top 5 choices for PRS. I load my 6.5's (CM, Grendels and Swede) on a single stage with a trickler because I take them out to 1000yds plus. (Grendels get tricky after 800yds) Just my 2 cents...
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    Nice video, have the same meat thermometer, same smoke tube. Been ordering my pellets on amazon, my local box stores never have cherry pellets (My favorite for ribs)
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    Tragic. I assume there's cameras there to show what happened. Doesn't say if the gun was a rental. Will that be the new restriction at ranges, you can't rent unless you have your own also? Many already require a FID and prohibit rentals to people by themselves. Simple fact is if a person wants to commit suicide at a range there's really no way to stop them. https://www.rlsmedia.com/article/shooting-union-gun-range-under-investigation-injuries
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    Paul Harrell Rocks! I love his dry sense of humor. His site is a treasure trove, especially for new shooters... This video isn't largely for beginners, though, but here are some thoughts during the ammo shortage...
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    T-Rex put out a good video on dry fire that's worth a watch as well:
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    Great video! That pulled beef looks incredible. I’m gonna try that one!
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    I'm a little late to the party on this one, but this is an absolute tragedy and totally unacceptable behavior on behalf of the shooter, especially if this occurred off the clock. Mechanical safeties should never be used to compensate for user negligence. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people rush either the load or unload portion of a stage. Nobody has ever won a competition or gunfight because of their incredible re-holstering speeds. What I have seen is people DQ'd for unsafe behavior during these unscored sequences, so stop with the grandstanding. So everyone, for the love of all things holy, treat your guns with the respect they deserve and conspicuously follow the RO's commands. [End Rant]
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    Whoa ! What a intense road rage movie.
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    This is the automatic vacuum that I like:
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    http://bigfoot4x4.com/blog/firsts/ 1982
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    I thought biden was elected senator 157 years ago today. Or was it 180. Hmmm
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    I got caught up with all the cleaning kits when I first started out. Now I just used the Hoppes Boresnakes for quick clean and lube. it's compact and caliber specific. There'a bunch of other copy cats out there but Hoppes is the orginal one. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=hoppes+bore+snake+viper&crid=23M6UXSIJALJO&sprefix=hoppes+bore%2Caps%2C183&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-a-p_10_11 The full cleaning kit still has a purpose but to quickly clean and lube this is the best in my opinion. You decide....
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