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    I'd rather PRESIDENT Trump veto the whole fucking bill for it's bullshittery.
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    I saw that - just slightly out of reach financially. I'm afraid that this is about as close as I'll come to owning one of Elmer's guns... Model 29-3 Elmer Keith Commemorative Deluxe Edition (one of the first 100). Beyond the standard model this has further gold embellishments and real ivory stocks. But thanks for thinking of me. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Can you point to anything that actually says this? NJ's self defense statutes differentiate between lethal force and non-lethal force. They do not make any distinctions within the set of lethal force.
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    Leave your comments here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/12/18/2020-27857/objective-factors-for-classifying-weapons-with-stabilizing-braces Need a guide on what to comment? Review the 21k+ comments here: https://beta.regulations.gov/document/ATF-2020-0001-0001/comment
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    True... All bets are off if the federal government goes full democrat in January.
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    Fine. You're arguing Just to "be right" at this point. Of course you have to practice PROPER mechanics and fundamentals. Nobody suggested that shitty practice on a .22 would in any way be a good thing. The question - "Would it be reasonable to learn to shoot with proficiency on a 22LR pistol and will those skill transfer readily when switching to a 9mm?" MANY people on the forum - Yes. Developing strong mechanics on the .22 will be transferable to other calibers. raz-0 - No. If you're lazy and do bad things practicing on a .22 something, something, something...
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    Hey @Pizza Bob, don't you hear this one calling you? Snip: "Very fine, showing use by internationally known shooting legend and inventor Elmer Keith. The revolver retains 90% original blue finish with holster and edge type wear. Nearly 97% original case colors remain on the hammer and trigger. The Roper target stocks, made specially for Elmer Keith, are fine with a chip near the top (left panel), otherwise scattered handling marks and crisp checkering overall. The original matching number checkered walnut service grips are included in the box and show overall wear. Mechanically excellent. The box is very good with overall wear and some staining. The holster rig is fine showing flex wear, some minor handling/storage marks and tight stitching overall. This crown jewel of S&W collecting is a must have for the serious S&W collector!"
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    I feel for our kids and grandkids, their the ones going to pay it back and more with taxes. I might be gone by then.
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    https://www.njsp.org/firearms/transport-hollowpoint.shtml "Thus a person may purchase this ammunition and keep it within the confines of his property. Sub section f (1) further exempts from the prohibited possession of hollow nose ammunition "persons engaged in activities pursuant to N.J.S.A 2C:39-6f. . . ." N.J.S.A 26:39-3f." "Activities contained in N.J.S.A 26:39-6f. can be broken down as follows: A member of a rifle or pistol club organized under rules of the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and which filed its charter with the State Police; A person engaged in hunting or target practice with a firearm legal for hunting in this State; A person going directly to a target range, and; A person going directly to an authorized place for "practice, match, target, trap or skeet shooting exhibitions." I've argued elsewhere that hollow points are not legal for home defense. Others were rather heated on the point that "if you are allowed to posses them, you are allowed to use them." I would differ since 26:39-6f lists for match, range and hunting. I'm not getting into an argument, again . . . This is how it was explained by an intructor and I have plenty of Hornady for my 9mm and .38Spcl. If I have to drag the AR-15 into the mix, all bets are off anyway.
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    My point is, there is no definite answer in black and white that I can find. It only makes reference to using them for hunting. You want to use them, fine. Google hollow points for self defense in NJ and see what you get. After your head stops spinning, let me know.
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    With the vagueness of NJ gun laws, I'll stick to the Critical Defense. I don't want to end up the poster boy for illegal use of hollow points.
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    Sorry no, should have deleted it. Donated to a veterans home.
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    That addresses possession. It says nothing at all about use, whether defensively or otherwise.
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    The point is that if it is legal to possess in the home (it is), it is legal to use it for defensive purposes in the home.
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    Fried as usual. 20 things at once i have to control and handle. Owning your own business is awesome Thats why i love distance precision shooting. Quite calm time. One round every three mins.
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    Oh really? You're telling me there has been no erosion of 2A rights since the 50's? Will they drop the hammer all at once? Probably not. If we keep letting them take our rights they won't stop until the US becomes a country with privileges granted by the government instead of rights. It will start with the 2A. I'm tired of watching this country transform into a socialist s***hole. I had them in the early 80's. Paper strip and plastic ring caps.
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    Hollow points are not illegal in NJ. You can have them at home, at the range, and hunting.
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    Well, looks like it's another one of Pelosi's fiascos... Anyone remember this: House Passes 5593 Page Stimulus Bill Without Anyone Having Read It In the immortal words of Nancy Pelosi: "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it." Because, as Utah Senator Mike Lee so rambunctiously pointed out tonight, the bill is so huge that Lee said it will take three hours just to print out. And they’ll still have to vote on the bill tonight. It’s unreal. Lee noted that "this is by far the longest bill I've ever seen," and added that members won’t be allowed to amend the bill in any way: Here’s the really sad thing: we’re being told that there will be no opportunity to amend or improve it. As a result, nearly every member of Congress - House and Senate, Democrat or Republican - will have been excluded from the process of developing this bill, which will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars. This process, by which members of Congress are asked to defer blindly to legislation negotiated entirely in secret by four of their colleagues, must come to an end. And, there was a time that hypocrite Pelosi believed that: What a ****.
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    This is probably equal to only a few strips of bacon: Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 Democrats send $600 in "stimulus" to you but they're sending: $130 million to Nepal $135 million to Burma $85.5 million to Cambodia $700 million to Sudan $1.4 BILLION to something called the "Asia Reassurance Initiative Act" What an absolute disgrace. 4:28 PM · Dec 21, 2020
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    Are we sure this is for Covid? This Bill has so much pork that we should make sure they didn’t think it was for Swine Flu.
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    Thank god they didn't leave out the $250,000,000 in aid to encourage Israeli-Palestinian dialog! Is Hunter going to be on the board governing that fund?
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    Just heard on Sebastian Gorka's radio show (he's off today) that this new stimulus/relief bill is over 5000 pages long. It makes me sick to imagine all the pork and socialist shit that's buried in this bill. One thing mentioned was stimulus money to undocumented (ILLEGAL) aliens, including retroactive benefits for the ILLEGALS who did not receive benefits in the first round. Weimar Republic, HERE WE COME !!!!!!
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    As the title states - looking for a CMP cartouche stock.
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    Just an fyi. For everyone. You all are a rso. If you see something wrong. Say it. Dont be afraid to tell someone or that person. Ill be doing rso duty at sjsc on 12/26. Say hi to me if you’re there.
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    Yeah. Being an ro on a range. Welp. Try being an ro on an action match with a new shooter always act as every shooter whether experienced or not Is a new shooter
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    Here's a Holiday Dump for Ya'll!
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    Then they will be banned.... take the brace off and its still a legal "other"... even the ATF as of now considers them to be removable accessories.
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    50's and 60's were the best times to be a kid growin' up.........
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    Anyone have a commando they are not needing?
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    It doesn't matter I am no longer complying with additional gun laws. I lost my guns when NJ forcefully reduced our magazine capacity to 10 rounds. I don't care what they say and do anymore and I know many Americans feel the way I do.
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    1. Force? Fuck him 2. Have to? Fuck him 3. Fuck him 4. Fuck him
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    Locate a more reliable friend or family member?
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    I also always use Caso's for purchases but they really don't do transfers
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    That is my understanding of the law.
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