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    ANJRPC 10 Round Magazine case has had our en banc petition denied. The next step is to ask the Supreme Court to review the Third Circuit's opinion. Off to the Supreme Court we go! https://pdfhost.io/v/0O0v55XlP_NJ_Magazine_case_en_banc_denialpdf.pdf?fbclid=IwAR21lXc5t--v99Yknu58-Ov4kfkzsvDoRF8rOsCxFjuaRoJbwjgmFuVvgsQ
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    This is what we have been waiting for. Robert’s is now insignificant. From Dan Schmutter. Some hope! Major Supreme Court decision yesterday on an application for an emergency injunction in a First Amendment religious liberty case. This not only bodes well for Second Amendment rights during emergencies, but also shows the kind of difference a Justice Barrett can make. In a 5-4 decision (with Barrett in majority), Court enjoins Cuomo from enforcing highly restrictive capacity rules on houses of worship In NY. Roman Catholic Church v. Cuomo. Majority opinion, as well as concurring options from Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, signal that Court is not willing to abdicate it’s responsibility to protect constitutional rights in emergency conditions. From the opinion: “Members of this Court are not public health experts, and we should respect the judgment of those with special expertise and responsibility in this area. But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty. Before allowing this to occur, we have a duty to conduct a serious examination of the need for such a drastic measure.” From concurrence by Gorsuch: “Government is not free to disregard the First Amendment in times of crisis. *** Why have some mistaken this Court’s modest decision in Jacobson for a towering authority that overshadows the Constitution during a pandemic? In the end, I can only surmise that much of the answer lies in a particular judicial impulse to stay out of the way in times of crisis. But if that impulse may be understandable or even admirable in other circumstances, we may not shelter in place when the Constitution is under attack. Things never go well when we do.” From concurrence by Kavanaugh: “But judicial deference in an emergency or a crisis does not mean wholesale judicial abdication, especially when important questions of religious discrimination, racial discrimination, free speech, or the like are raised.” This signals a clear willingness not to tolerate arbitrary exercises of power by executives, even in emergencies, exactly when liberty is at greatest risk of suppression.
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    Tomorrow is Black Friday. Stop the corporate welfare. Shop small. Shop local and support those who support you! I did all the work for you. 262 small Pro 2A businesses to choose from. https://quarantinecrawl.com
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    Hope that everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving, and you can spend time with your families without worrying that the Covid police will come take you away.
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    Should not be a 30 round limit - there should be NO limit!
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    I think there are 15 total? I forget. I read elsewhere that there were two other judges appointed by a Republican that voted no. all things considered that may be ok. Faster to SCOTUS.
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    Pre-divorce sale Phase 1. I have eight unopened boxes each containing 1,000 CCI 41 primers for sale. Kept sealed in an ammo can in a heated garage. Sorry, no charity going to happen as I am going to need cash. No shipping available. In person pick up. I am located mid-Passaic County by exit 55 off Rte 287. Meeting at GFH would be ideal as I work in Totowa. $55.00 Per Box $50.00 two or more boxes CCI Small Rifle 5.56mm NATO-Spec Military Primers #41 Box of 1000 (10 (midwayusa.com) Thanks for looking.
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    Thank you, my wife has a .380 ez on the recall list.
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    First obvious flaw in that thinking is that the good Lord gave us two hands.
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    Us South Jersey guys miss out on everything it seems. I would have loved a box or two.
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    Until politicians and judges start to personally feel the weight of their decisions than things will not change
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    PS. Robert’s sided with the 3 liberals in this case as expected!
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    Click the Magnifying glass button - go to advanced search. You can search by author. Oh look it's the 3rd result.
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    30 ALL THE WAY! After all, they are STANDARD capacity in America!
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    Optics Planet If anyone is in the market for a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 optics planet has it on sale for $299. You will need to add a mount.
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    as I said, it won't change until politicians and judges start getting shot as people become enraged and more desperate to preserve rights. sad but true ever ask yourself why islam is left alone?
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    Oh good, on to the SCOTUS! They've been all in on 2A cases! Sorry for the sarcasm, and I do appreciate the efforts made by many to defend our rights, but the judicial process as it exists doesn't exude confidence to do what is right.
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    absolutely but the truth is, they know we won't do anything. Look at VA and how they marched. I said at the time, unless locked and loaded and shutting down the capital, nothing will happen and boom; nothing happened. We on the right talk a great game, a GREAT game but no one will do anything because we're the only adults in the room
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    @xXxplosive: You are making a number of strong assertions, having never been to RTSP yourself and just relying on what your son conveyed to you as his one time experience. Maybe you may want to consider giving them a break and then see for yourself, first hand and then decide. Yes, RTSP is expensive compared to many other ranges, but I find that you usually get what you pay for and I have been pleased with my experiences at their ranges in both Randolph and Union. IMHO, they are one of the best gun ranges/gun retailers/firearm retailers in NJ. I do agree with you that there is an added risk of shooting at any public gun range with others who are new to firearms, first-time shooters and folks who just walk in, (drive in), off the street to shoot. That is why when I was a member I would only go there to shoot during the members-only hours, since it was usually less crowded. Yet, more importantly, I was confident and perceived that almost all of the other members there with me were knowledgeable and experienced gun enthusiasts who knew the range rules and practiced safe operating procedures. If I wanted to practice drawing from my holster and double-tapping a target at various distances, I would tell the Range Safety Officer (RSO), that is what I would like to do and would ask their permission first. Showing respect and courtesy usually allows you to do what you want within reason.... Frankly, like @brucin, I decided not to renew my membership at RTSP once the COVID-19 virus pandemic shut down the gun ranges, as a purely economic choice. When the state of NJ finally allowed them to reopen, the imposed as well as the voluntary restrictions instituted just did not make it worth it for me to rejoin at that time. I do look forward to re-upping my membership sometime in the second half of 2021, once life begins to return to some semblance of normalcy. AVB-AMG
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    Did your mom know you left the house without her permission?

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